Ramses: Under the Western Acacia

Ramses Under the Western Acacia In the final novel in the bestselling series Christian Jacq writes of the Hittite king who wants Ramses to marry his daughter while revolt is brewing among the revenge driven Libyans

  • Title: Ramses: Under the Western Acacia
  • Author: Christian Jacq Mary Feeney
  • ISBN: 9780446673600
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the final novel in the bestselling series, Christian Jacq writes of the Hittite king who wants Ramses to marry his daughter, while revolt is brewing among the revenge driven Libyans.

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    1 thought on “Ramses: Under the Western Acacia”

    1. Romanzo che conclude la Saga di Ramses. L'ultimo nemico di Ramses sembra quasi creato ad hoc per poterci raccontare l'ultima parte della vita di questo grandissimo personaggio storico e giustificare con uno sforzo di fantasia alcuni fatti ricavati dall'interpretazione dei reperti archeologici, come le varie feste di rigenerazione, la costruzione della tomba KV5 dove erano state probabilmente raccolte le mummie di un gran numero dei suoi figli reali, il mantenimento della pace con l'impero ittita [...]

    2. Tak a máme tu posledný diel.Ramzes má 55 rokov (a toto číslo stále rastie) a s láskou (nič iné mu ani neostáva) spomína na svoju milovanú Nefertari (a občas aj na Mojžiša, čo mi strašne liezlo na nervy). Ale (!) vynára sa nám tu nový konflikt. Chatušil (či Chattušaš? Čistý chaos mám) chce, aby sa jeho dcéra stala Veľkou kráľovskou manželkou, inak vypukne vojna Ach jáj, ako hovorí Obelix: tí Chetiti sa museli zblázniť. Ramzes to však odmieta a už je oheň na [...]

    3. I loved the whole series of these books. The detail and characterization of a historical personage such as Ramses I was amazing. The court life descriptions and the political backstabbing was representing most cunningly. The story gave an alternative answer to the question of how Ramses had over 100 children. His beautiful wife, Nefetari to whom he built a monument to at Abu Simbel.Even the exodus of the Hebrews have been respectfully but interestingly written of.I will be reading this book seri [...]


    5. The West, a concept of resting and retiring transversal to the book, is now the final character of the saga; in the form of a smiling woman that releases a tired old body form his burden. Finally, the Son of Light rests in peace.

    6. A worthy bitter-sweet closure to the saga. This entire series was a blast, filled with great information about ancient Egypt and historic figures that truly come to life. The plot lines is always engaging and turns this fictionalized history into a real page turner. Highly recommended.

    7. The whole Ramses series inspires the sacred and the beauty of the Egyptian golden tradition, very true and lovely.

    8. 相較於前幾部,最末一部所容納的「時間」長了許多。賈克人物平板、關係不合理的問題依舊:瑪荷被描寫成一個無理取鬧的呆瓜,蒲菟海琵完全無法跟自己的女兒溝通,不合理吧?過度強調妮菲塔莉,伊瑟的犧牲顯得毫無價值……亞俠的終場,和洋槐樹下的拉美西斯,這兩段是比較精彩的部分。賈克能夠以極佳的氣氛為故事收尾,卻難以道出人物自身的情感,非常可惜。另 [...]

    9. A fitting end to an epic series! I wish the story continued. You grow so accustomed to the characters and the little world created by the author, it was excellent! I might compare reading this series to reading the Harry Potter ones. Give it a try if you liked that one.

    10. Read in Dutch.The final part of Christian Jacq's Ramses series. I bought the whole series once on a book market for 5 euros total, money well spent! I read the series in between other books in the last couple of years, and finished the last part a week ago on holiday. It was a great series to pick up a part when I didn't have anything else to read. I will shortly review the whole series here.The first part of the five starts off with the child years of Ramses, the person who would later become o [...]

    11. It's been a long time since I've read a book that moved me to tears. In fact, I can't remember the last book that moved me so much. Under The Western Acacia is the last in a five-book series about the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II, called "Ramses the Great." I've read reviews elsewhere, all of which complain that the whole series is dry and boring. Most seem to want to blame the translator, but even the best translator cannot make a dull story interesting. This is an extremely interesting s [...]

