And Then Everything Unraveled

And Then Everything Unraveled First there was a disappearance Then there was a clue Then there was a kiss And thenDelia Truesdale has no idea her life s about to change forever She s too busy enjoying the California summer Her Int

  • Title: And Then Everything Unraveled
  • Author: Jennifer Sturman
  • ISBN: 9780545087223
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
  • First there was a disappearance Then there was a clue.Then there was a kiss And thenDelia Truesdale has no idea her life s about to change forever She s too busy enjoying the California summer Her Internet tycoon mother, T.K Truesdale, is out of town, and that means Delia can spend all her time at the beach, surfing.That is, until everything unravels.Her mother sudFirst there was a disappearance Then there was a clue.Then there was a kiss And thenDelia Truesdale has no idea her life s about to change forever She s too busy enjoying the California summer Her Internet tycoon mother, T.K Truesdale, is out of town, and that means Delia can spend all her time at the beach, surfing.That is, until everything unravels.Her mother suddenly goes missing, and everyone thinks she s dead except Delia, who knows T.K s way too organized to simply disappear But Delia s still sent to New York to live with her two aunts a downtown bohemian and an uptown ice queen And in case that s not bad enough, she also has to deal with a snooty new school and trying not to fall for the wrong guy Oh, and finding her mother.As she delves deeper into the tangle of conspiracies and lies surrounding T.K s disappearance, Delia begins to suspect that the wrong guy may be the right guy and that some secrets especially the dangerous ones were never meant to be unraveled.

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    1. I ordered this book, which has been praised highly by readers I follow, spontaneously, when I was looking for a way to save the shipping costs for a DVD that I wanted to purchase as a last minute Christmas present. I grabbed "Then Everything Unraveled" (which does not happen, b.t.w.) yesterday night and finished it this morning. The story proved to be a pleasant, rather short piece of New-York-based teen-romance including a 16-year-old girl from Silicon Valley turning into a self-proclaimed inve [...]

    2. I'm crushing on this book hard.Mainly because of the voice which is exactly my kind of thing. Clever and funny and quirky, I was grinning my way through this and nodding along at Delia's wry observations. Also, its written in a slight stream of consciousness style, which is just so wonderfully done.I'm envious of the way Sturman captures the essence of a character and just breathes life into them in a few sentences and mate, you know these people. And you'll love them and laugh at them and will [...]

    3. Delia’s summer of lazily surfing under the California sun turns into just a fleeting dream when her internet genius mother T.K. Truesdale goes missing. The unexplainable disappearance of the research vessel T.K. was aboard leads most people to believe T.K. is dead—but Delia knows better. It would be impossible for someone as intelligent and organized as T.K. to just disappear from thin air. Nonetheless, Delia is sent to New York City to live with her polar opposite aunts, her new guardians. [...]

    4. I had heard good things about this book and its sequel, so I was really looking forward to picking it up. I think the cover is wonderful, although I don't know how much it reflects the tone of the book. Another thing that is great about the cover is that its not white washed: the model actually looks like she's of Indian descent, as Delia is. I loved how Jennifer Sturman managed to combine a well written mystery with a more typical boy meets girl story. I would have liked the background characte [...]

    5. Mystery with female in the lead role. Delia is trying to find out what happened to her mother after her ship disappears during an expedition to the Antarctic. While everyone else is convinced that Delia's mother is dead, Delia isn't so sure. I found it a little unbelievable with the conspiracy and how Delia and her friends can find out things no one else can. I didn't like how too many things are left unanswered in the end. I know, it's leaving room for a sequel, but in a mystery I still want th [...]

    6. I really loved it, the only reason that I rated it 4 stars instead of five was because the last line was: to be continued, and that was really really annoying.

    7. This was a lovely quick read which was easy to get into. I was afraid the high school drama might get in the way of the mystery but it had a very nice balance between the two. Plus it had well written characters: Delia was determined but never sounded crazy or paranoid, Charley was inexperienced but never exaggerated, and Patience was cold but not cruel. It had realistic relationships (as far as ya books go) and an interesting plot. Overall, three stars: I liked it.

    8. 3.5/5I'm not sure if it's an element of a mystery novel or not but I've decided that I'm really bothered when a character foreshadows something very dramatically (i. e. "I should have known" or "How could I have been so stupid" etc). These statements have really started to bug me and there are a few of those throughout the book. The ending was an annoying type of cliffhanger and yet as I type this review and reflect I've realized that I'm not in a hurry to read the sequel (which I own). I though [...]

