The Aloha Quilt

The Aloha Quilt An Elm Creek Quilter travels to Hawaii in Jennifer Chiaverini s The Aloha Quilt as friendship love and new creative challenges help her overcome a difficult divorce HARDCOVER Simon Schuster

  • Title: The Aloha Quilt
  • Author: Jennifer Chiaverini
  • ISBN: 9781416533184
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An Elm Creek Quilter travels to Hawaii in Jennifer Chiaverini s The Aloha Quilt as friendship love and new creative challenges help her overcome a difficult divorce HARDCOVER Simon Schuster

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      493 Jennifer Chiaverini
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    1. I saw this as a new book coming at the library and decided to give it a try. I am not a quilter, so have not read any of the prior books in the series, but I have been to Hawaii a couple of times and love the culture and history. I did not have high expectations for this book, but I was wrong. The word I would use is "rich". My enjoyment of the books stems from several aspects. 1. The character of Bonnie: someone who grows during the course of the book and learns more about herself than almost a [...]

    2. I bought this book years ago when Boarders bookstore was closing and everything was 75% off. This was a cover love purchase and when I realized it was part of a series I put it down to search out the first book in the series. Now that it's four years later and I have jumped around in the series, I finally finished this book. This in indirectly the book that started my love of this series so coming back to it from a long hiatus was a nice change of pace. Unlike the other books in the series, this [...]

    3. I have a love/hate relationship with this book. I loved that it was set in Hawaii and that Chiaverini did a good job of incorporating Hawaiian geography, history and language into the book. I also liked the story. What I hated was the main character Bonnie's split personality. Here is a woman that has been hired as a consultant to help set up a quilt camp because of her expertise and her business experience (she owned a business) and yet she has the most naive, inexperienced, nearly laughable re [...]

    4. I've been a big fan of the Elm Creek series but this one fell a little short for me. While the information about Hawaii was interesting and vital to the plot Chiaverini presented it more as a history lecture than an interwoven part of the plot as she has in her other books. There just weren't a lot of surprises in the this book-you could see everything coming a mile away and when it finally happened (long after you knew it was coming) it was pretty anti-climatic. Also the whole Bonnie and Craig [...]

    5. So i am totally in love with these stories. I was not sure how I would like them but they are fantastic. The stories are just about women betting the odds and how you can survive heartache and disappointment and still come out better of than when you started. It tells the story of B, she was having trouble in her marriage. Well as the name of the book lets you know she ended up in hawaii where she grew to become a better woman for herself. As women we have such a hard to transitioning from mom b [...]

    6. I have been reading these books for several years now. I was excited to see this book featuring Bonnie. I think the main reason I picked it up was because it was a new book. It's the newest one out with 2 more coming out this year. The books really don't need to be read in order, according to Chiaverini. I haven't read them in order either.I was interested in learning about Hawaiian culture and history. I'm ashamed to admit I didn't - & still don't - know about the history of Hawaii. Though [...]

    7. This is the first Elm Creek Quilts book that I read, actually listened to, and it got me hooked on the series. Since this book takes place solely in Hawaii I got little connection to the Elm Creek Quilters and Sylvia and was totally in the dark about who everyone was. So, of course, I had to start reading the rest of them but not in order since my library doesn't always have them available and I was not sure of the order in the beginning of my foray with Elm Creek Manor and the quilters. But thi [...]

    8. This is the lastest book in the elm Creek quilt series. It is set in Hawaii (on Maui) this time. One of the orginal founders of the Elm Creek quilters is going through an ugly divorce when Claire a friend from college invites her to come and help get a quilting camp started. The descriptions of Maui make you want to get on the next plane. I liked learning about Hawaiian quilting and how the patterns are so indivual with meaning to the quilter. Also the history was something I didn't know much ab [...]

    9. I have enjoyed most of Mrs. Chiaverini's books. This one was a bit of a disappointment to me. I often thought, as I was reading, that I was attending a lecture. Either a history lecture or a lecture on marriage/divorce/human relationships. Somehow it wasn't as enjoyable a read as her other books have been.Some of the prose seemed so calculated, as though the author thought up a certain line and then created the circumstances to fit. This particular one is a good example: "Even those things she l [...]

    10. I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Chaiverini's Elm Creek Quilt novels. That being said, if you haven't read much of the series (or any) this review is probably not going to be that helpful for you. You could probably read them as stand-alones in a pinch, but having the background on all of the characters really helps. Especially for this book, where the backstory of the main character is especially relevant.Bonnie is still reeling from her pending divorce and the infidelities her husband Craig has been [...]

    11. True to her purpose of weaving American history and women's history into all of her books, Jennifer Chiaverini takes us to Hawaii with Bonnie, one of the Elm Creek Quilters. Though not a quilter myself, I find her presentation of the art form fascinating, and as a result, I immediately recognized two Hawaiian quilted cushions at someone's house the other day. So I can say I definitely learned something reading this book while also having fun.The other thread running through all these books is fe [...]

