Oppdageren Ombord p Colin Archer sk yta Voyager som seiler gjennom Sognefjorden arbeider en gruppe unge mennesker p et prosjekt som skal kartlegge fjordene stedene naturen folket og deres kultur og historie

  • Title: Oppdageren
  • Author: Jan Kjærstad
  • ISBN: 9788203191343
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ombord p Colin Archer sk yta Voyager, som seiler gjennom Sognefjorden, arbeider en gruppe unge mennesker p et prosjekt som skal kartlegge fjordene, stedene, naturen, folket og deres kultur og historie Et av gruppens medlemmer er Kristin, datter av TV personligheten Jonas Wergeland, som ogs er ombord, nylig l slatt etter ha sonet flere r for drapet p sin kone GjennOmbord p Colin Archer sk yta Voyager, som seiler gjennom Sognefjorden, arbeider en gruppe unge mennesker p et prosjekt som skal kartlegge fjordene, stedene, naturen, folket og deres kultur og historie Et av gruppens medlemmer er Kristin, datter av TV personligheten Jonas Wergeland, som ogs er ombord, nylig l slatt etter ha sonet flere r for drapet p sin kone Gjennom denne rammefortellingen f lges Jonas liv opp Boken knytter ogs forbindelser mellom naturen, menneskesinnet og kj rligheten, med perspektiv ut i det n re verdensrommet der de ytre planeter og deres m ner bekrefter hvordan alt henger sammen, om enn p et g tefullt vis.

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      156 Jan Kjærstad
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    1. as the kids say: OMFG.i am sitting here, stunned BY A BOOK!! it's like all of a sudden, everything in my life makes sense. although,it was probably a good idea to take a break to read under the dome right in the middle of this trilogy. i was, quite frankly, getting a little sick of jonas wergeland, and the pause was useful in giving me some much-needed space from his claustrophobic life. plus, the contrast certainly did not hurt kjaerstad. it's just that jonas wergeland is a character packed to [...]

    2. Oppdageren (The Discoverer in English) is the third and concluding volume of the trilogy that starts with Forføreren. Since the three volumes form a tightly-knit whole, it makes most sense to review the whole series, which is one of the most powerful, moving, original novels I've read in years. It's staggeringly inventive and daring, and it's not just displaying post-modernist cleverness for its own sake. Quite the contrary. The book has a burning desire to reach out to you, touch you, and chan [...]

    3. Back in early summer I started reading this trilogy. In my head I had a perfect plan. I gave each of the first two books roughly a week to be read, and when I finished the second book the third one would be arriving in the store. I'd finish The Conquerer and that day, or maybe the next copies of The Discoverer would rise up from the stores basement, I'd buy the book and read it immediately. Like all perfect plans this one went to shit. The Discoverer was delayed in coming out by a few months, so [...]

    4. Why are the books that seep down deepest and saturate our core the very ones that prove most difficult to review? Deleted review after deleted review. Will this be the one I finally release with minimal regret? Why do I feel so compelled to write a review for this anyway when I’ve never felt so much terror at the prospect of failure? Because, this is one of those books. It needs to be read, no matter how far my fumbling fingers fall short of doing it justice.The Discoverer is a work of art inc [...]

    5. Maybe this whole 3 volumes, 1200 pages is a case of beware of low-flying sperm. I won’t deny having my suspicion that many years from now I may think I failed a basic IQ test.But it’s now and I don’t think that. So this is how to start. Go here and listen to this: youtube/watch?v=nECoA- The reason we are starting here is that young boy Jonas thinks if there is one thing to take to the extra-terrestrial Vegans to make them think well of human-kind it is this. Jim Reeves singing ‘I love yo [...]

    6. updated Aug 23rd 2012not quite currently reading, but about to, when my holiday begins (tomorrow)ading on Woolacombe beach, or when it's too wet or foggy in the apartment above W. beach. So glad I bought my iPOd cuz I needed to listen to 'Rubber Soul' while reading, and of course have all the Beatles including most bootlegs on it. Even listened to Michelle and What Goes On which I normally skip. Of course 'Girl', 'The Word', and especially 'Norwegian Wood' are the most relevant tracks in relatio [...]

    7. Reading The Discoverer is like getting the gift of perceiving a person's inner dialogue, that never-ending discourse running through our minds, changing as we see or smell or hear something different, recall events and people, get ideas which travel to other ideas, all the while praising, criticizing, blaming, feel guilt. The result is an exhilirating roller coaster ride not only inside Jonas's head, but also of the scenery he is mentally or actually viewing. Kjaerstad, the author, or, rather, J [...]

    8. Description: Jonas Wergeland has served his sentence for the murder of his wife Margrete. He is a free man again, but will he ever be free of his past?The third volume of Jan Kjærstad’s award-winning trilogy finds Jonas aboard the Voyager, a small boat exploring the reaches of the great Sognefjord in Western Norway. Also on board, are four young people engaged in a multi-media project to chart all aspects of the fjord – its geography, people, and history. But, like the space probe the boat [...]

    9. Jan Kjærstad er næsten et fortidsminde, en duft fra ungdommen, og jeg kan på ingen måde gengive, hvad hans trilogi handler om eller i hvilken rækkefølge. Hvad jeg til gengæld kan, er ihukomme den grådige følelse af at inhalere alle tre bøger i en kæderygende tåge af vellyst. De var fremragende skrevet, og jeg ringer nok snart på Jonas Wergelands dør igen.

    10. I accidentally skipped book two of this trilogy and went straight to this finale. Will probably read the second at some point. Main character Jonas Wergeland is a complex and intriguing mixture of self-centered, egoist but with a lot of self-awareness and recognition of his own flaws. He is the creator of a pioneering Norwegian TV series profiling some of Norway's most accomplished and influential historical and cultural figures. Each of the 20+ episodes of this Thinking Big explored one of thes [...]

    11. Discoverer is a remarkable book - one I got myself completely taken with. It is the final part of a trilogy, and though reading the last part of the trilogy before you have read the prequels may not be the prescribed order, the book stands alone on its own so that it does not become a handicap.The book is about Jonas Wergeland, an elusive character, who is a TV-genius, responsible for some remarkable shows on Norwegian television. He comes back from a trip one day to find his wife dead. He is tr [...]

    12. I finally finished that book which took me sooo long. Not that it was boring. The truth is that it was a really sophisticated read, a complex story for a complex main character, nothing you should skim through after a stressful day. This book is about love, every shades and aspects of love you can imagine. Great, but difficult to read (and 'digest').

    13. Odd gargantuan structure of overlapping spirals each containing a peak or an abyss describes the life of the multi-faceted protagonist, hardly everyman, rather a master of many arts who experiences intensely everything that comes his way.

    14. forget everything you thought you knew about jonas, or rather, try to remember everything you ever knew about him, because it is all true.

    15. This series started out fantastically and I still think the first volume, The Seducers, is excellent. By the time I got to this third one it started wearing a bit thin.

    16. A good norwegian writer has written a trilogy which I found amusing, they were easily read and can be recomended for days with sunny weather and you dosing off at the beach.

    17. After the two first books of the trilogy, both very good, Jan Kjærstad finally nails it. Amazing.

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