    12. So, the last in the Ramses series. Since it's based on a historical figure, the ending didn't come as much of a surprise. I'm not quite sure what to think about this one. It covers Ramses' later life, so although there are things going on, it's somewhat slower than previous books. It didn't help that there wasn't much of my two favourites, Ahsha and Setau, in this one either. On the whole, I do wonder if this could have been combined with the fourth in the series, since, as with that one, there [...]

    13. I deserve all the agony I got reading this trash! I am not a best seller person - so the cover label "THE INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER" should have put me off, especially seeing it was written in a font nearly the size of the book title. It was also a pity the version I picked off the library shelf didn't indicate this was book 5 in a series.Nothing in this torrid little bodice ripper inspires me to go back to the earlier books.Some reviewers have commented that the translation doesn't do the autho [...]

    14. 5.9.2006Jacw, Christian: Lännen akaasiapuun alla (Ramses, Sous l'acacia d'Occident, 1997)9- Ensinnäkin: takakannessa on VÄÄRÄÄ tietoa et muka Ramseksen tytärtä puolisoks ku Ramsekselle se uus puoliso on tulossa aika uskomatonta. Mut kirja on parin ed. tavoin jännä ja kai vois sanoo et samaa laatua. Nyt sitte sarja loppu. Mielenkiintoinen oli ja Ramses on ihailtava, Raamatun juttuja eri tavalla kerrottuna niin, että Mooses onkin "pahis". Sinuhen ku lukee ni voi varmaan sit tähän vert [...]

    15. Une extraordinaire leçon d'histoire qui nous fait découvrir d'une façon romancée, l'ascention du jeune Ramses au statut de pharaon. Superbement écrit, ce roman nous plonge dans les grandeurs de l'Egypte ancienne ou l'homme cotoyait les dieux et les mondes invisibles, ou le peuple ne faisait qu'un avec la terre, ou les complots les plus subtils prenaient formes dans les coulisses du pouvoir. Un régal !!

    16. Well i wasn't impressed. The ending was quite boring and tedious. wasn't left with a great impression and i'm not even talking about few super annoying characters who i would slap in their face if i was there. The writing was fine but i had trouble believing in what the characters were saying. This is not a memorable book but it is still a good book if you want to dive into Egyptian culture and history.

    17. I thought it was a solid ending to the Ramses story the Jacq has been telling through five books. The only unfortunate things about the book is that his writing style in presenting Ramses various challenges in his life did not change. It was as consistant as a history book. After a while it just was not exciting any more. And, even though I knew the history, it was sad to see one after another of his friends and relatives pass on. A good finish to the tale.

    18. I read this book only to complete the series. By this stage the characters remain one dimensional, and descriptions, paragraphs, etc are basically copies of what has gone before. There is some loss in the translation, as occasionally sentences just seem odd or don't make sense, however I only half paid attention throughout the book, as it just seemed like so much filler.

    19. The last of five in the series. All five books were well written and told the story of Ramses from birth to death. I think all fiction is based in part on fact. This series spins an enjoyable story around the known facts of a king who lived a few thousand years ago. Reading the tale puts you there like a fly on the wall.c

    20. Reading this is French. book in the series. Woohoo!!Done, doneew done. I am not a big fan of 6 book series, unless it is Anne of Green Gables. I survived. I learned a lot of untrue things about Ramses (his best friend was Moses!?) and some interesting stuff about Egyptology. It was goodbut I wouldn't recommendd I am not sure it was so popular at the Embassy.

    21. I absolutely loved this series. A great insight into the world of ancient Egypt and the legendary character of Ramses, brought to life in a believable way whilst still maintaining the magic aura of the Pharoah.

    22. I loved this entire series. well, i actually love everything about the egypt, but this story was awesome. showed me a different side of the egyptian culture. and what's to say about ramses? greeeeat main character. sad that's over!

    23. The final book in the series doesn't cast quite the same spell as the ones before, but does a good job in tying up all the loose ends.

    24. Done with Ramses for while. Good series, and I'm glad I'm finished with them. I'm ready to read something a little different.

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