Sea Swept

Sea Swept A champion boat racer Cameron Quinn traveled the world spending his winnings on champagne and women But when his dying father calls him home to care for Seth a troubled young boy not unlike Cameron

  • Title: Sea Swept
  • Author: Nora Roberts DavidStuart
  • ISBN: 9781423356455
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Audio CD
  • A champion boat racer, Cameron Quinn traveled the world spending his winnings on champagne and women But when his dying father calls him home to care for Seth, a troubled young boy not unlike Cameron once was, his life changes overnight.After years of independence, Cameron has to learn to live with his brothers again while he struggles with cooking, cleaning, and caringA champion boat racer, Cameron Quinn traveled the world spending his winnings on champagne and women But when his dying father calls him home to care for Seth, a troubled young boy not unlike Cameron once was, his life changes overnight.After years of independence, Cameron has to learn to live with his brothers again while he struggles with cooking, cleaning, and caring for a difficult boy Old rivalries and new resentments flare between Cameron and his brothers, but they try to put aside their differences for Seth s sake In the end, a social worker will decide Seth s fate, and as tough as she is beautiful, she has the power to bring the Quinns together or tear them apart.

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    1. What is it about Nora Roberts' Quinn brothers that makes them so special? They're rough and tumble, they swear a lot, they like to be in charge, they're all good-looking. But I think it's the fact that they were once all troubled boys who were saved by two good people who instilled in them a sense of family, love, and loyalty that lasted even when they were grown and their adopted parents gone.Sea Swept tells the story of the first of those boys, Cameron. He was the first troubled boy that Ray a [...]

    2. I'm kind of giving up on ever being an official Nora Roberts fan. It's a shame, since I have tons of her books waiting to be read adorning the shelves, and I know she's a popular and prolific writer who dishes out so many books per year witchcraft may actually be involved.Thankfully Sea Swept is a huge improvement over the predictable, formulaic Montana Sky I read in January. I actually like the brothers - they cracked me up - especially when arguing over the domestic duties. (Pink laundry? Mwha [...]

    3. 3.5 stars.A nice read but nothing overwhelming. I think the reason that this did not "wow" me more is that it didn't have the "suspense/mystery" element that that other books that I have read by her had!A champion boat racer, Cameron Quinn traveled the world spending his winnings on champagne and women. But when his dying father called him home to care for Seth, a troubled young boy not unlike Cameron once was, his life changed overnight “You don’t want to get in the habit of overusing the [...]

    4. Final rating: 5/5 starsFinal rating - for the whole series: 4.5~4.75/5 starsThis is the second book I've read from Nora Roberts and I was not disappointed. Whenever I saw Nora's books in the bookstore my first thought was: murder case! (Not saying that all her books are about murder cases, but somehow i have that luck of picking up every single one with a killer in it). This time it's different. This is a story of a family - three adopted brothers who, after the death of their father, accept to [...]

    5. DNF for the second time. At least now I reached almost 90% before giving up:) It's not bad, but I really can't get over the heroine screwing one of her 'cases' -very unprofessional & unethical- and the complete lack of tension between them. Not sexual tension, there was tons of that, but conflict. I mean, it's a story of boy meets girl, girl likes boy, they start dating, having sex and then realizing it was more serious than they first thought. No problems, no big fights, no differences betw [...]

    6. Reviewed for THC ReviewsUntil now, I had never read a Nora Robert's book. Yeah, I know, how can I, a self-proclaimed romance junkie, not have read any books from the queen of the romance genre? Honestly, I don't know, but now, I've rectified that with Sea Swept, the first in her Chesapeake Bay Saga. I'd heard wonderful things about this series, so I thought it would be a great one to start my foray into Ms. Robert's almost overwhelming backlist. It was a very good story that worked exceptionally [...]

    7. The main thing I object is, cliché. Am I that stupid? Yes, I am. I really enjoy romances, quick light fix of alpha male and alpha female, just it’s hard to find an intelligent romance. But it is. Most of them are so badly written, that every time when I see so many 5 stars, I think about the readers and the old lady and her cats metaphor. Don't you have any whatsoever criteria if you rate THIS book 5 stars? Why do they have to be so transparent? Quick fix doesn't necessarily need to be shallo [...]

