Ramses: The Son of Light

Ramses The Son of Light Historical fiction meets mythology as ancient Egypt comes alive in this monumental epic with over million copies sold around the world At fourteen Ramses the second son of the Pharaoh Seth must b

  • Title: Ramses: The Son of Light
  • Author: Christian Jacq Mary Feeney
  • ISBN: 9780446673563
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Historical fiction meets mythology as ancient Egypt comes alive in this monumental epic with over 2 million copies sold around the world.At fourteen, Ramses, the second son of the Pharaoh Seth, must begin to pass a series of royal tests designed to build his mental and physical prowess or break him Is Seth planning to leave the world s most powerful empire to Ramses, andHistorical fiction meets mythology as ancient Egypt comes alive in this monumental epic with over 2 million copies sold around the world.At fourteen, Ramses, the second son of the Pharaoh Seth, must begin to pass a series of royal tests designed to build his mental and physical prowess or break him Is Seth planning to leave the world s most powerful empire to Ramses, and not his corrupt brother, Shaanar Before he knows it, the younger prince is surrounded by enemies and turning to his friends Moses, the brilliant young Hebrew Setau, the snake charmer and mage Ahmeni the frail scholar and Set and Nefertari, the two beautiful women Ramses loves.And so begins the journey of the hero the world has yet to know Let the saga begin.The first in Christian Jacque s bestselling Ramses series, recounting the thrilling story of Ramses, the legendary king who ruled Egypt for than 60 years Ramses sets into motion a tapestry of royal intrigue, treacherous plots, and romantic adventures that will keep readers spellbound and hungry for .

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    1 thought on “Ramses: The Son of Light”

    1. মিশরের ইতিহাস,সংস্কৃতি, ভাস্কর্য - সত্যি বলতে গেলে মোটামুটি মিশর বিষয়ক সবকিছুর প্রতি আমার ভালোরকম দূর্বলতা আছে। সঙ্গত কারণে রামেসিস সিরিজটির প্রতি রয়েছে অসম্ভব রকমের ভালো লাগা।হিস্টরিকা [...]

    2. This is one of the worst books I've ever read. People eating croissants and calling on the police in ancient Egypt is bad enough, but the black and white portrayal of the characters and the stilted writing (though that may have been bad translation, I dunno) killed the book completely.

    3. ভাল লাগার প্রথম কারনটা হল বেশ ভাল অনুবাদ। মূল বইটা কিছুটা ধরে রেখে দিয়েছিলাম অনুবাদের গুনে একটানে পড়ে ফেললাম।

    4. মিথলজী একটা পছন্দের বিষয় আমার। কিন্তু ইতিহাস তেমন একটা না। তাই সত্যি বলতে এর আগে ইতিহাস নির্ভর ফিকশন পড়া হয়েছে শুধু আদী প্রকাশনের নেস্ট অফ স্পাইডার। ওটা পড়ার পরেই এ জনরার বই ধরার সাহস পেয়েছ [...]

    5. ইদানিং আমি অনুবাদ বই পড়া ছেড়ে দিয়েছি এই বছরে সম্ভবত ৪/৫ টা অনুবাদ পড়েছিতার মধ্যেই দুইটা ফুয়াদ ভাইয়েরস্যান্ডস্টর্ম আর এখন সান অভ লাইট বই কেমন সেটা আর বলার অপেক্ষা রাখেনা অনুবাদ অনেক অনেক ভাল [...]

    6. প্রাচীন মিশর এক চিরযৌবনা রূপসী ললনার মতো, হাতছানি দিয়ে ডাকে সবাইকে। প্রাচীন মিশর নিয়ে আমাদের আগ্রহের কোনও শেষ নেই। বিশেষ করে আমি প্রাচীন এই সভ্যতার ওপর কোন বই পেলে গোগ্রাসে গিলি - হোক সেটা ফ [...]

    7. "রামেসিস" ক্রিশ্চিয়ান জাঁকের এক অনবদ্য সৃষ্টি।আমি বইয়ের কথা বলছি।সিরিজের পাঁচটি বইয়ের মাঝে প্রথমটাই পড়েছি কেবল, তাও অনুবাদ।হ্যা, দ্য সান অফ লাইট-এর কথাই বলছি।রামেসিস কে? তা বই পড়ার আগেই জান [...]

