World According to Twitter

World According to Twitter The wit and wisdom of the Twittersphere captured in a hilarious occasionally poignant and often useful collection of hand picked tweets New York Times technology columnist David Pogue has tapped int

  • Title: World According to Twitter
  • Author: David Pogue
  • ISBN: 9781579128272
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • The wit and wisdom of the Twittersphere captured in a hilarious, occasionally poignant, and often useful collection of hand picked tweets.New York Times technology columnist David Pogue has tapped into the brilliance of his half million followers on Twitter by posting a different, thought provoking question every night The questions ranged from the earnest What s your gThe wit and wisdom of the Twittersphere captured in a hilarious, occasionally poignant, and often useful collection of hand picked tweets.New York Times technology columnist David Pogue has tapped into the brilliance of his half million followers on Twitter by posting a different, thought provoking question every night The questions ranged from the earnest What s your greatest regret to the creative Make up a concept for a doomed TV show to the curious What s your great idea to improve the cell phone Out of 25,000 tweets, Pogue has gathered the very best 2,524 into this irresistible, clever, laugh out loud funny book The World According to Twitter is truly a grand social networking experiment, in which thousands of voices have come together to produce a unique and wonderful record of shared human experience.Some samples Compose the subject line of an email message you really, really don t want to open To my former sexual partners, as required by law markowitz RE What seems to have been your car pumpkinshirt From Your Publisher Subject Ha, good one Could you send the real chapter now, please Lookshelves Make up a prequel to a famous movie Mr Smith MapQuests Washington michaelbuckman Snakes in the Terminal justinchambers We re Running Low on Mohicans rllewis There Goes Private RyanI Hope He ll Be OK slightly99 Describe your 15 minutes of fame My stepfather was The agony of defeat guy on ABC s Wide World of Sports, before the ski jumper he was the car spinning out at Daytona 500 BigDaddy978 I juggled for Clinton s inauguration 20 minutes of FBI pat downs, and then I wound up throwing knives around the president anyway McEuen I m on a Girl Scout cookie box have been for 9 years, so it s longer than 15 minutes libbyfish Add 1 letter to a famous person s name Yo Yo

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    1 thought on “World According to Twitter”

    1. This book is not a how to book on Twitter. It will not tell how to tweet, or re-tweet (which I still haven’t figured out). This book is a collection of tweets. Interesting, funny, informative, insightful thoughts all confined to the 140 letter maximum allowed within the interface of twitter.It is divided up into section as per “tweeted question” and lists the best responses that David Pogue has received from his followers. Pogue asks questions like - Invent a formula for disaster; What's t [...]

    2. The perfect bathroom book, easy to pick up and read for a few minutes. Actually, it can be hard to put down! There are a lot of LOL moments here, a ton of tweets I'd love to have been able to forward, and some really clever answers to questions ranging from favorite memories to creative wordplay. The wordplay is the best part of the book by far, there sure are some clever people out there. This book would make a great gift for the Twitter lovers in your life.

    3. pretty funny light read. I don't have a twitter. but still hilarious. this was published in 2009 and had a few references to the future. ie 2012 and it was hilarious to see that some of the predictions came true. it also has a "how would you improve smartphones " and some of those improvements happened as well! it was like a window into the past. :)

    4. The World According to Twitter is a collective collaboration of humorous, creative, goofy, and some cheesy lines from people that twitter. David Pogue is a weekly tech columnist for the New York Times. He also twitters. He was showing a company how twitter works and told his wife how some of the responses from people were so good but that he wished others could see the responses and not just the person asking the question. His wife suggested he put a book together…and hence The World According [...]

    5. Whether you think a book like this is worth ten bucks or not is highly subjective of course. Your sense of humor and taste in general will determine how valuable you find a collection like this to be. (I received a free copy of this book so make of that what you will)But one thing I like about the book is that it highlights how creative and interactive Twitter can be. There are probably a great many folks who just tweet mundane happenings in their lives, and there are obviously a fair amount of [...]

