The White Knight

The White Knight Previous Book The Dark Horse Actor Sean Fairchild has a not so secret admirer a psycho stalker who thinks taking out the sexy shy young actor will leave the world a better place His manager insists S

  • Title: The White Knight
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: 9781596329089
  • Page: 323
  • Format: ebook
  • Previous Book The Dark Horse Actor Sean Fairchild has a not so secret admirer a psycho stalker who thinks taking out the sexy, shy young actor will leave the world a better place His manager insists Sean needs protection, and Sean s beginning to think he s right.It s a Hollywood clich the hot and handsome bodyguard But in the case of LAPD Detective Daniel Moran, it sPrevious Book The Dark Horse Actor Sean Fairchild has a not so secret admirer a psycho stalker who thinks taking out the sexy, shy young actor will leave the world a better place His manager insists Sean needs protection, and Sean s beginning to think he s right.It s a Hollywood clich the hot and handsome bodyguard But in the case of LAPD Detective Daniel Moran, it s all true Dan is everything Sean ever wanted in a leading man, but Dan s kind of an old fashioned guy It s his job to keep Sean safe and in one piece happy is someone else s problem.As tension mounts, Sean can t help turning to Dan, while Dan is finding it harder and harder to say no Their only chance of a happy ending is if Dan can keep Sean alive but what happens when he uncovers the secrets Sean is trying hard to conceal Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse, male male sexual practices.

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      323 Josh Lanyon
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    1 thought on “The White Knight”

    1. 4 stars.****Review posted July 10, 2013I'm going to make it short but sweet.The White Knight is in a way a sequel and a prequel to The Dark Horse because it alternates between past and present. Honestly, I am usually not a huge fan of this timeframe hopping but it was done well and I really liked it. I guess the shortness of the story played in its favor since I'm not sure if I'd have appreciated the same approach if it had been a full length novel. The constant back and forth could have gotten [...]

    2. This book is the sequel to The Dark Horse and at the same time it's the prequel. The Dark Horse started when Sean and Dan had already met, so we finally know what brought them together, but at the same time we are learning that things didn't work out as hoped and anticipated.Sean is in Wales, shooting the movie he was pining for in the first book, and he is involved in a strange accident. He falls down icy stairs and he has lost part of his memories. He is confused, he longs for Dan, but when Da [...]

    3. I loved catching up with Dan and Sean again. They have a chemistry I find totally absorbing. So I was shocked to learn all was not as rosey as when we last left them.The mystery in this one was not as much the main focus, more a slight side story, but still intriguing.I did have a slight problem with the writing style on this one. I found the back and forth between 1st POV and 3rd POV a little off putting and I’m not a fan of the back and forth time lines. The blurb for this one didn’t reall [...]

    4. There's no one else that writes longing and unrequited love like Josh Lanyon!Update June 2017Pretty short, but very nice anyway. I stand by my first review of this book.

    5. Rounded up to 4 starsIt is my 3d AMNESIA case that I read by Josh Lanyon. But I can imagine that there are more of it in the JL's works. I am a HUGE fan of JL, but I still have not read ALL author's works. (Thanks God, she is very diligent). AndJosh Lanyon + AMNESIA totally work for me.I enjoyed the second book more. Amnesia or not. Dan is great and Sean is such a sweetheart and no one can write MM romance relationships better than Josh Lanyon. Period.

    6. A prequel/sequel to THE DARK HORSE (and yes, one needs to read that one too), I think Josh has woven a flawless combination between some cliché themes (amnesia, love between the bodyguard and the actor, a guy with a troubled past) with a very romantic story between two of the most endearing characters he ever written. The way Josh writes using the Sean's 1st POV to tell about the present and how he feels, with the 3rd POV to tell about the past, sort of making the readers like objective observ [...]

    7. This is a sequel to "The Dark Horse". On the one hand, it explained how Dan and Sean met, on the other hand, it also revealed what happened after the ending of the previous book. I liked this one a bit better, I'm not really sure why, though. There was a nice portion of hurt/comfort once more - which never hurts ;) - and I simply liked the way Lanyon handled the characters: they were both human. They made mistakes, sometimes they were selfish and self-centered, they weren't perfection incarnated [...]

