Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in the Machine Although forbidden to see each other Ryan and Sarah continue their investigation of the mysterious happenings at the dredge by communicating through video clips text messages midnight meetings and

  • Title: Ghost in the Machine
  • Author: Patrick Carman
  • ISBN: 9780545075701
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Although forbidden to see each other, Ryan and Sarah continue their investigation of the mysterious happenings at the dredge by communicating through video clips, text messages, midnight meetings, and journaling The reader may view videos on a website by using links and passwords found in the text.

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    1. I loved Skeleton Creek and could not wait to read Ghost in the Machine after the cliffhanger ending of Skeleton Creek. I managed to read this book and watch all of the videos in a day because it is so entertaining and amazing.In a way Ghost in the Machine reminded me a little of the movie Disturbia because it's so full of suspense that you have to keep reading it to know wants going on.So many of the videos were creepy and I started reading this at midnight, alone in my room and it was pretty fr [...]

    2. What are some people in Skeleton Creek hiding from Ryan and Sarah?In this sequel to Skeleton Creek we once again meet the best friends Ryan and Sarah who still isn't allowed to meet each other. After Ryan has broken his leg, his parents thinks that Sarah only leads him in trouble and they don't want to him to see her again. It's for his own good. To make sure that Ryan doesn't meet her, they often check his computer and his cell phone but they don't know that Ryan is way ahead of them when it co [...]

    3. Another book that I loved in this series. It gave me that awesome feeling the other book did too! This book was better than Skeleton Creek and just added more to the mystery. I'm hoping the series is a trilogy but wouldn't mind 5 or 6 books in the series. I just hope the series isn't to long.Sarah is still my favourite character in the book, but there isn't really much of a choice anyway. It's either her or Ryan and I do love Ryan, but Sarah reminds me more of myself. I still love how this book [...]

    4. this book is are read aloud and we started it today it starts out good like skeleton creek but a little more scarer.

    5. Skeleton Creek Ghost in the Machine By: Patrick Carmen In this book there are two main characters. Their names are Ryan and Sarah. Sarah and Ryan have been best friends for a long time, but because of what they have been up to they are no longer allowed to hang out. Sarah is kind of the super hero and Ryan is her side kick. Sarah takes most of the risks and Ryan writes it all down in a journal. Ryan has a broken leg so that is another reason why he cannot take as many risks as he would like to [...]

    6. Genre: HorrorPages: 205Date Read: 9/29/12In this chilling sequal, Ryan and Sarah go even further into there research. In the old gold mine, the dredge, a man named Joe Bush died there. In the first book Ryan and Sarah have many close encounters with the ghost of Old Joe Bush and with all the mysteries still left to uncover, the city decides that the dredge is to dangarous and it should be burned down. While Ryan writes in his journal about what is happening and Sarah making her videos you are co [...]

    7. I SUGGEST THAT BEFORE YOU READ THIS YOU SHOULD READ "SKELETON CREEK"(the first book)In the book, "GHOST IN THE MACHINE" a realistic fiction book set in modern time frame by Patrick Carman, the main plot of the story is that Ryan & Sarah are trying to solve the mystery that is surrounding the town of Skeleton Creek and the Dredge. Some of the main characters in "GHOST IN THE MACHINE" are Ryan, who likes to read and write,and does what Sarah says. Sarah likes to record videos, has her own webs [...]

    8. After reading the first story (Skeleton Creek), I knew I had to read the second one to see how the mystery ending because the first book ending rather abrudtly. This book finished the mystery of the first book which had a nice ending to it. The videos got a little scarier and more surprising each time which kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I believe I finished this book faster than the first one and read the third one in the same weekend! I love these books and the mystery b [...]

    9. Very much fun. It took me a while to get back to this. It seems I've decided that these books are best when I have a stretch of time at home, when the mood is right and when I'm within reach of the computer. The format is so different for me and its so much fun that I'm reserving them for fun time, lol. The videos add such an immediacy and involvement in the story. It's exciting. I didn't grow up with the internet and as amazed as I've been at what it offers in regard to information I've been sl [...]

    10. I LOVE THIS BOOK TOO!!! this is the second in the series (first was skeleton creek) and there is supposed to be anotheri hope. i would really recommend these books to any person who likes a book that would make them on the edge of their seat and not want to stop reading. they aren't very hard to read but they are very fun. one thing that you cant do with these books is skip a video, even if there is just a little reading until the next one don't skip that video because the videos really do help [...]

    11. The themes in Ghost in the machine are bravery and defiance Some examples of bravery are when Sarah and Ryan go back to the dredge even though it was haunted by "Joe Bush". Sarah and Ryan are defiant when Sara and Ryan keep going behind their parents backs doing the investigating at the dredge. What the author is trying to say about bravery is that you can still be brave even when you are scared, and you can do anything. With defiance, nothing really good can come through that unless you are usi [...]

    12. Most of my current reading is Young Adult Literature in order to make recommendations to the students. This particular book is the sequel to SKELETON CREEK. Both are by Patrick Carman and are delightful, easy reading. The main character is a boy who keeps a journal. After he and a friend stumble on a mystery concerning an old dredge. The more the two investigate, the more the mystery deepens. These can both be read in 2-3 sittings. Enjoy!!

    13. in the book Ghost in the machine in is to me the best book in the seres. some of the themes are defiance and mystery, one of the things that shows defiance is when Sarah and Ryan are told again and again to stay away from one other and of course they don't. the theme mystery is all over the book like when Sarah and Ryan find out who "Old Joe Bush" is and right there the book ends.

