Independence In a fiery young widow Claudia Humphries and a bold wagon master Sam Brentwood discover that it is their destiny to command the first leg of the remarkable journey to Independence Missouri

  • Title: Independence!
  • Author: Dana Fuller Ross
  • ISBN: 9780553147735
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1837, a fiery young widow, Claudia Humphries, and a bold wagon master, Sam Brentwood, discover that it is their destiny to command the first leg of the remarkable journey to Independence, Missouri Traveling under secret orders from President Andrew Jackson, Brentwood s task is to win a desperate race against England and Russia in order to bring the promised land of theIn 1837, a fiery young widow, Claudia Humphries, and a bold wagon master, Sam Brentwood, discover that it is their destiny to command the first leg of the remarkable journey to Independence, Missouri Traveling under secret orders from President Andrew Jackson, Brentwood s task is to win a desperate race against England and Russia in order to bring the promised land of the Pacific Northwest under the American flag.

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    1 thought on “Independence!”

    1. This was a very well written book concerning a large group of strangers in a wagon train. They were headed west to Indipendence Missouri to claim the Oregon territory. Old Hickory wanted to claim it for America and Great Brittan and Russia were also in the race for that promised land.The book was frought with love, parell and adventure. I highly recommend it to all.Be Blessed.Diamond

    2. I read the first nine books in HS and have had them in boxes for years. I found them about a month ago and remembered how I had enjoyed them and since it had been so long, thought it would be like reading new books. And it is, sort of, after I start reading then I start remembering, some what ;-)Oh, and there are 24 books in the Wagon's West series, not nine, ha I thought I had them all. Not sure if I will finish all, seems overwhelming. I really loved reading Independence again, the characters [...]

    3. I love books about the west - both American and Canadian. Indepence! is the first book in a long series about eastern Americans moving into the lands beyond the Mississippi. An enjoyable read, fast and mostly historically accurate. The characters are too many to get a good handle on each in one book. I hope to see more character development as the series goes along.

    4. Just arrived from USA through BM.This is the first book of a series of 24 books written by Dana Fuller Ross, the pen name for James Reasoner. This author wrote 5 more huge series based on American historical fiction.Concerning the Wagons West series, this first book is enough for me since we can guess what will happen in the next 23 books.

    5. My parents read - most - of this series when they were being published regularly, and I read a ton of them back in the day, too. I'm rereading the series, as far as I feel the urge to anyway.It's cornily written, extremely sexist - but of course, the west was sexist! the plot on the light side, but I can't help but read it all the same. Looking forward to reading more.

    6. I usually try to avoid reading series for a couple of reasons. One, I'm afraid I'll lose interest or become disappointed somewhere down the line, thereby discrediting the original passion that I had for the initial book. Another reason is, I just hate the thought of waiting and waiting and waiting for a new installment only to find that, for whatever reason, the author can't or won't be writing more of the series. I stumbled across what I thought was a relatively new series and since it was writ [...]

    7. I originally read this book series as a teenager and I decided to re-read them now that I'm 40. It took me forever to remember the author name or even the series beyond "Wyoming." It's mostly as I remember it. A little bit Western, a little bit romance, and lot of pioneer gumption. I was so in love with Whip and Cathy; still am. :)I believe I read the entire series before. Not sure if I'll make it through all of them again, but I'm going to see where it takes me

    8. The first book in this multi-book series was bought for me decades ago from a little used book store in a tiny town. After that first book, I was hooked, going on to read all 34 books in the series. The characters feel like old family friends, you follow them from the first wagon train to populate Oregon and their lives. There were many authors using the pseudonym "Dana Fuller Ross" but they all kept the themes, plots and style the same. You actually care about the characters, what happens to th [...]

    9. This is the beginning of a big series of books, telling a story about people who settled the west and then went on to settle other areas, and serve our country in its early days. The struggles and triumphs in this book are well written, with an infusion of American history and how areas were settled, and some of the challenges between the "New Americans" and the "Old Americans" and how there were good relations and bad relations involved in the settling of America. The reading is wonderful and I [...]

    10. Interesting start to the series.Lots of characters,but easy to follow.There are 24 books in this series,and I do not plan to read that many!However there are several that I do want to read.I enjoyed this first book,except for the ridiculous part about the prairie dog pup!Since adult PDs only weigh 1-3 lbs. there is no way anyone would be carrying a pup in their arms,since it would be more like a handful,not an armful,sheesh!Next one I plan to read is Oregon.I realize I will not be keeping the ch [...]

    11. So great to visit with an old friend. I first read this book back in the 980's when the series was a rage. Loved it then, and love it now.In the first book, the wagon train leaves from the east and heads toward Independence Missouri. Sam Brentwood is the leader appointed by President Andrew Jackson. Early pioneers include Claudia Humphreys (who marries Sam Brentwood when the wagon reach Independence), her sister and brother in law Cathy and Otto Van Ayl (Otto dies in an attack by a gang of felon [...]

    12. First in a series of historical fiction about the pioneers who worked their way west from the East Coast during the early years of the United States.This book tells the tale of the beginnings of the journey from the East Coast to Independence, which was at that time (1837) the westernmost civilized area. It is not easy as there are folks out there from Russia and England who wanted nothing more than to claim the land in Oregon as their own and would stop at nothing to stop the wagon train.Great [...]

    13. Independence by Dana Fuller Ross a series on how and why folks would travel great and long distance on where folks would want to travel and start a new life back in the 1800's. They would endure great struggles of loss and happiness as on a wagon traveling west. I enjoyed it reading the entire series once and now I'm reading the series again. Enjoy it like I have and still even for the second times!!

    14. I ran across this book in a used book store and picked it up because I love westerns. Turns out it is the first of a dozen or so books Ross wrote about the settling of the mid and western states. The books can be read as stand alones but they do follow the same few families across the country so if you have the luxury of reading them in order, do. Am now having trouble finding some of them since some are out of print. Good western fare!

    15. I'm a bit late in finding this series but I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one. I love American history. I am amazed at the courage folks showed in venturing off into the unknown with all their possessions in a covered wagon. It's a pretty easy read but still, interesting to be reminding of the importance we put on material possessions now.

    16. Loved this series! What a fun way to get perspective on American history. The books are written so you feel you are right there with the characters, experiencing what they are. Naturally there is the family plot to follow as well. Very well written. By the time I finished the first book, I couldn't wait to delve into the next.

    17. i read a bunch of the books from this series a long time ago and while i don't remember the writing style as being anything special, they stand out in my memory as books that made the pioneer experience come to life and become more real to me.

    18. May sound somewhat repetitive here but I got hooked on the first book and it was like an addiction.The author shows how the westward movement affected families and individuals while placing them within history itself.

    19. I love westerns I wish I could have ridden in a wagon train and seen America like it was then!

    20. I remembered why I loved these books so much when I picked this first one up again to read while on vacation. Well developed characters and not overly sappy, a great historical fiction read!

    21. This is a fun series, combining fiction and history in a way that made me want to read every one. Although I read the series over the years, I'm just rating the first book.

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