Hero at Large

Hero at Large He cooks a pot holder in the spaghetti sauce and needs lessons on making Jell O Still single mom and ice skating coach Chris Nelson is committed to keeping her sexy scruffy new house husband around

  • Title: Hero at Large
  • Author: Janet Evanovich Steffie Hall
  • ISBN: 9780061985942
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • He cooks a pot holder in the spaghetti sauce and needs lessons on making Jell O Still, single mom and ice skating coach Chris Nelson is committed to keeping her sexy, scruffy, new house husband around After all, she did break his arm and his toe and she can t just turn him out into the cold It seemed like luck when this gorgeous stranger first stopped to help Chris witHe cooks a pot holder in the spaghetti sauce and needs lessons on making Jell O Still, single mom and ice skating coach Chris Nelson is committed to keeping her sexy, scruffy, new house husband around After all, she did break his arm and his toe and she can t just turn him out into the cold It seemed like luck when this gorgeous stranger first stopped to help Chris with her car, but suddenly her peaceful life turns topsy turvy as tender, long suffering Ken Callahan enlists the sympathies of her 7 year old daughter and her meddlesome Aunt Edna And even Chris can t deny the excitement his magnetic blue black eyes spark deep within her But who is he

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      454 Janet Evanovich Steffie Hall
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    1 thought on “Hero at Large”

    1. This must rank in the top 5 most asinine stories I've ever had the misfortune to attempt to read. It doesn't even deserve the compliment of bothering to explain why I thought it was so bad. Audiobook, borrowed from my library via overdrive, read by CJ Critt, who did a pretty good job, considering the material she had to work with. I gave it 7 minutes longer than my 20 minute minimum before DNFing.

    2. This book seemed like typical Janet Evanovich. Cheap laughs. The MCs are all gorgeous. Complicated relationships. An older female relative who uses the word pip. I found many similarities to Stephanie Plum. This was light and fluffy. However, it was also highly improbable, but it made my morning fly by. So 3 stars.

    3. From the first scene to the last this one had me groaning and not in a good way at all. Like a "uhhhhhhhhh I can't believe this book was published!" way.Haha. Literally. (stupid pretty girl who doesn't know cars need oil to run) "Oh! I just broke your arm after you tried to help fix my car!" (handsome stranger who stopped to figure out why she was broken down) "Well, please drive me to the hospital so I can get it taken care of."Pretty girl: "I don't know you, but since my car is broken I'll dri [...]

    4. Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.Listening to this one for my retro review with Sophia for this next quarter :D Read it back in 2011 originally. Okay so 2.5 stars. Damn! I remember loving all of these light little romances from Evanovich when I read them years ago. They were fun and silly and a little cheeky. On audio though I loved the hero and the heroine's auntie. The heroine though. Man alive she's a bitchy shrew! I mean the entire time. She's snippy at him, painting him as the b [...]

    5. I read One For the Money, the first Stephanie Plum book and didn't quite connect with it, but I decided to give Evanovich another try and I enjoyed this fun, fizzy little story. The characters of Chris and Ken were fun to get to know, along with her Aunt Edna, who added a lot to the story. The romance is definitely here, but it's more in thoughts and feelings than bumping and grinding on the page. I actually like that, something left to the imagination is kind of nice.Be warned you'll have to be [...]

    6. Hero At Large is a pre-Plum novel by popular American author, Janet Evanovich, and was originally published under the nom-de-plume, Steffie Hall. When Chris Nelson’s car gives up the ghost on the Little River Turnpike, she’s grateful for the assistance that Ken Callaghan gives, and really, breaking his arm was completely accidental. But when her Aunt Edna invites Ken to rent their downstairs rooms, she is not happy. Ken is far too good looking, Chris is far too attracted to him, and after he [...]

    7. 3 StarsI have seen that it has been a popular read lately so I thought I would try it. While reading this book I thought was a cute little book to read but it was a ok book for me. I wouldn't read it over and over. I think one time reading is good for me with this book. I guess I was expecting a more interesting book that was a little bit longer. Overall it was ok and a cute book to read.

    8. OK, I don't normally read very many romances, but I'm a huge fan of Evanovich's series about Stephanie Plum, so when I saw some of her romances listed at the library I decided, "Why not?" and gave a couple a try. I am so glad I did! This book is hysterical! Almost from the very first page I was laughing and I didn't really stop until the book was over and I realized I had grown to like the characters and wanted them to stick around! A single Mom meets a scruffy, good looking stranger when he sto [...]

    9. Pretty good. I laughed (quite a bit), huffed a little, smiled, and had a good time. Good characters, emotions, a good story line, and great ending. Sweet, strong and fun. Food for the anytime read and wanting something on the lighter side of life. Enjoy

    10. quite possibly one of the worst books I have "read" (listened to it on audio on a long drive/had no other book otherwise would have been turned off). There was absolutely nothing I liked about the main character. She was a whiny martyr of the worst kind. THANKS PANDORA!!!

    11. This was the first book that Janet Evanovich had published; it was ok, but I'm glad she continued to write so that Stephanie Plum could be created. Girl's car breaks down; handsome guy happens to help her; his arm gets broken by the car hood falling down; he wiggles his way into girl's heart. I liked Ken Callahan but Chris Nelson left something to be desired. Also, I couldn't help but think that Aunt Edna must be related to Grandma Murzer somehow: both characters were pips!Go Cards! L1C4!!