    14. Great second book in the series. Must have read the first book for this one to make sense. Cliff hanger ending just like the first one that keeps you wanting more. Excellent series for reluctant readers and perfect for October reading! A few of the films in the book are "scream inducing" as proved by my class.

    15. That was the best mystery I have ever read! I loved it! I can't believe that the person acting as the Ghost of Old Joe Bush was right under their noses! I owe you one Kelsey, for telling me about the amazing book! :)

    16. Despite the ending, I enjoyed the wrap-up to the Skeleton Creek mystery. The over-the-top-ending was a bit lame. It played out too much like a Scooby-Doo episode complete with the peeling away of the bad guy's mask.

    17. Name: Sharath NirmalaDate: 20-11-2014Title: Ghost in the Machine-Ryan’s JournalAuthor: Patrick Carman The main character/Protagonist is Ryan who is about 15 or 16 years old and in this book (this book is a part of a series) his leg is fractured. Another character is Sarah who is Ryan’s best friend and in this story she does a lot of spying stuff than Ryan does because Ryan’s leg is fractured. Another two characters are his parents who try to not let Sarah meet Ryan because they think Ryan [...]

    18. Skeleton Creek Ghost in the Machine For my fiction book I choose to read “Skeleton Creek Ghost in the Machine” by: Patrick Carmen. I am going to talk about how I thought the book was written and how I liked the structure of the writing, but Before I would like to give a little summary and tell you something interesting about the book. This particular book is an interactive book meaning that you read a chapter then you go online to the address stated and then you watch a video. This book is [...]

    19. Nachdem „Skeleton Creek 1: Wenn das Böse erwacht“ mit einem sehr fiesen Cliffhanger geendet hat, konnte ich Teil 2 gar nicht mehr erwarten.Band 2 der Reihe rund um das Örtchen Skeleton Creek kommt diesmal in einem hellen blau daher. Hinten finden wir wie in Band 1 die dazugehörige DVD, welche wir uns am PC oder im DVD Player anschauen können.Natürlich ist Band 2 ebenso als Tagebuch von Ryan gestaltet, die Videos hat Sarah gedreht. Diesmal gibt es sogar 12 Filmchen zu betrachten und da B [...]

    20. Ryan and Sarah are still not allowed to see each other, but it still doesn't stop them from trying to uncover the mystery of the dredge and the secret room within it. They figure out that a secret society named the Crossbones consist of three live members; the librarian, Dr. Watts, and Ryan's father. The pair notice a birdie that points in different directions and according to a piece of paper from Ryan's father, it is to tell the members of the Crossbones when to meet. Ryan's father's best frie [...]

    21. Ghost in the Machine has tough act to follow about Skeleton Creek and in some ways it lacked the ompf factor.Just as Skeleton Creek we follow Ryan and Sarah uncover the mystery of the dredge number 42 haunted by the ghost of Joe Bush—or is it really him…?The intricacy of the book is still here as well as the fear. Every last detail counts in this series as we go back and forth trying to uncover what really happened. Ghost in the Machine is the final book in this exciting series and the endin [...]

    22. There are many interesting stories but only some are intriguing and compelling. This quarter i read the skeleton creek trilogy.Ryan is housebound after he's seriously injured in a fall in an old dredge out in the woods that no one in town wants to talk about. He's also forbidden to have anything to do with his best friend, Sarah. But both have found and disabled their parents' monitoring software and are communicating by email, as Sarah continues their dangerous investigation and sends Ryan link [...]

    23. This was a suspenseful, scary, and romantic story. Patrick Carmen writes this book so well that you just can't stop reading. He also came up with and interesting way to write the story by making it seem like Ryan was writing it in his own journal. The plot is very great and I won't spoil the book, but the ending was very very surprising! The book is about thrill seeking boy and girl who go to a supposedly old haunted place called the Dredge. Then they find out someone is protecting something ver [...]

    24. A bit stronger than the first book, partially in the fact that online videos actually support, provide evidence, and expand upon the story instead of merely portraying Sarah just talking to Ryan. You actually miss more by missing the videos, which I guess is why it irritated me that the videos often didn't work! I had to refresh the website several times to get some of them to play. That being said, while the simple journal-style text of this story doesn't really stand on its own, in combination [...]

    25. Ghost in the Machine, by Patrick Carman is a children's mystery/horror novel. This book was published in 2009 and is the second book in the Skeleton Creek series. In Ghost in the Machine Sarah and Ryan, long time childhood best friends,try to discover the mysteries that lie behind the Dredge before it is torn down. Ryan must choose what to do when he finds out his dad is a part of an organization that is searching for the treasures of the dredge. In this Ryan and Sarah must learn to figure thing [...]

    26. I really enjoyed Ghost in the Machine. I liked that the story was told in Sarah's videos and Ryan's journal, and that together they gave all of the information that was needed to understand what was happening. I also liked the end of the book. I was really surprised that it was Henry though. He seemed like he was a good person, if a little overwhelming at times. I really liked that Ryan and Sarah got to see each other, with out going behind their parents backs in the end. I also liked that the d [...]

    27. The writing in this book was amazing. The strengths of the book were where it would get suspenseful and you just couldn't stop reading. The weaknesses were when you would learn about a person's past and other things like that. I would recommend this book to a classmate. The reason why is because the book was very suspenseful, it transitioned to the other characters in parts of the book, and overall the book was just great. This book is part of a series. And I will continue to read the books in t [...]

    28. This book Ghost In The Machine is a great book. It has a good amount of horror and mystery. This book gets you hooked and its like you can't stop reading it. The book has some suspense in it and makes you think what is going to happen next. I would really like this series to continue to make more books. If I were to rate this book 1 to 10 I would give it a 10. I loved this book and I hope more people would want to read this awesome book.

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