The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin

The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin Elwood Pitch is only thirteen years old when he is carried away to the land of Winnitok in the otherworld of Ehm Desperate to find a way back home to his family Elwood s one hope is Granashon the l

  • Title: The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin
  • Author: Patrick Doud
  • ISBN: 9781556438226
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Elwood Pitch is only thirteen years old when he is carried away to the land of Winnitok, in the otherworld of Ehm Desperate to find a way back home to his family, Elwood s one hope is Granashon, the land s immortal protector But Granashon is missing, and her power that protects Winnitok is fading fast When Elwood dreams of the Eye of Ogin, a legendary object with the poElwood Pitch is only thirteen years old when he is carried away to the land of Winnitok, in the otherworld of Ehm Desperate to find a way back home to his family, Elwood s one hope is Granashon, the land s immortal protector But Granashon is missing, and her power that protects Winnitok is fading fast When Elwood dreams of the Eye of Ogin, a legendary object with the power to see Granashon wherever she might be, he vows to find it With his dog Slukee and two newfound companions, Drallah Wehr of Winnitok and her talking raven Booj, Elwood sets out on an epic quest.Legend states that the Eye was lost in the Great Swamp of Migdowsh, a land of nightmare ruled by a horrible frog demon known as the Otguk The Great Swamp is far to the west, and a vast wilderness lies between the companions and their goal Many dangers threaten them along the way hungry nahrwucks, cruel green yugs and their Graycloak masters, a despotic girl queen and the powerful witch who counsels her but by their wits and courage, as well as an unseen hand that seems to guide and protect them, the companions reach the Great Swamp at last And then their troubles really begin Will they find the Eye and Granashon Will Elwood find a way home And how will he live with the terrible truth the Great Swamp reveals to him Patrick Doud brings memorable characters, poetic language, and a driving narrative to this timeless tale that recalls classic epic adventure stories.

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    1. Once upon a time in the world of Ehm there were a group of immortals called the Noharn, or Sky People, who were wise, mighty, and altruistic. One of their race, Granashon, favored the people in the lands of Winnitok (home of the race Winharn) and leant her magic, or Dread, to the lands as a form of protection against invasion from those who were evil. This protection lasted many generations where the Winharn prospered in peace. Then, suddenly, one day the Dread disappeared. Many sought Granashon [...]

    2. The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin is a fantasy novel by first-time fantasy author Patrick Doud. It tells the story of a young teen-- Elwood Pitch-- who is magically transported to another realm with his dog Slukee. Together, with the help of Drallah and Booj, they embark on a journey to save Winnitok by restoring the Dread of Granashon.For a first-time fantasy novel, it's a fair read. It wasn't stupendous, but the story was engaging and the characters were interesting enough to keep me interested. I [...]

    3. I could tell from the start that, of the 3 fantasy debuts I've read for the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program, Patrick Doud was the best writer. By which I mean that his prose flows better, has a more lyric quality, than either of the other authors. Unfortunately, his storytelling skills don't match his writing skills. After a decent first chapter or two, The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin quickly began to drag. I didn't really care much for the characters (really, does the boy's dog serve any purp [...]

    4. Reviewed by Kira M for TeensReadTooHis family has recently moved from the place Elwood Pitch has always called home. His only companion is his dog, Slukee. When he and Slukee go for a walk in the woods near their new home, they pass through an unusual glade where time seems to stop. Shortly after, they find themselves in a place they've never been.There they meet Drallah and Booj. Elwood soon discovers that he has been sent to an entirely different world by a being known as Granashon, an immorta [...]

    5. 13-year-old Elwood goes for a walk with his dog and finds himself in another world. In his search for a way home, he saves a world and makes many friends. I enjoyed this young adult fantasy novel and felt that the story was very original. It did take me a little while to get into it (85-90 pages), but I will read the next book when it comes out. (At least I'm assuming this will be a series.)I do hope the author's writing style evolves over the course of the series. Sentences were long and overly [...]

