Dark Tort

Dark Tort Caterer Goldy Schulz s lucrative new gig preparing breakfasts and conference room snacks for a local law firm is time consuming but she s enjoying it until the night she arrives to find Dusty the

  • Title: Dark Tort
  • Author: Diane Mott Davidson
  • ISBN: 9780060527327
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
  • Caterer Goldy Schulz s lucrative new gig, preparing breakfasts and conference room snacks for a local law firm, is time consuming, but she s enjoying it until the night she arrives to find Dusty, the firm s paralegal, dead The deceased also happened to be Goldy s friend and neighbor, and now Dusty s grieving mother is begging Goldy to find out who murdered her daughCaterer Goldy Schulz s lucrative new gig, preparing breakfasts and conference room snacks for a local law firm, is time consuming, but she s enjoying it until the night she arrives to find Dusty, the firm s paralegal, dead The deceased also happened to be Goldy s friend and neighbor, and now Dusty s grieving mother is begging Goldy to find out who murdered her daughter.Just because the police are on the case doesn t mean Goldy can t do a little snooping herself While catering a party at the home of one of the firm s lawyers, she just happens to overhear an incriminating conversation She also discovers a few tasty clues in the kitchen Before long, Goldy finds herself knee deep in suspects But one of them is incredibly dangerous and very liable to cook Goldy s goose.

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    1 thought on “Dark Tort”

    1. Book Review3+ of 5 stars to Dark Tort, the 13th book in the "Goldy Bear Schultz Culinary" cozy mystery series, written in 2006 by Diane Mott Davidson. Although I love this series, I would have purchased this book no matter what the cover is delicious. I love chocolate and had a thing for cooking torts right around the time this book was released. The desserts came out great, but I didn't use her recipe, as I have one of my own! Anyway back to the book review the clever title play in this one is [...]

    2. Almost didn't buy this because her last book sucked so much. This one wasn't nearly as bad, but still wasn't that good. The main problems with this one is that Goldy has no plausible reason to be involved with the investigation, that she goes about it in such a haphazard way, and she leaves the vital clue lying around for a week, only to discover it just as the killer comes to polish her off. Then there's the fact that she and her husband Tom have multiple conversations where they tell each othe [...]

    3. I was surprised how much I liked this book. I picked it up cheap at a library sale, figuring I wouldn't mind reading just one more food-themed mystery. Dark Tort begins with Goldy literally stumbling over her friend Dusty's body. When Dusty's mother charges her with finding out what happened, Goldy, who has questions of her own already, begins sleuthing around (as much as a busy caterer can) to find some answers. Two things really impressed me: I felt that the characters were well-developed, rat [...]

    4. I find myself defenseless when it comes to Diane Mott Davidson I read her ! Good or bad I read her, and this was more good than bad, but not THAT good. Sorry, Diane.My main complaint is that Diane has become redundant. How so, you ask ? In trivial word usage for one thing. Goldy is forever having "a shot of latte" or a "triple shot of latte" or "expresso latte" from her little machine in the kitchen-to-die-for until I wonder if many of her continual crisises happen because she is so jacked up o [...]

    5. I always love the Goldy Schultz mysteries, so when I saw this at my father's assisted living library, I borrowed it. As always, it was sweet but formulaic. With Goldy, you know that, whatever the nasty crime, she will solve it and, while she does, scarf up a ton of espresso and make a ton of great food (recipes always included). One summer a book group I belonged to each read a different Goldy Schultz and made a recipe from the book. We all ate together. Wasn't anything that wasn't delicious. Tr [...]

    6. this book was ok but it wasn't one of my favorite I borrowed from my mom . I coulded finish it because got kinda boring for me.

    7. This is the thirteenth book in the series and we are moving right along. Goldy got a steady gig catering breakfast meetings for a law firm. Her neighbor, Dusty works at the law firm and she was teaching Dusty how to cook. Goldy shows up for their weekly cooking lesson and she finds her friend dead on the floor. All Goldy knew was Dusty wanted to talk to her about something but is not sure what. It gets stranger the more Goldy investigates and she feels she should since she knew the victim. The m [...]

    8. At this point, Goldy should be a veteran sleuth. So it comes as a surprise when she's even more clueless than ever in the 13th book in the series. I have always really enjoyed Goldy's recipes and I was disappointed that there weren't as many of them in this book. The descriptions of the food are always nice though. Davidson has always had a better style with food than she does with characters (Marla was wearing orange sequined jeans? I didn't know Denver and its suburbs were stuck in 1988.)David [...]

