Edge of Danger

Edge of Danger Saige Buchanan travels the world studying her dark past guided by a strange gift that enables physical objects to tell her their secrets Yet nothing can protect her from her family s sadistic enemies

  • Title: Edge of Danger
  • Author: Rhyannon Byrd
  • ISBN: 9780373773992
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • Saige Buchanan travels the world studying her dark past, guided by a strange gift that enables physical objects to tell her their secrets Yet nothing can protect her from her family s sadistic enemies Until in her hour of greatest need she encounters a mysterious, impossibly sexy shape shifter.Sent to find the woman whose darkness has yet to awaken, Michael Quinn batSaige Buchanan travels the world studying her dark past, guided by a strange gift that enables physical objects to tell her their secrets Yet nothing can protect her from her family s sadistic enemies Until in her hour of greatest need she encounters a mysterious, impossibly sexy shape shifter.Sent to find the woman whose darkness has yet to awaken, Michael Quinn battles his primal hunger for Saige He alone can help her lay claim to her full powers Yet in doing so, he will destroy her innocence, and mark her as his forever.

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    1 thought on “Edge of Danger”

    1. Ok this was very, very lame. The storyline was identical to book 1. The lead female who is supposed to turn into this mighty creature called a Merrick still needs a big strong man to rescue her time after time again. She makes dumb decisions all the time. Most of the book she's begging to have sex which the male denies her (like that happens) because he has a past that has scarred him for life. Aren't we all over those men? Aren't we sick of them yet? And to top it all off the sex scene wasn't e [...]

    2. Rhyannon Byrd is fast becoming very accomplished at writing the stubborn alpha hero and her efforts shine admirably in 'Edge of Danger'. Michael Quinn is a raptor shapeshifter and Watchman for the Consortium - a organization charged with the task of monitoring supernatural activity. But with the reemergence of a being so fierce and destructive, Quinn and his fellow Watchmen have decided to take action. Quinn's task: Go to Brazil, find Saige Buchanan and bring her back to the base in Colorado. So [...]

    3. its sensual smooth, but cliched and bland. hmm its really polished its not exciting and it wont leave you hating or loving its five stars for those who want a safe good read with no power to dwar you in, but its excellent if you like soft romance thats, heres the word i wanted very SAPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPSAPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPSAPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPYPPY.YPPYPPYPPYPP [...]

    4. Michael Quinn is a rapter shifter and he's sent to recover Saige Buchannon from The , whom is out searching for an ancient artifact said to annihilate malevolent creatures out to destroy her family. She is part of an old magical bloodline, imbued with powers to destroy evil and her inner power- called The Merrick- is awakening.Find her he does, and just in time too, for the ancient evil is all but on her. But the enemy has captured a good friend of hers she trusted with the artifact and now it'l [...]

    5. Another excellent read. Book 2 of the author's Primal Instincts stars Saige, the Buchanan sister who, unlike her brothers, has always been a believer in the legends of the Merrick and the Casus. She is also the one who found the first of the Dark Markers used in book 1. Now she has found the second, and the Casus [two of them this time, and one is the brother of the Casus killed by Ian and is out for revenge:] have found her.The hero is Quinn, a Watchman shifter introduced in the first book. Lik [...]

    6. This series has potential, I like the storyline, I just cannot seem to connect with the characters!I was very frustrated in this book because the main characters seemed to be fighting their attraction and kept going around in circles about why they couldn't be together for about 80% of the book!I actually enjoyed the book more once we were able to read about something else other than them. The other characters seem to be building up to books I might actually enjoy since I do like them better.I'm [...]

    7. I really liked Saige and her tough trying to protect everyone around her ways. She manged to pull that off while still being lovable. While Quinn on the other hand was too much the stereo typical male, fight my feelings, alpha male, jealous of everyone, and came off as an ass much of the time.I did like learning a little more about the Casus and then also the Collective and what they are about. I was hoping for more info on the Watchmen, but there wasn't much of anything new with them.

    8. This is an exciting book from start to finish. Although, I really liked the first book in this series I think this one kicked it up a notch. The main characters where both tough and vulnerable at the same time. I love it how the interacted throughout the story and I found I couldn't put it down. This is definately worth reading!