    8. I'm going thru yet another Nora Roberts "phase" and reading her books again.I have always loved this series and Cameron's HEA is one of my favorites. He's just as a fabulous alpha-hero. Playboy boat racer who is suddenly faced with great changes in his life, after his adopted father's death.Nora Roberts writes the most amazing family sagas and this is one of those. Three troubled teenagers who are adopted by the Quinn's who are having to deal with Seth, who was in the process of being adopted be [...]

    9. My first book by Nora Roberts was "Vision in White". I actually read the entire series (Bride Quartet) since I bought the 4 books at the same time. I liked it but there was something lacking, something that didn't capture me as other stories do. I was even reluctant to read Nora Roberts again but she has so many books and she's considered one of the best romance authors, so how could I not give her books another try? I looked through her series and found the Chesapeake Bay Saga. The summary of S [...]

    10. Nora is a master at cliched small towns. I love these types of stories! This is book one in her Chesapeake Bay saga. About three "brothers" who were each adopted during their wild and abused adolescences by Ray and Stella Quinn. They grow up to be respectable, honorable and handsome men. After Ray is in a horrible accident and is on his death bed, he makes the three brothers promise to take in and look after the newest addition to the Quinn family. Seth. A ten year old with a smart mouth and a b [...]

    11. This felt like a surface book to me. There was no depth at all. The characters had very little development, and Anna and Cam had no chemistry at all, so I have no idea why the got together. Anna was annoying and got mad every two seconds for no reason. Anna's sob story did not ring true, and felt fake and forced, as if put there to make her seem real, when it had the opposite effect. Cam's sob story was never discussed; it just loomed in the distance for basically no reason. I felt nothing for t [...]

    12. *Review without spoilers*“Don’t mix up who I am and what I am,” she told him quietly. “You have to be honest with me, or the rest of it means nothing.”He was on his knees on the platform as he spoke, using his hands to show her. And still leaving her in the dark.But it didn’t matter whether she understood the technique he described or not. She understood him. He might not realize it yet, but he had fallen in love with this place, and with the work he would do here.This was at least m [...]

    13. My keyboard died on me today, and since I'm now using the on-screen keyboard (which is annoying me), I'll try to keep this short and to the point. I can see why Nora Roberts gets her spots on the bestseller lists: she writes the kind of romance that, in order to appeal to the masses, turns out so generic and familiar. It's like you've already read this book, that's how cliched it is. There are all the obligatory elements: a family with issues, dark pasts, precocious kids, cute dogs, a small town [...]

    14. A decent story and a fun setting, but I really hated the romance in this one. Roberts is good and this one was written in the late 90s and that's about the time I have designated in my head when I don't expect a true loser or something I won't enjoy. And that expectation stands—it's a good story and I cared about most of the characters and the setting is outstanding.But I kind of hated Cam. He's a selfish jerk from start to finish and he gets things his own way, far, far too often. And I hate [...]

    15. Cameron Quinn. *sigh* It's not that he's not handsome, exciting and sexy but he can be a bit dense when it comes to love.He has lived the last ten years racing boats and sleeping with beautiful women. Then the father who took him out of the gutter, adopted him and gave him a family, dies suddenly.Cam rushes home to find his father was in the process of adopting another troubled boy. Now Cam and his two brothers have to raise Seth.Along the way he meets the pretty case worker in charge of the gua [...]

    16. DNF. I liked the writing, and enjoyed the interaction between the Quinn brothers, but I could not relate to the romance.Problems:In the opening scene we meet the hero, Cam, as a love-them-and-leave-them type who uses women and tosses them aside like used tissues.A bit later we meet Anna, a dedicated social worker who takes on the case of Cam's young foster brother.After Anna has made two professional visits to the Quinn home, Cam turns up uninvited at her apartment late in the evening. The two e [...]

    17. Solid, well done romance with good relationship development. Racer gives up the fast life to help a foster childVIEWER’S OPINION:College professors teaching romance-fiction courses assigned this book to their students (per Romantic Times magazine Sep 2009). For that reason I thought I’d try it. It has a different take on the romance formula which I liked. Many or most romance novels have a tough alpha male, single not wanting to settle down. Then he meets a female he can’t resist, falls in [...]

    18. This is your typical romance novel and I like romance novels ONLY when I'm in the mood for one. This one was a good one. Made me feel good. This being the first in a series, I'm not sure I will jump on the next one until I'm in the mood for more romance. The Quinn's, Cameron, Phillip and Ethan, have promised their dying father that they will take care of the newest member of the Quinn's, Seth, who is 10 years old. An abused young child who simply got caught in the crosshairs of a vindictive coll [...]

