Cat Burglar Black

Cat Burglar Black K Westree Teen Cat BurglarWhen K Westree arrivse at Bellsong Academy she thinks she s left her cat burgling past behind her But K soon discovers the school has a mystery of its own a hidden treasure

  • Title: Cat Burglar Black
  • Author: Richard Sala
  • ISBN: 9781596431447
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • K Westree Teen Cat BurglarWhen K Westree arrivse at Bellsong Academy, she thinks she s left her cat burgling past behind her But K soon discovers the school has a mystery of its own, a hidden treasure left behind by its founder, and she s the only one who has a hope of finding it As she resumes her cat burgling in an attempt to discover the school s secrets, K beginK Westree Teen Cat BurglarWhen K Westree arrivse at Bellsong Academy, she thinks she s left her cat burgling past behind her But K soon discovers the school has a mystery of its own, a hidden treasure left behind by its founder, and she s the only one who has a hope of finding it As she resumes her cat burgling in an attempt to discover the school s secrets, K begins to question if a normal life is really what she wants.

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    1 thought on “Cat Burglar Black”

    1. Cat Burglar Black is Richard Sala lite - a mystery for all ages, not as weird and deranged as his other stuff. To be sure, we encounter various spooky locations and shady characters, but the overall tone is not as outlandish as you would expect from Sala. Still, the mystery is masterfully developed, as the reader constantly feels there might be more to a situation or a character than meets the eye. I was just a bit underwhelmed with the rather uninspired way things were resolved in the end.

    2. The book follows the story of a young girl - "K" - who goes to a strange town where she is told to burgle a number of residents whose houses contain paintings which if collected together will reveal a secret of buried treasure. But as K sees her friends being picked off on these dangerous missions, she begins questioning the direction of her troubled life and tries to find out about what really happened to her parents. This is the first Richard Sala which is in colour, bringing to life the usual [...]

    3. The clever mystery that forms this graphic novel is greatly enhanced by the visuals. Normally I am not a fan of diffuse colors and irregular lines, but in this case it totally worked! Sala's coloring and lettering slowly shift, conforming to the plot the way a shadow conforms to changing light sources.I wish Sala had gone more in depth into the characterse reader is left with the initial intrigue without resolution or explanation. It seemed to me that every persona had a neat back story that was [...]

    4. K. is the new girl at Bellsong Academy for Girls, a mysterious boarding school owned by her aunt. K.'s never met her aunt, she's an orphan who until recently was part of a gang of thieves led by the evil Mother Claude. She was Mother Claude's star performer, perhaps because of her gymnastic abilities inherited from her trapeze artist father.But things are not right at Bellsong Academy, either. K.'s aunt lies swathed in bandages (why does that make me suspicious?), and the teachers have a plan fo [...]

    5. A little disappointed with this one, I enjoyed it but it is nowhere near as good as Delphine which I found to be darkly magical. It was an interesting story, teenage cat burglars being forced to steal some mysterious paintings, but the execution was not creepy or suspenseful. There is a level of strangeness but not enough to stir any level of emotion from the reader. I enjoyed the characters and setting but everything felt very underdeveloped and the ending felt very rushed. Overall, good not gr [...]

    6. "Cat Burglar Black" is a crime graphic novel. It tells the story of an orphaned teenage girl nicknamed "K". As a young girl, K was raised in an orphanage. The orphan's matron was very greedy and raised the orphans to be thieves to steal things for her. Later, K is invited to attend the "Bellsong Academy", an academy for exceptional young ladies. At the school, K meets other girls who were having trouble 'fitting in' like her. Mrs. Turtledove, the headmistress of the school, asks the girls to ste [...]

    7. Summary:Katherine Westree, who goes by "K", has been an orphan since she was young and grew up in a home under the "care" of a cruel woman named Mother Claude who taught and forced children to steal. K with unique talents herself is invited by an aunt she didn't know she had to live at Bellsong Academy For Girls. But this is no ordinary school, because these girls are "exceptional young ladies" skilled in acrobatics, stealth and theft. The school is run by a group called "The Obtainers." Their g [...]

    8. Richard Sala’s books are eerie, mysterious, offbeat, and full of quirky humor. Cat Burglar Black is one of his only graphic novels that may be deemed appropriate for all ages. It is also one of his most attractive looking books. His highly original drawings appear throughout in rich watercolor dyes that have never looked better.The story, divided into five chapters, is probably the closest thing in form to a Lemony Snicket novel in graphic form. Terrible things have happened to the main charac [...]