    8. 3.5 starsIn style this is different from the first one. Lanyon gives a fragmented picture which I then put together. This style seems to fit exactly with what's happening to Sean so I like that.Read with Irina

    9. Sean is a movie star with a troubled past and a psycho stalker. Dan is an LAPD cop hired as bodyguard while they hunt the stalker down. This story is told in flashback style as Sean regains his memory after a head injury. Alternating between the past and the present until the full story emerges. He uses the tools he has learned after years of mental health issues to tell himself his story to piece back together his memories. Some of which he has blocked - and he knows why they must be blocked. T [...]

    10. It’s a Hollywood cliché: the hot and handsome bodyguard. But in the case of LAPD Detective Daniel Moran, it’s all true. Dan is everything Sean ever wanted in a leading man, but Dan’s kind of an old-fashioned guy. It’s his job to keep Sean safe and in one piece — happy is someone else’s problem.As tension mounts, Sean can’t help turning to Dan, while Dan is finding it harder and harder to say no. Their only chance of a happy ending is if Dan can keep Sean alive — but what happens [...]

    11. When I read "The Dark Horse," the first book in the series, it felt like a sequel since we as readers don't see how Dan and Sean initially started their relationship, but in this second book, we finally get details that fill in those gaps. We also move forward to Sean working on the set of The Charioteer, and then back again as he now tries to piece together some missing history (view spoiler)[ due to amnesia (hide spoiler)].So, in conclusion, it's one step forward, one step back, one step to th [...]

    12. 3.5 stars rounded upThis is both a prequel and a sequel to the book The Dark Horse, confused??? Yes I thought I would be too but Josh Lanyon pulled it off and I enjoyed the story very much. Sean is off in Wales shooting a film when he has an accident and suffers a nasty concussion. Dan arrives and he helps Sean work out the recent events he has forgotten and solves the mystery of what happened. So why not more stars? I would have liked to see a little more of Sean and Dan together after they wen [...]

    13. A wonderful and moving sequel/prequel to The Dark Horse. What I loved the most was Lanyon’s respectful and sensitive way to portray beautifully flawed characters, who care for each other deeply and – in very different ways – present strengths and vulnerabilities that define who they are and their relationship’s potential to grow stronger or suffer setbacks, depending on the circumstances. The alternating 1st and 3rd person POVs were not jarring to me, but they reinforced the idea of Sean [...]

    14. While I may not be a rabid fan of Lanyon’s, I’m pretty sure he could write funny witticisms about the phone book and I’d happily buy it. Very few authors could simultaneously write a prequel and a sequel to an existing book and have it work so beautifully as “The White Knight” does. The book starts when Sean is involved in an accident while working on a movie overseas. Suffering from a case of very temporary amnesia, Sean calls out for the first thing he knows is absolutely real and tr [...]

    15. I find this series absolutely delightful!The fact that Sean is so troubled (but extremely sharp-eyed about his flaws) and more than a little harsh towards himself, made the journey very interesting indeed. It was fascinating to get to follow his line of thought and at the same time to feel all the strong emotions he felt. I’ve always admired Josh Lanyon’s skill to write so beautifully and I thought that The Dark Horse and The White Knight had some of the most touching and ravishing scenes an [...]

    16. Was it even possible that I'd enjoy the second enstallment of the Dark Horse series more than the first??? I didn't think so, but now that I'm finished - It's hard to say which I prefer more. I loved the first, Dark Horse, because it was fast, had mystery and the relationship between Sean and Dan was very believable and romantic The White Knight, I started out angry (can't tell without spoiling it), but quickly go sucked up into Lanyon's wonderful suspenseful tale. The relationship between Sean [...]

    17. Short, but great. Two very interesting MCs - especially Sean, who has a lot of issues and some flaws. The story starts with Sean being stalked and Dan protecting him (professionally) - this could have been a cheesy bodyguard story. Fortunately it is not. The way the whole stalking thing was described was very realistic and touching - what it did to the victim e.g.Although it is more a story than a full novel the characters are well developed and it is NOT insta-love.

