Design For Murder

Design For Murder An alternate edition page count for this isbn can be found here Annie is asked to stage a murder for the annual spring house tour sponsored by the Historical Society of Chastain South Carolina Her on

  • Title: Design For Murder
  • Author: Carolyn G. Hart
  • ISBN: 9780553265620
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • An alternate edition page count for this isbn can be found here.Annie is asked to stage a murder for the annual spring house tour sponsored by the Historical Society of Chastain, South Carolina Her only problem is deciding which fictional murder to stage until a corpse turns up in the town pond The second Annie Laurance Max Darling novel.

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    1. Second in the Death on Demand mystery series revolving around the owner of a bookstore by the same name that specializes in mysteries.My TakeA righteous murder of a nasty old bitch who terrorized everyone around her…and anyone else she could hurt. It's great fun reading Hart's stories if only for the list of mystery authors, series, and titles she sprinkles throughout the text. I keep stopping to add 'em to my list!The StoryThat bitch Sylvia enticing Tim into her bed and away from hers! Well, [...]

    2. I really think this one was the weakest of her books that I have read. Nothing happened until halfway through the book. She got too caught up in little descriptions about the gardens and people's clothing and it it took awhile to get into it. I am really glad that I have already read others by her so I know that they are not always so slow. If this had been the first by her that I had picked up I likely would not have read anymore of hers which would have been sad since I have enjoyed most of he [...]

    3. After collecting oodles of Carolyn G. Hart novels, I have tried two. An island setting and whimsically thematic bookshop are intriguing but Annie needs to stop ogling it. "Design For Murder" was tedious for 43 pages. Max protested Annie's brainstorming of famous titles for a mystery project. I dislike arguments and even banter. It was a refreshing surprise and relief to leave the shop altogether. I enjoy detail where it belongs: describing trees, flowers, homes. It was a neat premise to create a [...]

    4. Perhaps it was the edition I had (the type was very small), but I struggled to finish this. Too many characters, too many red herrings, too much distraction with descriptions and the interweaving of the "murder game" at the house tour. You know early on who the victim will be, you just keep waiting for it to happen. On the plus side, I loved the humor and some of the characters. And the many references to classic mystery novels is so much fun. It reminds me of how well-read Carolyn Hart is in th [...]

    5. So disappointing. I didn't enjoy this book at all, and only pushed through to finish it because I've already given up on one book this week. First of all, the name dropping in this book was annoying and distracting. It felt as if Hart was more interested in making sure her readers knew just how many mystery books she was aware of than actually writing her own novel. Secondly, it was halfway through the book before the actual murder took place. It wasn't all that exciting. Thirdly, this may sound [...]

    6. "It was finished, as neat a design for murder as could be envisioned. Murder with malice."Audio book. It wasn't a bad cozy mystery - I enjoyed the humor and personality of Annie. She's a very fiery owner of a book store called Death On Demand. She is asked to host a big murder mystery for nearby small town. The town is full of small town gossip and rumors and drama, something Annie walks into but doesn't full know about - because she's an outsider, which is something a lot of the locals like to [...]

    7. The Death on Demand Series of books are just fun to read. Most of the time it's pretty easy to figure out whodunit, but it's so nice to go back and visit Annie and Max at Annie's little book store, Death on Demand. Annie keeps telling herself that she won't get involved in help solving the murder of one of the Historical Society of Chastain, South Carolina. However, the first half of the book, is just a typical week in the life of Annie, the murder didn't happen until about half way, and then af [...]

    8. It seems like 75% of this is a bibliography of mystery novels, which, in moderation, may be a fun and reasonable filler for a series centered around a mystery bookstore owner but the author goes overboard. Are all the entries in this series so heavy on lists of authors and titles? The victim is obvious from page one although the murder does not occur til halfway through the story. The muderer isn't much of a surprise either. Didn't make me want to read any more of this series.

    9. Actual Rating: 3.5 StarsThis was another quick, entertaining read in the Death on Demand series.I actually liked Annie much better in this one than the previous one. She didn't seem to be quite as abrasive or clueless as she was in the first book. Max also endeared himself to me even more--I loved his charming, laid-back personality and how he handled the sometimes prickly, stubborn Annie. The fact that he is handsome, sexy and filthy rich doesn't hurt, either!There was a rich cast of interestin [...]

    10. I really like this series. It's got the old-time feel to it: a husband-wife team (in feel, if not in actuality, at least not yet), a relatively sanitized murder (or murders), and the old time feel to it--a gentleness that isn't present in a lot of current fiction. And, I got well over a page of authors' names and series written down to revisit when I have the time (sigh). That may not be such a blessing, as I already have hundreds on that list! Still, it's a good series, with lots of description [...]

    11. Book two in the Death on Demand series was lots of fun. I am still enjoying the series.The second book wasn't quite as good as the first one, because Annie and Max were off their island to deal with a bunch of snooty rich folks who also happened to be murderous.I really love the interplay between Annie and Max, and I love that Annie is smart and confident and doesn't take anyone's nonsense. In this book, she came across as a bit obnoxious and shrill, but to be fair, the rich people she was creat [...]