    9. This is an odd little graphic novel--Edward Gorey meets Nancy Drew via Charles Dickens, in a way. Cat has been raised as part of a band of children forced to be thieves, and thus is a trained cat burglar. When she is freed from that life, she goes to join an aunt at an exclusive school that turns out to be so exclusive there are only three other pupils--all of them cat burglars, and Cat is forced into the same life she left, though now with a purpose--treasure hunting.You never do find out what [...]

    10. K's parents died when she was young. The orphanage she was raised in doubled as a training ground for pickpockets, and K was a top student until the place burned to the ground. Now, she's been sent to the private school her aunt owns, only to find that it too doubles as a training ground for thieves. She and the other three girls at the school have been recruited to rob three paintings from eccentric and wealthy owners, because each holds a clue to a larger puzzle.Cat Burglar Black was written f [...]

    11. What a devilishly divine caper! K. has been raised in an orphanage by a wicked woman who has trained the children to be master thieves and pickpockets when one day she receives a call from a long lost aunt to come live with her at a rundown boarding school. K arrives and meets 3 other girls who seem to come from similar circumstances as her and the teens are encouraged to continue their thievery working for a secret organization. I loved this book! The story is fast-paced, a little over-the-top [...]

    12. Meh. This GN of a teenage loner trained in the art of theft who is joining an exclusive boarding school for "exceptional" young ladies had promise but ultimately failed to engage me on an emotional level. I liked the art, the color and the action sequences, but there was too much telling of the main character's background instead of showing and I wanted a deeper characterization of the protagonist. Also, the dialogue was a little stiff. The ending is left wide open for a sequel, so we'll see

    13. Richard Sala writing for all ages a mystery, not all that well conceived, executed okay. Have to see how my kids like it but I just thought it was okay. Girl as main character with thief/acrobat skills spooky house but felt to me sort of superficial, really, when I think of other "younger" books and the complexity they go for with this audience.

    14. Cat Burglar Black By Richard Sala No awardsGrades: 4-5 Summary: K was an orphan who was abused by her matron and trained to be a pickpocket. K gets invited to a boarding school by her Aunt/headmistress that she didn't know she had. The school is very strange and it seems like everyone is keeping a secret.Review: This a harder graphic novel, story-wise, and vocal-wise. It’s in full color which is very cool. This one is also geared more towards girls but it doesn't have girly themes. It gets qui [...]

    15. Not my favourite style of drawing in this work but the story more than made up for it. K grew up in a orphanage, trained to be a burglar but finally feels set free as she's moved to live with an aged aunt she's never met. Unfortunately, she's been duped by a secret society who use her to continue thieving.

    16. There was nothing actually wrong with this, but it is very much a children's book and a little too simple for me. I have no idea why it was in the young adult section at my library, but it really shouldn't have been.

    17. A fun, quick story—reminded me a little of Enid Blighton. A cool kids’ story. It ended in a way that made me think there’s got to be a next part.

    18. K. (Katherine) Westree, an orphan from an early age, was raised by Mother Claude – a terrible woman who turned all of her charges into a pack of thieves, teaching them to pick pockets and work a crowd. Later, K. and the other orphans were transferred to other places (reform schools, juvenile detention centers) where K. became a model pupil. Now she’s been invited to live with her aunt Vivian at Bellsong – a former school for girls – that’s being run by a secret society. They claim that [...]

    19. I like pretty much everything Richard Sala does. I like his art and love his themes, and this doesn't disappoint in either of those respects. It's not as grotesque or horrific as some of his other works, and I think it was far too short. The first issue/chapter was a huge info dump of exposition. If this were a longer series or graphic novel, I think that could have been done much better. It has the setup of "young orphan arrives at mysterious new boarding school" but then instead of exploring h [...]

    20. (Graphic Novel) This book is about a girl who finds herself caught up in a ring of thieves. Very intriguing and wonderful illustrations. Loved the ending.

    21. I wanted to like this more (it's about a school that trains cat burglars!), but I mostly found the story predictable, and K, the heroine, as thick and dull as a dried paste. It takes her forever to put together the "secrets" that I figured out within a few pages. Maybe this would be okay if this graphic novel was for little kids instead of teens, but it felt too simple all the same. Also, the ending perplexed me. There are a few other girls at the school who search for the hidden treasure with K [...]

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