Under a Lakota Moon

Under a Lakota Moon As a divorcee in St Louis Rosalynn McAllister is a branded woman When she is presented with the opportunity for a new life with her sister s family in Peaceful Minnesota Rosalynn believes it i

  • Title: Under a Lakota Moon
  • Author: Deborah L. Weikel
  • ISBN: 9781935217183
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • As a divorcee in 1870 St Louis, Rosalynn McAllister is a branded woman When she is presented with the opportunity for a new life with her sister s family in Peaceful, Minnesota, Rosalynn believes it is what God wants for her But Rosalynn arrives in Peaceful only to find that her sister Susan has run off, her brother in law Mike is dead, and her niece and nephew are in tAs a divorcee in 1870 St Louis, Rosalynn McAllister is a branded woman When she is presented with the opportunity for a new life with her sister s family in Peaceful, Minnesota, Rosalynn believes it is what God wants for her But Rosalynn arrives in Peaceful only to find that her sister Susan has run off, her brother in law Mike is dead, and her niece and nephew are in the custody of the town s minister Further, Mike s handsome half brother, Lone Wolf Larson, who now owns the family farm, stirs feelings in Rosalynn that both excite and confuse her.

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    1. When Rosalynn gets off the train in the tiny town of Peaceful, Minnesota, she's hoping to start life with a clean slate. With her two children, a maiden aunt and a past she'd like to forget in tow, she plans on helping her prodigal sister with a new baby. To her dismay, she finds an incredibly different and complicated set of circumstances instead. Confident in her ability to handle things all on her own, Rosalynn finds herself frustrated when a half-Lakota Indian named Lone Wolf is in a positio [...]

    2. As a divorced woman, Rosalynn seizes an opportunity to start a new life with her sister's family far away from her tainted past. However, when Rosalynn arrives in Peaceful, Minnesota she finds things are far from peaceful. Susan, her sister has run off after Mike, Susan's husband hangs himself, leaving two orphan children. Rosalynn and Lone Wolf, Mike's handsome half-brother are forced into a marriage of convenience in order to obtain custody of children. Because of her divorce, Rosalynn assumes [...]

    3. This novel is set in the 1870s which was difficult for me to get into at first because I have no romanticized ideas regarding the past. The lead female is a divorced woman with two children and she is shunned by everyone and is an outcast living with her unwed aunt. Rosalynn gets a desperate letter from her estranged sister to come to Peaceful, Minnesotta. When they get to Minnesota they find a half Lakota gentleman named Lone Wolf living where her sister should be. The book is about falling in [...]

    4. The premise of this book interested me enough, since I’m typically a fan of period novels that cross cultures and deal with issues like divorce, but I really struggled to get into this particular story. The dialogue felt contrived and borderline-corny from the start, including Rosalynn’s inner dialogue, and the characters were not developed enough for me to invest in them. The only flaw in Rosalynn was her past, which was her abusive husband’s fault anyway; otherwise she was perpetually pe [...]

    5. I had trouble putting this book down. Any book that keeps me coming back to it over and over definitely deserves at least 3 stars. It was easy to visualize everything as it happened. The romance was incredibly sweet and any love scenes were completely vague. I was intrigued with the inner struggle of Rosalynn. The storyline was predictable, but the real focus was the heroine's determination to retain a firm hold on her sanity through her faith in God.What made me deduct almost two stars? Everyth [...]

    6. I found the book a little boring for my taste, it's just set up for everything to go too smoothly. The only real conflict is at the very end, and I thought it was entirely predictable. I felt like I was was skimming through most of the book waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen. When it finally does, it was more a feeling of relief then a high point of tension. It wasn't until the end that I realized the story is actually more about the emotional strife of the main character Ro [...]

