Aunt Dimity Down Under

Aunt Dimity Down Under The original supernatural sleuth is back in the latest cozy Aunt Dimity mystery A shock wave rocks Lori Shepherd s world when she hears that her beloved neighbors Ruth and Louise Pym may be dying Br

  • Title: Aunt Dimity Down Under
  • Author: Nancy Atherton
  • ISBN: 9780670021444
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The original supernatural sleuth is back in the latest cozy Aunt Dimity mystery A shock wave rocks Lori Shepherd s world when she hears that her beloved neighbors, Ruth and Louise Pym, may be dying Bracing herself for a final farewell, Lori instead receives a request from the eccentric sisters Find their long lost brother before it s too late Aubrey Pym is a wicked scoThe original supernatural sleuth is back in the latest cozy Aunt Dimity mystery A shock wave rocks Lori Shepherd s world when she hears that her beloved neighbors, Ruth and Louise Pym, may be dying Bracing herself for a final farewell, Lori instead receives a request from the eccentric sisters Find their long lost brother before it s too late Aubrey Pym is a wicked scoundrel who was banished from his family long ago and much to Lori s surprise, she must travel all the way to New Zealand to find him In granting her dear friends dying wish, Lori sets out on a journey full of surprises And with the help of a charming Kiwi and the otherworldly guidance of Aunt Dimity, Lori goes Down Under to search for the mysterious Aubrey, unraveling a web of secrets that has haunted the Pym family for generations Nancy Atherton and her Aunt Dimity series have a dedicated fan base that eagerly awaits each new installment With its exotic setting, endearing characters, and paranormal storyline, Aunt Dimity Down Under is sure to be a hit with loyal readers and new fans who are just discovering Aunt Dimity.

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    1 thought on “Aunt Dimity Down Under”

    1. Lori has been called many things in her life, but diplomatic is not one of them - she loses her temper easily, speaks hastily, and isn't too concerned when facts get in the way of a good theory. So why has she been chosen by the Pym sisters for a task that may need "the utmost" diplomacy"? Because the Pym sisters see her traits in a different light - they think she's "strong-willed, determined, and naturally inquisitive", and they want her to go to New Zealand in search of their long-lost nephew [...]

    2. This book was more a traveloge than anything else. We headed 23 hours from England to New Zealand where we learned some Maori phrases, saw Auckland, some of Wellington, ChristChurch and some costal areas, the volcanic portion of the country with a native guide. Aunt Dimity was knowledgeable about the country but she didn't really have too much to add, and really the only reason we heard so much about the country was that we were chasing a young girl all around the place. NZ native, Cameron and o [...]

    3. As always, I enjoyed this installment of the Aunt Dimity series, although it was a bit of a travelogue of New Zealand. Still, I'd love to go to New Zealands.I'll miss the Pym sisters, though. There is a trend in cozy mysteries for the "elderly spinster twin sisters", but the Pyms were two of the better examples.

    4. If I weren't already interested in a trip to New Zealand, Atherton's description would have me googling frantically and buying guidebooks galore. Lori's mission takes the form of a wild chase up and down the country, arriving in each new locale only to discover her quarry has just left.A pain in the ass for our traveler, but lovely for us as Atherton takes the opportunity to familiarize us with New Zealand's scenery, attractions, and Maori traditions. Though it's all done with a rather light tou [...]

    5. Notes from about 3/4 of the way through: So far its a bit disappointing, as many of the last Aunt Dimity books have been. Its more like a travelogue. Lori (our heroine) is once again just running from place to place to place. And here's a question - why is Lori always in the company of a man (referring to her guide)? Most of these men are interchangeable. Why couldn't the charactor of the guide in this book, Cameron, have been written as a woman? Lori has tons of men friends. In previous books s [...]

    6. Aunt Dimity Down Under is the fifteenth book in the paranormal cozy mystery "Aunt Dimity" series and the FIRST novel in a cozy mystery series that has ever brought tears to my eyes. Lori Shepherd and the entire town is abuzz with the preparation for the wedding between Nell and Kit; the most beautiful couple in all of Finch. However, the wedding is put on hold when Finch's notorious elderly twins -- the Pym sisters Ruth and Louise -- are suddenly on their death-bed. Because Lori is well-known fo [...]

    7. To me the Aunt Dimity series is one of those rare gems that should go on and on forever. I love coming back to Finch each year and meeting up with old friends and just peeking in on what Lori and her family are up to. You really have to read these books in order to see Lori for all her flaws and loyalties. She loves her family and friends and will do anything for them. Even if it means traipsing to the end of the earth to bring a final happiness to two dearly loved friends.Devastating news has h [...]

    8. I love this series, especially the eccentric characters in the small English village of Finch. I have grown quite attached to some of them, so this book actually brought tears to my eyes. If you like books set in charming English country villages, historical detail (or travelogue as in this book) and a nice "cozy," mystery, start with the first book in the series, "Aunt Dimity's Death." These books need to be read in order or you miss out on important details and the introdution of new character [...]