    6. I really liked this one! I think fans of stories such as 'The Spiderwick Chronicles', 'Lemony Snicket', and the like will enjoy this book. It's a story of a young boy transported to a new land filled with fantastical people and creatures. Elwood (the main character) must go through many trials to save the great land of Winnitok.The authors ability to help you visualize the scenes with his descriptive passages is wonderful. It's just enough to make your imagination work, but not overly done as to [...]

    7. This book took me FOREVER to read. The main reason? I just couldn't get into it. The names in the book were so strange that I couldn't keep track of the characters at any point in time, I kept getting names of characters and names of places confused and when someone was mentioned more than once (but not enough to be a main character), I couldn't remember when I had encountered them before. It was definitely a difficult read for me.The book is about a boy who goes wondering through the woods near [...]

    8. Mother of pearl! I liked the story well enough to keep reading, but the writing. Oh, the writing. It's meant for ages 10 and up? I'm 30 and encountered words I'd never seen before, or didn't know what they meant. Two sample sentences I made note of are:Before the sun had reached its zenith the following day, their struggling, as well as Booj's reconnoitering, brought them at last to a long downward slope. Oddly, it wasn't the use of zenith that bothered me. It was reconnoitering. I had no clue w [...]

    9. This is probably the shortest review I have written cause sadly I couldn’t even finish this one. I tried but to me it was just really boring. He tended to describe things a little too in depth. The storyline it self seems like a good one but I couldn’t get into it and stick with it. I understand that Elwood goes to a different place so it would be understandable for names of things to be unique but they don’t need to be so unique that people can’t pronounce them. (got an ARC from the pub [...]

    10. Won as a giveaway.Just not my cup of tea. I made it about 75 pages and then gave up.It's well-written, but I just was never absorbed by it. Could have been my mood, could have been the pacing - but I will still be suggesting it for children who love high fantasy and a complex plot, and who have the patience for a series for resolution.

    11. Patrick Doud’s fantasy novel, The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin (the first of The Winnitok Tales series) introduces us to young Elwood Pitch, thirteen years old, living with his parents, sister, and dog Slukee in Massachusetts. In his outings one day he and Slukee are transported to another place, the land of Winnitok in the world of Ehm. In the world of Ehm there are humans like Elwood, but there are also those who live somewhere between human and animal. There are normal people, and there are peo [...]

    12. My reading habits are omnivorous, but tend towards the poetic, so it does make sense that I decided to purchase Patrick Doud's first two novels (two thirds of a trilogy in progress) after meeting him at the Boston Poetry Marathon in July of this year. His writing, especially his descriptions, is suffused with a bit of poetry, and he has no fear of stretching the vocabulary of the young adult readers this book is written for. At its core, this novel is a fantasy adventure story, a simple quest th [...]

    13. i wanted to like this book. i really did. but, it just didn't work for me. there were definite highs and lows, but as a final package, it missed its mark for mee story was cute, despite being slightly predictable, and was solidly written, as children's fantasy goes. Elwood is a typical boy who finds himself lost in the woods with his dog Slukee. somehow they stumble into a strange, new land and are unable to find their way back. they happen upon the girl warrior Drallah and her talking raven Boo [...]

    14. It’s been a while since I’ve read an epic fantasy and this is enjoyable. What I find exciting is that this is the perfect book for boys. It’s this wonderful coming-of-age adventure where you get to watch Elwood grow from a boy to well, not quite a man, but there’s definite growth. You don’t see a lot of main characters who are meek, but it was real.The first couple of chapters really grab you and Patrick Doud writes beautifully. I did have some trouble trying to remember some of the ra [...]

    15. Because I feel rather ambiguously about this book (which I received for free through FirstReads in exchange for an honest review), I feel like I should give it fewer stars. But the biggest reason I feel so wishy-washy about my rating is because of the teeny, tiny little mini-epilogue at the very end. What does that mean???I liked the twist on the "you can't go back" twist; I liked that Elwood was learning archery and woodcraft (if there's archery in it, I will like it); I liked that his progress [...]

