I and I: Bob Marley

I and I Bob Marley This is a biography in verse about the Jamaican reggae musician Bob Marley offering an overview of key events and themes in his life including his biracial heritage Rastafarian beliefs and love of

  • Title: I and I: Bob Marley
  • Author: Tony Medina
  • ISBN: 9781600602573
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is a biography in verse about the Jamaican reggae musician Bob Marley, offering an overview of key events and themes in his life, including his biracial heritage, Rastafarian beliefs, and love of music.

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    1. I think about the best children’s picture book biographies out there and I notice a strange pattern. Some folks get what seems like a picture book bio a year. Einstein. Franklin. Mozart. Other folks remain strangely elusive. Where’s the quintessential picture book bio of Charlie Chaplin? Of Ernest Hemingway? Of the Mata Hari? Fact o’ the matter is, not everyone is cut out for a picture book bio. Sometimes a person’s life is just too difficult to synthesize into 32 pages, let alone someth [...]

    2. For ages 11 and up, this biography of Bob Marley features great poetry and vivid, captivating illustrations. The poet takes us through Bob Marley's struggles and triumphs, and manages to include lots of life details without losing the poetic charm. We learn of Marley's conflicted childhood as a mixed-race boy, his troubles when he's reunited with his white father, and his quest to use his music to help his people find unity. The level of musical detail is high, from his first experiences through [...]

    3. Anne Zemba Picture bookI and I Bob Marley is a book of poems about the life of Bob Marley. It starts out with his childhood in Jamaica. Each poem is about a certain time period or event in his life. Each poem has wonderful illustrations to give the poem more meaning and depth. At the end of the book are some pages with added information regarding each of the poems. This gives you more insight to the meanings of the poems.The picture book I and I Bob Marley contains vivid illustrations that accom [...]

    4. This biography presents the life of Bob Marley through verse. The poems are lyrical. They use repetition, colloquial speech, and key phrases from Marley’s songs. They ring with the sound of reggae. The imagery and metaphors echo Marley’s message for peace, love, and an end of oppression. Together the poems present his childhood, home, hardships, desires, friendships, values, and successes. The illustrations are colorful paintings that capture the Jamaican sun and skies. They could stand alon [...]

    5. I and I is an untraditional biography cataloging the major events of reggae singer and activist Bob Marley's life. Told through poetry and incorporating cultural and religious elements of both Jamaica and the Rastafarian spiritual beliefs, Medina helps tell the story of who Bob Marley was in a style similar to the way he lived, through beautiful beats, rhythms, and hopeful words. The story demonstrates how Bob used his passion for music to share his philosophy of peace and universal hope and acc [...]

    6. I and I is a collection of poems that are written by Tony Medina in the voice of Jamaican musician Bob Marley (how Medina would imagine him writing). The author writes that Marley was “a messenger – a poet-musician in the tradition of the West African griot.” (A griot is a traveling poet, storyteller, or musician who shares oral or tribal histories). He tries to celebrate Marley’s life in that same tradition. These biographical lyric-poems will give you a whole new appreciation a poet’ [...]

    7. I believe that we don't have enough biographies on monumental Blacks and this one is an ABOUT TIME book. Bob Marley is more musically famous than Michael Jackson will ever be (sorry MJ lovers, but I am right). Bob has been physically off this earth for several decades yet his music has not ever left our hearts. For children, Marley's life should be told from childhood to adulthood. Tony Medina and Jesse Joshua Watson created a fantastic dedication to a true cultural icon!

    8. In striking verse and vibrant paintings, Tony Medina and Jesse Joshua Watson present the life of singer Bob Marley. Additional information about each poem is found in a 'notes' section at the back of the book (including mention of the not-so-kid-friendly bits of Bob Marley's life). An excellent introduction. Highly recommended.Read my full review on my blog: abbylibrarian/200

    9. This book tells the story of musician Bob Marley from his youth through the end of his life. It includes information about his Rastafarian religious beliefs. The poetry and illustrations are sure to captivate children and adults alike.

