The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

The Gang That Couldn t Shoot Straight It was a big bestseller when it was originally published in It became a major motion picture that provided Robert DeNiro with his first film role Its title has entered into the language as a catc

  • Title: The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight
  • Author: Jimmy Breslin
  • ISBN: 9780316111744
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was a big bestseller when it was originally published in 1969 It became a major motion picture that provided Robert DeNiro with his first film role Its title has entered into the language as a catch phrase And it s terrific fun The Gang That Couldn t Shoot Straight is the story of Papa Baccala, a Brooklyn Mafia boss, and Kid Sally Palumbo, a would be capo who couldnIt was a big bestseller when it was originally published in 1969 It became a major motion picture that provided Robert DeNiro with his first film role Its title has entered into the language as a catch phrase And it s terrific fun The Gang That Couldn t Shoot Straight is the story of Papa Baccala, a Brooklyn Mafia boss, and Kid Sally Palumbo, a would be capo who couldn t run a gas station at a profit even if he stole the customers cars There s also Kid Sally s grandmother, who will go to extravagant lengths to see her boy make his mark A love interest Sure Kid Sally s sister tumbles for an artistic type who rides a bicycle and has recently arrived from CalabriaThe high adventure begins with a six day bike race that is only partly responsible for a rash of obituary notices reading Died Suddenly Eventually it all gets worked out in fine Sicilian fashion and, in the end, everybody gets his, in a manner of speaking.

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      374 Jimmy Breslin
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    1 thought on “The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight”

    1. I picked this up at a Library sale because I remember my father reading it and laughing out loud back when i was in college. It is humorous, and a marvelous spoof on the "Mafia" novels that were in vogue at the time. I did not find myself laughing out loud but I certainly was chuckling to myself.A fun read.

    2. GOOMBA-OLOGY 101“…the Mafia originally became a national success during Prohibition, as evil everywhere flourishes under repression.” (p. 12)In northern New Jersey in the early 1950s, where I lived at the time, there were only two types of people—especially in my fifth grade class—‘goombas’ and those who wanted to be ‘goombas’. And why not? They were the rock-stars of middle-school. They were the kids that knew how to dress, how to talk, and how to charm any little girl—and h [...]

    3. What a hilarious and sad book. The character that I had the most empathy for was the Lion. And I really wanted to know what happened to the lion after they raided Kid Sal's place. I found this book to be as illuminating about the Cosa Nostra in NYC as Mario Puzo's book "The Godfather". The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight was raw and fun, an unlikely juxaposition that worked. To make a wacky book about vicious criminals takes talented writing and Mr. Breslin ably wrote a book of raucous violenc [...]

    4. Read the STOP SMILING interview with Jimmy BreslinGO OUT AND GET A STORY: JIMMY BRESLINInterview BY JEREMY SCHAAP(This interview originally appeared in the 2nd annual STOP SMILING 20 Interviews Issue)As luxury condos tower over the once-downtrodden Bowery and a billionaire tech mogul reigns over a robust tourist mecca (and toast of the Republican National Convention), the days of the government telling New York City to drop dead are but a footnote to this new, untested era of scorched-earth gent [...]

    5. It's fiction, so what is the truth contained in the book? I don't know.Breslin has a fair amount of close knowledge of the mob, and not too high an opinion of it. It's obvious in this fiction, which he says (by way of a recent NPR interview) accurately summarizes the laziness, imprecision, and crass motivations of folks involved in so-called 'organized crime'. If it's organized, according to him, it's organized according to rules of chaos.The book is a one day read. If you like kind of silly cri [...]

    6. I read this book when it first came out in paperback. A fun, well written comic novel about an inept group of wanna be mafiaosi by a very talented Newspaper writer who knows New York and gangsters deep within the very marrow of his being. These guys are the opposite of the tough guys at the heart of The Godfather saga and rightly so because we can't live in a world where crooks are super smart, super organized and always fatal shots. Breslin tells a tale as true as that of Mario Puzod just as de [...]

    7. The 1970 saga of two-bit hoods committing the worst crime of all: being dull as dishwater. Kid Sally Palumbo and his gang try (repeatedly) and fail (repeatedly) to take over a rival two-bit hood's hood. A secondary storyline follows Kid Sally's could've-been-interesting-but-ultimately-wasn't sister, Angela, and her inexplicable attraction to a mooch from the Old World. There's also racism, sexism, and animal abuse for those who get their jollies from that.

    8. I've read this book at least 7 times not sure why (maybe I just like the cover). Mafioso meets the three stooges via Boho-artist styling, set in Brooklyn in the early 80's. With bike racing and lions. funny and comfortable, like that really ugly cardigan you've had for years and wear every winter.

    9. This book made me laugh out loud, many times. It puts a whole different perspective on criminals than other books and stories. It repeatedly demonstrates that some people who lead a life of crime are not particularly talented in their vocation. Very funny. I've re-read it in February 2011 and enjoyed it again.

    10. This book is, to me, like the Mel Brooks movie Blazing Saddles. I have neither seen that movie nor read this book in many years, but I remember both being extremely funny and about 25% too long.

    11. An uproarious send-up of the mobster genre and pure bedlam at various points as the rivals try to come to grips, albeit with a little bittersweet ending about the fate of a somewhat honourable man.

    12. Breslin is one of the true all-time heavy weight champions of prose. His fiction reads with the grit and intensity of his journalism. His journalism is an act of tough love for the English language, the human race, and the city he gave everything to.

    13. Ditto my comments on Catch 22 - and to add that after the Pastor discovered me reading this on a church sponsored weekend event, it resulted in my suitability for membership being discussed . . . Ahh, such things create memorable moments!

    14. A fun read filled with laughs. Nothing to heavy or serious but worth a look if you enjoy the gangster genre.

    15. Just couldn't get into it. Characters I really couldn't care about and the story was just so all over the place that every time I picked it up I had to remind myself what had happened before.

    16. This is next on my list, I read this book back in the day and i remember laughing out loud on the bus at a lot of spots. Hopefully the Older (and drug free) self will have the same response.

    17. A really fun romp written in a breezy easy style. This is what paperback summer trash reading should be.

    18. It wasn't as funny as I remembered it when I read it back in high school. There are some superior phrase turns, and overall it is a funny (if uneven) story.

    19. Fun light read. Less overtly silly than Dave Barry; less concerned with tying every thread together in the same place.

    20. Master columnist Breslin offers another semi fictitious insight into the insane lifestyles of NYC Mafiosi

    21. THE GANG THAT COULDN’T SHOOT STRAIGHT by Jimmy Breslin is one of my all-time favorite reads. I love Breslin’s style - humorous, satirical, ‘pull no punches’ writing. I reread this title as a memoriam to Breslin who died in March, 2017. He was a hard-hitting journalist and a lovely author. He won a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1986 “for columns which consistently champion ordinary citizens”.You will chuckle at every page reading about Kid Sally Palumbo and his ‘gang’ of incomp [...]

    22. Funny, but too fast-paced and confusing. Don't really get to know any characters. Great to read in concert with the Mueller indictments though!

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