Dragonsdawn Deadly spores threaten the human colony of Pern unless the colonists with help from geneticist Kitti Ping can develop fire breathing dragons to combat the menace

  • Title: Dragonsdawn
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey
  • ISBN: 9780345419569
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deadly spores threaten the human colony of Pern unless the colonists, with help from geneticist Kitti Ping, can develop fire breathing dragons to combat the menace.

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      307 Anne McCaffrey
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    1. As a child, this was one of my favourite Pern novels, and I can see why.I can also see why I don't still read Pern. The strengths, as with a lot of SF, lie mainly in the ideas. The excitement of interstellar colonisation, the hints at a broader future beyond the limits of the Rukbat system, the dragons, and above all the visceral horror of Thread, which at times is really skin-crawling (and saying 'skin-crawling' makes me think about Thread again, and now my skin's crawling). When the book swing [...]

    2. Okay, yeah, I still love this one. I have to not think about science or villain!logic or much of anything at all, but I love this book. I'm still not sure how Pernese society got from here to what we see in Lessa's time (other than twenty-five hundred years of increasingly feudal society, but damn), but a lot of the, hm, cultural(?) issues I have upon adult rereadings of the Pern books (women are only good for breeding except in rare cases and even if they're kind of useful we hate it when they [...]

    3. This is one of my all time favorite Pern novels. It tells the story of how people came to Pern to colonize the planet, how the first appearance of Thread almost destroyed them and the measures they took to survive. It is a wonderful story that includes the creation of the Dragons from the fire lizards, some of the top people that locations were named after, and a view of how a lot of the culture and traditions began. I love the science that is included in this book, but I don't think it is so "s [...]

    4. I think this is my favorite of all the Pern books. It's especially satisfying to read after the original trilogy - it explains how things got they way they did. It's fascinating to reflect on what would cause a high-technology, space travelling society to revert to a feudalistic state.

    5. Confession: this one is a re-read for me. However, I started reading McCaffery in my teens, and I suspect I was about 20 when I read this one. I figure that 20 years or so down the road still counts as "reading". I must say that time gives perspective; I recall thoroughly enjoying McCaffery in my teens, and being entranced by her world of dragons that were more than simply goad-hoarding, fire-breathing monsters. Looking back now, I suspect that on some level, my enjoyment came out of the fact th [...]

    6. This is the story of how people came to Pern, the discovery of threadfall, and the genesis of the dragons.The first 47 pages of this book contained some of the most boring sentences that I have ever read. The entire time they are on the spaceship, I didn't care. I can sum up the first 47 pages for you right now: A bunch of colonists get in a spaceship and fly far enough away that there is only enough fuel for it to be a one way trip. As they approach Pern they start waking everybody out of hyper [...]

    7. Anne McCaffrey is my mom's all-time favorite author, so she pushed this book onto me. I knew this was not the first book in the series, but she assured me that it shouldn't matter. This book takes place in the beginning of the timeline, with the people traveling to and colonizing Pern. I still had a hard time getting into it. There were so many characters for me to keep track of and there wasn't a whole lot happening at parts. I get the feeling that those who read the other books would not have [...]

    8. I love this book sooooo much. I love Sorka and Sean so much. I didn't forget that that, but it's been years and years since I read it, so I was primed to fall in love all over again. I listened to it as an audiobook, which is usually something that takes me a while to get through, but I did not want to stop listening.(It does not entirely hold up to the test of time, though. McCaffrey's non-hero women aren't portrayed in the best light. And the science and tech is now dated.)

    9. When the colonists first landed on the untouched, uninhabited world of Pern, they thought they had finally found the place they soughta tranquil, serene new world that would allow them to create their own civilization, far away from the reaches of war and corruption that scarred their old worlds. As they threw themselves completely into the creation of the new colony, they were unaware that they were about to face an enemy more sinister than they could have anticipated. Several years after their [...]

    10. As colonist settle the new planet they call Pern they run into several obstacles. First is a space parasite they will call thread that destroys all organic material. Then they have settled in a volcano zone. To counter thread the settlers will bio-engineer flying dragons. This is a great read.

    11. Dragonsdawn is the first of the Dragonriders of Pern books in all of chronology and covers the colonists arrival at Pern and their settlement of the planet and the realisation that Pern is in the path what will become known as Thread! :DRight from the beginning of Dragonsdawn we get to see a host of names and characters that are famous from the books previous Pern books written before Dragonsdawn, though set later, that are recognisable immediately which gives us an insight straight away into so [...]

    12. Dragonsdawn is one of the best Pern books I have read so far. Even with that it's still 3 stars, as the series does show its age. In terms of series order with what book happened first in the timeline, Dragonsdawn, as its name suggests is at the very beginning.Dragonsdawn describes the first colonists on Pern and their discovery of the disastrous Thread, and the development of telepathic Thread-fighting dragons. It is focused more on action, rather than character development.It's interesting tha [...]

    13. Disclaimer: this is my first Pern book. So if the whole point of it is supposed to be in inside jokes about the world of Pern and casual explanations of the little details of the world-building of the other books, then I've missed it. This is going to be a review of the book as a standalone.My overall impression is a decided "Meh". The world-building is okay. There's a certain levity of tone and plot I found entertaining. The details of the creation of the dragons are fine. And that's about it. [...]

