True Confections

True Confections Take chocolate candy add a family business at war with itself and stir with an outsider s perspective This is the recipe for True Confections the irresistible new novel by Katharine Weber a writer

  • Title: True Confections
  • Author: Katharine Weber
  • ISBN: 9780307395863
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Take chocolate candy, add a family business at war with itself, and stir with an outsider s perspective This is the recipe for True Confections, the irresistible new novel by Katharine Weber, a writer whose work has won accolades from Iris Murdoch, Madeleine L Engle, Wally Lamb, and Kate Atkinson, to name a few Alice Tatnall Ziplinsky s marriage into the Ziplinsky familyTake chocolate candy, add a family business at war with itself, and stir with an outsider s perspective This is the recipe for True Confections, the irresistible new novel by Katharine Weber, a writer whose work has won accolades from Iris Murdoch, Madeleine L Engle, Wally Lamb, and Kate Atkinson, to name a few Alice Tatnall Ziplinsky s marriage into the Ziplinsky family has not been unanimously celebrated Her greatest ambition is to belong, to feel truly entitled to the heritage she has tried so hard to earn Which is why Zip s Candies is much to her than just a candy factory, where she has worked for most of her life In True Confections, Alice has her reasons for telling the multigenerational saga of the family owned and operated candy company, now in crisis Nobody is devoted than Alice to delving into the truth of Zip s history, starting with the rags to riches story of how Hungarian immigrant Eli Czaplinsky developed his famous candy lines, and how each of his candies, from Little Sammies to Mumbo Jumbos, was inspired by an element in a stolen library copy of Little Black Sambo, from which he taught himself English Within Alice s vivid and persuasive account is her unreliability a tactic or a condition are the stories of a runaway slave from the cacao plantations of C te d Ivoire and the Third Reich s failed plan to establish a colony on Madagascar for European Jews Richly informed, deeply moving, and spiked with Weber s trademark wit, True Confections is, at its heart, a timeless and universal story of love, betrayal, and chocolate.

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    1. A funny, edgy book. The narrator, Alice Tatnall Ziplinsky, is so perfectly off-kilter -- she's both sympathetic and disconcerting, often at the same time -- that she lends a slightly funhouse feeling to the story's telling. This dynastic epic of a candy-making family encompasses immigration, assimilation, success, failure, racism, inclusion, and everything you ever wanted to know about the candy business, all skillfully interwoven. And Alice's weird, funny, almost-perfectly-reasonable voice is t [...]

    2. I received "True Confections" as a giveaway and was excited to have it. I mean, who doesn't love free books? The honest reason why I entered the giveaway because the description said that the writer's talent was respected by many authors, one of which was Madeleine L'Engle and I figure if it was good enough for L'Engle, it was CERTAINLY good enough for me!At first I didn't like this book very much. The style is not linear and the narrator jumps around a lot in the beginning in the present and p [...]

    3. Who should read this book? Well, if you like mysteries, this has something for you. If you enjoy gossipy novels, this has something for you, too. You like family sagas? Yes, this is the story of four generations of a candy maker's family, albeit through the eyes of a delightfully unreliable narrator. Are you curious about candy-making, about small business, about the role of Jewish immigrants in modern America? Weber's book includes all of these. With such a mishmash, can the book be interesting [...]

    4. Just loved this. (And, no, it didn't take me all this time to read it, I am just slack about keeping these lists.) I've always loved how Katharine's novels have some sort of document or artifact that helps to both spin the story and give the illusion of connecting it to the real world. This time, the whole book is that artifact - a novel in deposition - and there's a lot to think about. How reliable is our narrator? How much can we really know when we only know one side of a story? What would th [...]

    5. Sharp, dark, and funny w/ an enigmatic, opinionated, and cranky narrator who rivals Charles Kinbote for sheer unreliability. Much fun.

    6. It's terribly complicated to review a Weber novel. They are not straightforward. Oh, it's easy enough to write a blurb (courtroom documents of divorce/will case involving chocolate tycoon) -- but there are layers and layers and layers of plot, stirred together in a careful mix (temperature + time, plus a little salt). It's brilliant and enjoyable, and it's what makes me return over and over again, but how the hell do you explain something so encompassing?Every time I read one of her books I am a [...]

