Fall of Thanes

Fall of Thanes The True Bloods are in disarray their alliance crumbling and their armies humbled by the forces of the Black Road Aeglyss falling ever deeper into madness casts a shadow across all At the court of

  • Title: Fall of Thanes
  • Author: Brian Ruckley
  • ISBN: 9780316067713
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • The True Bloods are in disarray, their alliance crumbling and their armies humbled by the forces of the Black Road Aeglyss, falling ever deeper into madness, casts a shadow across all At the court of the High Thane, Anyara faces a savage struggle for survival against the na kyrim s possessed agent Mordyn Jerain, the Shadowhand In the GlasValley, Kanin, the embitteredThe True Bloods are in disarray, their alliance crumbling and their armies humbled by the forces of theBlack Road Aeglyss, falling ever deeper into madness, casts a shadow across all At the court of the High Thane, Anyara faces a savage struggle for survival against the na kyrim s possessed agent Mordyn Jerain, the Shadowhand In the GlasValley, Kanin, the embittered Horin Gyre Thane, plots a desperate rising against the halfbreed But ultimately it will be Orisian, Thane of a Blood that no longer exists, who must stand face to face with a darkly transcendent Aeglyss and make the sacrifice of himself and others required to end the threat he represents FALL OF THANES is the spectacular conclusion to the Godless World trilogy, a sweeping epic of war, politics and empire.

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    1 thought on “Fall of Thanes”

    1. At the end of the third book I criedI actually cried! Never in my life has a book brought forth tears to my eyes before. This was a heartbreaking, gut wrenching story. I thought I new what was happening, I always know what's happening, but Brian Ruckley kept me in the dark the whole time. And don't berate me, I know the title of this book speaks a thousand words, but for me you seeoks are an easy read, not merely to be able to sit down and read words, but to guess the outcome before it happens. [...]

    2. An excellent finish to the series. The momentum kept biulding till the very end. It was definitely noticeable that Ruckley's writing abilities improved heavily from the start till the end of the series.This third and final book of the trilogy was by far the bset and I was completely satisfied with the ending (although a little sad)

    3. Fall of Thanes is the third installment of the Godless World trilogy, written by Brian Ruckley. If you haven’t read the first two, you’re missing out. Grab Winterbirth, and Bloodheir first. They’re worth the read.From the publisher:The True Bloods are in disarray, their alliance crumbling and their armies humbled by the forces of the Black Road. Aeglyss, falling ever deeper into madness, casts a shadow across all. At the court of the High Thane, Anyara faces a savage struggle for survival [...]

    4. It is a world of ice, it is a world of blood, it is a Godless world…the most magnificent conclusion to an epic trilogy!!! The third and final installment within the Godless world brings this epic tale to its end (*sobbing!*), as blood is split upon a sheet of frozen ice which sends shivers down your spine. The tension has built up to a most dramatic climax that ended with book 2 on a nail-biting cliffhanger, hence I could not wait to devour ‘fall of thanes’ in one three and a half hour lon [...]

    5. Continuation of what Bloodheir started - the real threat to the world, aka one crazy magician. Oh please. I hoped so much that it wouldn't end that way, that we would get a huge conventional war sprinkled with sparkling supernatural tricks, not a dude wiping away armies with his equivalent of psychic fireball. The whole book is basically documentation of progressing madness, incompetent idiots, more madness, gore and disgusting stuff, boring travels of small group of protagonists, destroying cha [...]

    6. I wanted to like this book, this series, I really did. The premise of a world changing and shifting and throwing old hierarchies over for new ones with a dash of crazy psychic overlay is pretty interesting. Also, Ruckley's prose is usually pretty good, very flowing and poetic, almost (although there are several moments of grammatical slip-ups, but hey, the editor should have caught that). However, I just couldn't get over how DAMNED DEPRESSING this whole ride was. Book three is where things wrap [...]

    7. When I read, the author does not have to be a wizard with words as long as the story is sound. Sometimes i come across an author who has such prose that it takes me in to his world. I am one with the characters. Brian Ruckley is the sort of author whose narrative is dark, gritty, and yet somehow poetic in its delivery. And the story was well told full of vivid characters and a unique sense of magic. I look forward to more of his offerings.

    8. Wow. I must say I wasn't expecting this book to be so good. The first and second books in this trilogy were slightly above-average epic fantasies, but in this one Ruckley did a great job of taking all the generic standards present in the first two and sending them down the rabbit hole. The whole book has a weird "Heart of Darkness" vibe to it as our stalwart companions travel closer and closer to the source of madness plaguing the land. Surprisingly good.

    9. When I first started this trilogy, I didn't honestly think it was going to be as good as it was. I've cried so much throughout Fall of Thanes, more than I would have thought possible. Brian Ruckley ties up every loose tendril in the final installation of The Godless World. I'd love to talk about the amazing story he has written but I don't want to ruin it for anyone. All I can say is yes, it's a little slow at some parts but it's worth sticking it out until the end.