    9. TRAMA: Saige Buchanan ha il dono di vedere la storia degli oggetti che tocca. E quando trova il secondo Marcatore Nero nelle foreste del Brasile, capisce che è arrivato il momento di affrontare gli acerrimi nemici della sua specie. Per vincere, però, deve liberare il proprio oscuro potere, e l'unico in grado di aiutarla è Michael Quinn, l'affascinante mutaforma che con la sua virile avvenenza suscita in lei una passione irrefrenabile. Ma nonostante l'attrazione che divampa tra loro, lui si ri [...]

    10. "La tranquillità della notte, il cerchio protettivo delle sue braccia, persino le cavità dei suoi palmi. Quinn riempiva tutti gli spazi vuoti della sua vita. Del suo corpo, del cuore e dell'anima."Questa serie mi piace sempre più! *ç* Dopo l'affascinante Ian è il turno dell'intrepida Saige di risvegliarsi e combattere i malvagi casus che le danno la caccia. In questo libro la battaglia si fa più serrata e i misteriosi Marcatori diventano sempre più essenziali, mentre si chiarisce la posiz [...]

    11. Il primo libro non mi era piaciuto un granchè ma ho voluto dargli un'altra possibilità. Devo dire che è migliorata parecchio la trama. Ora si riesce a capire vagamente cose coso questi merrik, i casus e tutto il resto. Si intravede una trama complicata e molta carne viene messa al fuoco in questo volume.Lento nella prima parte e dopo tutto schizza alla velocità della lucee troppo. finale che era il momento più importante.hè di una venitna di pagine e non si racconta nulla. cioè non si rac [...]

    12. Edge of Hunger2 StarsSynopsisSaige Buchanan has always accepted that she is different and that once awakened her family bloodline will endow her with the ability to shift into a mythological creature. Now that the time is upon her, Saige will have to place her trust in an enigmatic stranger if she is to survive the evil forces who seek her destruction. ReviewA pale imitation of the first book.There is very little character development and it is difficult to care about the main couple. Saige is a [...]

    13. I loved this book so much ,Quinn is totally awesome and dreamy , he does have trust issues but in the end Saige is able to break down his walls & its totally awesome when she does.Saige was cool , I liked her but then there were times where I was questioning some of the things she did but after a while she finally started to let Quinn in and it was sogreat to she her and Quinn finally get together, there was so much sexual tension between her and Quinn from the moment they saw each other tha [...]

    14. So 3.5 stars. I loved Michael Quinn. He is strong, stubborn, beautiful, and is a tortured soul. I mean seriously the stuff he went through in the past is awful, for me that was emotional to read. He alone is what makes this book worth the read and is why I give it 3.5 stars rather than a lessor rating. I definitely enjoyed him over Ian from the first book.The problem.I didn't like the heroine, Saige. Yes she is strong and stubborn in the sense that she will risk her lives to save those that she [...]

    15. Spectacular! Michael Quinn is something else. He's a shifter who becomes a raptor - a very dangerous and vicious killer. He is tasked with protecting Saige Buchanan who is on an archeological dig in Brazil searching for one of the dark markers. Like her brothers, Saige is also a Merrick and her beast is finally awakening. Of course, the Casus is after her and Quinn must protect her and transport her back to Colorado and safety. Now you know love is gonna happen and Quinn fights it mightily due t [...]

    16. Amo questa serie!!! Il giusto mix di azione e passione che negli urban è un toccasana. La novità di questi esseri che si differenziano dai classici vampiri mi intriga sempre di più. Spero che non mi sconvolga continuando a leggerla come capita spesso. Anche questo secondo libro, consigliatissimo!!!

    17. I enjoyed the second book in this series. Saige is the little sister to Ian Buchanan from the first book. Saige unlike Ian has a great need to find out as much about her Merrick creature that lives within her. She knows that her awakening is coming and there will be nothing she can do to stop it. She is doing her best to protect her family by finding the markers that are meant to protect the Merricks. As an anthropologist she has access to finding things in the earth. And she has been given a po [...]

    18. Saige and Quin both with secrets and strength. She is a Merrick that has yet to awakened, he is a Raptor who is charged with her protection. But who is protecting who? This was an enthralling story that was emotional and thrilling. I loved the pace that the back story moves, you just have to keep reading to see the whole story. Saige is a determined woman who will have the man she craves, and he is a hard-headed ass who is afraid to take what he wants. Thank God for strong woman.Byrd has a pench [...]

