Dungeon: Twilight - Vol. 1: Dragon Cemetery

Dungeon Twilight Vol Dragon Cemetery The planet Terra Amata on which Dungeon resides has stopped turning On one side total darkness and absolute coldness on the other a searing desert and eternal day The survivors live on a thin slic

  • Title: Dungeon: Twilight - Vol. 1: Dragon Cemetery
  • Author: Joann Sfar Lewis Trondheim
  • ISBN: 9781561634606
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • The planet Terra Amata, on which Dungeon resides, has stopped turning On one side, total darkness and absolute coldness on the other, a searing desert and eternal day The survivors live on a thin slice of earth where day and night meet A territory known as TWILIGHT Marvin, now old and blind, sensing his end, goes on a long trek to the legendary cemetery of dragons.

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      120 Joann Sfar Lewis Trondheim
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    1 thought on “Dungeon: Twilight - Vol. 1: Dragon Cemetery”

    1. Fantasy masterpiece: magical, lively, fully realized, exciting, wise, humane, marvelous, witty, jaw-dropping. Deserves a much nicer and larger edition, but for now these flimsy little booklets will have to do.

    2. Lohikäärme Marvin alkaa olla jo tiensä päässä ja päättää lähteä lohikäärmeiden salaiselle hautuumaalle. Matkalla yksinäiselle vaeltajalle, nykyisin nimeltään Dust King, tarttuu mukaan Marvin the Red, hurja jänösoturi, sekä pieni lepakko sokean oppaaksi. Marvin on menettänyt silmänsä rikottuaan uskontokuntansa pyhää sääntöä olla koskaan näkemättä jälkikasvuaan. Lohikäärmeiden salainen hautuumaa herättää intohimoja, koska sielä kuvitellaan olevan mittaamattom [...]

    3. Oh this was pretty terrible. I see some of the inspiration and I like the blind old fat dragon but so much of this book puts me off.

    4. I just discovered that the library carries some of these, and I've been reading them as I find them, completely out of order. This is the first volume I've read from one of the main branches of the series, and it helps explain a little background info I was missing in an earlier volume I read (which I haven't returned yet, so maybe I'll re-read it real quick). Very enjoyable, and while there are lots of funny bits (including the art, which looks not unlike Sergio Aragones'), there's also plenty [...]

    5. I'm really glad I read this series AFTER reading most of the other Dungeon books as I found the first scenes to be heartbreaking because of it. The writing in this volume seems a little clunkier, or perhaps it's the translation. It's nice to see Sfar illustrating the series for a change. I love the little bat!

    6. Enjoyable, but I do deeply regret not being able to read these in any kind of order, because I have only the vaguest idea how the story got to this point. Stupid libraries that don't collect all the volumes in a series!

    7. Lewis Trondheim is always fascinating, if a bit inexplicable. I haven't read the other Dungeon series so I should probably go back and catch up, but this story about an old dragon, a warrior rabbit, and a small bat is charming and hilarious and full of blood. (And NOT for kids.)

    8. bad things have happened, and i must be a bad person, because i really liked this instalment. it might also be partly because Sfar is doing the pictures - Dungeon style is on a continuum, but i wasn't so fond of the Mazan/Menu interpretation of the last volume i read.

    9. I just don't think I get this I had a hard time following and keeping the characters straight, the only character I liked was the bat.

    10. Starts off strong, but inconsistent artwork and too much action did this one in for me. Also, it's not a complete story. You need at least volume 2 to get the complete tale.

    11. The Sfar/Trondheim stuff is always great, but this was even better than I expected. Maybe not as good as Zenith book 1, but close behind.

    12. I've never heard of these. I picked it up from the library. what a wonderfully odd fantasy. love the scrappy rabbit warrior and the little bat!

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