The Merchant of Death

The Merchant of Death The Merchant of Death is disguised villain Mallos who wants to destroy Hallas all of the space time continuum and sells explosive clay like mineral Tak in alternate Territory Denduron to peasant M

  • Title: The Merchant of Death
  • Author: D.J. MacHale
  • ISBN: 9781416936251
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Merchant of Death is disguised villain Mallos, who wants to destroy Hallas , all of the space time continuum, and sells explosive clay like mineral Tak in alternate Territory Denduron to peasant Milagos enslaved by fat rich Bedoowans Bobby Pendragon 14, writes manuscripts part narrator for his friends Mark and Courtney back in Second Earth, when conscripted b The Merchant of Death is disguised villain Mallos, who wants to destroy Hallas , all of the space time continuum, and sells explosive clay like mineral Tak in alternate Territory Denduron to peasant Milagos enslaved by fat rich Bedoowans Bobby Pendragon 14, writes manuscripts part narrator for his friends Mark and Courtney back in Second Earth, when conscripted by fellow Travelers Uncle Press, warriors calm Osa and her daughter fierce Loor, and knight Alder They hide in mines, battle in Roman style Coliseum arena against monster Quigs fight for themselves, and for everyone, everywhere, everywhen.

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      312 D.J. MacHale
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    1 thought on “The Merchant of Death”

    1. Not even something as terrifyingly cuddly as a trio of skydiving "ninja" cats could have won me over to this story.However, fans of this book/series can keep their dander down as this is not going to turn rant as I have no reason or desire to bash this tale. My angries were not provoked. The writing is fine, the main character is fairly engaging, there’s a decent back-story and nicely drawn diabolical villain. My less than lofty rating is more a recognition that this sub-genre of light, YA, co [...]

    2. I wanted to enjoy this book because then I'd have several more good books to read after this one, but I was ultimately disappointed. I found the first person, diary pov grating and impossible to get into. The writing also came off as either uninspired or overly wordy when MacHale realized he needed a bit more exposition. Though actually, it was a lot of exposition since everything kept being repeated several times. On top of that, a lot of things happened in the plot just for the sake of the plo [...]

    3. This was one of my very favorite books in elementary school, so I thought I'd go back and re-read it to see how it holds up. And well, it's not as good as I remembered. I can't pretend I didn't enjoy it, but a big portion of that enjoyment came from the nostalgia value. There isn't all that much to recommend the book apart from that. I have lots and lots of thoughts on this book, and I don't feel like fleshing out a proper review, so here's a pro and con list.Pros:- The characterization is mostl [...]

    4. The beginning book that hooked me on its fast paced, plot twisting, and at times adrenaline pumping series. This book really cannot be denied. D.J. MacHale, who has created many other favorites for Y.A. has now beautifully written a creative and entertaining book. The story is of youbg Bobby Pendragon, a life of a normal 14 year old, which takes a dramatic turn as he is introduced to a universe that is all so unreal; yet completely in danger. His Uncle Press, who interrupts his great life at the [...]

    5. Bobby Pendragon is a traveler. Frankly I think if I had a name like "Pendragon" by the time I was a young teen I'd have looked it up and saidwow cool. But apparently being a typical 21st century "youth" our hero doesn't really care about much outside of school sports of course.I give this a 3 star rating as it has moments of"humm, that was interesting". It's a pretty good idea though executed with some odd logic holes and for a very young audience.I've noted before that "YA" books can be more "Y [...]

    6. The Pendragon Series is my favorite book series of all time, probably because it's one of the first book series I've read, it's extremely long which I love in books, and also I've read it over a couple of years. I started reading in 6th grade and finally finished the last book in 9th grade. I FREAKING LOVE THIS SERIES! I recommend it to everyone! The characters are so lovable and you become really attachted to them. The relationships made between them are wonderful and the action and suspense ju [...]

    7. Within the first two chapters, there is a description of the main character's first open mouth kiss, a swear word, and talk of "making out". I don't like YA books that ask the YA to grow up too fast. I may have pushed through the book if the plot had been remotely original, but it wasn't (ordinary boy sucked into a wormhole to rescue a planet that's being dominated by an evil warlord). If this is your type of genre, go read "A Wrinkle in Time", "The Book of Three" or "The Dark is Rising". They a [...]

