The Stationmaster

The Stationmaster Book a best seller in Japan unofficial sales number copies Book won Naoki award for popular fiction in film starred s yakuza film icon Ken Takakura who won a best actor award

  • Title: The Stationmaster
  • Author: Jirō Asada
  • ISBN: 9781421527635
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book a best seller in Japan unofficial sales number 2,190,000 copies Book won Naoki award for popular fiction in 1997 1999 film starred 1970s yakuza film icon Ken Takakura, who won a best actor award at the 1999 Montreal Film Festival for his performance Title film was Japan s submission to the 72nd Academy Awards for Best Foreign L Book a best seller in Japan unofficial sales number 2,190,000 copies Book won Naoki award for popular fiction in 1997 1999 film starred 1970s yakuza film icon Ken Takakura, who won a best actor award at the 1999 Montreal Film Festival for his performance Title film was Japan s submission to the 72nd Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film Included story Love Letter also made into two feature films in 1998 Love Letter and 2001 Failan Several others of author s works made into films, including 2007 s Tsukigami The Haunted Samurai Book marketed in Japan as the book that made millions of Japanese cry L to R Western Style To face the future, sometimes you need a little help from the past An aging railway man facing the closure of his station and the sorrows of his past meets a mysterious young girl who brings an unexpected warmth to the old man s cold and empty days A man who has seen the rough side of life finds comfort in the memory of a wife he never knew A husband and wife struggle to recapture the love they once shared by visiting the movie theater where they met as children And In these eight short stories by award winning author Jiro Asada, flawed characters haunted by loss find love, reconciliation and redemption in the most unexpected places.

    The Station Master Jun , Directed by Jon Olav Stokke With Shane Attwooll, Nadia Cameron Blakey, Christopher Hall, Benjamin Noble The short film is set in s England, about a lonely, dysfunctional Station Master who lives in the middle of nowhere. The Station Agent Dec , A story about a man with dwarfism who s hobby is trainspotting doesn t sound like an inspiring tale, but the Station Agent is a remarkable achievement in making it just that. The Station Masters Rooms At the Station Masters Rooms we offer a huge range of vintage model railway items We provide a friendly knowledgeable service of Gauge and larger Vintage Trains , rolling stock and accessories. The Stationmaster Novel The Stationmaster is the first story of eight in this collection of short stories under that title My copy included an excellent introduction by Margaret Atwood, with The Stationmaster University of Minnesota The stationmaster stood there for a while, but finally went away In the evening of that same day, having attended service at the Church of All the Afflicted, he walked along Liteinaia Street Suddenly a garish droshky dashed by him, and he recognized Minskii seated in it. Stationmaster definition of stationmaster by The Free Define stationmaster stationmaster synonyms, stationmaster pronunciation, stationmaster translation, English dictionary definition of stationmaster n An official in charge of a railroad or bus station or n the senior official in charge of a railway station n a person in charge of a railroad station. Stationmaster Define Stationmaster at Dictionary The stationmaster told us that this was the house, so we came here Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, to Lucy Maud Montgomery There must be in her than shows on the outside, agreed the stationmaster The Youngest Girl in the Fifth Angela Brazil. The Stationmaster Kindle edition by Jiro Asada, Margaret The Stationmaster Kindle Edition by and plays His collection Poppoya The Station Master won the prestigious Naoki Award for popular fiction in The title story, originally published in , was made into an extremely popular film in Product details. The Stationmaster Encyclopedia The stationmaster is described as a man about fifty years of age, still fresh and agile As the stationmaster copies out the traveler s order for fresh horses, the narrator passes the time observing a series of pictures depicting the Biblical parable of the Prodigal Son. Station master The station master or stationmaster is the person in charge of a railway station, particularly in the United Kingdom and many other countries outside North America In the United Kingdom, where the term originated, it is now largely historical or colloquial, with the contemporary term being station manager.