    9. Another cute story from author Diane Mott Davidson in the Goldy Baer Catering Culinary series. In this story, Goldy's friend and neighbor is found murdered in the law office that she worked atd Goldy is the one who found her. She literally "stumbles" over her. And then it is off to the races as Goldy once again tries to find the killer while keeping up with her catering appointments and trying to stay alive herself. I had put these books aside for a while, but am glad to get back to them. I espe [...]

    10. This book was okay. I certainly agree that the quality of this series has slowly been declining. The books are becoming predictable and less and less believable. I don't know if the ideas are running out or what. The murder seems distant from the main characters, the plausibility of the story seems insane, and the actually writing seemed a little strained as well, mostly in word choice and flow. I still enjoyed the book, it was a quick read and pretty light. And sometimes a formula book (caterin [...]

    11. This was a recording of a Diane Mott Davidson book. I have a particular voice I hear when reading a Goldy mystery, and the actress reading this got it all wrong. Although Goldy sympathizes with the grieving in her stories, she is not overly sad, and there is a self-deprecating ineptness in her catered affairs. Also, she has great descriptions of food. The actress got it all wrong. She was horribly sad, had none of the humor and irony so present in the writing, and the editor had cut out all of t [...]

    12. S.L.O.Wry slow moving plot. Seriously. Nothing happened until the last 3 chapters and then it was if the author said, "OK, that's enough pages, let's tie this thing up and be done with it." Not impressed.

    13. I really enjoyed this book. All of her cooking made me very hungry! I like the way she describes her characters. You really feel like you get to know them. I recommend this book.

    14. I enjoyed this book more than the previous one in the series, though there are still the occasional issue. This time, caterer Goldy Schulz, has gotten a regular gig catering the early morning power breakfasts for a prestigious law firm, and the client brunches on Fridays. She's heading in to the law firm on Thursday night to prep for the next morning's client breakfast, when she literally trips over the body of the woman she's meeting, Dusty Routt a trainee paralegal that Goldy is also teaching [...]

    15. I have read the previous 12 books in this series and enjoyed them all. This one has Goldy preparing breakfasts for a law firm, and when coming in the night before to leave supplies for the next morning trips over the dead body of one of the paralegals that also happens to be Goldy's friend and neighbor. She is asked by the girls mother to find out what happens and proceeds to do so. The characters are interesting, and the descriptions of the food makes me hungry. I only have 3 more to read in th [...]

    16. I keep reading this series even though the main character, Goldy, is a ditz and aggravates me to no end. Perhaps its because of all the coffee she drinks but she is all over the place and is constantly putting herself, her family and her friends in harms way. This one is no different although there is a twist in the end that was unexpected. Maybe I read them just for the recipes, some are pretty good.

    17. Goldy Schulz in a caterer in Colorado. She has been hired by a law firm to cater breakfasts and meetings. When arriving to prep one night she finds the body of budding paralegal and neighbor Dusty. Dusty’s mom asks Goldy to help find the killer. The killer is pretty obvious and the book gets repetitive in spots but I do like the main characters.

    18. Easy to listen to while working in my yard and Goldy is an old friend that I like checking in on once in a while. She is back up to her sleuthing (honestly, everyone around her dies and I can't figure out why she hasn't been sent to some secluded island). Nevertheless, she is a guilty pleasure I just can't resist.

    19. My giving this book 4 stars is probably due to the fact that this book club book is my genre more than me actually really liking the book as the 4 suggests. Goldy was likeable enough but she's haphazard to an investigation considering 1. she's not an investigator and 2. her husband is. This is more likely a 3 star (I liked it) book to me.

    20. This book was better than some of the other ones in the past. I'm not sure why, thoughe I read it quickly? Who knows. I understand where the title of the book came from. I still don't understand why things happened when they happened. Not sure why Dusty's murder had anything to do with the murderer getting divorced from the spouse.

    21. There was something difficult in the narration which made it hard to stay focused. Plot was OK, characters were more or less OK, however I had to force myself a little to finish it.

    22. I love Diane Mott Davidson's work, but this one was particularly difficult to dig into. It felt very slow from the get-go and was probably 100 pages too long. Would not recommend.

    23. Goldy is fun as always and especially as voiced by the awesome Barbara Rosenblat. I always enjoys a visit to Aspen Meadow.

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