One State, Two States: Resolving the Israel/Palestine Conflict

One State Two States Resolving the Israel Palestine Conflict What is so striking about Morris s work as a historian is that it does not flatter anyone s prejudices least of all his own David Remnick remarked in a New Yorker article that coincided with the pub

  • Title: One State, Two States: Resolving the Israel/Palestine Conflict
  • Author: Benny Morris
  • ISBN: 9780300122817
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What is so striking about Morris s work as a historian is that it does not flatter anyone s prejudices, least of all his own, David Remnick remarked in a New Yorker article that coincided with the publication of Benny Morris s 1948 A History of the First Arab Israeli War With the same commitment to objectivity that has consistently characterized his approach, Morris no What is so striking about Morris s work as a historian is that it does not flatter anyone s prejudices, least of all his own, David Remnick remarked in a New Yorker article that coincided with the publication of Benny Morris s 1948 A History of the First Arab Israeli War With the same commitment to objectivity that has consistently characterized his approach, Morris now turns his attention to the present day legacy of the events of 1948 and the concrete options for the future of Palestine and Israel.The book scrutinizes the history of the goals of the Palestinian national movement and the Zionist movement, then considers the various one and two state proposals made by different streams within the two movements It also looks at the willingness or unwillingness of each movement to find an accommodation based on compromise Morris assesses the viability and practicality of proposed solutions in the light of complicated and acrimonious realities Throughout his groundbreaking career, Morris has reshaped understanding of the Israeli Arab conflict Here, once again, he arrives at a new way of thinking about the discord, injecting a ray of hope in a region where it is most sorely needed.

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      298 Benny Morris
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    1 thought on “One State, Two States: Resolving the Israel/Palestine Conflict”

    1. Excellent overview of Israel-Palestine conflict - and the realities. Marks some revision - and pragmatism - by a previous revisionist. Contends there is a third way solution: the Palestinians throwing their lot in with Jordan. A good and true solution, considering nearly half Jordanians are Palestinians, and Jordan used to have governorship over the West Bank. But not one the Hashemite Kingdom will easily heel to, especially considering a loss of power, and the reality of the thousands of Palest [...]

    2. It completely changed my mind about the Israel-Palestinian conflict. I was very naive before. I realized the complexity afterwords. Unfortunately, most of the people outside the region are still as naive as I was.Although this is not said in the book, it convinced me that we are all part of that conflict, which is the old big conflict between the 'western' and the 'arab' world. We all must help to solve that conflict, or it will eventually hit us. And the first step is to stop being naive.

    3. There was a time when Israeli historian Benny Morris was a darling of the left. The most prominent of the Israeli "New Historians," he had written a seminal work exploding the Zionist myth that the 700,000 Palestinians who became refugees during the first Arab-Israeli war fled the country of their own accord or at the urging of their leaders. Relying on IDF archives, Morris showed that in many cases Palestinians were expelled pursuant to the orders of IDF commanders, who feared their villages wo [...]

    4. It's quite some time ago that I've read this book. Enjoyed it though. Most of all the part about the Palestinians being Jordanians essentially and how that was a likely answere to the problem of the idea of a Palestinian state which under all circumstances wouldn't be viable anyway. Thus the Palestinians would be better of being integrated into Jordania which already has a major contingent of Palestinians under its rule. In fact it would be better for everybody considering that the Jordanian sec [...]

    5. Is an objective account of this situation possible? If so, Morris' book is not it. Should you choose to read One State, Two States, expect an informed but slanted assessment, something on the order of an extended op-ed column.

    6. detailed history of laborious contentions over the proper nature of the state of Israel/ Palestine. Should it be one state of 'binational' coexistence? two states? a cantonization system? 40% of land for one side? All such permutations of geographical division had been tossed around since 1948 and are recorded in this book. I found the account to be slightly kinder to Israel (or perhaps Israel is objectively more conciliatory than the Arabs?). There are times when the author dismisses Arab offer [...]

