Rogue Stallion

Rogue Stallion Undaunted by rogue cop Sterling McCallum s heart of stone and his warnings to back off Jessica Larson follows her instincts and braves her stirring emotions until the mystery of his past comes to th

  • Title: Rogue Stallion
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780373362066
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Undaunted by rogue cop Sterling McCallum s heart of stone and his warnings to back off, Jessica Larson follows her instincts and braves her stirring emotions, until the mystery of his past comes to the surface.

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    1. Rogue Stallion is a romance novel by Diana Palmer and is the first book in the Montana Mavericks series. Social worker Jessica Larson and Deputy Sheriff Sterling McCallum both have dark secrets in their past. Jessica seems determined to draw Sterling out, yet when he wants to get closer, she backs off. And then someone comes to Whitethorn spreading rumours about her that have Sterling doubting her honesty. This is a somewhat slow-moving romance that touches on domestic violence and alcoholism. C [...]

    2. Lubię czytać harlequiny bo można się przy nich dobrze powkurzać z powodu naiwności głównych bohaterek i tego, jak bardzo są stłamszone przez facetów. Jak bardzo ulegają i ich jedynym celem życiowym jest złapanie faceta i rodzenie dziecka! Normalnie żadnych ambicji zawodowych. A jak już mają jakieś ambicje to przychodzi dominacja faceta i tak nic z tym nie robią, bo "facet tak powiedział". Więc jeśli będę potrzebowała znowu podniesienia ciśnienia to zdecydowanie znowu si [...]

    3. It was okay - some heat and the main characters had their unique/interesting moments/traits. However, there were some errors, much predictability (even for romance, since it echos other books by Palmer quite a bit), and a lot of stilted dialogue. The "mystery" (more like situation) seemed completely tacked on and rarely used. The characters have a lot of potential, though, and were quite enjoyable at first. They didn't stay that way, and this was really too bad - his rugged straightness, outside [...]

    4. Wow! I really loved this book. It seemed almost like a Love Inspired romance, because God is mentioned a few times and they fool around, but don't actually consummate the relationship until after they are married. The hero, a cop and the heroine a social worker are brought together to work on a case of an abandoned baby. She has always been kind to him, but he was rather mean to her. Sterling, a loner with no family and Jessica a kind person also without family and a dark secret. She has always [...]

    5. Been a while since I read Diana Palmer. Ah, what a refreshing one! Scarred and alone, McCallum didn't easily trust woman. But when Jessica stormed into his life, he can't help but pay attention. She's young and beautiful. Not to mention kind hearted and simple. But when he started to fall for her, her past came back. What will happen next? I love this book, not very angsty but perfectly fine. McCallum's a loner but not an alpha-jerk like Palmer's usual hero. I kind of like him. Jessica, very typ [...]

    6. It’s not bad, it’s just not that good. Both Sterling and Jessica have a lot of potential though and were quite enjoyable at first. Then the "secrets" revealed and the plot went downhill. Ms. Palmer should have stuck with the romance as the suspense seems to be unimportant to the plot.

    7. Ah, where to start? I thought this was going to be a typical Palmer book. Lets face it, they are all pretty cookie cutter. I actually thought this one would turn out pretty decent especially when Jessica and Sterling started dating. She had even opened up to him that she was attacked and almost raped a few years before.All was going fine until the brother of the man who attacked her shows up into town and informs Sterling that Jessica broke up his brother's marriage and only cried rape when some [...]

    8. Montana Mavericks 01O Garanhão Indomado.Diana PalmerHomem Maravilhoso!!!!!!!!!!Sterling não quer ter nenhum relacionamento e sentimento por ninguém. Por quê? Ele quer se sentir seguro, então, não quer amar. O amor não é um sentimento seguro. Mas, como a vida não é como desejamos, Jessica quebra as barreiras que ele constrói, ela o deixa vulnerável, meche com ele. Para não cair em tentação, ele a maltrata, sendo grosso, mal educado, chegando a ser cruel. E tudo isso por medo. Porqu [...]

    9. Sterling McCallum, deputy sheriff had a lot of secrets in his past. Likewise, Jessica Larson, social worker, had her own share of secrets. The two of them were becoming friends and a little more when a demon from Jessica's past came to town and spread a bunch of lies about her and to make matter worse, Sterling believed them. After the Sheriff sets Sterling straight, it was hard to get past the betrayal. But, when they share all their secrets from the past and their deepest desires for the futur [...]

    10. "Best" line of the book, after an off-duty cop is shot during a convenience store robbery. Cashier says, "You've been shot! Oh my goodness, what shall I do?" The story had the potential to be a very good book but it was just okay. It should've stuck to being a romance as the suspense seems to be unimportant to the plot. Likeable characters, sweet romance and decent relationship development. The baby storyline is s bonus.

    11. Sterling was an investigator for the sheriffs office while Jessica worked in social serbies. He had been abused bny his mother as a child and Jessica was raped by a man who was "abusing" his wife. They both had skeletons but didn't want the other to know about them. It was hard for either of them to trust or "feel" again but there was magnetism between the two of them. Diana Palmer wrote another great read.

    12. Jessica Larson was a social worker with a big heart and even a bigger crush on lawman Serling McCallum who has no heart at all. A case brought them working together and Jessica tries to hide her attraction and Sterling tries to hide that he is drawn to Jessica. Will both of their dark secrets keep them apart or draw them together?

    13. Found this on the swap shelf at the library. It's okay, with Palmer's rather typical jerk hero and stilted awkward dialog. The story was mildly interesting but the leads acted like they were in junior high.

    14. Rogue stallionAnother Palmer book. She makes you feel part of the book. Enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to the next one. Down to earth, everyday people, that is what I like,about her books.

    15. Original review - April 2009Ugh! I know it was written in 1994 but puh-leeze! I couldn't even finish it, it was that bad.2nd chance read: Still didn't improve. I gave it 80 pages this time and it still didn't interest me.

    16. I was a little put off by the baggage and pain both characters been through. I don't really care for a heroine who was abused. the hero was odd he said how he did not want her but made awful come ons that to me were tacky. The end had too many questions unanswered for me.

    17. The things you impulsively shove into your $5 bag at the rummage sale just to fill it up hopefully it is at least entertaining.

    18. This is actually a reissue of a book published in 1994. However, it is also the first book in the Montana Mavericks series. A great story about Sterling McCallum and Jessica Larson.

    19. Typical Diana Palmer. Older guy and younger girl (10 years is the norm). They hook up, conflict, guy is jerk, they break up, guy realizes he is an @$$, and they get back together happily ever after.

    20. Kinda cheesy, but I actually enjoyed it. A classic American "romance" junk. If you don't usualy read romance novels, this would be a brief intermission in your reading routine.

    21. Enjoyed the story but Sterling was kind of a jerk. Jessica should have made him grovel a lot more after what he put her through.

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