    12. The Aloha Quilt Have liked this series book after book. Love how the quilts tell the story.This one starts out with Sylvia, the owner who is sending Bonnie on her vacation and to Clare who runs a quilt shop on the island.Bonnie is divorcing Craig after he had found another online. He now wants to drag things out with hopes she'll give up her portion of the money they made from his estate furniture antique sale.They have planned to open a new quilt camp like the one Sylvia runs in PA. The inn is [...]

    13. If you are looking for a light fluffy read, that will not kill any brain cells in the process, this is a book for you.What I liked about the book was the history it gave on Hawaiian quilting. I cannot fault the author for that. I have been to Hawaii several times and have tried my hand at Hawaiian quilting. I still have the unfinished pillow top I started in 2001. This book has encouraged me to pick it up again.What I disliked about the book was how the author seemed to think she needed to creat [...]

    14. 3.5 Stars. As this book came to me as a "must read recommendation," I checked it out. It went quickly enough and I did enjoy reading about the historical tidbits of Hawaiian quilting mixed into the plot. But teh book was also a bit weird for me too. Typically I read books where the main character's age is closer to my own rather than my mother's. When I'm not partaking of my library's Teen Department (where I work) collection, that is. It was also a different genre than I would normally pick up. [...]

    15. The last couple of these I read were historical, so it was nice to get back to the modern characters. This one focused on Bonnie, who waits for her divorce by traveling to Maui to help a friend open a quilt camp. A lot of interesting information about the Hawaiian style of quilting and some nice observations on the nature of friendship. Less repetitive than previous entries, and now I'm waiting for more on the new crop of Elm Creek Quilters.

    16. This book focused on Bonnie. She takes a temporary job setting up a quilt camp in Hawaii as she tries to put her life back together after her marital problems. It was interesting to see one of the characters in a different setting than Elm Creek Manor and we got to meet some new characters. The story was about coming to terms with life changes and having an aloha spirit of caring and forgiveness. I liked it and I really loved all the Hawaiian history in it and she discovers the islands.

    17. Jennifer Chiaverini is one of my favorite authors since she published the Elm Creek Quilt series. I want to travel to Hawaii -- this book gave me a taste of Hawaii along with a good story.

    18. A delightful book! The author clearly did her research about Maui and the Hawaiian culture. I learned a lot, and loved the characters! I was sad when the book ended!

    19. 2.5 stars. I've read most of the Elm Creek Quilts books and after a while they all just blend together. This one is different in that it takes place in Hawaii. There is a lot of good historical information about Hawaii, but as usual the characters are fairly shallow. Bonnie is almost unlikeable with all her self doubts and judgmental attitudes. She needs to grow a spine and get over herself. There is some manufactured drama from her divorce and an over the top spat with her friend Claire. But li [...]

    20. This is my first Elm Quilter book, and I really enjoyed it and will certainly read more. The descriptions of Hawaii make you want to go there and the close relationships of the quilting circle make you yearn for the strong feeling of belonging and close companionship they share. There is beautiful, vivid description in the book that evokes a rich, visual tapestry. There was so much to love from the Hawaiian culture brought to life to delving into personal struggles that make them grow. However, [...]

    21. I not only enjoyed the trip to beautiful Hawaii, but all I learned of the native history and culture. Jennifer Chiaverini is a master of story telling. Her characters are deep, her subplots are interesting, and the subtle suspense of "what will happen next", keeps me turning pages, or listening at every opportunity. I appreciate her lack of vulgarity and profanity. Her literary quality writing is a delight to read. I learn a lot about being a writer from reading her work.

    22. A lot of detail about quilting and patterns, especially Hawaiian since a lot of the story takes place in Hawaii. Story of a woman stitching together a new life after her business fails and her marriage is ending. The book reminded me of the beautiful sights and sounds of Hawaii which we experienced several years ago.

    23. I enjoyed this book - it was a quick refreshing read, if a little predictable. However the inclusion of much Hawaiian history and culture made it interesting to me as well. I especially enjoyed the explanations of Hawaiian-styled quilting.

    24. I loved the change of setting in this book! Once again, Jennifer Chiaverini draws you in and makes you fall in love with her characters. This particular novel also helps teach of the history most don't know of Hawaii!

    25. Another great tread and history lrsdonI love all of these books. Great strong women and I always appreciate the history lessons. I wish I could attend one of these quilt camps but I am sure it wouldn't match up to Elm Creek.

    26. I love quilts but don't have patience for quilting. I learned a lot about quilting from the story and was impressed with the dedication quilters give to each quilt the work on. Having recently traveled to Maui I loved the descriptions of places I visited.

    27. I have read all the Elm Creek Quilt books and have found them interesting and fun to read. Enjoyed the setting in Hawaii and the addition of the history, culture and language of Hawaii, but I find Bonnie's character frustrating.

    28. Being a former ŕesident of Lanikai, Oahu, i lovèd the theme of this book. I also like the upbeat focus.I didn't like the simplistic thinking òf the characters, but was still pleasantly surprised in the ending. Aloha Nu'i Nui, Hawai'i Hawai'i Ne'i!

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