Cinderalla This is the classic fairy tale turned on its head In Cinderalla Dad and the stepsisters are zombies the family runs a yakitori restaurant and the prince is so sick he s on a permanent IV support sy

  • Title: Cinderalla
  • Author: Junko Mizuno
  • ISBN: 9781591160038
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the classic fairy tale turned on its head In Cinderalla, Dad and the stepsisters are zombies, the family runs a yakitori restaurant, and the prince is so sick he s on a permanent IV support system Junko Mizuno s work possesses a postfeminist consciousness, and the book s psychedelic tone is enhanced by the artist s playful, grotesque cute color illustrations.

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      213 Junko Mizuno
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    1 thought on “Cinderalla”

    1. I loved this. definitely a mix of cute grotesque. the art is amazing and the story is unique (even if you know the original Cinderella story, your not sure what will happen next it this version). there is a bonus short story at the end and a page of stickers. the only reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 is because something about the end just wasn't satisfy compared to the rest of the book. but that's probably just me. also a quick note, there are a lot of nipple shots in here. Personal [...]

    2. A trippy adult version of an old classic.Cinderellas dad is a Zombie, she's a slave to her evil stepsisters, they seem to always be shirtless and the Prince finds a missing eye that belongs to his beloved.Someone described it as the Powerpuff girls on acid and that is a direct hit on the head. No one can describe it any better.It's about time someone puts a new spin on an old timey tale. The art adds so much more glorious flare that it'll make your head spin.

    3. Cinderalla = Cinderella + zombies, what more do you need to know.Cinderalla is human, her father dies and comes back as a zombie, he marries a zombie and brings her two daughters home. Meanwhile the zombie prince is in town. I love Junkos' art, its beautiful and sometimes morbid but always beautiful. Just read it.

    4. The color palette alone is worth. Bizarre, macabre story of Cinderella through a psychedelic sexual zombie love story Really man, you gotta read it. It was a hit with everyone at the Book Club and a truly amazing talented artist

    5. I love the pink/purple/green palette and the candy-horror-cute illustrations! Cindarella is kind of disturbing and sweet, with zombies, bra-making, giant fruit, nipples and other stuff i don't remember being in the original fairy tale.

    6. Je découvre les éditions IMHO pour la première fois avec Cinderalla de Junko Mizuno. Et cette première découverte me donne vraiment envie de découvrir les autres ouvrages de leur catalogue !Junko Mizuno revisite le conte de Cendrillon dans une version manga totalement décalée et colorée. Cendrillon avait tout pour être heureuse en travaillant dans le restaurant de son père, réputé pour sa sauce barbecue. Jusqu’à ce que celui-ci meure soudainement. C’est le drame pour la jeune f [...]

    7. Junko Mizuno is one of those manga artists that despite her work being recognizable to many, is still relatively unknown in English. It's a shame, as her work is lovely and deserves more attention. I'll warn any readers who might pick this up while thinking of purchasing it for a younger reader: there is some adult content, although it's rather tame by today's standards. The artwork is quite frankly the best part of this manga, and really just about any of Mizuno's stuff. We're given bright cand [...]

    8. You know she is your true love if the eyeball fits! Cinderalla is a go-getting girl who will stop at nothing to get her Prince, even if it means becoming an undead to get into a zombies-only concert. Backpage blurb reads "Cute but deathly, Powerpuff Girls on acid, Lolita Goth". This little pink book packs a punch and a page of stickers! You will like this if you dig Lenore the cute little dead girl. Ooh and I want a My Little Pony designed by Junko Mizuno.Clumsy segue ahead. If Near from Death N [...]

    9. Fun and easy read. Full of Junko's usual macabre style. When I saw it in the used bookstore I knew I had to have it. And it comes with stickers at the end! Plenty of terrific panty shots and random nudity, my favorite scene was definitely when the zombie step-sister ripped off her huge tits. And it doesn't really rely on the evil stepsister trope. The new members of the family are just selfish and dead, not malicious. If come across it in the book store it's definitely worth a read, you can fini [...]

    10. This is one bizarre take on the Cinderella fable. “Cinderalla” is filled with nubile, barely dressed pretty big-eyed girls, a talking rat, drunken fairy, singing zombie prince in pajamas, concert for the walking dead and a pair of perverted red-headed twins who make Fred and George Weasley look like model citizens. This brightly colored tale is vicious, cute, creepy, grotesque, sexy, disturbing and flat-out weird. Wild as a psychedelic drug trip and freakier than a carnival sideshow, Cindera [...]

    11. For sure not everyone's cup of tea. It was quite ridiculous, but a quirky ridiculous! It is a style that may target us who are into more alternative things, and while it was just another take on Cinderella, so nothing too exciting, I liked the art and style a lot! I also liked the included extras at the end, after the original story! Just a nice touch!

    12. Very distinctive manga. Great mix of horror, cute aesthetic, and folk story. I did not like the casual sexism such as using size of female breast as a joke, but that is common in Japan and compared to other respected manga auteurs such as Tsuge or Seiichi Hayashi, its sexism is minimal at most.

    13. Cinderella story with a zombie prince? Cinderella wants to become a zombie to marry him?? Yes, please. Mizuno's art is so darkly cute. Like Hello Kitty on heroin.

    14. In it there is Cinderalla and One mother and tow bad sister. they go to dance but they didn't take Cinderalla. A magical mother came and make Cinderalla ready for dance and said at 12 o'clock magic will finish. At 12 o'clock she ran home her shoe fall next day he came her home he let everyone in home were shoe Cinderalla were them it were fit in her foot and he took Cinderalla with him.

    15. I think I would have given it a fourth star if the semi-nudity hadn't been so totally gratuitous. I'm sorry, but even fan service should make a little sense. This twisted fairy tale, a zombie version of Cinderella, has some delightful twists and turns, and the artist did some brilliantly strange things, but the seminude female zombies were just strange, and put me off a bit eventually. The part about knitting support undergarments for an overly-endowed female zombie was at least funny, but the o [...]

    16. A zombie twist on Cinderella in a candy pink and green color palette. What's not to love? Like the previous Mizuno comic I read there is a lot of boobage. It's very gratuitous and I accept it. Instead of being turned into an elegant beauty she is turned into a zombie so she can meet her zombie prince. And what does she lose on the steps? Not a shoe, but an eyeball. Who ever guessed Cinderella could be a topless zombie with an eye-patch charging towards her zombie step-sister screaming, "I'm the [...]

    17. Unfortunately I found myself comparing it to Fluffy Little Gigolo Pelu, and it really couldn't compete with it creatively. Certainly a unique take on a the Cinderella tale, but zombies just aren't my thing.

    18. I thought that this was hilarious- creepy/weird/disturbing at times, and a lot of naked housecleaning for my taste- but nonetheless a very funny and interesting read. Love the illustration style.

    19. Derrière des dessins très colorés, au caractère parfois enfantin, se cache en réalité une narration sombre et cynique d'un classique du monde des contes de fées Jouissif !

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