Trick of the Eye

Trick of the Eye For Faith Cromwell trompe l oeil artist it is the commission of a lifetime painting the famed ballroom of an opulent Long Island estate But her new patron has a macabre fixation on a daughter brutal

  • Title: Trick of the Eye
  • Author: Jane Stanton Hitchcock
  • ISBN: 9780786888474
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • For Faith Cromwell, trompe l oeil artist, it is the commission of a lifetime painting the famed ballroom of an opulent Long Island estate But her new patron has a macabre fixation on a daughter brutally murdered in the house a decade earlier one so intense that it jeopardizes Faith s own sense of mind And as she pieces together the details of the grisly crime scene thatFor Faith Cromwell, trompe l oeil artist, it is the commission of a lifetime painting the famed ballroom of an opulent Long Island estate But her new patron has a macabre fixation on a daughter brutally murdered in the house a decade earlier one so intense that it jeopardizes Faith s own sense of mind And as she pieces together the details of the grisly crime scene that shadows the house, Faith slowly discovers that she herself plays the starring role in a bizarre and dangerous charade Sophisticated and exquisitely frightening, Trick of the Eye explores a world where evil tarnishes privilege, and nothing is what it appears to be.

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    1. TRICK OF THE EYE - NRHitchcock, Jane - standaloneWealthy New York society matron and patron of the arts Frances Griffin commissions Faith Crowell, a 39-year-old trompe l'oeil artist, to paint the interior of her ballroom, built 20 years earlier for the debutante cotillion of her now-deceased daughter, Cassandra. During this assignment, Faith learns that Cassandra's murder remains unsolved, and Mrs. Griffin seems to know more about it than she is telling. Intrigued with the mystery and possible c [...]

    2. Faith Crowell, a Trompe I'oeil artist, is commissioned to paint a ballroom by legendary New York society matron, Francis Griffin. Mrs. Griffin is a woman who makes Martha Stewart appear dowdy and easy-going. When her mansion was completed, she complained to the architect that the fireplace was slightly off-center and made him measure the wall to prove it. Then she made him tear down the huge mansion to center the fireplace.Faith is slightly unnerved by this tale, but her dear friend urges her to [...]

    3. A decent plot with believable characters, but a bad start. Felt like the author forced all the setup info she wanted you to have in the first chapter or two. I almost didn't continue reading, but I paid for the book, so I decided it would be worth the time to see if it got any better. I will say that it was pretty easy to guess a good portion of what the big "secret" was supposed to be. But at least it was a quick read, and I enjoyed the contemplation brought on by the main character's vocation. [...]

    4. Man, this book was amazing! One of those perfect reads: technically flawless writing; rich details from a writer who clearly knows Europe - esp France, and the art world; a great story, well told - never a dull moment; and an ending that you didn't see coming. Wow. Highly recommended.

    5. This beautifully written book masterfully ties in a mystery, loneliness, friendship, art, revenge and love. A wonderful read.

    6. This was an interesting audiobook. The story did not go as one would predict and it had so many surprises that I honestly don't know how to feel. I will say that at the end, I did feel sorry for Faith because everything she thought to be, was not. I thoroughly enjoyed the reader's voices for each character, especially Harry's.

    7. Bland and predictable. Strangely for a book concerned with antiques and trompe l'oeil, there was a feeling of inauthenticity throughout. It seemed to float in no real time or place and the big reveals - all of them!- would have been guessed early on by anyone who had ever seen a Lifetime movie.

    8. Unfamiliar with an author most others know so I started my journey of her works with this one. Hmmmm

    9. Got this book at a Library Giant Book Sale where I paid barely anything for it. Now I know why. Here is my synopsis. Faith Cromwell paints things and makes a decent living at it. Frances Griffin is a rich old lady whose daughter died young and is about to kick-the-bucket herself. Frances hires on an art dealer to find her a new daughter and ends up picking Faith to be her. Faith gets hired on to work on Frances' ballroom and then once the painting is nearly done, Frances is all like "ZOMG LEMME [...]

    10. I really enjoyed Social Crimes by Hitchcock, so I gave this book a try.I found this book predictable, which is dissapointing in a thriller. I have to say there was not much that I found suspenseful in this book.The big mystery is easily solved and the book feels like it dragged on.There was a twist at the end that I didn't see coming, but all in all, I was dissapointed in the lack of mystery involved in this book.From the beginning of the book, I find Frances creepy. How she approachs Faith to w [...]

    11. Okay, since this is quite an old book(92?), pre-cell phones&all other common devices, I don't feel bad about making the whole review full of spoilers. Not that its age in itself is a bad thing, but this one hardly stands the test of time. The final plot twist wouldn't really work in these times, because why wouldn't Faith just take pictures of her masterpiece with a cell phone. (True, she might go back with the intent of using fancier cameras for some magazine-quality shots, but the impact o [...]

