The Dragon Of Wantley, His Rise, His Voracity And His Downfall: A Romance (1892)

The Dragon Of Wantley His Rise His Voracity And His Downfall A Romance The true story of the Wantley Dragon Set at Christmas time it is a tale of a Baron his daughter a brave knight True Love and the terrible Dragon of Wantley Oh and don t forget the wine Summary b

  • Title: The Dragon Of Wantley, His Rise, His Voracity And His Downfall: A Romance (1892)
  • Author: Owen Wister
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The true story of the Wantley Dragon Set at Christmas time, it is a tale of a Baron, his daughter, a brave knight, True Love, and the terrible Dragon of Wantley Oh, and don t forget the wine Summary by D A Frank

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    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ✓ The Dragon Of Wantley, His Rise, His Voracity And His Downfall: A Romance (1892) : by Owen Wister ↠
      357 Owen Wister
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ✓ Free Read ✓ The Dragon Of Wantley, His Rise, His Voracity And His Downfall: A Romance (1892) : by Owen Wister ↠
      Posted by:Owen Wister
      Published :2018-010-15T16:55:33+00:00

    1 thought on “The Dragon Of Wantley, His Rise, His Voracity And His Downfall: A Romance (1892)”

    1. I didn't do justice at all to this book, but it did a great deal of good to me. I listened to the Librivox audiobook, and for some reason while I dislike the narrator's voice by day, by night he puts me out like a blow to the head. So while I have completed reading this, it was mostly in ten minute increments, and I'm sure there are sections I heard a number of times and others not at all. But I think it was responsible for some interesting dreams.

    2. A humorous story and not at all what I expected. While there are lessons to learn from the tale I personally found it highly amusing and refreshing in its conclusion. This is not a good triumphs over evil kind of story.

    3. An entertaining book, reminds me a lot of Edith Nesbit; satirical, with enough clever dialogue to keep adults entertained, but still silly enough to be accessible to children.

    4. Most of the stories I’ve been reading lately have been true literary gems. Which, in layman’s terms, means that they would be wholly uninteresting for you to read. You can blame the Kindle for this. Were it not for this lovely contrivance, there is no way I would spend the money buying an out-of-print title from a sham, cheap publishing company, and rarely would I go through the inconvenience of printing off a version of that title to read in the awkward 8 ½ X 11 papers of my printer. Yet w [...]

    5. I adore the English pantomime tradition - you know, those silly Christmas plays for children that star everyone from the Widow Twankay to Tinkerbell and Captain Hook? Of course the grandaddy of them all is Thackeray's Rose and the Ring, one of the great Victorian children's books. Here, Owen Wister has a crack at it, and he does a first-rate job. Those naughty monks! That wine-swilling King! And then that fabulous, fire-belching dragon!

    6. In the town there is a dragon menacing them and eating their cattle. Then he takes the baron's wine. Hell have no fury like a baron whose wine has been pilfered.Also there is a curse and it seems only the baron's daughter meeting the dragon alone will break it. Well the baron was having none of that so he offers his daughter's hand in marriage to the man who brought him the dragon dead or alive.Nothing is as it seems and hilarity ensues.All's well that ends well I suppose.

    7. After reading The Virginian, I was excited to look at other of Wister's works. The Dragon of Wantly wasn't near the caliber of The Virginian, but it was an entertaining story. If you have to choose between those two, go with The Virginian. If you have time for both or just want a light read, The Dragon of Wantly is worth a look.I'll likely read other of Wister's works, and The Virginian has also been calling out to me for a reread.

    8. Clever and funny, as only a classic can be. [SPOILER ALERT] Even if this classic takes all the fantasy and magic out of a naturally fantastical legend, reducing it to cynical reality and a bunch of laughs. I'd've been happier if the bad guys had gotten their just desserts, but the ending was still hopeful. [END SPOILER] Four solid stars for the laughs.

    9. This could well be the best children's book I've ever read. Suitable for all ages, and with some of the delicate irony of Beatrix Potter, it's a wonderful story and a thundering good read. I got it free at booksshouldbefree, where it's available free in various e-book formats and also as an audio book.

    10. same story could have been told in a serious tone, in a boring , Marxist tone ,explaining how power class and preist class fool the general public. But, no, author choose a comic tone, he mocked them. Mocked the misplaced priorities of kings, wickedness of preists, dumbness of knights etc etcWhatever the tone, the message is well received.

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