    7. A very good book on the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict. There were small moments of bias in favor of the Isrealis but nothing more than a few sentences and it did not distract from the ideas of the book. It was a very good book and I enjoyed reading it.

    8. A quick summary of the conflict, Benny morris supplies an easy reading book.Couldn't find anything which is different than any other conflict books - his ideas on how to resolve the conflict weren't anything 'special' or 'new'. As an historical point of view - this book is not bad.

    9. This book came as a disappointment. I read it immediately after completing an incredibly well written and balanced history of the 1948 war by the same author. By contrast, this work was far more of a polemic. It begins with a summary of new supporters of the one state solution, beginning with the famous essay by Tony Judt and following up with dismissive critiques of several other supporters. What follows is an occasional summary of Israeli-Palestinian relations, with an emphasis on showing how [...]

    10. An Israeli historian whose earlier work dispelled falsehoods about the origins of the Palestinian refugees in 1948, Morris’ scholarship is still widely considered sound; his political instincts lately are less nuanced. This book is a challenge to the “one state” or binational solution to the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. He shows that both the Zionist and Palestinian elites wanted a one-state solution, but without the other group. Brit Shalom and other small Jewish groups who advocated bina [...]

    11. this book is not nearly as even-handed as others may portray it. In the end, Morris disproportionately mentions every incident of major Arab violence while (ahem) leaving out the parallel incidents of Israeli violence At the end of the book he writes some pretty borderline if not completely racist things about Arabs and claims it is their eternal hate for Jews that will prevent a two-state solution from ever working he portrays Jews as completely open-minded and does not blame any corresponding [...]

    12. Gosh, it's been a while since I read Benny Morris's One State, Two States so I don't exactly have the appropriate perspective to comment on it, but I'll try anyway. Basically, Morris argues that there is no real solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict short of having the Palestinians be absorbed into Jordan. Morris seems especially angry in the book, by the way, that Palestinians have rejected peace proposals every time they've been on the table. Those who are sympathetic with the Palestinian [...]

    13. Richard of our study group suggested we read and discusss.My friends were much more taken by this "essay" than I was taken by it.12/16 of book on "one state" and an excellant discussion of the history and background and debunking.12/16 of book on "two state" and the difficulty/impossibilty of it.2/16 of book on a third idea, one involving Jordan.Oh yeah, the same Jordan that just said if Israel says that outloud, they'll recall ambassadors.I must thank Richard for having us read Morris's essay a [...]

    14. In what I think is characteristic of Morris, a realistic (if not depressing) analysis of the "one state" and "two state" solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the unattainably of the former and the immense challenges to achieving the latter. His 'resolution' to the conflict -- of Jordan incorporating Gaza and the West bank -- much too briefly presented in the last pages of the book in resignation and despair, may be just as untenable.

    15. Benny Morris does a nice job here describing the tangled mess of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Admittedly, he is an Israeli, and presents the history from the Israeli point of view. Both sides would probably agree with his conclusions, however, which were a bit depressing. It may be easier to find the graviton, dark matter and solve all the equations of general field theory than to end this conflict.

    16. a must read for those who are interested in the arab-israeli conflict, particularly why a peaceful resolution between the palestinians and israelis has not been reached. warning, the outcome looks nothing but bleak, but it is certainly better to know what you're up against than approaching this conflict with limited knowledge.

    17. A depressing reminder of where things stand. His far fetched pseudo solution with Jordan is actually looking marginally more realistic now that the middle east is in shambles. Not on the same level as "1948" but it's not really a history book, more of a long essay. Ultimately, it's a concentrated assault on the one state solution.

    18. Aside from the fact that you could almost feel the venom dripping off of the pages, there were some good ideas mixed in. This would have been a lot better and much easier to take seriously if he didn't spend so much time insulting the Palestinians and Westerners.

    19. Logical, reasonable, persuasive! One of the best takes on the One State/Two State debate to date. Strongly recommended!

    20. There's good history in here, but the bias against the Palestinians is very clear. Read with a critical mind.

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