    9. And Then Everything Unraveled was a fantastic and well written mystery that left me dying to pick up the sequel! Filled with plot twists, interesting characters, and great writing, I had a hard time putting this down.Delia was an original and likable main character. Readers get to learn more about her parents and background within the first few chapters and I love how diversity played a role with Delia being half Indian. Her father was not only a big computer genius, but also a big surfer and he [...]

    10. A captivating mystery with a bold teenage protagonist, And Then Everything Unraveled is a quick but engaging read. The plot and set up has been well planned out with more clues and hints coming at the right moments but still leaving many things hard to foresee. The writing is great, keeping easily with the teenage narrator but also holding a strength a range of readers will enjoy.Delia is a spunky character, well developed with a strong sense of her upbringing that comes across the pages. Her mo [...]

    11. I'm a fan of Jennifer Sturman's "Rachel Benjamin" series but it's getting a little repetitive so I was glad to see she's written something outside the series and thought it would be a good break.The first thing I noticed was that the setting reminded me a lot of the movie "Raising Helen". Three sisters, one dies and in her will, leaves her children (or in this case, child) in the care of the unlikely one of the two other sisters. In "Raising Helen", the unlikely sister is single and career drive [...]

    12. I have to admit that I loved the setting mostly because I grew up in Silicon Valley. I remember the start-up internet families living in their McMansions with Priuses parked in their driveways. This is the world that sixteen-year-old Delia lived in until a tragic accident left her mother missing. Because her father had already passed away, Delia found herself at the mercy of her mother's will which stated that Delia would move to New York City. The will also stated that while Delia will live wit [...]

    13. see more reviews jennreneeread/I really love mysteries. This book is great! I love everything about the book, characters, the story, the setting, and the writing. Delia’s life starts to unravel when she comes home to hear that her mother has disappeared somewhere in the Arctic. This was the first bit of bad news… right after she learns she has to live with an aunt she has never met. Not only has she never met this aunt, she lives on the other side of the country. Delia is used to the laid ba [...]

    14. Cordelia Truesdale or Delia had a nice, carefree life in California with 2 best friends and a school she likes. All this comes to an abrupt end when her mom T.K goes on an environmental trip to Antarctica. Her ship is said to have disappeared and everyone, including her mom’s manager Thad, believes she is dead. But Delia is not convinced. After all there no body is found.When her mother’s will is read, Delia is sent to her aunts Patience and Charity to New York. Although Delia believes her m [...]

    15. how could i believe this is mystery !! this is a boring simple novel , even the children stuff more convincing than this .

    16. Delia Truesdale is certain her mother is alive. She knows that she would be able to tell if she had died but how can she convince everyone else of this before they ship her across the country to live with the aunt she has never met?Well, as it turns out, she can't. The day after she finds out about the disappearance of her mother, Delia is sent to New York to live with her aunt Charity. Delia has no idea what to expect from her aunt but she gets a nice surprise when she finally meets her. Charle [...]

    17. And Then Everything Unraveled Point, 2010, 256 pp. $8.99Jennifer Sturman ISBN 978-0-545-08723-0 I Am Coming to You, T.k.: A Review of And Then Everything Unraveled“She’s way too organized to die by just disappearing like that.” Delia, a 16-year-old high school girl, who lives with her aunt, Charley, in New York City, still can’t believe that T.K her mom, is gone. On top of that, Delia once overhears a secret phone call of her aunt about her mom’s strange disappearance. She then determi [...]

    18. Rating: 4.5And Then Everything Unraveled was a gripping, witty and fun start to a promising series. Jennifer's writing drew me into the story and well-developed characters. Delia, the main character, was a determined, intelligent and lovable girl. I related to her personality off the bat and quickly learned to sympathize with her situation. Delia's mother T.K. unexpectedly goes missing. On top of that, everyone around her assumed she was dead. Her intuition sensed that her mother was alive and s [...]

    19. Wow! How do I even begin to describe AND THEN EVERYTHING UNRAVELED, which defies categorization? It’s a mystery-suspense story wrapped around a typical girl-coming-of-age tale, and yet as a result it is so much more.Delia is a darling, an unassuming high school girl with a lot of bad luck but an equal amount of smarts on her hand. In straightforward, attention-grabbing prose she tells us how the transition from California to NYC is, how living with her crazy aunts after her by-the-book mom is, [...]

    20. And Then Everything Unraveled by Jennifer Sturman One of the books that I have read in this school year is And Then Everything Unraveled by Jennifer Sturman. This book is about a girl named Delia who’s mother has mysteriously disappeared, then her whole life is changed. I think this is a really good book, thumbs up. The main point of this book is about going through change and solving a mystery. About dealing with all the obstacles that are thrown your way. It’s a lot about facing challenges [...]