    7. True Confections is my first introduction to Katharine Weber's writing, and what a delight it is!As a lifetime candy-lover, I was immediately drawn in by the title, and I was thrilled to discover that the book really is about candy rather than just a cute play on "True Confessions".But this isn't Charlie and the Chocolatae Factory (another great book, don't get me wrong). Rather than write a great fantasy about what life in the candy business is like, Katharine Weber chose instead to write a rea [...]

    8. "How sweet it is!" TRUE CONFECTIONS is as irresistible as a box of chocolates - the story is filled with greed, love, fun, lust and the incorrigible Alice Ziplinsky. She is not a true Ziplinsky not having been born into the family but married into it. Hired fresh out of Wilbur Cross High School to work on the Zip's Candies Factory floor, Alice diligently approached her tasks in the summer of 1975.On her first day at work after five minutes she had just about mastered the art of "separating and s [...]

    9. I won Katharine Weber's novel "True confections" through Goodread's First Read's giveaway section. It came packaged with little true confections wrapped candies. Completely unknown to me before hand, the story takes place in a city quite close to my hometown, giving it a very familiar feel right away. Weber's novel is like watching a food channel special on candy production mixed with a reality TV hell where a family bickers and feuds within each other, with chocolate tidbits and facts thrown in [...]

    10. The secrets of the candy industry, seen from the inside out (particularly smaller companies rather than the big three). Great book. Since I've read Candy Freak, I could tell how well researched the book was, although the book never seemed researchy-- it was seamlessly woven into the narrative. I liked that the narrator was occasionally untrustworthy; for the most part you took her as a reliable chronicler of the family candy business, but then she'd mention something like, "From what I could tel [...]

    11. An entire book the saga of a small family candy factory. I expected it to make me hungry; what I didn't expect was to be bored. I read the entire novel waiting for something to happen, and in spite of all the past intrigue (arson, infidelity, possible industrial espionage and even accusations of racism), this is a deeply dull book. The narrator/main charactor, Alice is annoying, and I understood why she has no friends! The best thing about "True Confections" are the descriptions of the candy mad [...]

    12. Brilliant!!! A work of fiction that incorporates the cultural history of candy-making in the US and political history past and present into an entertaining and fascinating plot.This is so realistic that it seems that this is an actual biography of Alice Tatnall Ziplinsky.I can't wait to read the rest of Katharine Weber's novels.

    13. Why didn't this book garner the fame it deserved? I cannot recommend it highly enough. Now I have to read all her other books. It is funny, well, no, perfectly written, great and unusual topic, full of odd bits about the candy industry, wonderful family story - it has it all!

    14. This is a wonderfully nuanced and funny tale of corporate and family squabbling. Weber invents a fascinating history for the Ziplinsky candy family that is both complicated and moving.

    15. I've enjoyed Katherine Weber's work in the past and as candy lover True Confections was particularly fun. This is a very funny book that gets crazier and crazier as it goes along.

    16. Katharine Weber has written a fiercely fascinating novel that reads like a true story. It's all in the first person, told by Alice Tatnall Ziplinsky in the form of "a multi-generational saga of the family-owned-and-operated candy company, now in crisis." According to Alice, she is the most reliable person to tell this tale as "Nobody is more devoted than Alice to delving into the truth of Zip's history."Zip's Candy has been around since the early twentieth century, founded by one Eli Ziplinsky a [...]

    17. Updated 12-20-13, this is in my 10 top reads for 2013. I've picked books that I remember instantly when I look through the list, either because the plot was great, the subject matter was different or the writing was excellent.As usual Weber really packs a lot of detail and research in with a great story in a short package--"don't be hasty, have another!" as Frieda would sing. (Cameo alert, there's a reference to the Triangle Shirt Factory fire, a subject of another of Weber's novels.) After read [...]

    18. If you liked Candyfreak by Steve Almond, you’ll love True Confections. Our story is told in the form of a deposition by Alice Tatnall Ziplinsky. She is a major player at Zip’s Candies, but it wasn’t always that way. Before she was Mrs. Howard Ziplinsky, she was Arson Girl. Arson Girl set fire to a neighbor’s house in New Haven. Arson Girl had no friends. Arson Girl was estranged from her parents. But everything changed when Alice applied for a job at Zip’s. Sam Ziplinsky took her under [...]