    12. I made it a whopping six pages into this book before I noped my way out of it. I would have thrown it across the room, but I was on the bus and I figured my fellow passengers probably would have objected to being hit in the head by this trash. So I restrained myself. What happened in the first six pages of this book that made me DNF it, you ask? - Main female character tells us that she doesn't believe in getting cars fixed because "she felt too hopelessly intimidated by car mechanics". Uh, so y [...]

    13. This was a nice standalone romance, one of Evanovich's earlier works. It took forever to finish, partly because of a vacation in the middle, but also because my Hoopla borrow expired, then I had to download the audio version from another library. It's nice, it's sweet, but there's no real oomph to the story which I expect (and get) from Evanovich's current writings. Ken is a great hero--the strong silent type. He's really a millionaire, but Chris meets him on the side of the road when his truck [...]

    14. A reissue of an old Janet Evanovich romance. It appears to have been updated a bit from its original release (Ken has a cell phone that he lets Chris borrow), but not much. It reads like on old romance, but is cute. Aunt Edna is a predecessor to Grandma Mazur and there is a big dog named Bob in it as well. So, once again, we can see the beginnings of the Plum clan.Chris meets Ken on the side of the road after her car breaks down. He offers to help her and then she accidentally breaks his arm. By [...]

    15. I love Janet Evanovich's romances, they are so funny. I love them because the people in them seem real with real problems and they are easy to relate to. This one is probably one of my favorites, I always enjoy romances that involve a single parent and this one was no exception and Evanovich always seems to find a way to include one crazy old lady into the mix!The cover shows a dog and a rabbit and honestly I thought that would be part of the story. It was actually, but only a very small part. T [...]

    16. Clean. Squeaky. Heroine and hero Both are squeaky clean. So there's nothing wrong with this story. It was nice. A lovely little romance. But it's more like something I'd have enjoyed when I was a teenager. Even though I avoided stories with kids in them. I don't know why there is a dog and a rabbit on this cover. That makes no sense whatsoever.

    17. A humorous romance that shows the beginnings of a few elements that will show up in the later Plum series. Although not as complex as the Plum stories, it is a quick enjoyable read.

    18. Just a cute, fun, quick read. At 24, my car died because I didn't know about the oil thing! Naïve? yes!

    19. I honestly don't know why I read this novel. I didn't like the other Evanovich romance I read Smitten and this one was no different. It's extremely heavy on the cheesy factor. None of the characters are realistic. There's something about the male romantic lead being too good to be true, but these novels go way beyond that ideal man fantasy. He comes on too strong and the female lead goes with it. The relationship is unbelievable. Sure romance novels have a couple falling in love in no time, but [...]

    20. It's silly and fun and exceptionally light and fluffy. If you're looking for deep emotional connection and drama, you really should look elsewhere. It starts with a klutz who's very bad at car maintenance and goes downhill from there in a comedy of errors worthy of Murphy's Law. I'll admit, Ken's bluff about his real identity doesn't reflect well on his character, but about everything else he's a sweet stand-up guy. Chris made me absolutely mental with her blind refusal to see Ken as anything ot [...]

    21. Single mother Chris (a skating coach) was on the way to the rink one day when her car broke down on the highway. A passing motorist who just happens to be a tall, dark, handsome and conveniently single came to her aid. After slamming the hood of her car down on his arm, Chris then has to drive Ken (in his vehicle) to the hospital. Meanwhile it doesn’t take long for the sparks between the two to fly. Due to his injury and not being able to take care of himself, Ken invites himself to move into [...]

    22. This was one of the first (possible the first one??) pre-Stephanie Plum romance novels that Janet Evanovich wrote. I have read a couple of others and they follow the samewoman meets man, silly things happen, they fall in love, and ring is then given.This story follows the same line. Chris, a single mother, has her car break down, Ken Callahan pulls over to help her and ends up breaking her arm. They go to e.r. and then she takes him to her house to rest as he cannot drive his stick shift truck. [...]

    23. Breaking down on the side of the road was the worst way for Chris Nelson to start her day. Adding to a broken car, when Ken Callahan stopped to help her, she accidentally broke his arm. Having a broken arm was not something that Ken had planned for his week, but his decision to go with the flow of things led him to living in Chris’ basement and then a broken toe also. The surprising attraction they both felt for each other grew even through the eggs on the floor and burnt dinners, but will it [...]

    24. One of the author's earlier novels. characters unrealistic, plot scenario completely mental. What woman would let a man she has known for 2 hours move in with her and ehr 6 year old girl. DO NOT READ if you are expecting Stephanie Plum antics and or plot. Cute story. listened to audio book driving to work. Only real issue was the whole drama about him really being a wealthy, successful business man. Seriously that is what she is going to B*tch about?She should have had a funnier more light heart [...]

    25. According to the note by Janet Evanovich in the front of the book, this was her first published novel. It seemed obvious since it wasn't as polished as her more recent works. The premise was kind of far-fetched. Seriously, how many women would take a stranger into their home after that stranger stopped to help them with car trouble and the woman accidentally broke his arm? Taking him to the hospital I could believe, but letting him live in your house, not so much. Anyway, it was an easy read and [...]

    26. This was a nice change of pace from all the suspense I've been reading/listening to. I definitely found myself laughing out loud throughout this one. It's a little bit older, but I enjoyed it.

    27. I'm not a huge fan of romances in general, nor have I ever read anything else by Evanovich. If I weren't so much out of my comfort zone by reading this book, I probably would have enjoyed it more and given it three stars instead of two. Some of the characters are somewhat flat (though quirky Aunt Edna is endearing). If you're interested in some of Evanovich's earlier works, or if you enjoy boy-meets-girl stories, you might want to give this book a try.

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