    12. I love Death on Demand. Annie and Max are realistic characters and Hart's prose is simple, witty, and brimming with beautiful imagery. This particular novel was my least favorite so far, and although I enjoyed it, I had higher expectations. I probably spoiled it for myself by reading some of her other Death on Demand books first. Personally, it'll be tough to top my favorites in the series like the Christie Capers, Dare to Die, and Death of a Party. Or maybe it's simply my taste in genres has ch [...]

    13. This second book in the series really rates 2.5 stars for me. Annie Laurence is hired to put on a Mystery Night for the Chastain HIstorical Society and a real murder occurs that places "outsider" Annie square in the sights of the detective investigating the murder of a Society board member who seemed to universally disliked by all. I found the part of the storyline that dwelt on solving the mystery night murder very distracting and confusing, and that I could not care less who the Sticky Wicket [...]

    14. I started this book last evening, looking for a quick and entertaining read. I just finished it (I am off from work in honor of President's Day). This is not a series with spectacular writing or unusually clever plots, but the main characters are very appealing and I especially enjoy all the mystery name-dropping that goes on in each book. I have 54 names of authors, titles and characters to look up. Those are the ones mentioned in this book that I don't already know about. I have found a series [...]

    15. I always enjoy the relationship between Annie and Max, and the interesting cast of characters that Carolyn Hart creates. The murderer wasn't hard to guess in this book. I found a couple of the characters seemed more like caricatures too. Maybe not the best book in the series, but a nice way to pass a rainy evening or two.

    16. I really liked the first book so was very eager for the second. Once the action got going it was really good as well but it took FOREVER to get the action going. You knew who going to get murdered within three chapters but it just kept going on and on and nothing.Still moving onto book 3 though :)

    17. Not sure why, but this one dragged a lot more than the first one in the series. Maybe because it was almost half-way through before the body actually turned up.

    18. This is the second book in the series. Annie has decided to marry Max, but they are arguing about where and how the wedding should take place. Annie is called to put on a mystery week in a small town. The women who hires her is not happy, but hired her because the board of Historical Society of Chastain wants to use the mystery to make money. Chastain is a small city that is run by a small group of snobby, elite. Annie has threaten to kill the organizer in jest, but when she if found dead, Annie [...]

    19. Reasonably well-written cozy. Quite a few cliches, however. Basic premise is that a mystery bookstore owner has been asked by a Charleston area small town to come up with a murder mystery to be solved by teams during a spring town festival.

    20. I believe I'm done with this series, even though it's a fairly long one. too much "cutesy" in the characters, exceeded my tolerance for same.

    21. 2.8 stars.Missed Agatha's antics this time.Can get confusing constantly switching between the murder night mystery and the real ongoing mystery.But a light read anyway.

    22. A fun quick read, for those that enjoy "Christie" style murder mysteries lots of references to writers and their books which can often lead to discovering a whole new collection to read.

    23. Though I liked the first book in this series a lot, the second novel indulges in endless boring descritions of tourist guides about the town where the murder plot is set as well of lifeless descriptions of the smell of certain flowers and the look of certain gardens. This helps not the least in creating a certain atmosphere as the author might have thought, it does not go beyond mere description - no pictures or emotions related to these list- and endless description are evoked. I have the feeli [...]

    24. Character List(view spoiler)[ Hart - Design for Murder Annie Laurance - owner Death on Demand Ingrid DOD clerk, springy gray hair in tight curls Max Darling - boyfriend PI Ben Parotti ferry captain Idell Gordon Swamp Fox Inn owner Corinne Prichard Webster blonde president of Chastain Historical Preservation Society. Marybelle maid Tim Bond painter curator at the Prichard Museum. Sybil Chastain Giacomo - slut, she makes them sit up and take notice. Lucy Haines, a member of the Board. - librar [...]

    25. In Design for Murder, the second book in Carolyn G. Hart's Death on Demand series, Annie Lawrence is thrilled to be asked to create a murder mystery for the Historical Society of Chastain, South Carolina. The board of the society has voted against the objections of its widely hated chair, Corinne Pritchard Webster, to host this activity. They hope this will increase attendance at its annual program of house and garden tours that show off some of the well-preserved antebellum houses in the city. [...]

    26. This book wasn't awesome, but it was entertaining. I can understand other readers' irritation at the mystery author name-dropping that happened throughout the book. No one goes around saying things like, "This reminds me of The Murder at Maple House by Agatha Christie," but that's how the Chastain Mystery Night attendees and Annie talks in this book.The other issue that other readers mention is that a murder doesn't happen until halfway through the story. You meet all the characters (Gail, Lucy, [...]

    27. I enjoyed the first book in this series, so I thought I would like the second, but I was wrong. I couldn't get all the way through it. I lasted until almost the end, but only because I didn't have another audiobook ready to listen to, and I need something to keep me awake when I'm doing mind-numbing tasks at work. I feel like the cast of characters is too big, and it just gets overwhelming with useless details about houses, locations, gardens, and people without being related to the mystery. I l [...]

    28. "When mystery bookstore owner Annie Laurance is invited to stage a Mystery Night for the annual antebellum house tour of the Historical Preservation Society of Chastain, South Carolina, she instead finds herself the leading lady in a flesh-and-blood drama. The play's the thing wherein the curtain falls on mean-spirited grande dame Corinne Webster. While jeweled fingers point, accusing Annie of murder, the perpetrator lurks within the genteel cast of Murder-Most-Make-Believe and the murder weapo [...]

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