Boy Toy

Boy Toy Josh Mendel has a secret Unfortunately everyone knows what it is Five years ago Josh s life changed Drastically And everyone in his school his town seems like the world thinks they understand But t

  • Title: Boy Toy
  • Author: Barry Lyga
  • ISBN: 9780547076348
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • Josh Mendel has a secret Unfortunately, everyone knows what it is Five years ago, Josh s life changed Drastically And everyone in his school, his town seems like the world thinks they understand But they don t they can t And now, about to graduate from high school, Josh is still trying to sort through the pieces First there s Rachel, the girl he thought he d lostJosh Mendel has a secret Unfortunately, everyone knows what it is Five years ago, Josh s life changed Drastically And everyone in his school, his town seems like the world thinks they understand But they don t they can t And now, about to graduate from high school, Josh is still trying to sort through the pieces First there s Rachel, the girl he thought he d lost years ago She s back, and she s determined to be part of his life, whether he wants her there or not.Then there are college decisions to make, and the toughest baseball game of his life coming up, and a coach who won t stop pushing Josh all the way to the brink And then there s Eve Her return brings with it all the memories of Josh s past It s time for Josh to face the truth about what happened If only he knew what the truth was .

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    1. There's no way to review this book without spoilers. Read at your own risk, folks. (view spoiler)[Josh was sexually abused by his history teacher, Evelyn Sherman, when he was twelve, for months. It's five years later, and he's still haunted by what happened, even though the teacher went to jail. He gets straight A's, does well playing baseball, but his personal life is nonexistent. The only person he trusts is his best friend Zik, because Zik never asks about what happened. And that's good, beca [...]

    2. I was molested. When I was twelve. And everyone else in the world knew it except for me.*minor spoiler details ahead*One little phrase - one big revelation. How different could Josh's life had been, had he realized this sooner?No one ever said, "He was wrong, Josh. You're not a little fucking perv."Boy Toy was a study in the aftereffects of abuse. Written in both present tense, as well as in flashbacks, we see one young man's life fall apart before our eyes over a period of five years. This isn' [...]

    3. This was probably one of the most disgusting books I've ever read. Keep in mind, I like Barry Lyga. The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl was really awesome. Goth Girl Rising wasn't my cup of tea, but I figured that bad weighed the good and all was well, still. But this? Just disgusting. Not really in a bad way, either. Well, actually, yes, in a bad way. Okay, you're probably saying "Jesus Lady, you're reading a book about child molestation and you want bubblegum and flowers?", but [...]

    4. This was a hard book to rate, because it was fascinating to read and was very well-written and structured, and yet it's not a book that I really enjoyed. Even though I like the fact that the author writes very frankly and convincingly puts us into a teenage boy's head (he also does a great job of showing the grooming process as well as Josh's reaction to Eve), some of the flashbacks (and a few too many flickers) bordered a bit too much on the gratuitous side for my taste. The truth is that sexua [...]

    5. I disliked reading Boy Toy so much that I don't think I can rate its overall quality. I had to force myself to finish reading it, and then by the neatly-wrapped-up ending I didn't feel any less uncomfortable. So all thoughts below say more about my gut reaction than how good the book is. Other reviews have already discussed the plot, so I'll leave that alone. Here are the things that I found hardest to deal with, and I think several of them may be related to Josh's narrative voice.First, both th [...]

    6. At the outset, any reader of Boy Toy should know that the content is disturbing. In the wake of the outbreak of child molestations involving female teachers and their male students, Barry Lyga set out to create a titillating and thought-provoking young adult novel about the ripped-from-the-headlines subject. He fails at the latter and only mildly succeeds with the former.But the topic is never quite as disturbing as Lyga probably intended. The disturbing aspect of this book is how quickly it fal [...]

    7. This book was disturbing and super compelling. I seriously could not put it down. The story starts when Josh is 18. He's messed up. No, I mean really messed up. When he was 12, his history teacher sexually abused him. And what's worse? Her detailed confession made its way on to the internet and Josh is sure that all of his classmates and teachers know exactly what he did with her. And what's WORSE? Mrs. Sherman is getting out of jail. Early. Right now. Because of the abuse, Josh made a mistake w [...]