    14. RE-READ: Dragons and Jetpacks Buddy ReadI don't think that I can fully express my love for this book and for the world of Pern in general. Every time I read one of Anne's Pern books I am overcome with an inexpressible longing for dragons to be real and to 'impress' one. In fact, I think I would even be happy with fire-lizards instead of being the crazy old cat lady, I would be the crazy old dragon lady, but you know, that would be ok, because I would have dragons in my life :DI find Anne's story [...]

    15. This is a re-read -- I burned my way through all the Dragonriders books in high school and absolutely loved them, regardless of the fact that McCaffrey is (should I say was? I was really sad when she died) only fair-to-middling at crafting prose. She is a great world-builder though, and I loved this book especially because (spoiler alert) of the reveal that the Pern books are science fiction and not high fantasy (which you could easily be forgiven for believing after the vaguely medieval feel of [...]

    16. Заря драконов-это не совсем про тот Перн, к которому я привыкла по прошлым книгам. Это еще девственная планета, на которую высадилис колонисты с Земли. Они еще ничего не знают ни о Нитях, ни об Алой звезде, ни о Прохождениях. Они заняты исследованием новой планеты, установкой [...]

    17. I've been wanting to reread this series for a while and I have finally started the fantastic journey again! <3 I prefer to read the series chronologically so I start with this book then move into the main arc.These books get better every time I read them. They seem to get deeper as I better understand them as I get older.This book is fantastic if you've read the story before as you can really pick up on all the connections in the other books and you finally get a history to the world of Pern. [...]

    18. Dragonsdawn is a prequel of sorts and I guess to an extend is suffers from the problems many of these books almost inevitably run in to. The outcome is known, the solution to the threat the colony faces is obvious, the colonists' loss of their technological base a certainty. I guess that problem is what really tips the scale for me. Compared to Dragonsflight, McCaffrey's writing has matured a lot but with a more or less predictable story and the book's tendency to jump from one character to the [...]

    19. I actually wanted to like this book. I've heard some good things about the Pern series and Anne McCaffrey over the years. Unfortunately, this prequel to the original Dragonriders of Pern books is nothing if not uninteresting. The plot is good: it is the story of the early colonists as they land on Pern and their adaptation to the new planet. Sadly, McCaffrey's writing is often plodding, many if not most of the characters are uninteresting and don't rise above two-dimensions, and the few exciting [...]

    20. This is the single most important book in my entire personal library because this is the one that introduced me to Anne McCaffrey's wondrous world of Pern. When I had first picked up this book, it was near the top of a stack of books I had sitting beside my bed. The stack started at books I thought I would find less interesting and proceeded downward to those I thought would be more to my new-to-the-fantasy-genre taste. I could not have been more wrong.Treasured perhaps above any of my books is [...]

    21. Having recently finished 'The White Dragon', in which the current residents of Pern have just uncovered an area formerly settled in the distant past, this was a good follow-up. I enjoyed learning why and how the first settlers came to Pern, and to get the back-story filled in. I was disappointed in how many great characters got killed off willy-nilly, often so abruptly whacked and forgotten that it made my head spin. I feel like many of the characters set up to be major ones in subsequent books [...]

    22. A good, solid space opera/new colony story. It's interesting how some of the sci fi still feels fresh, but some of it is so dated (book tapes! Dials on the shuttle!). And introducing Earth flora and fauna seems like a really bad idea, ecology-wise. What if you ruin the planet? You purposefully set it up so there's no way off! McCaffrey seems to make a point of address many of the issues of the first Pern books (lack of women in positions of authority, sexism, lack of POCs), which makes sense bec [...]

    23. I enjoyed re-reading this tale about the original settlement of Pern. It's an interesting twist to go back in Pernese time and yet forward in ours.I thrilled with the first Impression, the first flight, the first going between, the first fight against Thread. I loved seeing where some of he Pernese place-names came from.Like many Pern books, it's pretty plot-driven, without much in-depth character development. This book perhaps even more so because it covers such a span of years. I was seriously [...]

    24. Rereading Moreta and Nerilka made me want to start at the beginning again--Dragonsdawn holds up just as well as those two, I think. And it's a lot more science fiction than the chronologically later books in the series, which feel more like science fantasy at times. This sets up all the history of the colonists and their initial arrival and settlement on Pern, including the genetic engineering of the dragons, as the title suggests.

    25. I might have rated it higher, but it is hard to tell. Between vast numbers of interruptions, and finding out I'd read some bit out of order, all I can say is that it seemed like a good book, and I wish I'd actually gotten to read it. I intend to go back to this one - after the last kids move out and the dogs (hopefully) go with them. ;-)

    26. Another fine tale. This one addressed the questions of how the population got their start and how the dragons came into being. The characters have depth and are interesting. The narration is excellent and I would recommend this series to anyone. I really think that readers who have already read the Pern series would appreciate these audio versions.

    27. I love Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Rider series. I always recommend people begin with Dragonsdawn and then just knock yourself out! Her son is doing a fabulous job with the series. I'm so happy the legacy will carry on when Ms. McCaffrey is gone.

    28. I don't know how many times I've read this and the other dragon books. It feels like going home every time I read one of them, whether it's one of the original ones or prequels.

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