    10. Poems from Bob Marley. the poems are autobiographical. there would be need for learning a little about Jamaica and words used in some of the poems. I would use this with upper elementary. 4-6 grades. Could be used in many subjects.

    11. I love Bob Marley's music! "Three Little Birds" is one of my top favorite songs. My step daughter played it at her wedding. This is another wonderful Lee and Low book!!Paintings are very nice. Text tells Marley's story in poems. A keeper.

    12. Bob for kids.wonderful, insightful poems about Bob's lifeight, bold, beautiful painting accompany themis is a collection kids and adults alike will enjoy, a book I would love to own! Great campfire reading!

    13. i am biased but the illustrations are AWESOME!!!!!! this is written in prose on the life of Bob Marley. I love that all the poems have a biographical reference in the back of the book, great if you are doing a report on Bob Marley or just want to learn more about his gifted life.

    14. I love the illustrations in this book, but I'm not sure the verse biography portion as entirely effective. There is a lot of biographical info at the end in very small print. I don't think most kids really know Marley now, so you'd really have to talk it up.

    15. The book is about the famous Jamaican musician and guitarist. I like his songs. "Three Little Birds" is my favorite and even my son can sing along.

    16. I like how the poems in this book are influenced by events that happened in his life. It makes for an interesting biography.

    17. More poetry than biography - of course, presenting Bob Marley to children is bound to be challenging but this approach worked well for me. I was captivated by the illustrations.

    18. It was an interesting book - as it told in easy to read writing about Bob Marley's life growing up. It was an easy read and interesting.

    19. Not a completely fair judgement, the poems were too old for my 3 and 5 year Marley lovers, but we very much enjoyed looking at the illustrations.

    20. Good for:Use in a biography studyUses lots of poemsCould be used for teaching about different styles of writing

    21. This book includes songs that tell stories. It could be used in a music lesson or teach students how to write their own song to tell their story.

    22. Concise. Beautiful poetry. Surprisingly, it didn't miss the mark in its biographical rendering. Nice illustrations.

    23. Genre: Biography/PoetryCopyright: 2009It was hard not to hear the tune to "Three Little Birds", "Jamming", or "I Shot the Sheriff" while reading this book. "I and I" uses poetry detail Bob Marley's life chronologically. With numerous references to the music Marley created, the author creates a "slow-jam" blend of words to capture the moments of one of the most celebrated reggae musicians the world has ever known. The end of the book gives biographical information about Marley, and further explai [...]

    24. First and foremost just to let you know I am biased when it comes to this poetry book because it is all about Bob Marley and his song lyrics and I am obsessed with Bob Marley. The book is written with a lyrical poetry that comes straight from Marley’s song lyrics. The illustrations in the book are also absolutely amazing. Marley’s songs are upbeat, but in the same breath very powerful. In own of his most infamous songs No Women No Cry there is a message of how he struggled to make ends meet [...]

    25. Theme: "Biography""I and I" is one of my favorite picturebooks I have come across to this point in my life. Bob Marley witnessed many injustices in his everyday life and his goal was simple: he wanted to spread the message of love, peace and equality to all. This book probably applies most to middle childhood ages and above, since those kids are more likely to understand the complexity of Marley's music. Lastly, Jesse Watson did an excellent job with the illustrations which really show the livel [...]

    26. This is a book of lyrics from Bob Marley songs accompanied by some beautiful acrylic paintings. I think if you love, or even just frequently listen to Marley with your children, then this is a good book. Failing to know the songs would probably make this book less appealing. The notes at the end on each of the songs included are especially awesome. Worth owning for any Marley loving family.

    27. Bob Marley was an amazing musician and tremendously gifted person. These poems shine details on his childhood as well as some of the influences of his music. The illustrations are colorful and clearly identify with island life. The notes provided for the background of each poem will assist in hours of discussion for those family reading sessions. 5+++ stars

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