BoneMan's Daughters

BoneMan s Daughters Would you kill an innocent man to save your daughter They call him BoneMan a serial killer who s abducted six young women He s the perfect father looking for the perfect daughter and when his victim

  • Title: BoneMan's Daughters
  • Author: Ted Dekker
  • ISBN: 9781599951959
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Would you kill an innocent man to save your daughter They call him BoneMan, a serial killer who s abducted six young women He s the perfect father looking for the perfect daughter, and when his victims fail to meet his lofty expectations, he kills them by breaking their bones and leaving them to die Intelligence officer Ryan Evans, on the other hand, has lost all hopeWould you kill an innocent man to save your daughter They call him BoneMan, a serial killer who s abducted six young women He s the perfect father looking for the perfect daughter, and when his victims fail to meet his lofty expectations, he kills them by breaking their bones and leaving them to die Intelligence officer Ryan Evans, on the other hand, has lost all hope of ever being the perfect father His daughter and wife have written him out of their lives.Everything changes when BoneMan takes Ryan s estranged daughter, Bethany, as his seventh victim Ryan goes after BoneMan on his own.But the FBI sees it differently New evidence points to the suspicion that Ryan is BoneMan Now the hunter is the hunted, and in the end, only one father will stand.

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    1 thought on “BoneMan's Daughters”

    1. All I can say is WOW! I knew when I decided to read this book, that I would be hooked, that the story would be intense and unforgettable. And reading it proved those theories to be correct. I did not want the book to end, but at the same time I wanted justice to be served. I felt as though I could not turn the pages fast enough. A psychological thriller that definitely keeps the heart pumping with some pretty vivid scenes not to be easily forgotten.Even though I am a Mom and not a Dad, I could f [...]

    2. 30 minutes after putting this book down, half-way through, I'm still annoyed. Badly written books don't bother me as much as well-written books that have preposterous plots, sloppy characters, and predictable or illogical plot devices. IMO, this book suffered from all of these flaws.I enjoyed the chapters that took place in Iraq. The quality of the writing was readily evident and I felt the horror of the situation. I'll admit the end game of the torture seemed illogical to me, but what do I know [...]

    3. There were two things that frustrated me about this book- nay three things which tortured me through all 400 pages. The first was a weak story line, which, although at first was intriguing with the Navy Intel officer protagonist, fell short with cliche attempts at suspense and suffocated the reader with soap-operatic drama of disfunctional family dynamics. The second was a constant sense of wanting more more suspense, more mystery, and of course more thrills from an antagonist who Dekker never a [...]

    4. Original post at One More PageHe is called BoneMan and he is a father in search for a perfect daughter. He takes innocent teen girls and tries to make them love him and when they fail to be the daughter he wants, he breaks their bones without breaking their skin. On the other side of the world, Ryan Evans thinks of himself as a failure of a father -- after an especially harrowing abduction in the Middle East, Ryan comes home only to find that his wife and daughter had written him out of their li [...]

    5. It is possible that I am disappointed in it because of the genre confusion. It is, as it turns out, more of a crime/detective novel… something like Coben, but not nearly as good. There is nothing like wetting your whistle for a tall glass of icy sweet tea, only to guzzle down lukewarm pickle juice instead. So the fact I was geared up for some Clive and got Coben-knock-off didn’t help. But… that wasn’t all.As I read along, there were ways that Dekker wrote than just annoyed me. Choices in [...]

    6. This book is far removed from being even average 'serial killer' fayre and it is a mystery as to what the author's motives were in writing it - over and above, of course, making a few bob. It begins interestingly enough with a naval intelligence officer on a routine mission in, supposedly, Iraq, being kidnapped by terrorists. He then has to watch innocent children having every bone in their bodies broken in revenge for the deaths of the innocent Iraqi children caught up in the conflict. It's all [...]

    7. Picked this up on a whim because I was in the mood for an intense thriller. I got that in spades in "BoneMan's Daughters." There is quite a bit of backstory building, but all of it became important, like piecing a puzzle together. Most of the story is set in and around Austin, Texas (2009/10); although, the beginning is in Iraq. How what happened in Iraq fell into place with what happened in the Austin, Texas area was great story weaving, imo. The main character is Captain Ryan Evans, a Naval In [...]