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    1. The Stationmaster by Jiro Asada is a collection of short stories with a common theme of touching miracles. Asada is a former enlisted man in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and now a prolific writer with some seventy novels printed over seventeen years. In the introduction, Margaret Atwood explains that this book sold 2.5 million copies in Japan, a nation of 127 million people. Put into perspective that would equate to 6 million copies in America. That is completely unheard of for a collection [...]

    2. "To combine daily time in all its humble and often harsh detail with the hidden, haunted psyche - how people see themselves from the outside, contrasted with their knowledge of their own wounded inner selves- is a potent achievement. Jirō Asada says that he based much of The Stationmaster on his own life, but in it a great many readers have recognized themselves. And this, perhaps, is the real clue to the popularity of this small but truly remarkable book."- Excerpt from forward by Margaret Atw [...]

    3. Tập hợp bảy truyện ngắn của Jirō Asada về cuộc sống của những con người Nhật. Bảy câu chuyện, bảy cuộc đời khác nhau, nhưng tựu trung lại đều là những giai đoạn khó khăn của cuộc sống. Sự nghiệp. Chồng vợ. Con cái. Ly thân. Tuổi già. Đẩy con người ta đến bờ vực của tuyệt vọng.Cũng nhắc đến tuyệt vọng. Những năm tháng tôi tồn tại còn ít ỏi quá. Cảm xúc thì có nhiều, khó k [...]

    4. This is one of the real benefits of NetGalley and publishers promoting books in this medium. The Stationmaster is the first story of a collection of eight short stories under that title. My ARC included a forward by Margaret Atwood as well as the authors own reflections plus a brief Q & A.The author is Japanese and reads and writes only in his native tongue. Therefore I am so grateful to the work of a translator, Terry Gallagher and Sayuri Kingsbury who have recreated these tales so fluidly [...]

    5. In her introduction to this collection of 8 short stories (which is hugely popular in Japan), Margaret Atwood explains that each of these stories focuses on characters who are 'ordinary' or even lowly, and who experience a miracle of sorts (which sometimes appears in the form of ghosts). This collection was originally published in 1997 but this English translation is only now available.Each of the stories are a little different from the other - "Love Letter" is unexpectedly touching and sad, "De [...]

    6. Review originally published here: girlwithherheadinabook/2My short story collection adventure continued this week with a venture to Japan via The Stationmaster. Coming with a glowing introduction from Margaret Atwood, this is an anthology which was awarded the Naoki Prize and sold 2.5 million copies in Japan which given population size is like an equivalent American book selling 6 million. This doesn’t really happen for short fiction, although to be fair I think the form is more popular in Jap [...]

    7. bookstalkerblog.wordpressIt might not be a style the Western World is used to, but having read a few Japanese to English translations of different authors when I lived in Okinawa, I easily related. The Stationmaster is a beautiful story. Having lived in Okinawa, there is a pride Japanese have in their work and their lives. They put their heart and soul into everything they do and certainly Otomatsu is grieving for his life as a stationmaster. With the loss of a wife and child, the loss of joy hi [...]

    8. I don’t often read short stories, but the ones in this collection are truly excellent. Jiro Asado is one of Japan’s most popular writers and this volume has been a bestseller – very much, I imagine, largely on the strength of the first story out of the eight, The Stationmaster, which has even had a film made from it – the sort of film you need a big box of tissues for if the trailer is anything to go by…Be that as it may, it’s a wonderfully simple story, with a touch of magic realism [...]

    9. ชอบการบรรยายสถานที่ บรรยากาศ การเดินเรื่อง ทุกอย่างเห็นภาพตามไปด้วยหมดเลย ส่วนใหญ่เป็นเรื่องของความสัมพันธ์ โดยเฉพาะในครอบครัว เรื่องราวแต่ละเรื่องอ่านจบไปแล้วก็ยังทำให้เ [...]

    10. One of the best book to read in this cold winter. Look like I am in love with the book when I see the Vietnamese cover and the picture of the movie based on the second chapter. Every chapter is a unique mystic story which is warm and makes us think and think about the value of life.

