Knights of Dark Renown

Knights of Dark Renown The central character of this epic fantasy is a cowardly knight who once betrayed his fellows to the Essence of Evil and has now been left to see dark magic spread through the land Alone against wereb

  • Title: Knights of Dark Renown
  • Author: David Gemmell
  • ISBN: 9780712625470
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • The central character of this epic fantasy is a cowardly knight who once betrayed his fellows to the Essence of Evil and has now been left to see dark magic spread through the land Alone against werebeasts and demons, he must find the friends he betrayed by riding through the Gates of Hell.

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      235 David Gemmell
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    1 thought on “Knights of Dark Renown”

    1. Knights of Dark Renown, David Gemmell The central character of this epic fantasy is a cowardly knight who once betrayed his fellows to the Essence of Evil and has now been left to see dark magic spread through the land. Alone against werebeasts and demons, he must find the friends he betrayed by riding through the Gates of Hell.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و دوم سپتامبر سال 1994 میلادیعنوان: شوالیه های بدنام؛ نویسنده: دیوید گم [...]

    2. خوندن این کتاب بهترین اتفاق ممکن بعد از یک ماه امتحان نفس گیر بود. D:به نظرم روند داستان فوقلعاده بود و انقدر گیرا و زیبا بود که نمیتونستم ازش چشم بردارم.کتاب با چند داستان شروع میشه که در ادامه این چند داستان به هم گره میخوره و ادامه پیدا میکنه که اینکار خیلی قوی انجام شده بود و [...]

    3. یه جاهایی بود که علامت زدم و خوشم اومده بود. ولی میخوام بیشتر به بن مایه ی اثر بپردازم. اگه تمثیل داستان نهادینه بشه، خیلی خیلی جای واکاوی داره. جریان رنگ ها به خصوص، و پیشگویی های جالب اولاتار و اوگدا و خود لامف هادا و دوپهلویی بودن و عدم مطلق گرایی شون خیلی جای تحلیل دارن. شخصی [...]

    4. لذت خوندن این کتاب غیر قابل توصیفه، نمی‌تونم بگم چقدر از تمام شدنش ناراحت شدم، این کتاب، کتابی بود که از همه نظر کامل و بی نقص بود،داستان ،شخصیت‌ها و پایان بندی خیلی عالی کار شده بود،نمیخوام تا یه مدتی چیزی بخونم که در همون دنیای شوالیه‌ها بمونم، از دست ندید این کتاب رو چون د [...]

    5. عالی بود. بین کارای گمل خیلی دوستش داشتم. هرکی نخونده جزو بشدت ضرر کرده. بی نظیر بود

    6. Highly suggest this novel for lovers of dark Fantasy. Like all Gemmell books, the pace is quick, the characters, human. Suffering guaranteed.

    7. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.It's been six years since the legendary Knights of the Gabala rode through a gate to hell in order to fight the evil that threatened the realm. They haven't been heard from since. But they are desperately needed now because the King, once a noble man, has begun rounding up the nomad population in Holocaust style. People who oppose his actions are named traitors and the King's new henchmen are very strong and very . undead. The king's new policies have alie [...]

    8. Gemmell's first standalone novel may lack the fame of his Drenai saga - or even his Jerusalem Man or Troy trilogies - but it stands as a sterling demonstration of the power, and underestimated sophistication, of his approach to fantasy, and is a valuable and entertaining read for fans of the genre.Those who worry about modern fantasy's love of trilogies and unending sagas may admire the concision with which Gemmell compresses an entire epic plot into under 400 pages of increasingly intense drama [...]

    9. It's always nice to read a one-shot fantasy: they can seem crowded with the need to build up a world and characters and a self-contained plotline, and this one certainly does, but it's refreshing to come across something fairly self-contained in this world of fantasy trilogies. It's a pageturner -- which I'm beginning to see is characteristic of Gemmell's work -- and though it has it's flaws, it's a lot of fun as well.The main flaws are the sheer number of characters and the pacing, which starts [...]

    10. شوالیه های بدنام.کتابی که روی من به شدت تاثیر گذار بود و نه تنها فلسفه ی درونش من رو جذب کرد بلکه استادی نویسنده هم من رو به وجود آورد و توصیفاتش بسیار دلنشین و زیبا دیدم.توی این کتاب ما با حقیقتی عجیب و عمیق روبرو می شیم، دشمنانی که هر دو نیتی خیر دارن. کسایی که هم رو می کشن به خا [...]

    11. " شیطان به ندرت با بوق و آتیش توی یک سرزمین رفت و امد میکنه . اگه این کار رو میکرد ، همه مردم ازش رو میگردوندن "+ از اون دست کتاب هاست که پر از شخصیت های مختلف و زیاد و روایت های موازی بیشتر هست . من به شخصه از این سبک خوشم نمیاد ؛ نمیتونم شخصیت ها رو همزمان توی ذهنم حلاجی کنم وقاطی می [...]