    8. নাম: রামেসিস-১ দ্য সান্ অফ লাইটমুল লেখক: ক্রিশ্চিয়ান জ্যাকরামেসিস যে ছিলেন একজন মহান মিশরিয় ফারাও। তার শাসন আমল ছিল অন্যতম উল্লেখযোগ্য সময় মিশরের ইতিহাসে। সে ছিল ন্যাপরায়ণ, বিচক্ষণ এবং সাহ [...]

    9. বইটা পড়ার সময় মনে হয়েছিল সত্যি যেন রামেসিস এর সাথে আছি। ফারাও এর প্রতি চলে আসে একটা শ্রদ্ধা। আর আহমেনি চরিত্র টার উপর একটা ভাল লাগা । এবার আসি অনুবাদের প্রসঙ্গে, এমন প্রাঞ্জল আর সাবলীল অনুবা [...]

    10. I was in middle school when i bought this book and read it in the same day. In fact, i read the entire collection that day from early morning to late evening, 12 hours of nonstop reading and i didn't regret one second of it. It was a miracle that they translated it into Romanian, because honestly speaking, i don't get on well with French and French doesn't get on well with me.I haven't reread this book since then, but to my 12-13 year old brain, this book (and the others from the Ramses Series) [...]

    11. Although this book isn't as half awful as its sequels, it's still pretty damn awful. Maybe the author isn't to blame; it could be just a case of poor translation into English which explains its flat prose and cringingly bad dialogue. If not, I'm amazed at how Jacq is able to get these books published. His history's pretty much on the money - I won't deny I learned quite a lot about Ancient Egypt just from reading these novels, but in that case maybe the guy (a respected Egyptologist, I later fou [...]

    12. এই গল্প আলোর পুত্র রামেসিসের।বন্ধুত্বের অনুপম নিদর্শনের আবার বিশ্বাসঘাতকতার।আছে অবাধ প্রেম,কামনা।রামেসিসকে ঘিরে থাকা ভবিষ্যৎ ফারাওয়ের ষড়যন্ত্রের বিস্তীর্ণ জাল।আছে মায়ের স্নেহ, ভালোব [...]

    13. I read this series in turkish when I was in high school and I remember it blew my mind. Not only because I'm an Egypt fan but also it was written quite beautifully. It was extremely engaging and I remember I couldn't put it down until the whole series was over, and there were five books if I remember correctly- it was a long time ago, am I getting old? I always felt like I could read this seres over and over again, except perhaps for the final book which was the most heartbreaking. It took me lo [...]

    14. A little slow. I am unsure if I will bother ordering the next instalment in the series . I feel I should to see if the pace picks up given the developments in the first novel. I , and maybe this is unfair to compare, but anything mystery / ancient Egypt related I always compare authors to Paul Doherty as my ‘standard’ as I love his novels so much and couldn’t put the amertoke series down. And I just cannot seem to find any that live up to his way of creating such a beautiful air of ancient [...]

    15. A few mixed feelings about this book, the first in a five-part series chronicling the life of one of the great Egyptian Pharaohs. For starters, it's an exceptionally easy read. It's been translated from the French in a very simplistic style (even more so than the translations of Valerio Massimo Manfredi) which makes flying through the pages pretty effortless.Unfortunately, this simple style is also the book's downfall. It's an extremely straightforward and rather shallow novel, occupied with tel [...]

    16. I can't even begin to remember where I heard about this book but boy am I glad that I did. I was entranced by this novel which is about Ramses before he became king of Egypt. It begins with the first time that Ramses meets his father, the Pharoah of Egypt and Ramses is fourteen years old. From then on Ramses is never sure if his father is training him to be the next Pharoah or whether his destiny might lie as something other than king. The book continues on with the struggles that Ramses faces a [...]

    17. 28th June 20011.I loved this book. I am unable to resist anything Egyptian and Christian Jacq is one of the best authors I have read in this particular genre. He takes the facts that we know to be true from discoveries about the ancient Egyptian race. He blends historical fact, with what we belive to be the way ordinary people of the time lived and then adds his wonderful imagination to fill in any gaps. He weaves a story of the great Seti and his relationship with his family and how he prepared [...]

