Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used

Flawless Consulting A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used The second edition of the consultant s bible is here For over fifteen years consultants both internal and external have relied on Peter Block s landmark bestseller Flawless Consulting to learn how

  • Title: Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used
  • Author: Peter Block
  • ISBN: 9780787948030
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The second edition of the consultant s bible is here For over fifteen years, consultants both internal and external have relied on Peter Block s landmark bestseller, Flawless Consulting, to learn how to deal effectively with clients, peers, and others Using illustrative examples, case studies, and exercises, the author, one of the most important and well known in hisThe second edition of the consultant s bible is here For over fifteen years, consultants both internal and external have relied on Peter Block s landmark bestseller, Flawless Consulting, to learn how to deal effectively with clients, peers, and others Using illustrative examples, case studies, and exercises, the author, one of the most important and well known in his field, offers his legendary warmth and insight throughout this much awaited second edition Anyone who must communicate in a professional context and who doesn t will use the lessons taught in this book for years to come Who would have thought the consultant s bible could be improved upon Count on Peter Block the consulting profession s very own revolutionary to push us to confront and struggle with the paradoxes inherent in our work Candace Thompson, organization development consultant, First Chicago NBD A Bank One Company Block has distilled years of experience into a wise, down to earth, and eminently practical guide to excellence in consulting If you are new to the practice, Flawless Consulting will chop years off your learning cycle And even if you re an old pro, Block s insights will elevate you to new levels of effectiveness Flawless Consulting is not simply about becoming a better consultant it is about using consulting as a path toward becoming a better person Barry Oshry, president, Power Systems, Inc author of Seeing Systems and Leading Systems

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    1. A number of years ago, I found myself without a job for the first time in my adult life. At 40, this was scary until I woke up one morning, created a subchapter-S corporation and became a consultant. This book, along with others by Peter Block, was a significant help in getting started and having the confidence to persevere for two years independently. Now I'm a consultant in a big four firm and the things I learned from this book still ring true.

    2. Since lost my old review while trying to upload it, I'll give you this. I think Block focuses a lot more on being blameless as a consultant than on being effective. I agree in principle with lots of what he says, but the overarching idea was the downfall of this book in my eyes. I can't stand the kind of advice that admonishes well-paid experts to constantly deny their responsibility for the outcomes of projects and to distribute the blame for their projects by coercing everyone in the organiza [...]

    3. This is an amazingly comprehensive "manual" to consulting. It covers techniques in detail while also discussing mindset and sharing recommendations.The author's focus is on the process of consulting. The title is derived from this process view: If you followed the process, then you consulted flawlessly, regardless of the outcome. Therein lies a seed of humility: As consultants, we learn, advise, recommend, and encourage action - we do not have the power to guarantee outcomes.For all the wisdom i [...]

    4. So far so good, and I think this book is written for professionals who already have competencies for working with people in consulting. I also think if you want to read this book keep in mind this book has a companion book too! The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook & Companion A Guide To Understanding Your Expertise. Peter Block, who has focused attention on consulting skills, empowerment processes, and reclaiming our individuality.As these books will guide a professional to know all the stages [...]

    5. Tremendous foundation of experience, but oddly longwinded and rather boring to read cover to cover. Probably much better to have listened to a lecture series by the author. True value probably first to appear when used as point of reference

    6. If you're already an experienced consultant I'm not sure how useful it would be, but it is a great overview/introduction to the field (and free of "execuspeak").

    7. Good primer on consulative process with an easy to consume / beginner 5 step process-When having a consultative meeting you need to pay equal parts focus on the content of the meeting and the emotional side of the meeting -Foster a collaborative relationship with a client -Give equal waiting to the business challenge as well as to the people/relationship challenge-The goal of a collaborative engagement is the transfer of the knowledge to the client-It's not entirely up to the client to define th [...]

    8. I wish I could give this book five stars--is has that much good content. But it's so formal in style that it reads like a textbook. It's a really, really good textbook, though. If you're someone who helps other people solve problems, whether a traditional consultant or a coach, a teacher or even a leader, then this book has rich insights for you. Be patient and read slowly. Each paragraph has as much content as some chapters do in other books. It will be worth it.

    9. O conteúdo é valiosíssimo e foi resumido muito bem no apêndice (que pode servir como um guia de campo).A leitura é densa e tive a sensação de que a tradução para o português não contribuiu para a fluidez do texto.Recomendo para quem está iniciando em consultoria e para todos os que precisam promover mudanças em seus contextos atuais.

    10. I really enjoyed this book. The practical aspects of it were very helpful in what I can do going forward.

    11. This book is as much about cultivating healthy, authentic, reciprocal adult relationships as it is about consulting. There’s a lot of down to earth wisdom here.