    8. Review from Way Too Hot Books"I was molested. When I was twelwe.And everyone in the world knew it except for me."I am left speechless. This story is real and unforgettable. It isn't a story about the forbidden teacher/student love that many fantisize about, this story is the realism behind what actually goes into the waters of female teacher to male student molestation, down the path of pedophilia.Writing is so realistic that sometimes I had a feeling that I was in the room with Mrs. Sherman and [...]

    9. Boy Toy is probably the best of Barry Lyga's work I've ever read, but it's very overdramatic and hardly plausible for most of the book.

    10. I was surprised at what a great read this is. Honestly I was a bit sceptical, I don't like YA written by guys, as a general rule. Too jock-y, too jokey, too hearty, too hokey. They don't usually have an emotional component that resonates with me. But this one completely had a powerful and intense impact on me. Also it's from 2007, and I've been trying to keep up with new stuff, but this felt fresh and new, even though student/teacher affair stories are hardly even news anymore. Remember Mary Kay [...]

    11. Ugh, some parts were just so well done, they managed to pull off a sensitive narrative without overdoing it and going into torture-porn territory.Unfortunately, this whole, "SUDDENLY MY GIRLFRIEND FIXED EVERYTHING AND I SLIPPED HER MY PORK SWORD LIKE NO TOMORROW JUST HOURS AFTER A PAINFUL CONFRONTATION WITH MY RAPIST" was completely, irredeemably stupid (as well as damaging). I really, really freakin' hate the "love overcomes everything, even difficult psychological issues" crap. Rachel is a cru [...]

    12. HOLY FUCK!! This book was disturbing, beautiful, awesome, amazing. I stayed up until 4 in the morning reading this. And I had to catch a plane at8. But god it was worth it!

    13. Speak vs. Boy Toy: Sexual Assault Narratives in YA LiteratureAt the heart of young adult literature is the balance to present stories that both cater to a teen’s desire for escapist fantasy and tangible realism. However, as research in the field has focused on in recent years, literature targeted at young adults has become increasingly more serious in subject and tone. Choosing to forego the cliché “happy-go-lucky” nature of fluff that discusses dating, parties, and other mis-adventures a [...]

    14. This book is disturbing. It's about a teacher who seduces a 12 year old boy and of course he blames himself and suffers from the aftermath of this which is UNFAIR.I wanted to send Margo from Marrow to this book. The thing is, if it's a woman molesting a younger boy, a lot of people don't think it's as big a deal, but hurting a child is wrong. Children need trustworthy adults to guide them and help them so for this complete TWUNT to do this to this kidAnd the parents were rather stupid for not go [...]

    15. I am horrendously lazy.I did intend to rewrite this review by typing it out on my laptop, but meh. Scanning is so much faster. If you're interested, my thoughts are here. Good luck deciphering them. (Although I do like to think I have a pretty neat handwriting.) If you can't properly see what I've written, just save and zoom.The mistakes - there must be some, though I can't be fucked to check - are there because I wrote this while watching HP#7 pt. I.

    16. I told myself I wouldn't start blabbing off about books I read pre-2011 while I still had VERY IMPORTANT READING and SCHOOLWORK to get done, but Mello's review (which I would link to if I knew how) inflamed a lot of my old feelings about this book.The key problem was this:What do you do with a book whose central point you agree with 100% in principle, but whose execution you wholly disagree with?Such was my problem with Boy Toy.At its core, I thought Boy Toy and I were about to embark on the kin [...]

    17. I related to this book far more than I'd like. Baby spoilers to follow.The best part of the book was undoubtedly this:========“Why, Eve?” My voice trembles. I try to force it steady, but I can’t. My cheeks are wet and I wonder where the hell those tears came from. “Why, Eve? Why did you do it? Why?”She’s crying too, great wracking sobs that shake her entire body and send streams down her face.“Why, Eve? Goddamn it, I’ve been waiting forever to know. Why did you do it? Why did you [...]

    18. Rating B+Review There was so much I liked about this book and only a little bit that I didn't like (but it's a pretty major thing).What I did like: the seduction by the teacher (which, I believe, is actually called "grooming" when it comes to child molestation) scenes are done really tastefully and are told from Josh's POV and are so eye-opening. That sounds weird to say, and you might think, 'Why would you want to have your eyes opened to that?' And I guess the reason I found this book so fabul [...]