    12. This book is awesome! I'm only 70 pages in, but from page 1 I couldn't put it down. It's part horror/psychological thriller, part single gal in NYC, part daVinci code complete with old British guy giving advice and background.The writing is phenomenal. She could be describing a potato cake sandwich, and I'd be just as intrigued. Completed book opinions:The amazing internal monologue of the beginning doesn't last the whole way through, sadly. The lesser villain is predictable. The old British guy [...]

    13. Odd little book, primarily about loneliness, disguised as a book about a trompe l'oeil artist and a society matron courting her to paint a ballroom at the matron's elegant (and famous) country home. There were a number of predictable plot twists, a few unexpected ones (including a kicker that is revealed in the last half page of the book), but the last portion of the book (the reveal, so to speak) felt forced/contrived to me, and with more than a touch of creepiness. While it was supposed to cle [...]

    14. Faith Crowell is not just any kind of painter she is a faux finishes painter. She lands a dream job working for Mrs. Griffin the Widow of Holt Griffin. "Holt Griffin was the scion of an old, rich New York family who, unlike most of his kind, had gone on to distinguish himself on his own, in a long diplomatic career." After Faith starts to work for Mrs. Griffin she find out a Murder happen in the very house she was working in. I enjoyed three fourths of the book. The writing is wonderful and the [...]

    15. This was a superb novel, a truly exciting exploration of a twisted mind. Hitchcock has a wonderfully refined sensibility and that is reflected in both her subject matter, her narrator, and her writing style. Readers of Hitchcock's finely crafted novels will discover that it is the journey that matters--that keeps them rooted to their armchairs--not the destination. And yet, the final chapters of "Trick of the Eye" contain several unpredictable jolts. I will be depressed when I get to the end of [...]

    16. I honestly thought this book was terrific. The writing was good but more importantly, for me, the plot actually surprised me! That's not easy to do! Also, a month later and I still remember the story - also not typical for me. Most plots just seem to "run together" with all the rest like them, but this is really is an interesting read and I think well worth the time.

    17. I listened to the audiobook from the library. A very wealthy elderly woman is used to getting what she wants. The woman contacts a 39-year-old female artist to paint a ballroom. The story unfolds, and it gets stranger at every turn. Art, murder, and money all are parts of this suspenseful novel. Recommended.

    18. I have half the book to go it's going fast and I want to slow it down - I LOVE IT. Beautifully written, full of rich imagery, filled with suspense, moves quickly without giving up on intricate, colorful descriptions and character studies. In fact the characters are very life like You get to know them. I love how this author writes. I want to give it 5-stars right now!

    19. This book was ok. It was kinda drawn out even tho it was pretty short. The main character gets hired to do some artwork for an extremely rich old lady. While at the house she tries to uncover who the murderer of the old lady's daughter is. She becomes consumed with this murder and goes to get lengths to figure it out.

    20. I could not get into this book at all. I didn't care about any of the characters and the 'mystery' didn't entice me in the slightest. I found myself skipping pages til the end just to get it over with. I thought the last page was so incredibly cheesy I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

    21. I won't bother to rehash the plotere are plenty of reviews that do a fine job in that arena. For me, the book itself was a trompe l'oeil. It pulled me in and the ending twist totally took me by surprise. Didn't see it coming. Blew my mind.

    22. This was very surprising. I read the first couple paragraphs and immediately thought I was going to hate it. Then I found myself just completely unable to put it down. I read it in 3 sittings. I thought it was a very solid debut and really enjoyed it in the end.

    23. What a great book - until the end where it completely let me down. The ex-boyfriend didn't need to be in the book at all and I was ready for a bigger "trick of the eye." I much preferred "The Thirteenth Tale" for surprises and well-written plot.

    24. This was an OK read. There were a couple of passages with really beautiful writing and imagery, but overall the book was strained and dry.I don't regret reading it, but I doubt I will read anything else by the author.

    25. For a debut novel, it was a good one. Had no expectations from it, therefore was pleasantly surprised with the way the story unfolded and reached a climax. The suspense is well maintained and the writer uses her knowledge of art world to her advantage.A good read.

    26. I loved Social Crimes by this same author, so I thought I would try another by her. This was not so good. It was quite weak. The writing style and mystery part of the novel were just not as strong as her ater works.

    27. It is not like I hated the story, the story was okay and had a few good twists. Overall, I did not think that it lived up to being a suspense novel. It was a murder mystery, but it was not a very complex storyline. Overall I skipped to the end after chapter 12 and called it a day.

    28. A trompe l’oile artist is the main character in this mystery. The writing was mediocre and the story formulaic. Some interesting foibles and houses were described, though. Book on CD.

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