    19. At times the heroine, by her own admission, was TSTL, and at other times the hero was acting almost unforgivably. Hmmill gave it 4 stars though, because it evoked enough emotion to make me cry. And I'm going to ignore all the GREAT books that just came out (Retribution, Storm's Heart, Blood Hunt, others) that just came out and continue with Primal Instinct. Now THAT'S saying something!

    20. The second book in the Primal Instinct Series; the sister has her turn at romance while trying to survive her awakening along with those set out to kill her. While the focus is on Quinn, a watchman shape sifter and his desire for Saige Buchanan, the author takes the reader deeper into the relm of the Merrick & Casus.I found this novel more interesting than the first. The story line flows in a quick pace with enough action and romance to keep the reader wanting to coninue on until their done [...]

    21. I liked the idea of a shape shiftor raptor, and Quinn is super sexy, but I really disliked the heroine. She's just so annoyingly goody-two-shoes, trying so hard to save everyone when it is obvious she's just too stupid to live. She is the one who gets everyone killed, and the poor man Quinn just has to keep trying to make her feel good. I found the characters in that sense wooden although the passion was hot. A fairly mediocre read all round.Add to that, it just seemed foolish that if the creatu [...]

    22. I think this book is better than the first one. The story is more likeable and more intriguing The one female Merrick, Saige finnaly face her awakening to deal with her other half that she already knew well. At the same time, she met with the hot Watchman that make her inner self so unsettling.At the other side, Quinn met his new temptation in Saige form, when he think and feel about forever. But the past still give him nightmares everynight, while he crave her badly. Fighting the Casus is final [...]

    23. Much better read than the first book in the series, "Edge of Hunger." At least the H/h had more chemistry and more camaraderie; plus, the heroine could actually speak above a whisper! :-)And although Quinn (hero) tried to come off as a hard-ass, he was actually an ol' softie at heart, which I like. I do believe he was trying too hard to "do the right thing," as he often stated in the book, when it came to Saige (heroine), but eventually, she wore him down. All-in-all, a better book than the firs [...]

    24. I really liked this book. I liked the characters, the suspense, the creativity and imagination. I would read this book again. There were a few good steamy scenes too. This was the first book I've read of this trilogy and I definitely want to read the other two books now. I also hope there a series to read more on the other Watchman and the Collection McCallon. I'd also like to see what happens with Haley too. There are so many good characters and the suspense enough to show who they are. Took th [...]

    25. So I read this one first and definitely feel like I missed a lot of stuff that I shoulve known. So I suggest reading them in order, duh. Im not sure how I felt about this one. Our leading man wasnt as likeable as I would like, or just too moody for me I guess. Quinn has a tortured past, but is part of a group that protects other supernaturals, so he goes to rescue Saige from the evil guys and from her own transition deal. I got to say that the bad guys were pretty damn scary to me. Not sure yet [...]

    26. Finito di leggere il secondo libro della serie,libro davvero molto intenso e commmuovente. I personaggi di Saige e Quinn mi sono piaciuti molto dato il modo in cui la scrittrice è riuscita o descrive ogni loro sfumatura sia bella che brutta. La loro storia mi ha letteralmente preso che ho divorato davvero questo libro. La parte sentimentale di questo libro è stata molto intensa cosa che mi è piaciuta molto spero di leggere presto il prossimo libro.

    27. The writing and storytelling in this one was much improved. That said, I'll admit their big coming together was a little disappointing to me and some scenes would have been more effective if they'd been related through a different character. But oh well. Overall a good read :) Some parts of this series are really starting to remind me of the Demonica series though (which was fantastic and hardly compares), with the Collective Army and all.I'll be reading the next one though!

    28. I have many books, many authors, and many series. Some books I haven't read some books I have, Rhyannon Byrd is one of my favorite authors. I enjoyed this whole series. I so cant not wait for Ash's book to come out so I hope he is the first spin off she writes about the vampires. I know who i would like Ash to mate with and hopfully it will go in that direction. I give Rhyannon Byrd Instinct Series two thumbs way up.

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