Margrave Of The Marshes

Margrave Of The Marshes Through nigh on forty years of laconic brilliance on Radio a musical taste which defined a culture and his widely popular Radio show Home Truths John Peel reached out to an audience that was as

  • Title: Margrave Of The Marshes
  • Author: JohnPeel Sheila Ravenscroft
  • ISBN: 9780552551199
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Through nigh on forty years of laconic brilliance on Radio 1, a musical taste which defined a culture and his widely popular Radio 4 show, Home Truths, John Peel reached out to an audience that was as diverse as his record collection He was a genuinely great Briton, beloved by millions John s unique voice and sensibility were evident in everything he did, and nowhere isThrough nigh on forty years of laconic brilliance on Radio 1, a musical taste which defined a culture and his widely popular Radio 4 show, Home Truths, John Peel reached out to an audience that was as diverse as his record collection He was a genuinely great Briton, beloved by millions John s unique voice and sensibility were evident in everything he did, and nowhere is that true than in these pages.Margrave of the Marshes is the astonishing book John Peel began to write before his untimely death in October 2004, completed by the woman who knew him best, his wife Sheila It is a unique and intimate portrait of a life, a marriage and a family which is every bit as extraordinary as the man himself a fitting tribute to a bona fide legend.

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    1. John Peel is something of a national treasure in Britain and in the world popular music for his unceasing promotion of new music and unknown artists. Peel (real name John Ravenscroft) was a DJ for many years; in the US in the early 60s and then on pirate radio and finally the BBC form the late 60s until his death in 2004. Peel always promoted the odd, obscure and aspiring. He famously championed punk rock on his show after hearing the Ramones and was the first BBC DJ to do so. He was also a cham [...]

    2. I still miss him on the radio, his introductions of new bands and different music had an impact on me for many many years. This book says it all. A broadcasting legend, one of the best the BBC have ever had.I did meet him once, all too briefly at a Rugby 'do', a disco in a marquee, in a field near Hull in the late 60's, I said "Now then John, great music" he said "mumble, mumble Piss off mumble mumble" so I did, a riveting conversation I must say.

    3. I've always known about John Peel, but it is only now having read this book that I really appeciate just what a brilliant, legendary man he was. I think above all, he was human and could be related to - he wanted to do what he loved & he wanted to share what he was passionate about; music, and for that he will be remembered.This book is actually the best autobiography I have ever read. John made me laugh throughout the book & the saddest part was the end of part 1 in the event of his dea [...]

    4. Memory is a funny thing, but I can remember sitting on my bed with fingers poised on the 'play' and 'record' buttons on my tape recorder and my parents' old wireless as close to the microphone as possible taping The Stranglers' song "Something Better Change" recorded as a session on the John Peel show. This should be 1977, but I remember it as 1979 because the first record I ever bought was The Stranglers' "Five Minutes" and that would have been November 1978. I don't recall listening to the rad [...]

    5. Though not a musician, John Peel was an artist in his own right. He was responsible for introducing lesser known bands to a wide audience, the likes of which hasn't been seen before or since. For him, listening to music was an art form, and we're all the better to have had him in this world.Not only was he an incredibly enigmatic figure, he also embraced life, love, and kindness to the highest degree. That being said, I wish he was my dad. He would've been an awesome dad. And if you like Dad Hum [...]

    6. Sadly, I only really came to know John Peel in the latter years of his life. I have vivid memories of being lulled to sleep by his dulcet tones, smiling at his dry humour as I feel into a slumber.I'm not normally one for biographies, but when this was published, I HAD to get it. It will have you laughing and crying in equal measures and, if you're a fan of music in any shape or form, then this is a must read. John championed bands from a wide ranges of genres, helping millions of listeners to di [...]

    7. One of the single best compliments I received about my radio program came from a Brit I worked with at the library. He said that he enjoyed my program; it introduced him to new music he wouldn't have heard otherwise, and reminded him of listening to John Peel. Yes, I was blown away!Even more so now after reading this autobiography/biography. The part Peel (or Ravenscroft his true surname) wrote was like sitting in a room with him, listening to the wandering memories of someone who has led a full [...]

    8. Not many moons back I had read Michael Heatley's biog on John Peel, 'A Life in Music'. You wait for years then two come along at once. So this was picked up in a charity shop by my better half for 50p. Published in 2005, a year after the Heatley biog, part autobiography from Peel himself and completed by his wife Shiela Ravenscroft, aka the Pig.Peel writes in similar manner to his presentations on radio, dry humour and sardonic wit, that is taken up equally well by the 'Pig' in Part II of 'Margr [...]

    9. I know that John Peel was a highly revered and much loved figure in the radio/music world because of his enthusiam for and knowledge of the contemporary music of his time. He "discovered" and publicized numerous musical acts by featuring them on his show and playing their records.The photos in this book show his wife, four children, and many other people he interacted with.Unfortunately, this is a difficult book to read. The first half was written as a memoir by Peel himself before his death. Af [...]

    10. I'm not usually one for biographies, tending to stick to novels only but John Peel is something of a hero of mine and his unfinished autobiography was a must read. I am aware that a lot of non Britishers don't know of Peel, but all the more reason to read this. Peel was THE most influential radio DJ in England who singularly changed the face of British music and introduced numerous bands that otherwise would have had no chance of radio coverage. He died sadly in late 2004 and anyone in England w [...]