    16. Elwood Pitch is a 13 year old boy who goes for a walk in the woods with his dog, Slukee. In this new, strange city, Elwood has no friends in his new school and he choose not to make any. Elwood misses his old town, his old home and friends. He's upset with his family for deciding to move. Elwood often walks with Slukee in the woods, but this time is different. He feels a presence, like someone else is there. He came upon an area in the woods he had never seen before. Things began to change, blur [...]

    17. I don't typically read young adventure books, but the synopsis of this book stepped me out of my comfort zone and made me want to be a part of this new adventure series. I was pleasantly surprised with Book One of 'The Winnitok Tales'. In comparison to the 'Harry Potter Series', we are thrust into a whole new world (literally) with new races and journeys. The main character Elwood meets Drallah and they set off to try and get him back home, but this is proven more difficult than expected. The as [...]

    18. I won this book through the giveaways.I had a hard time finishing this one. It never caught my attention and held it. The names of the people and places were so difficult that I had a hard time following them.Ellwood and Drallah were very likable characters. It seemed to me that there was a lot of unneeded details in the book that distracted me from finding it interesting. It is a youth read, and I don't think that many youth would remain interested with all writing. It was also a bit annoying [...]

    19. The Hunt For The Eye of Ogin is a classic tale of adventure with sincere, endearing and often surprising character as well as just enough plot twists to keep the reader on his/her toes. While The Hunt For The Eye Of Ogin starts a bit slowly, once the action begins the reader is irresistibly sucked into author Patrick Doud’s exciting and refreshingly original realm (think Woogans and Truans as opposed to the more cliché dwarves and elves). In places, The Hunt For The Eye Of Ogin seems to be th [...]

    20. The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin is Patrick Doud's first novel. From a purely technical standpoint, the novel is solid: the language is descriptive and there are no egregious grammatical errors. On the plot side of things the story is.ric. It feels as though someone gave Doud two checklists: things to make a good juvenile/YA novel and things every epic fantasy novel should strive to include (this second list cribbed heavily from the works of Tolkien). And Doud seems to dutifully follow these lists.T [...]

    21. I haven't read this yet, but my son is reading it now and he likes it very much. The characters are engaging and well drawn, and the epic adventure appeals to him. Full disclosure; I went to college with the author, who is a friend. I know he is no stranger to poetry, as this book shows. My son is very interested in myth and adventure; he owns The Lord of the Rings trilogy but it's a little beyond him. This is the perfect book to satisfy his craving for adventure.

    22. Patrick Doud has the heart of a poet and writes with the skill of a seasoned storyteller. Evoking the awe and magic of the natural world, his beautifully-paced work is rich in detail, crackling with action, and populated by characters we care deeply about. The ease with which he keeps us turning pages makes it hard to believe that OGIN is his fiction debut. Well-imagined, intelligent, and original -- there is much to love in the wondrous world of THE WINNITOK TALES.

    23. I discovered something while reading this book.I enjoy epic fantasy much more on the big screen than on paper. Don't get me wrong, this book had an interesting storyline and the characters were great's just for me, the story can get lost in the heavy amount of creativity required to make a world, language, etc, live as if 3D in a 2D world. Still, when all is said and done, can't say I'm not curious what happens in the next adventure planned for 2011.happy reading!

    24. In the traditon of the best story tellers Tolkien, Heinlein, and Asimov, Patrick Doud has fashioned a real page turner. Elwood Pitch and his dog Slukee step from thier own world into another. They meet Drullah Wehr and her Friend talking Raven Booj. I am looking forward to the next book in "The Winnitok Tales" series.

    25. A marvelous book, equal if not superior, to the very best of its kind. Anyone interested in adolescent fantasy adventure should check it out.

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