Beowulf and the Fight at Finnsburgh (College)

Beowulf and the Fight at Finnsburgh College None

  • Title: Beowulf and the Fight at Finnsburgh (College)
  • Author: Unknown Friedrich Klaeber
  • ISBN: 9780669212129
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Although Tolkien fans will no doubt disagree, Klaeber's Beowulf is undoubtably the most important work on the poem ever produced and after ninety years is still the most authoritative edition of the text. First published in 1922, one of the most exciting periods in Beowulfian studies and dominated by scholars such as Chambers and Lawrence. Chambers, who had by chance published his own Beowulf text and now legendary study of the poem, heaped instant praise on klaeber for his revolutionary new edi [...]

    2. GREAT STUFF! Klaeber's glosses are kind of eh - very much a product of 19th/20th century mindsets -, but I had a dictionary so that's truly neither here nor there. This review is giving me that good ol' Anglo-Saxon conundrum of how to treat the text with relation to the scribe - is this review supposed to be about Klaeber's treatment of Beowulf, or about the text itself? Regardless, both are darn good. Some older editions are in dire need of updating but Klaeber's isn't necessarily among those ( [...]

    3. Klaeber, the old pal of Robinson, is in the same school of traditionalist critics who use a heavy hand in glossing and commenting upon the poems. Overall, Klaeber's readings tend to be a bit more open and inviting to the outsider, making his work a tad more interactive than Robinson.What garners this edition the five stars, though, are the other materials in this volume. This contains many other Old English fragments, including the great "Fight at Finnsburgh" (only "The Battle of Maldon" compare [...]

    4. This is one of two generally accepted scholarly editions of the original Old English text of Beowulf, the other being in the Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records editions by Krapp and Dobbie. I generally used the Klaeber edition, because it was conveniently sized for me to bring to lecture.Overall, Klaeber's work is getting a little dated, but then again it has been in use as the dominant scholarly edition since 1922. That ought to tell you something about the quality of work—for general use, most acade [...]

    5. I read the Anglo Saxon version in Freshman English, not happily.A couple of years ago, I saw a dramatized version of 'Beowulf,' and thought afterward that if I had seen it before reading the work, the reading experience might have been more successful for me.I decided to read it again, which I have started doing. I have chosen the illustrated edition of the Heaney translation. So far, so good.

    6. If you are looking for an original text of Beowulf (and the Fight at Finnsburgh) to translate, this is the one. Klaeber's edition is still quite useful (though showing some age). There's even an Anglo-Saxon glossary in the back, since Anglo-Saxon lexica can be such a pain.Highly recommended to anyone interested in the foundations of English literature.

    7. So I'll preface this by saying, "Yes, I'm a dork," but this book was fantastic. I loved the Beowulf story in high school, and took Old English during college, so was able to read and translate the poem from its original version. Amazing.

    8. Woody Allen said that you should never take a class that requires you to read Beowulf. But I spent an entire semester in graduate school learning Old English, so it made sense to spend another semester translating Beowulf.

    9. Another rather good translation. There are many out there (Seamus Heaney's being the most prominent), and I would seriously recommend to anyone studying the subject to read several different interpretations, to get a comprehensive picture.

    10. Doesn't contain all the extras that Klaeber's edition does and nowhere near as encyclopaedic as Chambers' two volume text and introduction, but there is something so nice about a compact edition of the Beowulf text.

    11. This book contains no translation, only the original Old English text and a very good, comprehensive glossary. We used this edition as the basic workbook in my "Translating Beowulf"-seminar.

    12. Now I know why I didn't remember what this book was about when I read it in high schoole I didn't understand it this time through either. All those thys and thous make it a difficult read!

    13. The super glossary in the back (a great help in translating Beowulf) is enough reason to buy this fantastic, near century-old book.

    14. This is the translation/interpretation that most readers and English Literature scholars read in the 1900's. See Heany's translation

    15. Most excellent.The Old English text is BEAUTIFULbut maybe not for everyone.A translated version might be better for casual reading!

    16. Despite its age, this edition of the epic poem Beowulf is the best for scholarly work. Accept no substitutes.

    17. The translator in this case is Louis J Rodrigues. I am naturally biassed in favour of this book as the illustrator is my father.

    18. Beowulf in the original Old English. Reading/translating it is a great way to spend time at work during summer vacation!

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