    11. A lovely book, really good to remember John Peel and why he was so loved. Also very evocative of the pre-digital age where there were only so many seams from which to mine culture, and how rich a seam Peel was. Very sad halfway through when he dies and The Pig takes up the story, you don't get any sense from the first half of the book that this is an old man approaching his end. A really sad death. I wonder what would have happened to John. 6music exists in his image to an extent, but I wonder h [...]

    12. Years ago, I lived for a time in London. While I was there, I made it a point to listen to John Peel’s show as often as I could. Being a lifelong music fan, it was a real treat to listen to someone with a genuine ear for music who was given the latitude to play what he liked. Add that to a singular voice and style and you have the makings of some cracking good radio programming. I had long meant to read “Margrave From The Marshes” so, when a friend mentioned it on Facebook recently, I thou [...]

    13. I am from that era that grew-up with John Peel on the radio and loving his sessions with Napalm Death and Carcass and then getting into techno from Tresor and all interspersed with beats from Africa. Love it. I remember him playing a D&B track by the great Decoder called ‘The Fog’ and John remarking that it is not how he reckons fog to sound (youtube/watch?v=GA8lC). He died of a heart attack while on holiday with his wife, Sheila, in Peru on 26-Oct-2004 having only completed half of the [...]

    14. Like John Peel I am a Wirral boy, I like football too, albeit belonging to a different tribe, I also know Suffolk well, having been educated there at boarding school, and I worked for a cotton broker in the Cotton Exchange in Liverpool, albeit 10 years after Mr P, so all these things made Margrave of the Marshes of particular interest to me. Biographies and reminiscences are always far more interesting when they take you down the same or similar roads that you have travelled yourself. The pity i [...]

    15. John Peel died too early. By about 25 years or so. It is a shame that he could not finish his life’s story. But that his wife was able to continue in the way she did just pays, even more, tribute too him. He indeed was a lucky guy. A life of music. Respected by everyone and married to the Pig who happens to be just a great woman. Nice kids too.Absolutely wonderful. The only thing bad about it is that it is less than 500 pages.

    16. A very good read. I'm not really a fan of autobiographies but the style of this one was really pleasing. You do know that the point of view of the writing will change part way through but it doesn't detract from the narrative.

    17. A brilliant read for Peel fans, music fans, and just fans of auto/biographies. This is a mix, as sadly, John didn't live to finish it, but a beautiful tribute in the continuation of his plans for the book from his wife. Great stuff.

    18. John Peel was a fixture of my teenage life - ever present pointing out new sounds and writing in the music press that I devoured every week.The book is a traditional biography in many ways , childhood , school , travels abroad , famous friends and occasions followed by family life and children. The difference is the fact that half of the story has been completed by ' the pig' his wife , after his death.The tales of boarding school provide yet another example of the cruelty and sadness of a secti [...]

    19. When I saw on the internet in October 2004 that John Peel had died I really felt that I’d lost someone important in my life. Although I hadn’t been an avid listener to JP I had always enjoyed listening to his distinctive voice, laid back humour, and being introduced to bands and singers who I might never otherwise have heard. John Peel, or John Ravenscroft as he was actually born, was born on the day before the outbreak of the 2nd World War and throughout a 38 year career he refused to be ca [...]

    20. John Peel is somewhat of a hero of mine, and i like to think he would approve of about 99% of my taste in music. Although, apparently he wouldn't have liked me due to my taste in football teams. Gutted. Anyway, this is a superbly enjoyable book, part one reads just like Peel's trademark delivery, i could just hear his voice lilting from the page the whole time. It's quite sad when it just stops abruptly, but Sheila does a great job of carrying on where he left off. In fact, it could possibly hav [...]

    21. In honesty this book has languished on the bookshelf for far too long and was overdue being readI'm pleased I took the time to do so.ere was a time in the mid eighties to early nineties where Peel was an important figure for me in regard my musical education. was from him I first heard the likes of the Smiths,the Pogues,Terry and Gerry plus genres such as Grindcore and early Thrash metal. fact his show was a real mix with hip hop and stuff with strong pop sensibilities being present and correct [...]

    22. John Peel has always been known as a great DJ - introducing the world to many great English bands like the Fall and the Cure and PJ Harvey and Belle and Sebastian, the Wedding Present, Ride, and so much more that is cool, and introducing England to American acts like Nirvana. He's definitely made indie music into what it is. But I knew all this about John Peel.What I did NOT know (spoiler alert) is how interesting his young life was, before punk. For one thing, John's older than my dad (which I [...]

    23. I listened breathlessly to the early 80's broadcasts of Peel on Radio 1. The main reason, it is not surprising, was the music he played: Always new, always unknown and always great. Peel's understated sense of humor appealed to me. And it did it again. at least in the first part. The following is the case. The first part of 'Margrave of the Marshes' is by Peel himself; the second part by his wife Sheila.Peel died halfway through the completion of his autobiography at the age of 65, and Sheila co [...]

    24. I am from the John Peel era - actually, who isn't? I was a bit worried about this book as although written by John - in his own style of complete disorganisation - he didn't finish it and his wife Sheila AKA Pig completed it. However, this book was just a triumph. The first part is Peel all over and his wonderful style just shone throughout. His loss I still feel, but Sheila writes an amazing second half of the book. It must have been a mammoth task for her and the family to complete the task. I [...]

    25. As pointed out by everbody else and within the introduction this book is very much in two parts. I'm no huge fan of John Peel, I very much like what he did and what I'd read about him but I wasn't one to tune into his radio shows and I can't recall seeing him on TV all that often, it's all about what other people said about him and how he was THE man to give bands a chance.The autobiographical part of this book is brilliant, charming, funny, shocking & well worthy of high praise. It's with g [...]

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