A Lady of Hidden Intent

A Lady of Hidden Intent He believes them to be strangers The door opened suddenly and there she was Carter forgot what he was saying and simply stared at the vision before him Hang his imagination this woman was far intrigu

  • Title: A Lady of Hidden Intent
  • Author: Tracie Peterson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He believes them to be strangers The door opened suddenly, and there she was Carter forgot what he was saying and simply stared at the vision before him Hang his imagination this woman was far intriguing in the flesh Yet she knows the truth Catherine found she couldn t look away, he was so very handsome His face had a rather rugged look, perhaps so tHe believes them to be strangers The door opened suddenly, and there she was Carter forgot what he was saying and simply stared at the vision before him Hang his imagination this woman was far intriguing in the flesh Yet she knows the truth Catherine found she couldn t look away, he was so very handsome His face had a rather rugged look, perhaps so than she d noticed five years ago How strange that he d never married Now that their paths have crossed again, can Catherine break free from the past to embrace the chance for love A life of privilege becomes only a distant memory when Catherine Newbury s father is falsely imprisoned and she is whisked away from her home in England to America Forced to disguise her past and create a completely new life, Catherine takes on a servant s last name and carves out a tenuous future for herself as a seamstress Soon her dress designs are sought throughout Philadelphia When the dashing Carter Danby accompanies his mother and sister for a design consultation, Catherine suddenly encounters her past face to face Is Carter s avid interest in her genuineor does he, as she suspects, recognize her as the young lady he met while touring England She cannot deny the attraction, but admitting her true identity may jeopardize her father s only hope for freedom Will Catherine be forced to sacrifice her dreams of love

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    1. First, I'd like to say that I stayed up until 4 am to finish this book. I loved it even more than the first one. I found the charaters much more to my liking even though I loved the characters from the first book alot.At the beginning of the book, Chatherine Newbury is a 17-year lod girl from a well-to-do English family, who already had her share of tragedies. At a party held by her family she meets a handsome American Carter Danby who disconcerts her but she tries to put him out of her mind. Th [...]

    2. SUMMARY: When her father is falsely imprisoned for slave trading, Catherine Newbury finds her English world turned upside down. Whisked away with trusted servants to America, she is forced to disguise her past and create a completely new life. Taking on a servant's last name, Catherine becomes an accomplished seamstress whose dress designs are sought throughout Philadelphia. Carter Danby, an architect who was touring England, met Catherine at a party in her English home the very night she was fo [...]

    3. This is book two in the Ladies of Liberty series, but these three books completely stand alone. Read them in any order and you will love the characters no matter what. It was quite shocking to me when I first decided to jump into this book that I read several negative reviews. They called the book preachy, flat and many other comments so that I was not really excited about the read. My goodness, I am almost certain those reviewers must have been reading a very different book indeed! Another work [...]

    4. Catherine Newberry's father took a dishonest partner into his shipping company in England when his daughter was almost grown. Because Mr. Newberry knew he was going to be accused of a crime and would also would most likely lose his wealth, he sent Catherine to America with very close servants whom were just like family. Mr. Newberry did end up in prison for a while and during that time, Catherine worked in Philadelphia. She happened to run into a young man she had met in England at a ball at her [...]

    5. Reading this book was, for me, a little like eating a cake made entirely of icing. It's kind of too sweet, there's not much substance, and makes you feel a little guilty for enjoying it. Characters say things that I'm pretty sure no actual humans in history have ever said (the earnest conversations between the two men about whether they'll find love were unintentionally amusing), the plot was tied up a little too perfectly, the pages are sprinkled with morality and spiritual "lessons," everyone [...]

    6. I love it. Love it. Best book ever will be one of my favorites till the end. I wish they could write a sequel without messing with the characters romance not possible because it is a romance.I thought the writing was fantastic, the characters compleatly belivable, i could belive it actually happened back then.Also because the author is writing in the past i sometimes get a bit confused with what theyr saying becasue of the language but i understood compleatly.I love when i guy chases the girl, a [...]

    7. (3.4 stars)It's been some time since I've read the first book in the series, A Lady of High Regard, so I wasn't sure if I could keep up with the second novel. The worry was all for naught- I really liked how easy the reading was! And because I'm in a classic-loving kind of mood I really enjoyed the way Tracie Peterson chose to write the story. Enjoyable, near to nerve wrecking, (particularly when it involved certain-certain characters in the story) A Lady of Hidden Intent is a read I wouldn't mi [...]

    8. I liked Peterson's writing and the plot of the book was interesting to me, but I didn't like the lead male love interest. Carter to me never took his "love" seriously and was very pushy with his advances towards Catherine. He wouldn't take no for an answer in many instances, which to me, is not the trait of a gentleman.

    9. I really enjoyed this book. I loved the descriptions of her dress designs and how she makes something of herself through hard work. I think it really sheds a good light on America. I also liked Carter's character. He is intrigued in her and determined to have her. He also dares to be different than most of his family.

    10. I have now read almost all of Tracie Peterson's books, and this series has to be one of my favorites. I loved reading about Mia and George in the first book. I loved reading about Catherine Newbury and Carter Danby as well. Catherine, like Mia, is compassionate, daring, and doesn't let hardships keep her down. It was an enjoyable book to read.

    11. This was a sweet story and I enjoyed it! I thought Catherine was a strong but sweet character who embraced her situation and make the best of things. Carter was a bit infatuated with her for not really having any full conversations really, but it wasn't completely on the level of stalker. He was a funny guy who had a good heart and was very determined. This was an easy fast paced read and who doesn't love a happy ending?