    18. This was an excellent story of the great Pharaoh, Ramses II. While it is clearly fiction, most of the action is consistent with what is known about him. It probably presents him as a more sympathetic ruler than he was, but captures his boldness and shrewd management of Egypt.The action is told from the point of view of Ramses, his older brother who was passed over in favor of him, and his 4 friends from school, including the Biblical Moses. In this case, however, Moses was not raised in the pala [...]

    19. This book, which I devoured as a teen, still defines the genre of Ancient Egyptian historical fiction in a lot of ways. But on reread as an adult, it's let down by a few things for me. For one, the writing can be fairly tired - dialogue is often too expositional, and the character development is often quite cheap and unearned. For another, the blatant ahistorical shoehorning and anachronisms stick out - when it comes to writing the Iliad into the story, or a police investigation with warrants an [...]

    20. Yıkanlar, büyüleyici cöl, bir Firavunun edindigi deneyimleri suzerek oğlu olan Naibine aktarisi Bunun yanında aşk, tutku ve entrikaInanın hızlı hızlı geçtim sayfaları

    21. It's been a long time since I last read this and I can't help but wonder why I left it so long. A beautifully translated delve into ancient Egypt. Highly recommend.

    22. Great historical fiction will make you feel like you were there in history. Though you know the author used his imagination and artistic licence, you can believe this may be what happened and this may be how the historical characters felt. But this illusion will only work if the author can estblish some connection to this historical time and place and the historical characters that feels authentic, and this is where "Ramses: Son of Light" fails. I was eager to read a novel about the rise of Rams [...]

    23. Christian Jacq rarely disappoints with his Egyptian novels but, unfortunately, this series was not to his usual standard. While he has put the same amount of dedicated historical research into the novel he misses the mark a little on some of the more speculative areas. The life of Ramses is fascinating and Jacq certainly manages to get that across but his speculations regarding Moses were, in my opinion, a little off the mark and not really supported by current Christian/Egyptian scholarship. Fo [...]

    24. A bestseller in Europe in the 90's, the writing may have suffered in translation. Very simple style which makes it very easy to read but lacks the weight of a well-written novel. This first in the series follows Ramses from about age 14 to 18, when his father (Seti) dies. As in royal courts everywhere it seems, the behind the scenes machinations abound, most perpetuated by Ramses' older brother Shaanar in his attempt to ensure his own claim to the throne. Lots of familiar characters if you read [...]

    25. While the story included a few mystical aspects, which I generally prefer not to have, it did a great job of establishing a version of how Ramses II came to the throne. The characters came across as a bit 2-D and not fully fleshed out but the atmosphere of the country and era were well done.Some more obscure versions of events have been used, which make the story a bit curious but I thought it was a great start to Ramses life. I can see why the author finds this Pharaoh a good subject to write a [...]

    26. I read about seven chapters into this book and just couldn't force it upon myself any longer. It looked promising, but the plot is--for lack of a better word--cheesy and the dialogue is just plain terrible. It was also poorly researched.Bottom line: bad writing, IMO.Perhaps this author should be writing for a younger audience rather than adults. Take out the sexual content and it could be easily marketed toward the 12+ age group.

    27. This was horrible. Admittedly, I read the English translation (maybe the original in French is better? obviously I will never know) and the language was so juvenile that I couldn't finish it (even Harry Potter was more mature than this!). As if that wasn't bad enough, the characters were blatantly one-dimensional and the plot (if you can call it that) cheesy and predictable. Overall, useless drivel.

    28. I have not read anything so poorly written in a long time. The subject matter itself should have redeemed this book, but it was so terribly worded. Any book about this time period that features the words "Touche" and "Cheif of Police" just needs a complete re edit. The characters were flat and terrible. The book was simply drivel.

    29. Oh finally, this took me forever, i guess not every book of 150 pages can be read in one day, well you learn from day to day but when something is boring you will avoid it as much as you can. Now finally i can delete this from my kindle and move on . Not that i hate it. I just wasn't interested in the story at all. Wow and 4 more books in front of me next year maybe.

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