    11. 看簡介似乎是說看了會感動流淚的故事。但是看完了8篇,沒有一篇有感動到我耶!倒是比較有另類怪談的故事風格

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short stories by Japanese author Jiro Asada. He is a well-known and beloved writer in Japan, but this is my first time reading him. These are, for the most part, stories of magic realism; the supernatural (or the imagined?) makes an appearance in several of them. Underlying many of the stories is a feeling of nostalgia and regret. All of them feature characters who are, above all else, ordinary people in extraordinary situations.My favorites include the fo [...]

    13. I received a preview copy from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review.In The Stationmaster, the award-winning Jiro Asada 'revives a time when men lived like true men, proudly fulfilling their responsibilities. People still honored the dignities in life, and lived for those they cared about, in the spirit of samurai. The devotion of these characters to one another is quiet and reserved, not overtly thought of as love, but in a sense it is. So this is a collection of love s [...]

    14. Pretty good--The overarching theme of this collection of short stories is "heartwarming miracles." True to the theme, many of them are moving, sort of in the way O. Henry's stories make you feel.My favorites were the title story, "The Stationmaster," "Love Letters," "The Bon Festival," and "Bad Santa." Other stories were just OK, I thought.What I miss in Asada's later works is his humor. His early works are filled with funny and moving moments whereas his later works are just moving, even calcul [...]

    15. Melancholic stories with a touch of the supernatural. I took a chance on this, requesting an advance copy on Netgalley and was pleasantly surprised. The collection is apparently a huge succes in Japan and it's easy to understand why. All the protagonists are ordinary people who are in one way or another disappointed with life or missing someone important to them. A bit of magic helps them cope. I haven't read a lot of Japanese contemporary fiction and this collection gives the reader a feel of J [...]

    16. Every one of these Jiro Asada stories are inspirational with a slight supernatural twist. And when I say "slight," I mean tangentially slight. The Devil, for example, doesn't bother to show up in his own eponymous story. And Santa Claus doesn't appear in a story called No-Good Santa. Despite the absence of Satan and St. Nick, this is an excellent collection. Here's hoping that more of the author's work gets translated into English soon.

    17. Stark and concisely written (and translated) - and capable of evoking a mood or memory in that snapshot way that only short stories can. This collection, for me, especially feels like seeing into someone's lighted window for a brief moment when your train passes by. My only drawback, although this was a big one for me, was the overall bleakness of each of these worlds. Beautiful but a serious downer.I received an ecopy from the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    18. I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I didn't really care for most of the stories in this collection, which was a bit surprising for me considering how popular this collection is in Japan. I enjoyed the title story, but I didn't really care for any of the other stories. Most of them just didn't really go anywhere for me.

    19. The first short story was beautiful and touching.As the reading progressed, I realized that each story was very touching, and somewhat depressing.Well written, the author knows how to pull the heartstrings.

    20. Bảy truyện ngắn đều rất đặc sắc, mang đến một sự suy ngẫm về cuộc đời, một cái buồn man mác rất Nhật nhưng cũng có sự lạc quan và gieo hy vọng về tương lai tươi sáng cho người đọc.Tuy nhiên, bản của Nhã Nam còn hạt sạn về chính tả và tên người Nhật chưa đúng thứ tự cũng gây khó chịu cho mình.

    21. 중학교때, 히로스에 료코를 좋아하던 (쌍둥이) 친구때문에 알게 된 작품. 정작 영화에 료코는 30분도 안 나왔던 거 같다.

    22. Atmospheric collection of modern Japanese vignettes dealing with themes such as tradition, loss, and change.

    23. 映画化されたことでも有名な表題作「鉄道員(ぽっぽや)」を含む短編集。家族への思いやりに溢れた泣ける話が中心。読んだ時の自分の年齢によって、共感できる人物が変わりそう。ずっと自分の本棚に置いておいて、十年後、二十年後に改めて読み直したいと思える本。

    24. Excellent reading. Each story sucked me right in, and held me right through. I even took my time between stories so I wouldn't finish the book too fast.

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