    19. Jackie says:The protagonist in True Confections, Alice Tatnall Ziplinsky, is not the easiest person to like. She's got her quirks, but she clearly cares a great deal about her family. And perhaps even more so the family business, which is a small family run candy factory that has a complicated back-story, inspired by Little Black Sambo, a children's book that leads to no small amount of the hilarity in this novel. True Confections is written as an affidavit, the reasons for which slowly come int [...]

    20. This is an extremely fun book. I was drawn to it by the cover (it sticks out!), and was hooked about five pages in. The storytelling is wonderful. It's rich and real, and very nearly feels like a true account of things. Katharine Weber is gifted with descriptions; I was right there with Alice when she smelled the licorice burnt-sugar smell of the factory for the first time. The characters are well-rounded, and the story flows really well for something with so much back-and-forth between the pres [...]

    21. With her fifth novel, Katharine Weber delivers another comic, sad, and highly inventive storyline. Critics enjoyed learning about Alice Ziplinsky, whose multi-layered personality, revealed slowly through her imperfect narration, made for some fascinating reading. They were slightly less enamored with the extensive candy history lesson, which several reviewers found over-long and tiresome. Minor quibbles aside, True Confections was hailed as a compelling story of race, religion, candy, and one wo [...]

    22. "a story of love, betrayal and chocolate." Who could ask for anything more? Alice Tatnall, known as Arson Girl as the result of an unfortunate accident involving a water pistol filled with lighter fluid and a charcoal grill, goes to work for the Ziplinsky Candy Company at age 18 and discovers her calling. Since the entire book is in the form of her legal affidavit the reader is immediately tipped off that there is something going on that is only gradually revealed. Learned lots of interesting ti [...]

    23. Snarky, slightly antisocial, and with a tendency to arson, Alice Tatnall Ziplinsky describes the story of her life at Zip's Candies. It echoes The Murder of Roger Ackroyd in that the story is told entirely by Alice. The reader is always in her head, which gives a skewed picture and made me wonder what the story would look like told from another's perspective- Julie or Jacob perhaps? It was funny and intriguing, with lots of asides on politics, history, chocolate-making, and business.

    24. I got all the way through this book, and by the end, I still wasn't sure if I liked it or not. It made me uncomfortable not knowing if the protagonist was actually supposed to be the antagonist or if she was crazy or completely sane. Some people call that clever, which I guess it is, but I found it disorienting.I also felt like it was written in kind of a blog-style: non-linear, choppy, quirky, full of inside information (because we're supposed to know the characters before we read). To me, this [...]

    25. Well As a bona fide candy connoisseur, I was already biased to love this book but though it didn't exactly exceed expectations, there were some notable candy facts that impressed me. The story was a nice background to what I saw as the true story: Life As A Candy Maker. That's about as much a dream career as I can create myself, don't you think? I felt that this particular book was not in line with many of her other books, as Weber tends to write about more serious matters (Although, admittedly, [...]

    26. This witty novel, written as an affidavit by Alice Ziplinsky, who has married into a family of Hungarian immigrants and their family-owned candy company, is funny, informative and engaging. The story of Zip's Candy (inspired by a stolen copy of Little Black Sambo which helped the founder of the company learn English) is so detailed and so convincing, that I almost believed I could find Little Sammies and Tigermelts at the grocery store. In fact, the author has a real website for this fake compan [...]

    27. Living in New Haven makes this book extra-fun to read, since it's set there. Reading about meetings at Clark's Dairy and happenings on Whitney Ave made this book a little bit more special to me.Told from the point of view of Alice, a woman who marries into the Zip's Candies family (the factory is on River St), we learn about chocolate making, the candy history of some US companies and all the nutty stories of the Ziplinsky family.Alice is an erratic narrator, but keeps you interested. You never [...]

    28. I picked up this book from the give away shelf at work. It sounded like it might be a nice quirky book, but after reading 100 pages or so - I decided to call it quits.The main character was just too random for me. In trying to tell her story, her "thoughts" were all over the place and many times parenthesis thoughts went on for multiple lines.I hate to be picky, but I just couldn't read anymore. I'm moving on to the next book - but I felt I needed to try to write a little something since I did g [...]

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