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  • Title: Mr. Worry
  • Author: Roger Hargreaves
  • ISBN: 9780749852139
  • Page: 432
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    1 thought on “Mr. Worry”

    1. Mr Worry could really benefit from embracing the concept of living in the now. Many of his worries are small potatoes, as one might say, but others are quite valid. I too worry about Mr Greedy and what toll his excessive gluttonous diet is taking on his health.

    2. I absolutely love these books i think they're brilliant and almost everyone has read or come across one of these books. This one in particular is about a character called Mr Worry who worries about everything. For example, he worries when it rains in case his roof leaks, he worries if it doesn't rain because his plants in the garden may die. Throughout the book Mr Worry worries about 12 different things and a wizard tells him to write everything down so that he wont worry about anything anymore. [...]

    3. A story for our troubled times: so many things to worry about and so little time to do it in.Mr Worry encapsulates the zeitgeist and teaches us how to tackle our irrational fears, although he does have a friendly wizard to help him. Harry Potter should be doing more community work like this!A lesson in life laid bare here: stop your worrying and enjoy life. Which seems slightly strange for a children's book - my children never seem to have too many worries, so perhaps the message is aimed more a [...]

    4. Ah, Mr Men and Little Miss, how wonderful you are!These books made up so much of my childhood. No matter what I would go ahead and pick one up. I worked my way through them all a couple of times. Each one has a wonderful story for the child to engage with, each character being fun to read. Everyone has a bias for their favourite character, yet every book is delightful.

    5. A great Mr Men story about how we can worry about everything but in the end, it makes life a bit miserable! Fun story and great illustrations as always.

    6. Think I’m right in stating that as a boy I had all the pre-1990 Mr Men books with the possible exception of “Mr Snow”. Looking at all the covers apart from the latter jogged my memory.Sadly I remember little about the stories now, despite reading them numerous times during my boyhood, plus watching the Mr Men cartoons more than once.Reckon the last time I would’ve read these was 1983, though may have returned to them as late as 1985. Although I’ve forgotten almost everything about this [...]

    7. I absolutely loved these Mr Men and Little Miss books. I remember getting them from my granny every week. There was so much from these simple characters, I remember filling my little bookshelf with all these books making sure I had got them all in right order. I wish I still had these books but somehow most of them got lost with many house moves or my mum gave the rest away. If I ever have kids, I will make sure they get the chance to experience these wonderful, colourful books.

    8. I like the character designs, the multitude of characters in this world, and the voice that the author uses. I've even grown used to the lack of resolution in these books. However, this one ends on such a sorrow note that my first thought was that I'd never want to read this to my kid again. I can see that you could possibly have a lesson about trying not to worry too much, so there are some redeeming elements, but this story just wasn't for me.

    9. I did not like this book because I do not like to worry. I also did not like this book because Mr. Worry worried a lot.

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