    18. So, I started reading this right after finishing the first book and the first pages gave me problems. Was this a prequel? Should I have started with this book??? But after reading especially Ami's review I knew what happened here. And although I'm not a fan of flashbacks and normally don't like reading that - here it worked. It took me a bit to get into my reading flow but then I liked the contrast between now and then.And yes, the ending was very endearing.

    19. This one was definitely different with the shifting POVs between 1st and 3rd and then flipping from the present to the past points in the story. Surprisingly it worked perfectly for me. Also,I loved getting to see the beginning of Sean and Dan's relationship, how it fell apart, and how they came back together in the end. Plus a little mystery on the side.

    20. Beautiful. As much as I liked the first, this explained a lot more, going back before the events of the first book, easing us into their relationship more and explaining why they should be together--where the love came from, and taking things about nine months into the future from where the first book left off, where Sean and Dan are going through an even bigger fight than before.The book begins with Sean filming in Wales, falling down stairs and having amnesia, asking for Dan (who's still in th [...]

    21. This book I found delightful. I think somewhere I had read that it was a prequel to The Dark Horse, and while some of the story involves things that occurred before the beginning of The Dark Horse, it's not really a prequel to it. The White Knight can certainly stand on it's own, but I read it shortly after The Dark Horse, and I think to pick up on some of the subtleties of the novel, I'd recommend that.Subtlety, is, in fact the books great strength. That our hero has suffered a head injury as t [...]

    22. I'm going to review this one along with The Dark Horse, as this one is a prequel/sequel to the that one.I think I enjoyed this second one a bit better than the first. I thought that achitectually it was better. At first I was a little the flash-back thing was going to get annoying, but it worked.I'm going to say that while I did enjoy them, neither of these rise to the level of Lanyon's other books. I did not really connect with either character: especially Sean. What seemed inconsistant was tha [...]

    23. I had trouble at first figuring out which was the first book in the series, by summary alone. But as I read "The White Knight" I realised it was not so much a retelling of how Sean and Dan met but more a focus on key moments that made up their relationship.(view spoiler)[I was a little surprised by the first change in POV but the story was so seamlessly woven together between paragraphs, I hardly felt the change as I read on. It was a lovely journey to watch the characters meet, get to know each [...]

    24. Dark Horse #2 The White Knight by Josh Lanyon is a kind of sequel and prequel, all rolled into one. It starts off shortly after the end of The Dark Horse but almost immediately moves into flashbacks of how the two main characters of The Dark Horse met. The beginning of each chapter starts in the present and then moves further along the storyline in the past until the entirety of the prequel is told.I have to say that it was quite brilliantly done! I was almost upset when I read the synopsis of t [...]

    25. The second book to "The Dark Horse".Honestly, despite both books can be read as stand-alones, I prefer them together. In this book Sean has taken his dream role but unfortunately they film in the UK, which means he has to leave Dan for months.The book works with several kinds of flashbacks, some told in 3rd person, some in 1st person and then is still the present. I didn't find it confusing, I thought it always was pretty obvious what happend when.Sean is in the hospital, he fell and has a might [...]

    26. This was a really enjoyable sequel to the first book, The Dark Horse. I don't have much to say about it other than that I liked it, but thought I might give a little warning those who are sensitive to POV issues. This is written in both first person and third person limited, but both are from the POV of the same character and the first person sections flip back and forth between time periods. Neither are written in present tense but we go back and forth between the present and the past. The abru [...]

    27. 4.5 starsI loved the story, but the sectioned POVs, alternating first person and third person POVs were a bit jarring. Perhaps if each of the switches came at a chapter or more or something, it would have bothered me less. I enjoyed this one even more than the first one, lots of backstory for Sean, so much that it breaks my heart just reading about his past. I loved that Lanyon didn't sugarcoat Sean's illness; he was frank, he was honest. He didn't dramatize, and for that alone, it's worth readi [...]

    28. This is a prequel to The Dark Horse. This is a sequel to The Dark Horse. Most authors could not pull this off. Josh Lanyon did so seemingly at ease at least to the reader. The characters, the story and the writing were brilliant. Read The Dark Horse first.

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