    12. Sew SpecialGreat writing. Wonderful plot, dialog, mystery, captivating characters in a wonderfully believe able time. So looking forward to her next one. Catherine and her Mr. Danbury were great foils for each other. Scriptures relevant to the situation and masterly employed in a realistic believable way.

    13. A LADY OF HIDDEN INTENT BOOK #2 LADIES OF LIBERTY Catherine Newbury, at her father's urging, flees to America so that she is not involved with the scandal that her father had been selling slaves ( which he is wronglfully accused of doing.Dugan and Selma Shay, her fathers trustworthy servants, go with Catherine, and pretends that they are her parents. Catherine and the Shay's take residence at Mrs Clarkson sewing house, Catherine, as a talented seamtress and the Shay's as Mrs. Clarkson's cook and [...]

    14. I didn't really know what to expect from this book, not having read the synopsis beforehand. I simply jumped in and started reading because it was second in the series but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself immediately sucked into the events of the story!Catherine's story is one of riches to rags; her whole world is changed when her wealthy father is falsely accused of criminal activity, leaving her no choice but to flee the country and change her name for fear of being discovered, innoce [...]

    15. A LADY OF HIDDEN INTENT by Tracie Peterson is the second title in her Ladies of Liberty series. We meet up with Catherine Newbury– a girl of seventeen – as she dances at one of the many functions she is accustomed to in the life she leads in the elitist set in England. Her partner, Carter Danby, is a visiting American who is study the architecture of Bath. He is taken by Catherine, and she too is smitten by the handsome man with the witty tongue, but he is merely a visitor who will soon retu [...]

    16. It was a fun fast read. Catherine was brought up in luxury but also had a very kind father (noble and gentle) So when his business is turned upside down via a partner that used his good name and money in the slave business. Catherine is forced to flee with about trusted servants to America. Her father goes to jail and nobody defends him or comes to his aid (although many believe he is innocent). Catherine stays hidden for that fact that the fathers business partner attach, or maybe she go to pri [...]

    17. This is my favorite book of the Ladies of Liberty series. I've read this one many times when I was a pre-teen to early teenager before finally getting the whole set on Kindle, and then now, reading all the books in paperback. I loved reading this book back then, but now that I've experienced a few of Tracie Peterson's other books, it isn't my favorite of hers. I still like it, but it seemed kind of lightweight for what I usually like to read, even with the drama of people threatening Catherine. [...]

    18. Listened to A Lady of Hidden Intent (Ladies of Liberty #2)by Tracie Peterson. He believes them to be strangers The door opened suddenly, and there she was. Carter forgot what he was saying and simply stared at the vision before him. Hang his imagination; this woman was far more intriguing in the flesh Yet she knows the truth Catherine found she couldn't look away, he was so very handsome. His face had a rather rugged look, perhaps more so than she'd noticed five years ago. How strange that he'd [...]

    19. Growing up wealthy and privileged in Bath, England, Catherine Newbury's life changes forever, when her father is falsely imprisoned and his lands and fortune seized. Her own life in danger, Catherine is sent to America with her family's trusted servants. She must hide her identity and carve out a new life for herself. She becomes an accomplished seamstress and dress designer, with her patterns and designs sought by all. All the while, Catherine saves her money, hoping to save enough to help free [...]

    20. I absolutely love this book!! The ideas and conflicts were just as I would have written in my head when I am day dreaming! The few things I didn't like about the book and/or you might not like about it:They kiss before their married. This personally doesn't bother me or cause me any concern; but I have a few friends who are disturbed and disgusted by this. The author briefly mentions that one of the characters (not the main character) keeps a mistress even when he is married. Normally, I would p [...]

    21. This book really was a fun read, but turned out more fluff than substance. It started out fast paced and I really liked the main character Catherine. Yet the last 1/3 of the book was a bit dissapointing. Completly predictable, almost boring in how the man comes in and saves the day(he even tells her not to work so he can be with her - she looks up and smiles at how nice it is to have him telling her what to do) - GAG. The last bit of the book she gives up her amazing talent as a designer even th [...]

    22. I really would give this book 3 1/2 stars. I liked it, didn't love it. I love books written during the era when ladies were still expected to be ladies & a man was always a gentleman. Tracie Peterson is no Jane Austen (far from it) but I was entertained nonetheless. It was a very easy read & not really very climatic at any point. I did enjoy it though & might concider reading another of Tracie Peterson's books if I ran out of other books to read. I don't love that she referred so muc [...]

    23. Catherine Newbury's life changes dramatically. As her father's business partner's secret illegal activities become known and are also falsely blamed on Mr. Newbury, she must go to America and give up her life of high society in England for one of a seamstress in America. The way in which God brings good out of this tragedy is amazing, and Carter Danby's character is one I truly admire. Even the secondary characters in this novel caught my interest; I loved Winnie and Lee and wanted to follow the [...]

    24. Catherine has to disguise her identity and flee to America from her privileged upbringing in England while her father is falsely imprisoned. Great backline. She becomes a seamstress and then meets an American she had met years ago in England. Great story, I thought perhaps keeping her identity secret was not as vital as the book made itbut it made the story great :-) A fun, clean, read that I enjoyed. Labeled as inspirational, but not really much of a religious overtone besides a few paragraphs [...]

    25. Seriously I cannot put this book down. I was reading it last night and kept saying one more chapter and I am going to bed, but each chapter left so much unfinished that I had to read at least one more, well needless to say I finally convinced myself to go to bed and finish the last couple of chapters today, but it was well past midnight when I decided this. A good clean book with plenty happening. I am conpletely drawn into the characters. I feel apart of the story and can't wait to read more.

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