    7. I did not win this on , but saw it listed and thought it might be a nice little sappy love story. But NOOOOOOO. I got my library to order it and now I wish I had not. The story could have been so much better if it had been more believable. It was bogged down in endless religious dialog and quotes. Almost every page was some prayer, talk or bible quote. Also there was a lot of fluff that did not move the story along. Endless talk of what was for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or what was canned for [...]

    8. I really liked this book. There were parts that seemed typical LDS lit. If you've read LDS lit, you know what I mean. A couple parts seemed a little inaccurate or missed editing, but truly it was rare. I really liked the characters and the message. Also, for LDS lit, it doesn't mention the church at all. It could be sold in any Christian literature store and no one would know the author is LDS. My only gripe with the characters and the story line was that it seemed once in a while that the autho [...]

    9. For a Christian read, which I admit I did not realize before starting this, it touched on some pretty touchy topics. Moral and racial prejudice and violent spousal abuse usually aren't found in religious romance, but I think the author handled it respectfully and didn't treat it as a joke or easily overcome. Especially for a historical read.What it does do however is get bogged down in trivial details that do nothing to move the story along. Endless descriptions of meals or gardening instead of [...]

    10. This is a sweet book. It deals with prejudice, both racial and moral, in the 19th century. A young divorcee leaves her abusive alcoholic husband and accepts her sister's invitation to join her and her husband to provide help when the sister is expecting a child. When she gets there nothing is what she expected. She's left with her two young children and her aunt to improvise as best she can. Though I enjoyed this book I think it would appeal more to teens than to adults and it's very age appropr [...]

    11. This is about a girl who goes to help her sister who lives on the outskirts of a little town on a farm. She finds out when she and her aunt arrives that her sister is gone, her brother-in-law is dead, her sister's kids are left with the preacher, and her brother-in-law's brother who is an indian is running the farm. I enjoyed reading this story. Some parts toward the end were a little unrealistic (like not knowing who was terrorizing them and the sister being completely forgiven without taking a [...]

    12. This was a very good book and really made you stop and think if there are times we show prejudice toward someone. It is a story of a divorced woman in 1870. People looked down on them during this period of time. She comes west because she has a sister living there and meets the brother-in-law of her sister who is half Indian. No one wants anything to do with him either since he has Indian blood in him. Of course they get together. Lots of action and interesting reading.

    13. great story!A divorced woman marries a Lakota/Swiss man to gain custody of her niece and nephew (through her sister). The man happens to be their uncle through his half-brothere kids' father who died. Her past comes back to haunt her just as her relationship with her indian husband is starting to fall in to place. Everything works out in the end, and all is welljust as it should be!

    14. Almost a little obnoxious with the "I love her, but she doesn't/I love him, but he doesn't" stuff, but the story still kept me interested. I kept waiting for some kind of conflict to enter into the plot, and it finally came but not until almost the end. Still a cute love story that was worth reading.

    15. I really liked this book. It was this author's first book, so I was a bit hesitant to read it, but she is an excellent writer and I'll watch for more of hers to come out. I liked how there were many good principles taught during the course of the book, and it was a really good clean romance.

    16. I liked this one. It was a fun read. I was a little put off by some of the ending but really loved the sweet romance of Lone Wolf and Rosalynn. It was a great story of not passing judgement on others.

    17. This was a very good book. My daughter and I both liked it a lot. It tells of two people who got married so that they could keep their niece and nephew as part of their family and so that they wouldn't be adopted into another family.

    18. I really enjoyed this book. It gave me some insight on the Lakota Indian traditions which I really liked. I also enjoyed the tenderness between the two main characters. The secondary love story the author put in was sweet too.

    19. What can I say I love this book, which I wrote. It truly helped me heal from some things that happened to me. It was therapeutic for me to write about Rosalynn's struggles to forgive and trust in God. I hope it helps others to heal as well.

    20. This one was fun one. I liked how Rosalynn kept standing up for Lone Wolf. I liked the curveball ending, I totally didn't see it coming. Very fun, quick read.

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