    19. Women, don't get jobs, your kids will get molested. Duh. Money-making and independence is for gentlemen!Ahem. As far as readability goes, I soared through this book. Lyga's really good at that. Unfortunately, Lyga is also really good at misogyny. Just because the woman at the crux of your story (and I'd even argue that, as Rachel is significant too) was a molester, not every woman has to be terrible or the kind of male fantasy that doesn't really exist.Speaking of Rachel, I wavered a lot on her [...]

    20. "Boy Toy" is one of the most eye opening books I've read in a while, though I'm very sure that this will not be a book for anyone and everyone to read. I thought it was very well done account on the issue of child molestation, told from the perspective of an eighteen year old boy reflecting back on his sexual relationship with one of his former teachers when he was only twelve years old. I'll admit in part that I didn't know what to expect coming into this story, but now that I've finished it, I [...]

    21. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooIn BOY TOY, author Barry Lyga takes readers on an incredible journey into a world that, for some, like main character Josh Mendel, is all too real. Josh's life was changed at age twelve when his teacher took the role of educator far beyond the limits of acceptable behavior. Lyga's story does not cut corners or mince words. He is straightforward and direct in telling Josh's story. His graphic descriptions may have earned him criticism, b [...]

    22. This was a frank, realistic look at an very under-explored, misunderstood topic. I was extremely impressed by how deftly Lyga handled this; so many people romanticize child molestation when it’s a woman who is the offender. There is none of that in this story. You get to see how the abuse affected Josh, his parents and his friends, and you even gain some understanding of Eve (nice symbolic name there)'s motivations.

    23. I really wanted to like this book, because there aren't a lot of good titles out there looking at teen male victims of sexual abuse. However, I found it to be scattered, with too many plot threads, and an overly neat and unrealistic ending.Josh is a senior in high school, into baseball and hoping his excellent grades will get him into the college of his choice, but he's also stuck in an endless loop of revisiting what happened to him when he was in seventh grade, and his history teacher, Eve, se [...]

    24. Powerful doesn't begin to describe BOY TOY by Barry Lyga. It is the story of Josh, a young man that was involved in an inappropriate relationship with his teacher five years ago. Barry Lyga does an amazing job showing the impact this event has on Josh's life. Relationships with his parents, kids at school, and teachers are changed forever.There is one relationship that hasn't changed much since the incident. Zik is Josh's best friend and he has stood by him through everything. He doesn't push Jo [...]

    25. I guess I'm in the minority, but I hated this book. Hated the dialogue, which seemed stilted and unrealistic. Hated the unbelievable framing structure for the flashbacks (he's telling all of these details to Rachel? I doubt it) and the therapist sections that show up at random. Hated the boring, meandering scenes set in the present. Hated the graphic, uncomfortable scenes set in the past. (I can understand why the author decided to write them from the main character's perspective, in the way tha [...]

    26. I had to read this one after all of the discussion on the sex and objectionable content. It's about a boy who had a sexual relationship with a female teacher in middle school. He's now in high school and is still having a hard time getting past it and his guilt, because he thinks he ruined her life, rather than realizing he was molested. With all of the cases that have surfaced lately, it's good to have a book with a boy in this circumstance, rather than a girl.

    27. When I saw Barry Lyga's bulletin on MySpace about getting a copy of the ARC for his newest book, I jumped on it. And I jumped right in without reading any of the blurbs. Which I generally tend to do if a book grabs me in its first sentence. So by the time I realized where it was all headed, it was too late to stop or go back or put it down. Because it's a great story. And I give unending kudos to Barry for writing it. And I know there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be up in arm [...]

    28. I have a mixed bag of feelings about this one. On one hand, Barry Lyga is a talented author (I love his "I Hunt Killers" trilogy and I'm waited with bated breath for the final instalment) who isn't afraid to tackle difficult subject matter that other authors shy away from. He isn't afraid to display the grittier aspects of Eve and Josh's twisted relationship, though it does flirt with explicit aspects at times. Luckily for us Lyga isn't crude enough to describe every detail, though there's enoug [...]

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