    6. More 2.5. The concept was fun and there were quite a few great answers, but it just wasn't up to par with what I was expecting. Lots of repeat comments and directly ripped-off quotes (you can use people's words, but credit them!). Lots of comments in "humor" topics that made me wonder if the author would know funny if it bit him. There were some questions/topics that were doomed from the outset, just not inherently funny. And too many repeat contributors! Some repeats are fine, but make sure the [...]

    7. This collection of tweets is pretty much hit-or-miss. Some are pretty funny, some are just plain boring. Reading through four pages in a row of unfunny puns made me want to put it down at times. The many political tweets were awful as well; I was rolling my eyes at the several monotonous Bush jokes that we've all heard a million times before. In fact, you've probably heard several of the tweets in general a million times before. But that doesn't make the book unreadable. Give it a try, there are [...]

    8. I had an opportunity to hear David Pogue speak at a distance learning conference recently. He's an engaging speaker, and so I bought this book in the hopes of keeping the conversation going. Pogue has collected a marvelous group of witty observations from individuals all over the Twitterverse. If you thought the internet was full of trolls, this book might renew your faith in the cleverness of others.

    9. Got this book as a gift. The author is writer for the NY Times and basically took a year wherein he sent out a question via Twitter each day to his followers and waited for their often funny responses. I will say that people can clearly be very funny in 140 characters or less, but I'm a little disturbed by how much some people are enamored with puns. All in all, a very quick read with some funny parts to it.

    10. Picked up from when the Whitcoulls bargain book store on Queen Street was having their closing sale. Was only a few dollars. Some of the tweets are really funny and clever. I was laughing out loud sitting in the dentist's waiting room yesterday. It is quite cool what some people manage to fit into the 140 Characters of a tweet. I might be biased as I am a bit of a twitter addict. A tweetaholic some might say.

    11. Another user generated/internet meme book , this time based on twitter. David Pogue presents the tweets that he got as replies to his "daily meditation" questions in this book and as you read through them you can;t but be amazed at the wonderful creativity that these tweets exhibita clever idea that taps into the wisdom and the intelligence of the crowdsIf you are interested in crowd sourcing you should read this book

    12. As a Twitter addict, this was a great book to read when I couldn't get to a computer. It's surprising to see what we're capable of fitting in a mere 140 character space-limit, and the topics addressed in this book making it quite a hilarious read.

    13. Was ready to blow this book off since I got it for free, but was glad I started poking through it. Some very funny tweets are collected here - I kept this book at work to read bits and snatches of it during lunch. Not one I would ever buy, but if you get the chance flip through it.

    14. Fun. I got it to find out more reasons to be on Twitter, but instead it's a very enjoyable book with Twitter posts. Some very bright people out there.

    15. Thank you Bruce. This one is going to be a blast.There are so many interesting quotes from the author's Twitter followers. Entertaining stuff!

    16. This book is great. The perfect bathroom bookyou can dip in and enjoy it bit by bit. Plus, I'm a co-author! Look for the tweet by @rockivist.

    17. Like Twitter itself, some really funny and insight gems, but a whole lot of boring too. I was also surprised that Pogue went to some of the same users over and over, dozens of times.

    18. FunClever tweets from around the world. Love David Pogue and his great informative approach to technology. Informative and entertaining. Always interesting.

    19. This book looked quite fun in Kinokuniya but turned out to range between funny and banal. Worth a read if you need something for the bathroom or have want to see one particular use of twitter.

    20. I should give this book 5 Stars since, well, I'm a "co-writer"! Check me out -- @thigpensrevenge -- on page 128. ;)

    21. Hilariously entertaining! You don't need a Twitter account to enjoy this bookl you need is a good sense of humor.

    22. Hahaha! it's a very nice and hilarious (and intensive) collection of tweets. Reading it is actually having a peek at people's minds. Recommended!

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