    10. Series are hard to finish well and this book shows why; characters become one dimensional stereotypes and only Kanin of all people retains a more nuanced personality; especially disappointed in Aeglyss becoming the ultimate evil overlord-to-be and Osirian becoming the mad hero on a mission at all costs.I hope it's just me having a bad reading day and others enjoy the book more since I truly loved the first two books

    11. A really fantastic finale for the trilogy. Everything fits together so well. Instead of the ending being completely finished, it leaves plenty of room for your imagination to keep the story going. This could have been one of those eternal series that just keeps going on forever but I respect Mr. Ruckley for doing it his way.

    12. A brilliant ending to a magnificent Trilogy, whose final chapter and epilogue is just absolutely beautifully written. I love how Brian Ruckley really successfully showed what it was like to be inside the chaotic storm that is the Shared, and how the final struggle went the way it went. Brilliant. Just absolutely brilliant.

    13. Great Series!! I wasn't sure what to expect when I first started Winterbirth but am very impressed with the way Brian Ruckley progressed through the story. I would recommend The Godless Series to any Fantasy Lover and I can't wait to dive into his next series!!

    14. Slow for about 3/4 of the book with a little action here and there, but made up for it with a very good, and very sad ending. The ending was surprising too, not what I expected. You really become attached to Orisian

    15. Fantastic culmination to a great series, not all the pieces are neatly tied, but you are on stormy ride with the characters and their adventures. You really do feel as if you're backing all sides in this epic.

    16. Thus ends what might be my favorite Fantasy trilogy I've ever read. And it ends well! The raw broken emotions this story brings out is amazing. A dark and beautiful tragedy of a story. Loved it.

    17. Thus far, Brian Ruckley's ''Godless World'' trilogy has been a little slow moving, but drawn with wonderful characters that have helped the story along. Whilst this may work well for earlier parts of a trilogy, I feared that the slow pace of events may not work so well in leading up to the final confrontation that so many of these stories seem to lead to.The Godless world is descending into a kind of insanity. All order is breaking down and members of both the True Bloods and the Black Road are [...]

    18. This was a remarkable series and falls into a comfortable position between the brutal grittiness of Joe Abercrombie's "First Law" trilogy and George R.R. Martin's more pedestrian "Song of Ice and Fire" series. The only failing I found was that the final book felt a bit rushed with minimal attention being paid to Orisian's sister except as a 'Oh yeah, here's what is happening with Anyara.' kind of an after thought. Considering Orisian and Aeyglas' ultimate fate, I felt that more attention needed [...]

    19. Each book in The Godless World impressed me more than the preceding one. The first was a work-a-day fantasy flight-from-evil story. By the third book Ruckley's vision for his world is finally complete and I like what I see here. This isn't the standard "good versus evil". Nor is it a happily-ever-after. (Even Abercrombie's First Law has a happier ending than this.)The ending is what you expect in a real world: what would happen is massive war and social upheaval tore the land apart? Even if the [...]

    20. c2009: Well! Not sure that this third and last of the trilogy lived up to the first 2. Still the same great writing style. I am writing this as I finished the last page with tears streaming down my face. Perhaps, on reflection, this is what has made it such a good read. The middle of the book was hard to read with continual descriptions of desperation and mindless killings - of course with the addition of the wintry and desolate landscapes - which is actually what the book made me feel. The last [...]

    21. Very well written and elegant three book series which details a fictitious world and a classic battle between good and evil - although sometimes the line between the two is blurred. Orisian, the protagonist, finds himself rapidly forced into adulthood with the accompanying weighty decisions necessary to guide the Lannis people forward. This is a very dark series, morose most of the time. I even found it affecting my mood at times, so the eternal optimists out there may find it unsettling. The me [...]

    22. I give the four stars for this book mostly out of respect for the series as a whole. It was quite a great trilogy! I started the first of the books in Afghanistan and finally finished the series a year later. I think the first and second books are definitely the stronger of the series. The third was great and even made me cry a bit at the conclusion (especially when you read Orisian's letter to his sister). However, the third really would be something like a 3.5 star book. Anyhow, a solid recomm [...]

    23. Not a bad series, worthy fantasy books. Not perfect, but worthy reads for fantasy fans. I was a little disappointed in the characters. Some were cool, but there really was no great outstanding hero. I think the author meant that to be Taim, but the real problem was that everything was so bleak and dour. That is understandable, you need conflict and an obstacle to overcome, but the good guys in these books just seemed to have so few victories. I wanted more of a chance to cheer. The ending was no [...]

    24. The final book in this dark series doesn't have a happy ending. But it does have a much better ending than I expected it to and it does have a better ending than most fantasy trilogies do. No deus ex machina, no miraculous occurances to save the day for the heroThis book, and the series, are very well written, but I'm not a super-big fan of grim fantasy epics written with the narrative style that Ruckley uses. The series did keep me interested, and it was a worthwhile read despite my personal pr [...]

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