    19. I loved this book! I'm glad I decided to read it after seeing Isis_FG's review of it. The interaction between the brothers was wonderful and, in my opinion, made the whole story worthwhile. I felt the romance between Cameron and Anna actually came second place to the story of the Quinn family and that was the perfect way it should be. It's about Cameron finding his true path in life and embracing it. And, of course, he finds love for Anna and Seth too. I'm anxious to read the rest of the series. [...]

    20. Reviewed on 06/19/12: This is where it all began! Well, where my love affair with NR began anyway. I use to have a job where the work was so mind-numbingly boring I could listen to audio books all day. I started with the library, and since I had never read any NR yet, I picked this one at random. That was five years ago, and I've been trying to finish her backlist ever since.I'll admit at first, I wasn't in love with our hero Cameron, nor his lady Anna. I thought Cam was a tad unlikable and Anna [...]

    21. This is my favorite series by Nora Roberts. I re-read it at least once a year. And it's always immensely satisfying.To give some background, you have the Quinns (Ray and Stella) who, though they couldn't have children of their own, made a family out of three unwanted boys. Trouble-makers, damaged, and severely injured - either in body, mind, or heart, and sometimes all three, Ray and Stella took them in and made them a home. Gave them family, love, care, and a future.When Cam is in Monaco after [...]

    22. Originally posted on Gone With The BooksSea Swept is the first book of the Chesapeake Bay Saga. It tells how three grown up men fight for their new brother, what they do and what they have to sacrifice to achieve their goal: to keep their father´s legacy alive.Nora Roberts has a very unique way of telling stories. Sea Swept is no exception. With sensitiveness and a fine humor, this novel shows every aspect, a reader wants to see in a good book. Sea Swept is the very wonderful and beautiful writ [...]

    23. Nora Roberts is not my first favorite author but the badass characters in this series of her were definitely the first I've ever read. This made me realize that THIS is my thing. Not the sappy romance novels or the totally erotic ones.Cameron Quinn was my first badass encounter. At first, I didn't understand him. He made an impression on me as rude, selfish and blithe sonofabitch. But eventually, I flushed those impressions down the drain. He's just a lost-in-his-own-way family-oriented type of [...]

    24. I am very concerned for this couple. (view spoiler)[I don't think marriage is a good idea for them. I am also concerned that Anna's supervisor didn't intervene and/or fire her for messing around with the man aspiring to be her charge's guardian. The whole book long, I was waiting for Anna to get in trouble, but it was like Anna was operating in a universe where her job didn't even exist. Her job only came into play to introduce her to Cam and create tension between them. Anna could've had any oc [...]

    25. Me he enamorado de este libro. Tal vez sea ese toque atemporal, ese carácter fuerte en él o en esa sabiduría innata en ella pero he caído ante esta historia como lo hice con Jed Skimmerhorn. Deseando conocer la historia de los hermanos que me quedan!!

    26. 3.5 stars. A light and simple contemporary romance with interesting characters. I plan to continue on to the next in the series. Oddly, this book is classified as a paranormal which it is not. Well, there is a possible conversation or two with a ghost, but that can't make a book a paranormal, can it?

    27. This could have easily become one of my favorite NR novels if not for a few bothersome things. But even while being annoyed by those needling things, I am still looking forward to continuing this series and seeing how these brothers cope with their new life circumstances.What I Liked:-The characters. I loved that the focus was on the men. So often we only see the emotional part of a romance from the female point of view. This time, we see depth of emotion from the males as well - emotions other [...]

    28. This was my first time reading Nora Roberts. My mom and aunts have been huge fans for years, but it's not something I would have typically picked up. I read Sea Swept because my mom recommended it to me and I decided to give it a chance.This book was really amazing. It was touching, humorous and left me in good spirits. The storyline was so touching to me, I would have enjoyed the book just as much without any romance or steamy scenes. I don't know if I'm ready to call myself a Nora Roberts fan [...]

    29. 3,5. Muy entretenido & fácil de leer. Me sobran las escenas más erotico-festivas pero me encanta el rollo “feel good” a lo hallmark y telefilm de A3 que tiene.

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