    12. I've returned to this book more than once. This book is about flawed people that are viewed in legend as flawless heroes. This story strongly opines that it is sometimes our weaknesses that make us strong. One man's claustrophobia saves him from losing his way, and allows him to guide others on the right path. If he were more perfect he would have fallen to the hubris that defiled his friends. David Gemmell plays with destiny in a way that is hard not to admire. His characters often decry or try [...]

    13. A long time ago, I read David Gemmell’s Legend, The King Beyond The Gate and Quest For Lost Heroes from the Drenai series. It was my first foray into Fantasy Adventure, way before I read Lord of the Rings and other books in that genre. I have to say, I loved it. The King Beyond The Gate was my first introduction to bigger than life heroes.I don’t know why I didn’t search for all the books in the series but the other night, I found myself thinking about Quest for Lost Heroes and I knew I ha [...]

    14. If my friend Allan had not let me borrow his copy of Knights of Dark Renown, I would not have had the inspiration to become an author myself. I have a great deal of fondness for this book by my favourite (and sadly missed) author, David Gemmell.If you have never read a David Gemmell novel, try this stand-alone book. it's a fabulous heroic tale that will have you racing for the end and leave you gasping for more.

    15. Disappointing. The best thing about this book is the premise, which was dismally handled. It seems to me that the idea got too big - and Gemmell either got bored, or realized he wasn't doing the premise justice, or got sick of keeping so many characters moving forward, or something in any case, it's obvious he reached a point and said, "screw it, I want this to be done" and rushed the ending, killing off some characters, forcing quick, decisive confrontations, tying up loose ends with dizzying, [...]

    16. I Really enjoyed reading this book and i recommend it to all lovers of fantasy. This book has swiftly become one of my all time favorites. Also this is the first book that i have ever read by David Gemmel. Now i am wondering why i have never read more !!"Only the good die young, the evil seem to live for ever" Iron Maiden

    17. This was my second David Gemmell book after reading and loving White Wolf and, unlike WW, I found it really difficult to get into. For the first half or so of Knights of Dark Renown the pace is excruciatingly slow, much of the plot seems unexplained and I found myself still waiting for the appearance of a good protagonist. All of the characters in this novel have the feel of underdeveloped side characters, something that really disappointed me after having already fallen so in love with the like [...]

    18. I'm glad that I re-read this one. It was worthy of another read and actually more enlightening as to what I really made of itIt's well written enough to be a page-turner (Hell, it's a Gemmell), but this time I got to wondering if Gemmell actually had a layout and book ideas before he began writing this one. He often did with his other books, maybe Legend aside.The reason? Because with Gemmell's best works I really gained something from the story and the character depth. In this one? I couldn't h [...]

    19. Probablement l'un des plus sombres romans écrits par Gemmell, mais en contraste la lumière et l'héroïsme brillent de toutes leurs forces. C'est magnifique, intense et prenant, comme toutes les œuvres de ce génie.

    20. Great book. Classic Gemmell.Stand-alone short fantasy novel but somehow gives you the feel of the world in which it is set. Very well told - and I expected no less from this author. Though I really enjoyed the book, I knock off one star because it seems to speed up towards the end. The "flow" or "sense of time" in the storyline accelerated quite obviously in the last couple of chapters.Being a short book, Gemmell still took a big magic system and made it seem natural to the setting and somehow b [...]

    21. Most of the way through the book I was thinking 3 stars. It was good but a bit more slow and less colorful than most of Gemmell's other works. However, the end really came on strong so that raised it another star. Defintely worth reading.

    22. This one took a while to come together, but it did. Gemmell was in no way a spoon-feeder writer who told you what to think - seems to me he expected us to decide on our own. This is a book almost entirely about redemption, and what our choices make of us. And also that every moment, for everyone, is a new choice. Nearly all of them serve multiple ends. He has a stance on courage that tends to sound a lot like Stephen Pressfield, which is high praise.The usual idiosyncrasies are present: there is [...]

    23. Rating is 3.75/5 This is book is special for me as it was my first foray into the fantasy genre few years ago.Gemmell became one of my favourites then until i discovered other amazing authors which raised & diversified my reading standards and interests.KoDR is essentially a heroic fantasy novel with themes of redemption and hope.The novel is dark to a certain extent(though not near as dark and gritty as novels these days) and the main character , a fallen knight is relatable and his path of [...]

    24. I would have given this five stars were it not for the fact that the story ended so abruptly. It seems that so many strong characters were written into one stand-alone title, each of them with untold stories, which could have filled many more books. Excellent read.

    25. typically gemmell. well written, well layered characters, and a unique form of conflict. from the last knight mannanan to the thief who finds some honor, everyone is flawed and that's what makes them unique. ending was top shelf. not in the same ballpark as some of his other books.

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