    12. I have to admit that I really liked Peter Block's "Flawless Consulting". This book was originally written in 1978, and then revised in 1998. I expected the book to be dated and irrelevant, but it wasn't. The concepts that Block wrote about many years ago are still very much applicable today. Having been a consultant for 6 years, I especially liked this book because it focuses on the style of consulting I like (or rather liked!) to do -- improving the capability of the client to find and implemen [...]

    13. A general consulting book. This book has sections about industries such as management, technology, health care, and education. Because numerous industries are covered, the methods are more generalized than may be wanted for specific scenarios. For example, technology consulting requires some fairly fine tuned methodologies that stem from computer science disciplines and technological implementations. With that being said, learning how consulting in different disciplines and industries compare is [...]

    14. Basic Human RelationsAs a contractor/consultant on my second long-term assignment, this title caught my eye and served for listening on the commute.Overall I was impressed. Much of what is presented is common sense and deals with the simple themes of professional and personal integtity.To put it simply, it focuses upon those things you can control as a consultant and provides a basis upon which to minimize the things you cannot control.Success can only ultimately be measured by the things you co [...]

    15. Peter Block’s “Flawless Consulting Second Edition” is an outstanding book and I recommend it for anybody who is ever asked for advice. Consulting skills are not limited to people with a consultant title but anybody who helps others but has no authority over the outcome of their advice. Leaders, project managers, church elders, event planners, and many others will find benefit in this book.I bought this book because I am an internal consultant. I had a coach challenge me to define my role a [...]

    16. I read this book in consulting class. This is a great resource for not only consultants but also basically anyone who works with other people, as this book discusses the soft skills required to build successful working relationships. A great deal of focus is placed on the relationship between consultant and client, from the contracting stage all the way to implementation. Peter Block discusses different types of roles that consultants may take, such as that of an expert, an extra pair of hands, [...]

    17. Flawless Consulting is a valuable read for not only consultants, but anyone who has to influence authority in their organization (hint: that's pretty much everybody in ITSM and/or BPM).Block identifies three goals for every consulting engagement- Establish a collaborative relationship to maximize the use of resources and model how to effectively solve problems- Solve problems so they stay solved by building the ability of the client to address root causes- Ensure attention is given to both the p [...]

    18. This book provides valuable and *comprehensive* insights into the various phases of consulting. The author says that Flawless consulting essentially boils down to 1) Being authentic and 2)Completing every stage of the engagement with diligence. The level of detail into every aspect of a consultant's role - what consultants typically do and what they ought to do is very helpful. It sometimes borders on presenting a Utopic picture of the same, but it is good to establish a picture of an "ideal sta [...]

    19. Peter Block, in "Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used," eloquently explores the roles that internal and external consultants both play: “The core transaction of any consulting contract is the transfer of expertise from the consultant to the client.”“Most people in staff roles in organizations are really consultants, even if they don’t officially call themselves ‘consultants,’” Block maintains. “Staff people function in any organization by planning, recommen [...]

    20. Great book, useful for all areas of life. The author establishes the need for authenticity, and being careful to define each and every area of responsibility.

    21. I listened to the 9+ hour unabridged Audible version of Flawless Consulting. This book content-wise is everything I expected. Content of this book is fantastic. The online resources are excellent. Stories and experience excellent. Gave me a lot to think about as I start trying to develop my consulting business. I read the reviews on Audible about the narrator being very difficult to listen to - unfortunately the reviews were accurate. I cannot describe what was so bad other than he over-enunciat [...]

    22. We read this for my consulting class. Block is particularly brilliant in managing the consultation meeting. His idea of the "collaborative consultant," as well as his framing of consultants as making an impact without control, are invaluable. We supplemented his "feedback meeting" by making it even more collaborative by asking the client at every turn if he is getting what he/she wants, rather than only asking at the 50% mark. This method ensures that both client and consultant realize that chan [...]

    23. Interesting and deep, though not always terribly engaging to me because it's quite light on anecdote and heavy on checklists. The last chapters are the best, in my opinion. One is a great description of how one teacher used the principles in the book to design a much better learning experience with his students. And the last chapter states Block's ultimate goal in teaching you this method: overturning the patriarchy. To which I say, yay, bring it on! I think this is a useful book if you help cli [...]

    24. To be clear, this is a review of the audiobook version, which is pretty different from the pulpy one that sits on my bookshelf. Now -- this book should be required reading for anyone who is in a position of influencing without authority. This applies not just to consultants, but also to people struggling to have their expertise used inside organizations. Block's no-nonsense approach is refreshing, pragmatic, and inspirational. Favorite quote: "The meat of the consultation is dealing with resista [...]

    25. Peter Block's legendary book talks about the roles and responsibilities of a consultant (whether internal or external) and how to be more effective at each stage of consulting.The author provides checklists and ready reckoners to self-evaluate your own contributions as a consultant. However, while the premise of the book is great, it tends to be a little long-winded at times. Block unnecessarily beats about the bush at some points to drive home his point.However, still a good read for someone ne [...]

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