    8. This book was classified mystery, but after reading it, I think it should definitely be in Christian Fiction. I felt as that the story had very little merit on its own. If you took out the excessive religious posturing and the anti-war propoganda, the story itself of BoneMan wouldn't have legs to stand on. The story was very weak.I've heard really good things about Ted Dekker, but this book just fell flat on all points. Our hero isn't really a hero. He's a father that wanted nothing to do with h [...]

    9. I had never read a Ted Dekker book before - I picked this one up off of the "hot list" stack at the library. Sorry to say it, but I most likely won't be picking up another.The book has what should be a very captivating beginning - torpedoes being launched at Humvees, a solider being captured by a terrorist. But it just wasn't all that interesting in the way it was written. Scenes went by too quickly - you felt that the author was in a hurry to get to something else but had to explain the backgro [...]

    10. I have long been a Dekker devotee. Ever since I got the Circle Trilogy for Christmas back in '04, I have had a lasting obsession with the works of this man. I have read all but a few of his books—many more than once—and have seen his writing mature from Blessed Child back in 2000 through the massive Books of History Chronicles until now. BoneMan's Daughters is by far the most developed, intricate, gripping story I have ever read.A good book is one that when you set it down, you cannot tell i [...]

    11. This book just really seemed to go all over the place, with no real direction. ** Major spoilers **I see that he was trying to show a hardened military-type guy who had 'broken' and was no longer able to keep up that persona. But all the crying was really annoying. The 'Kahlid' Boneman thing seemed sort-of tacked on, not realistic at all. Bethany was a spoiled brat, and all Ryan talked about was spoiling her moreng her anything she wanted. The serial killer was bland. I also didn't understand wh [...]

    12. Intelligence officer Ryan Evans has never been much of a husband to Celine or a father to his daughter, Bethany. In fact to avoid having to deal with Celine, Ryan volunteers for dangerous missions in far away counties. His latest mission has him gathering data in the Middle East. Ryan had called it a day and was travelling back to camp when the Humvee that he was riding in was attacked. Ryan gets knocked out. When Ryan awakes, he is in a room with a man by the name of Kahlid, who interrogates hi [...]

    13. I use to be a huge fan of Ted Dekker and collected many of his books, but this author started to get increasingly worse in his writings. I was buying his books as soon as they came out, and likewise I got my hands on this one once it came out. This book was the final straw for me, and after reading this book, I no longer read from Dekker and got rid of all his books I had collected. This book in particular I remember giving me nightmares, and I trembled in fear after reading about the antagonist [...]

    14. This book was pain to read. I was waiting for something to happen but the plot line was set from the beginning the serial killer who was as psycho as the main hero and his family and people around. There were lot of emotions, which were pushed beyond bearable horizont of hysterical emotions. Lets get to the business. There was a little nutty serial killer who has father and daughter issue and nasty hobby to pick teenage girls in order to make perfect daughters from them, which they failed and hi [...]

    15. I kinda had a love/hate relationship with this book.I thought the beginning was really disturbing but it got my attention.The story idea was good but the characters kept irratating me.Boneman was a pretty good role for a sicko serial killer.Bethany was kinda spoiled brat that hates her dad because he "abandoned" her and was in war for two years, but he provides for them, does she not even relieze how many fathers don't even care enough to see or send any money to their children??? But, she becam [...]

    16. My rating is 2-1/2. I really wanted to like this book more than I did. Several times I had to force myself to pick it up. I found the beginning of the book different than what I expected but at the same time I also enjoyed the war aspect. The BoneMan's point of view was an interesting addition to the story too. Overall, I found the dialogue repetitive and the story moved slowly for me. I also felt no connection with any of the characters, except for Ryan.The story also "jumped" ahead a few times [...]

    17. BoneMan’s Daughters by Ted Dekker is a crime thriller that is hard to put down. Commander Ryan Evans, who was captured by the enemy in Afghanistan and psychologically tortured before he escaped, returns home to reconcile with his wife and daughter. Unfortunately he finds himself caught in a desperate struggle to protect his family from “The BoneMan,” a serial killer who murders women by breaking their bones without breaking their skin until they die. However, Ryan Evans may not be the hero [...]

    18. The Perfect Father or the Perfect Terror Ryans life is semi-perfect. Husband, father, Naval officer, and adventures, it is what every person dreams of. But under the idyllic look, the cracks appear. His wife has never been faithful, his daughter loathes him, and when he is captured in the desert of Iraq, the remnants of his family fall apart.Told he is not wanted, and a divorce pending, Ryan is adrift. But when his daughter is kidnapped by the serial killer known as the BoneMan, his entire world [...]

