Hittite Warrior

Hittite Warrior Judea has always been the crossroads and battlefield of contending nations It is no less so in this biblical time of Barak and Deborah Uriah Tarhund s Hititte home is destroyed by invading Greeks His

  • Title: Hittite Warrior
  • Author: Joanne Williamson
  • ISBN: 9781883937386
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Judea has always been the crossroads and battlefield of contending nations It is no less so in this biblical time of Barak and Deborah Uriah Tarhund s Hititte home is destroyed by invading Greeks His dying father tells him to go south to seek a Canaanite named Sisera He will help you For my sake Uriah is plunged into the tumult of an uneasy Judea When he savesJudea has always been the crossroads and battlefield of contending nations It is no less so in this biblical time of Barak and Deborah Uriah Tarhund s Hititte home is destroyed by invading Greeks His dying father tells him to go south to seek a Canaanite named Sisera He will help you For my sake Uriah is plunged into the tumult of an uneasy Judea When he saves a young boy from being sacrificed to Moloch, he is given succor for a time by the Hebrews Later, he finds Sisera and joins him in war against these same people When the Canaanites are defeated, the young Hittite has the opportunity to come to a peace with himself, the Hebrew people and their God This meticulously researched novel is set in the time of Judges, and incorporates Biblical facts with a gripping story, set against the wide background of ancient civilizations Includes an introduction by Laura Berquist, author of Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum Age 10 up

    Hittite Warrior DomiNations Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The Hittite Warrior is a Mercenary Melee Infantry available at Mercenary Camp level The next mercenary of this type is the Hun Warrior. Trivia Edit The Hittites h ta ts were an Ancient Anatolian people who established an empire centered on Hattusa in north central Anatolia around BC. Tarhu The Hittite Warrior World of Warriors Wiki Tarhu The Hittite Warrior Racing towards the Fortress of Kadesh, as arrows rained down and thousands of chariots led by Ramses II thundered into view, Tarhu was convinced he would soon meet his maker But a mysterious old man suddenly grabbed his hand, and this daring Hittite The Hittites Ancient History Encyclopedia Little was known of the Hittites other than the references from the Bible and fragmentary documentation from Egypt until the late th century CE when excavations began at Boghaskoy modern day Bogazkale, Turkey which was once the site of Hattusa, capital of the Hittite Empire Historian Battle of Kadesh The Battle of Kadesh or Battle of Qadesh took place between the forces of the New Kingdom of Egypt under Ramesses II and the Hittite Empire under Muwatalli II at the city of Kadesh on the Orontes River, just upstream of Lake Homs near the modern Lebanon Syria border. The battle is generally dated to BC in the Egyptian chronology, and is the earliest battle in recorded history for which Who Were the Hittites Tour Egypt The History of the Hittites The Hittites were a people who once lived in what is modern Turkey and northern Syria Most of what we know about them today comes from List of war deities A war deity is a god or goddess in mythology associated with war, combat, or bloodshed.They occur commonly in both monotheistic and polytheistic religions. Unlike most gods and goddesses in polytheistic religions, monotheistic deities have traditionally been portrayed in their mythologies as commanding war in order to spread their religion. Art History College of Liberal Arts University of Art History alumna and E Gerald Lisa O Brien Curatorial Fellow Kate Heller at the Weisman Art Museum leads a tour in the galleries Photo by Steve Niedorf Arrival of Hittites, Hurrians and Kassites Macrohistory Hittite and Hurrian and Kassite conquests in Mesopotamia The Hittites into Mesopotamia By the year an illiterate warlike Indo European people called Hittites had migrated on foot southward into Asia Minor, where they overran and conquered tribal bronze age farming communities.Like Sargon s warriors, the conquering Hittites made themselves an aristocratic warrior elite living off the Egyptian New Kingdom, Babylonia, Assyria, Hittites, etc. The New Kingdom of Egypt The New Kingdom is known with an intimacy that is missing from much of the rest of Egyptian history The fact that we have the mummies of Eagle Warrior DomiNations Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia As part of an elite class of soldiers in the Aztec army, this ranged infantry deals high bonus damage to enemy foot troops The Eagle Warrior is the special unit for the Aztecs unlocked in the Embassy and can only be used to attack in world wars.