    8. Somehow, I missed any amount of hype surrounding Pendragon all my years growing up and I have never been more upset. I didn’t know what to think when I picked the book up because I’d heard very very little about the actual storyline aside from little bits and pieces from my boyfriend.This series is one of my boyfriend’s absolute favorites and he’s been wanting me to read it for a while, so he handed it to me last week and told me to read it. My reading time has been awful lately so when [...]

    9. Reread 2016----------One of my favorite series from middle school/early high school! Still loving it just as much as I did the first time. Press is still my favorite.I just love the premise of this series so much. The idea of there being ten territories that exist in Halla throughout different points in both time and space that you can travel to through Flumes, ugh yes, sign me up. Saint Dane is such a fantastic villain as well. I can't wait to get to last couple of books seeing as I only read t [...]

    10. I just finished reading the first book in this series and I am excited to have 7 more to plough through! I realize that few can come close to the genius of J.K Rowling, but I had hoped that this series would. While I am thoroughly enjoying reading them (I just started the second book,) the set-up is far too obvious. I appreciate when an author tries to take the format of a book into a direction that has not been done before, but with the journal format of the book, I feel like he is constantly t [...]

    11. I really wanted to like this book. I am a big fan of young adult fantasy fiction and I was looking forward to a new series to get lost in In an effort to connect with the "kids" of today, the dialogue is wordy, cheesy and too focused on surface observations. It needs a filter. The story had some interesting components but I couldn't get past the back and forth style between the journal entries of the main character, Bobby Pendragon, and the reactions of his friends, Mark and Courtney. Repetitive [...]

    12. BEST SERIE I'VE EVER READ! I RE-READ & RE-READ THEM AGAIN & AGAIN I was very lucky my friend recommended this serie to me. I LOVE BOBBY! I LOVE PRESS!the plot & environment of the serie is absolutely PERFECTION- READING THIS SERIE SO MANY TIMES!-why I just feel I want to re-read it? 😁 (I re-read it 10 months ago XD) I want to drown in its world & its Humour is EPIC. I don't like first person POV a lot, but THIS style is my favourite! (I really felt like skip the 3rd person cha [...]

    13. The Merchant of Death , D.J. MacHaleدنیای فانتزی دنیای دیگریست، گاه جهنم است و گاه سرودی از بهشتپندارگن نام فارسی مجموعه اشتباه چاپی است پندراگون درست است


    15. The homeless guy jumped and got hit by a train. In the “Merchant Of Death” by D.J. McHale there were many different things that kept me interested in the book. One thing that made me enjoy this book was that this book’s cover was kind of cool looking. The cover had a boy in a tunnel with a light shining through the door. Another reason I liked this book was because the personalities of the characters were defined they each had a different one. Like how Loor thinks bobby is unworthy to be a [...]

    16. با کلی تاخیر، در 25 سالگیبا این توضیح که هیچی هری پاتر نمی شه

    17. Still such a great series. Very detailed time travelling adventure! Let’s see if I can keep rereading the series?

    18. The Merchant of Death is the story of Bobby Pendragon, a normal fourteen year old boy who is going to save the world yeah, nothing out of the ordinary so far I know, your basic fantasy story Bobby doesn't know it until his Uncle Press takes him through the gates of an alternative world called Denduron, preventing Bobby from attending a basketball game the basketball game and a certain Courtney Chedwynde are pretty much all that are on Bobby's mind. Imagine his surprise when he learns that he is [...]

    19. Pendragon: The Merchant of Death by D.J. Mchale is an adventurous fantasy book filled with hilarious modern, real-life references. This book contains many lovable characters but the main character is Bobby Pendragon, a fourteen-year-old boy who is also a Traveler. As a Traveler, his duty in life is to save territories from the destruction of their existence. In this book, he is in the territory of Denduron, which is on the verge of a destructive civil war. With his Uncle Press, his partner Loor, [...]