    19. This was just okay for me - I think I was expecting more from this. It didn't quite hit the mark either as a mystery or as a thriller. The first part of the novel - where the hero Ryan, an intelligence officer, is taken prisoner in desert and mentally tortured by watching children brutally killed - seems to have little to do with the rest of the book (besides breaking Ryan). He escapes and returns home only to find his wife in love with the Austin DA and his teenage daughter estranged. The DA ha [...]

    20. You ever have one of those books you just know that you figured it out, and then bam, it's totally opposite of your thinking? I really, really loved this book. The best I have read of Dekker's.

    21. Wow!! Amazing book that begged me to keep turning the pages. This is the type of book that grabs you with a firm hold and is impossible to put down.There is no doubt when reading this book that it was written by a man. While reading chapter one, this seemed like it would be a downfall (based on my personal taste); it seemed like a book I would not be able to relate to. As I reached chapter two, I found myself much more encapsulated than I thought I would be, realizing that the story's beginnings [...]

    22. Far-fetched and creepy, the suspense thriller "BoneMan's Daughters" is set in Iraq during the recent war and in various Texas locales. It's well-presented in this audio CD version by actor Robert Petkoff.There is depth to this novel beyond the typical thriller. The author clearly wants to provoke thought, and he does. There are strong spiritual overtones. Characters wonder about God, and how He allows certain situations to happen. Ted Dekker's novel is gruesome in places -- too gruesome for my b [...]

    23. Ted Dekker has apparently made a name for himself in the suspense thriller genre, but "BoneMan's Daughters" is the first one I have ever read. Dekker started his writing career by writing Christian horror fiction (an honest-to-goodness genre, I swear) and, while his more recent novels as exemplified by this one have toned down somewhat on the proselytizing, there are still very strong Christian and faith-based themes running throughout. "BoneMan's Daughters" is about a man named Ryan Evans, a Ma [...]

    24. BoneMan, Satan & the Father of LiesMy 1st Ted Dekker experience! This book caught my eye right away when I saw it for the first time and the blurbs from Nelson DeMille & Brad Meltzer on the back are what sold me on it! DeMille says it the best book yet by Dekker and Brad Meltzer (author of Book of Lies) says it gets under your skin! I know previously Dekker has written mostly for a Christian audience and this book is his first shot at mainstream. "BoneMan's Daughters" is a good thriller [...]

    25. Karşımızda kendisi yerine başka bir masum tutuklandığı için ortadan 2 yıllığına kaybolmuş bir psikopat var. Kemik Adam Genç kızları kaçıran, beklentilerini karşılamayınca da işkence edip tüm kemiklerini kırıp unufak eden bir caniKendisine son kurban olarak Irak'tan dönen istihbarat subayı Albay Ryan'ın güzeller güzeli kızını seçer. Ryan, Irak'ta esir düştüğü direnişçilerce işkence görür. Hem de çok manidar bir şekilde: Kemik Adam'ı taklit eden örg [...]

    26. Another thriller from Ted Dekker, BoneMan's Daughters is his most frightening novel yet. In fact, it's the most compelling emotional ride I've ever taken while reading a "thriller," and believe you me, BoneMan's Daughters is nothing short of hair-raising in the thriller department. I don't even like to be scared, yet I couldn't put this book down. I started late Thursday night and finished on Saturday. Unfortunately I had to sleep and work and eat or I would have read it straight through. I hone [...]

    27. I have read Ted Dekker in the past and enjoyed his books. This one is a fast and compelling read, but there were moments for me that just didn't work. The relationship between Ryan, his wife, and daughter was not developed at all. The reader is just suppose to accept the hatred coming from the wife and daughter towards Ryan. It did not ring true to me. When he comes home from his ordeal of being captured and tortured, neither his wife nor his daughter welcome him home. In fact, they treat his so [...]

    28. Ted Dekker is purported to write gripping stories that keep you up until three o'clock in the morning. I must have missed the "gripping" element somewhere. While the storyline had great potential, Dekker wrote with less zeal than I expected and hardly showed his Christian colors. BoneMan's Daughters is the story of your average Joe searching for his kidnapped daughter: he does whatever it takes. And, surprisingly, gets away with it. *spoiler alert!*He kidnaps the District Attorney and physically [...]

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