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    1. Hittite Warrior tells the story of a teenage Hittite boy named Uriah-Tarhund. He came from a people who ruled the "northern world" and the Egyptians ruled the "southern world." His father was a lord and kinsman of the chief province of Arzawa. One fateful day, in the 13th year of the reign of the king, his father and he embarked to Hattusas to pay tribute. Little did he know that trip would end so tragically. While on his journey, his mother and sister were killed. His entire province was decima [...]

    2. It was quite good, though it was sometimes hard to follow. Also, throughout the whole book, I did not notice things like, "When I was nine" or "3 years later" or "That happened 5 months ago". Overall it was very good and I would recommend it to other readers.

    3. This has got to be one of the worst books ever written. The entire way through, it seemed as if the author was TRYING to confuse the reader, and she did an excellent job at it. Nothing about it was well done

    4. This story definitely fulfilled the historical requirement of historical fiction. The descriptions, the dialogue, and the attitudes of the characters all wove together to give the impression of being right in the middle of biblical lands and times. I'm not sure how many of the details were real and how many were fabricated for the story, but the impression they gave was very authentic. I found myself lamenting at times that the author had been so apparently accurate with personal names--some of [...]

    5. It’s good as an ancient history and lit. supplement for 11-12 yr olds. Great effort to intersect various civilizations and cultures during the time of Israel’s judges, and the scenes in the camp of Deborah and Barak I thought were impressive overall. The development and character of the main guy was ok, but something about the last portion of the story— his part in the battle, the Egyptian friend who was suddenly portrayed to have all the answers, and the general spiritual resolution— ju [...]

    6. Not bad. It did a pretty good job of making the history come alive for the kids. We got it because it was on the syllabus for RC history.

    7. Wondering about content? see The BookSeekerIt’s a beautiful story filled with hardship and the wanderings of a refugee Hittite, in search of a home. Immersed in the ancient times of the Bible, the book holds to the truth of Scripture and the facts of history, telling the story through the eyes of a Hittite boy. The violence is written in such a way as to clarify the horrors of it, without showing us what those horrors are; people die, but their deaths aren’t discussed in great detail. The sp [...]

    8. God King and the Hittite Warrior is some of my favourite historical/fiction books. Ever.I recommend completely!Oh man, I love these two books! They are awesome!Check out the BookSeeker for content.

    9. In my years as a homeschooler, I had to read a lot of literature. I still do in high school, but it's very different. One book that I read in my middle school years was Hittite Warrior by Joanne Williamson. It's historical fiction from the time of the Bible's book of Judges. I loved it when I first read it, and I was excited to pick it up again when it was assigned in high school.The story focuses on Uriah, a Hittite who has found himself homeless and without family due to his homeland, Great Ha [...]

    10. Back Cover: A Fugitive from Moloch: Something caught me eye. It was a movement behind one of the bales in the darkest corner of all, and my skin began to crawl. There was too much activity among the soldiers for them to notice it and, drawn by curiosity in spite of fear, I moved toward what I had seen. A dark figure stood behind the bale. A flare of light crossed the corner and I saw who it was. It was Jotham and there was something with him, something small that was clinging to him and trying t [...]

    11. This book was originally published in 1960 -- so I went easy on the historical inaccuracy regarding ancient Egypt.Overall, it was a good read. Very interesting perspective that I have not found before. This is about a man who find his homeland invaded and later fights on the losing side of a battle against the Hebrews. It was also a time of decline for Egypt where they were no longer considered a superpower. So I enjoyed this unique side of things.The character development was a little stunted. [...]

    12. I first read this book back in middle school. I was young, and annoyed that I had to read a historical fiction book instead of a fantasy, and on top of that I had to write a report on it! Nah, just kidding, I liked writing reports. But that's not the point. This book is well written and really reaches out to that 9 - 13 years-old audience. It's history about a culture we don't know much about with a bible story thrown into the background. The story of Deborah. I had heard about this bible story [...]

    13. Read aloud to a 2nd and 5th grader. Uriah-Tarhund is a young man of a rich Hittite family when the Philistines invade his land and strip his world of everything he's known. He promises his dying father to travel south to Canaan to visit a man named Sisera. So begins this rich book that brings to life a section of Judges. The story takes Uriah to many historically important places in the ancient world, and illustrates well how ancient cultures clashed again and again over history. Main characters [...]