    20. این چیزی که دارم می نویسم مروریه بر کلّ مجموعۀ پندراگن. کتاب الکترونیک خوندن تجربۀ عجیب غریبیه. ساعت دوی بعد از نصف شب جلد یک رو تموم می کنی و خبآدم مگه می تونه تا فردا منتظر بمونه؟ همان دوی نصف شب جلد دوم رو می خری و بیداری تا صبح. این جوری بود که تا جلد پنجم یک نفس خوندم. فکر کنم [...]

    21. Well, this book was an interesting enough read that I finished it, but I doubt I'll be checking out any more in the series. Not a bad story, but parts of it felt very cliched and I was a little annoyed by the tone - it seemed to be trying too hard to be cool and current (for teens). Other than that there wasn't really anything wrong with it, it just wasn't as compelling as some of the other great young adult fantasy series that are out there.

    22. the merchant of deathading for the second time , well the first time was the translation and now the english versione base of the story is traveling between worlds, a fantasy of mine ;) the "hero" of the story is a young boy named Bobby Pendragon, the first word that comes to mind is : naaaaagger :/cond one : cowaaaaard :/i didn't like the protagonist at all, for 170 pages he just nagged like a baby, but i guess the characters ought to have some developments throughout the series , well , i'm co [...]

    23. This series.  Justis series.I don't even know what I can say to do justice to my feelings for it.  I first read The Merchant of Death in fifth grade.  I can't quantify the impact it, and the other nine books, have had on me since then.  It's an absolute masterpiece of character development and complex plotting.  It shows the good guys losing to the bad guys.  It shows kids growing up to become adults in a believable way.  It shows that everyone, even the best protagonist and evilest vill [...]

    24. Originally posted at FanLit. Bobby Pendragon is a normal middle-school kid and life is good. He’s the most valuable player on the basketball team and he’s just found out that Courtney, the girl he’s had a crush on for years, has a crush on him, too! Life could not be better until Uncle Press arrives while Bobby is kissing Courtney and drags Bobby away to a medieval world where some oppressed people need Bobby’s help. For Bobby has special powers and: A Destiny! When Bobby disappears, Cou [...]

    25. There were parts of this book that I really enjoyed and applauded the author for. I thought the concept was pretty original (a universe where time and place aren't as linear as we understand it to be, and where action in one world and time can effect the rest). And I was pleased that MacHale took the "reluctant hero" and really ran with it, allowing Bobby to openly admit his fear, sadness, and lack of heroic selflessness. I also thought MacHale did a great job jumping between two settings, and w [...]

    26. in Pendragon the main character is mark because in the first chapter he writes a journal diary of himself of meeting Courtney about tennis practice. also Mark saw Uncle Press and Mark was talking to him Courtney was in the doorway where she could finish talking to Mark but Mark told her to go home but Courtney said she wanted to finish talking to her but then Uncle Press told her to go home and so Courtney went with a little anger hoping that she would never finish talking to Mark. the main conf [...]

    27. I know I read this book a long, long time ago. But due to the growing success of the Gregor the Overlander series by Suzanne Collins (Can you guess why?). I would like to write something about this book series.If you like Gregor the Overlander, or maybe even Percy Jackson and the Olympians, please take some time to read this book. The writing style is similar and somehow, all 3 main characters: Bobby, Gregor and Percy have parallel experiences. I shall stop talking here because I hate reading lo [...]

    28. Unorthodox life is the best word to describe Bobby Pendragon's life at the age of 14. He had everything, a family, a house, even a pet dog Marley. There was something strange about his uncle. He would give Bobby the most bizarre things that you would normally not see in the human world. Bobby who was a normal high schooler had an awesome friend named Mark Dimond. Bobby Pendragon wasn’t ready for what was going to come for him. His Uncle Press took him one day to a old subway where his nightmar [...]

    29. I enjoy the Pendragon books. While I initially scorned McHale's direct narrative approach, complete with slang and wild modern comparisons, now I believe it is an amusing and engaging method that completes the series. This book is not my favorite in the series, but McHale does a great job keeping suspense from the beginning to the end. Characters are fun, if predictable and constant, but later in the series McHale does a commendable job of developing and maturing Bobby Pendragon, Courtney Chetwi [...]

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