    21. Natalie won And Then Everything Unraveled and the sequel, And Then I Found Out the Truth, from Jami at YA Addict and she let me read these books first! Isn't she the best? I don't know if I could ever do that, but Natalie does that kind of thing all the time. Anyway, on to my review. And Then Everything Unraveled is fun, contemporary YA. I really enjoyed it! Delia is a high school student living in Silicon Valley and her mother goes missing while on a science expedition. Everyone believes that T [...]

    22. Have you ever heard a story that you knew couldn't be true? I just finished the book, And Then Everything Unraveled by Jennifer Sturman. And that's what happens to Delia Trusdale. Delia is a fifteen year old girl from California who loves to surf and lay out in the sun. She's never expects anything out-of-the-ordinary, until everything unravels. Her computer-savvy mom, T.K. Trusdale is suddenly said to be dead, but Delia knows for a fact, it's not true. She soon has to move to New York City to [...]

    23. I felt like this book just got me. It was a mix of my favorite things, a little sleuthing (I love Veronica Mars) a pair of crazy aunts (I love Pushing Daisies) one who has fabulous taste in 80s movies, a cute boy, New York City and ice cream. Yes, there is a lot of ice cream in this book, I kid you not! I just loved this book.I loved the mystery in the story and really I still don't know how it going to end, can you say sequel! I found the book really funny too, Delia's descriptions of her cousi [...]

    24. This review will be brief, because what I really want to be doing right now is reading the sequel, And Then I Found Out the Truth. That's how good And Then Everything Unraveled was.Delia Truesdale is a child of the Silicon Valley, but when her Internet tycoon mother disappears while on an environmental trip to Antarctica, an apparently-orphaned Delia is sent to New York to live with her Aunt Charley, a woman she has never met. Delia doesn't think her mother is really dead, but how can she prove [...]

    25. And Then Everything Unraveled is a great little read, perfect for summer vacations. At first I excepted it to be a light romance/mystery mix, but this book defiantly went a bit deeper than that. In fact, I was rather thrilled to read something new, something that was based on a much bigger scale, and not just a simple disappearance. In anticipation, you watch as Delia uncovers clues, love, and danger all at once; there is never a boring moment!Delia was a courageous spunky protagonist and I real [...]

    26. Cordelia Truesdale knows that he mother can't be dead, problem is, everybody else thinks she's dead. So, after being shipped off to New York to live with her zany aunt Charley, and starting a new school, she starts to delve into her mother's disappearance. Then finds out that there is a lot more going on then she could have ever imagined. With a cast of characters like the hot/sweet/distant Quinn Riley, The Wicked Witch of the Upper East Side and the Fly Monkeys (Delia's other aunt Patience, and [...]

    27. Oh, wow! I loved this book! A very witty and fun detective-type of story. The writing was fantastic. It pulls you in right away. Delia's voice is one of the best voices I've read in a while. She's a down-to-earth, hilarious, no-nonsense character. The type of character anyone would love to read about. You'll laugh out loud with her sarcasm.The plot was rich and delightful. A mixture of a coming of age story with the suspense of a conspiracy. Delia's mother is dead, except Delia thinks she's not, [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book-it was a true gem of a find! If I am not mistaken, I bought it after I got my Kindle. The UK Kindle bookstore was not as large as it is now and the YA pickings were slim (if like me, you are not so keen on paranormal romance). So, I stumbled across this and I am glad I did! In short, Delia Truesdale finds herself uprooted and transplanted to NYC from her native Palo Alto when her mother disappears whilst on an expedition; however, Delia is convinced her mother is well [...]

    29. Why I picked it up: I needed Antarctica for my reading scavenger hunt, and this was one of very few showing up in a search for teen books with a key word Antarctica.I liked it. Delia lives with her mother. Her father is dead and while she knows her mom has family, Delia has never met them. Then Delia’s mom leaves for a research trip and her boat disappears on its way to Antarctica. Delia has to move to New York City where she has an interesting custody arrangement with her two very different a [...]

    30. And Then Everything Unraveled is a great mix of mystery and suspense. From the beginning you are drawn into Delia's life, feeling that you are there with her every step she takes to find out what really happened to her mother. One of my favorite qualities of Delia's was her ability to never give up, no matter what got thrown at her. Since, without that this novel could have been pretty boring. Delia's aunts, Charley and Patience, were hilarious supporting characters who always had you laughing w [...]

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