    14. 3-4 stars . . . it is historical fiction, and pretty good historical fiction. But, I don't love historical fiction. My children really liked it. I like that we skim over our history textbook and have pretty much covered it all painlessly in a novel. (It does take longer to read the novel then a chapter from a textbook, but we look forward to the novel, rather than balking at a textbook.) Malachi really liked the book, and that is saying something. Maybe a little more appealing to boys. We read J [...]

    15. I read this with my grandson when he was in the third grade. It was on the extra reading list and had been recommended for his class level. The story was difficult to read because of the style. The author did a splendid job in portraying the pagan cultures as she unfolded the Biblical story of Deborah and Barak in the defeat of Sisera. I was disappointed that more time and explanation were not given to the conversion of the Hittite warrior to the Jewish faith. In one chapter he is transformed fr [...]

    16. This book is great for understanding the various people groups of the ancient world--particularly in Palestine--and how they interacted. I thoroughly enjoyed the primary storyline (Uriah's quest to keep his father's deathbed plea, meeting a variety of people along the way including the Hebrew people and rescuing a child from becoming a sacrifice to the pagan god, Moloch), but the battle between the Hebrews and Sisera & the escape from Tyre were a little tedious.Overall, I would give it 4 sta [...]

    17. Uriah was a Hitite and his city was taken over by the Philistines. His family has been killed and he promised his dad to find one of his friends, named Sisera living in Harosheth. Along the way, he meets some travelers and they become friends. He meets a boy a little older than himself named Jotham. But then he finds out that their nephew has to be sacrificed to their God named Moloch. So, he and Jotham escape into the mountains and meet a Jewish tribe who take them in. But, after overhearing a [...]

    18. Alright, so I change my mind. I can see that it's not 'poorly written' it's written in a manner that Uriah is looking back on his life. Having finished it, I can appreciate that. This was an incredibly interesting story, full of twists and turns and struggles and decently not your usual historical fiction. Joanne wove so many different cultures and aspects and historical facts, it creates a vivid image and feel of what it was like to live in that time. I especially appreciate the look at what re [...]

    19. This is the next book in my daughter's reading list. Still trying to stay ahead of her.I'm over half way through and it's definitely holding my attention.8/24/09 I finished this one. I really liked it. It was an interesting story and an enjoyable way to make Biblical times seem more real. If you really want to understand it I recommend keeping a list of the characters, their tribes, and where they come from. I read the book very superficially for the story. I don't have all the historical detail [...]

    20. This book is about a boy who's father was killed and his land was taken over by another land. Before his father died he told him to go see this man because the man was a friend of his father and would help him survive. So he travles far and wide in search of the man. He makes manny friends along the way. After he finds the man the man askes the boy to fight a war with him agints the Palistine. They end up losing the war. Which creates alot of trouble. So he runs away with his friend to survive.

    21. It was good but there was not a lot of detail about Uriah who was the main character. It talked much more about the other characters and I wanted to know more about him. I liked the theme of the story - how the Jews wanted to take back their land and how the Jews had their one special God who helped them. The other nations - the Egyptians and the Hittites had other gods that were not as powerful.

    22. It is a fun little story. It depicts the fall of one of the greats civilizations of its time know to man. The time line is hard to trace, but it does seem, now that we have more info pertaining to the Hittites that some time warping is involved for this story to work. So without giving away any of the storyad it for yourself or to a younger siblingJust do not be surprised if you find yourself reading it by after your younger sibling has gone to bed. Robert L.DR

    23. I just finished reading this aloud with my kids. It is one of the best books we have ever read together! The author uses alliteration, foreshadowing, and cliffhangers to draw the reader into the ancient world. Although we read this book because we are studying ancient history, any family would enjoy this book!

    24. I read this book to my two older children (ages 10 and 9), as it correlated to the time period of history we were studying. My children loved it. "The Hittite Warrior" provided us with information on what life looked like in 1200 BC. It is a gripping story that kept us entertained and engaged from beginning to end.

    25. This was a preread for dd. It caught my interest because it's historical fiction based on one of my favorite bible stories--Deborah and Barak and Jael killing Sisera with a tent peg. Of course, the part with Sisera being killed was only a minor part of the story. It kind of reminded me of "The Bronze Bow" in the overall plot.

    26. I found this book fascinating in the way it ties together many events in Ancient history. I have been wondering what my 14 year old could write about in his study of Ancient history. I think this book will make a great paper topic. I'm going to ask him to go through and explain all the references to the many different ancient tribes, people, events, etc.

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