    9. I have enjoyed all of the Aunt Dimity books to date, but this one has been my favorite. Not only did it follow Lori on another great mysterious journey with new quirky characters, but it painted such a wonderful picture of New Zealand. I have never been there and now it is on my bucket list. :)

    10. Ok, I just finished this and was bored out of my skull. Since something is compelling me to read through every book in the series, despite my usual good judgment, I decided I had to do something to make me like this author more. I went to her Facebook page where I discovered a plethora of posts on her most recent trip to England---complete with bits of Chawton Cottage that I'd not yet discovered. She may not be great at keeping her characters or stories consistent, but she's a fellow Janeite so [...]

    11. Another delightful and lovely book in this series! This time Lori is on her way to New Zealand to find the long-lost brother of the Pym sisters, and naturally she is taking her stuffed bunny, Reginald, along with her, in addition to the journal through which her deceased Aunt Dimity communicates with Lori from the beyond.Be sure to read this book with a map and Google nearby, because you will want to look up photos and maps of all the beautiful places that Lori visits in New Zealand! The way the [...]

    12. I think this is one of the better installments in this series, as Lori and Aunt Dimity and Reginald journey to New Zealand on an errand for the dying Pym sisters. I grew up on books set in NZ, so was pleased to have a chance to return there and see what has changed in recent years. Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown all seemed to be doing well, and the inclusion of Ringers in the mix was fun. The story was an interesting journey tracing a troubled individual across the small country. More travelog [...]

    13. If you’re unfamiliar with this series, you should know up front that it is about an American ex-patriot living in England. She is able to communicate with a deceased friend of her mother’s through the pages of a blue journal. The ghost, Aunt Dimity by name, communicates with Lori by writing in the journal. Lori talks; Aunt Dimity writes, and that’s how the two converse.The other thing about these mysteries that make them unique is the complete lack of profanity or sexual descriptions. Many [...]

    14. I had not read anything in this series before. There are hints that earlier volumes might have provided some context for elements that are referenced in this one, but it's not a hindrance. The premise of the series is good and the reading is easy and engaging. I'm not actively going to pursue the rest of the series, but this one was worth the time.

    15. Thrilled to have discovered a new author and series!! A fun, lighthearted quest to find a missing teenager which takes the adventurer across New Zealand. A bit formulaic, with a touch of supernatural from an Aunt Dimity who communicates after death by writing in a notebook, but not annoying.

    16. I wanted a quick, easy read and this book hit the spot. This is my second Aunt Dimity book. Someone gave me a box a books and this was in it.

    17. I had no idea New Zealand was two islands, nor that it had such a diverse landscape. I want to go visit! It just provided a wonderful setting for yet another wonderful story.

    18. Don't judge my book choice not a bad light read. It did sort of seem like a travel guide to New Zealand though.

    19. Had I been more interested in New Zealand, this book would have been a much more enjoyable 'experience'. It's written like a travelogue more so than a book. If you're into learning about New Zealand's culture, traditions, and attractions - then this is a book you won't want to skip over.This is the first book I've read regarding Aunt Dimity, so it took me a little bit to get into the story. If you are completely oblivious to the series, let me fill you in: Lori is an ex-patriot living in England [...]

    20. I love these books. They never disappoint. I love the characters and the relationships the best. This time Lori travels all over New Zealand to find a lost relative. It's a great mystery and a better story.

    21. Lori Shepherd and her husband Bill Willis, who runs the European branch of his family’s venerable Boston law firm, are Americans who live with their six year old twins, Will and Rob, in a honey-colored stone cottage amid the rolling hills and patchwork fields of the Cotswolds, a rural region in England’s West Midlands, outside the village of Finch near the market town of Upper Deeping. Her newly retired father-in-law, William Willis Sr is visiting and trying to decide whether to remain in En [...]

    22. LOVED IT!!! The latest installment in a cozy, charming "mystery" serieswith the added bonus (in my book) of whisking me off to New Zealand (always a great idea even it's only between the pages). As usual, our heroine, Lori Shepherd, is given a puzzle to solve, one that involves (as they often have in this series) finding someone and restoring a relationship or connection or purpose. In this case, almost all of these. The dithery elderly Pym sisters may be dying and they ask Lori to find their lo [...]

    23. Author wants to visit New Zealand. Author wants to write off trip as research for novel. Author has fictional character travel all over NZ chasing subject who has conveniently "just left" the latest location for a new, farther-away NZ location. Repeat until enough pages filled. Return characters to England, have one inherit lots of money and a house. The end. BTW, there is no mystery.I tell a lie. There is a mystery. How is it possible for Lori Shepherd's mother to have been in England working i [...]

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