The Church Mouse

The Church Mouse This is a picture book for young children which is one of a series of books about the church mice

  • Title: The Church Mouse
  • Author: Graham Oakley
  • ISBN: 9780333493373
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a picture book for young children which is one of a series of books about the church mice.

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    1 thought on “The Church Mouse”

    1. Buying this book is a mix of whimsy and preparedness. I say that I have two other of the authors books that I adored as a child so it was inevitable that I tried his most famous books. Some may say I'm getting clucky and feathering the future eka-Brendon's nest. They may have a pointI adored both Henry's Quest and Graham Oakley's Magical Changes as a child and they are even brilliant as an adult. The quality of illustration is brilliant and abounds in detail and humour. The stories even have a d [...]

    2. I feel like I'm cheating including this in my Readathon tally because it's a book for kids and not really very long, but my cat managed to sponsor me somehow and insisted that I read some of the Graham Oakley church mice books. (Seriously, which human slave did he convince to do his bidding? Tell me!). This is the only one I happened to have lying around, as I bought it last year when I was in Paris. That's right, Paris!! It's a lovely hardback edition and I bought it at Shakespeare and Co, righ [...]

    3. This is one of my favourite series of books from childhood, so I was very excited to see that the first one has been reprinted. It's always a bit nerve wracking re-reading a book that you loved as a child but I needn't have worried as it is still as amazing as I remember. Sampson and Arthur are still awesome and I even remember some of the drawings! It was a great blast from the past.

    4. I loved this series as a child, and was so glad to get to read it again to my 3yo. I'd forgotten how clever the text was - not dumbed down at all, so just as entertaining for the adults - and the wonderful illustrations.It's a little long to be in the regular bedtime rotation, at least for now, but this won't be for long!

    5. Fanciful story of mice living in a church and saving the day. Oakley's illustrations are wonderful - especially the cityscape.

    6. The Church Mouse by Graham Oakley is the first in a long running series of children's picture books. While this particular book in the series has not won any awards, The Church Mice Adrift was a New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book of the Year, and was nominated for a Kate Greenaway Medal in 1977. The Church Mice in Action was nominated for a Kate Greenaway Medal, and was a runner-up for the Kurt Maschler Award in 1982. Graham Oakley pairs the sweet tale of Arthur the mouse and his fr [...]

    7. Although written in 1972, “The Church Mouse” still manages to capture the reader’s imagination through its witty story line and the ever changing format of the illustrations. This picture-story book would not be suitable for large groups as the text is small and the illustrations can be difficult to see on some pages. I would recommend that this book be suitable for older KS2 children who can appreciate the witty sarcastic nature of the text but also younger children can appreciate the sto [...]

    8. I've just been loaned a collection of these delightful Church Mouse books. I remember reading them some long time ago, and was so pleased to hear of them again and to be able to borrow them. I must get onto AbeBooks and see if I can pick some up for myself. They're classics - wonderful humour that's a clever comment on humanity through the guise of Sampson the church cat (who had listened to so many sermons about the meek being blessed and everybody really being brothers that he had grown quite [...]

    9. This picture book is one of those in which the author and the illustrator are the same person, so the story and pictures work very well together. The pictures are clear and detailed and reflect the moods of the story (such as when the burglar comes: it is dark and "fishy" as the story says). the pictures amplify by giving expression and moods of characters the the words don't/can't do. They clarify by picturing some of the unfamiliar ideas/words, such as "font". The story, while fun, may necessi [...]

    10. Very charming story of a lonely church mouse finding companionsI loved the illustrations - and the one lone mouse swimming about etc. very sweet, however once a lot of mice showed up, I found myself going Ratatouille where you like the story but all those vermin start making you feel a little weird and queasy. One mouse = cute. Two or three in a story = still cute, especially in cute outfits. More than six and you start to go Willard (remember him?). So mixed review

    11. I have had this book read to me, read it for my own pleasure, and read it to children perhaps 40 times. Only this year did I notice that when Arthur has his great idea of inviting all the other mice in town to live with him and Samson in the safety of the church, he is reading the book of exodus. It's the little details like that, and the hundreds of others in the books, that really make them great.

    12. The beginning of the Church Mice series. This book covers how Arthur (the original church mouse) recruits a whole bunch of other mice to the church to do chores in exchange for cheese. Sampson, the normally peaceable church cat, goes berserk during a sermon and chases all the mice about, causing quite a ruckus among the congregation. By mice and cat working together they figure out a way to keep their home in the church.Nice illustrations.

    13. Graham Oakley has written an entire series of delightful children's books that include as the main characters a pack of church mice and a very sweet cat named Sampson. I think the author is British from the illustrations, it looks like the church is a beautiful ornate Anglican church. The stories are so much fun and the illustrations are a feast for the eyes !!

    14. A cute book with some clever jokes for adults snuck into the text. I disliked that the churchgoers were such fair-weather friends; that is inherently wrong but also seemed very un-Christrian to me. I did, however like the story and the illustrations.

    15. A wonderful story for both children and adults, about tolerance and working out a solution, not just whingeing about the problems.Warning: there are pages with hordes of mice - not for the mice phobic!

    16. I have no idea when I first read this book aloud, but it (and many other books in Graham Oakley's series of Church Mice stories) was a favorite with our daughter and is now a favorite of our grandson's.The "date finished" is actually "the date logged".

    17. This is one of those children's books that has as much to offer the adults as it has to offer the children. Actually, it probably has more to offer the adults. My daughter enjoyed it, but not as much as I did.

    18. First book in a series about a mouse named Arthur and his friend, a cat named Simpson. Very cute, funny and endearing. I read books from this series every few years to the next batch of kidlets I've hatched. All my kids have loved the Church Mouse books.

    19. The Church Mouse is a cute story about mice, cats, and people working together. The story can be a little wordy, but the numerous, comic book-esque illustrations might hold a child's attention long enough.

    20. The first in a series of books from the 1970's. I love these books. They are heartwarming animal stories. I bought some last year from . They were Library discards & I enjoyed reading them very much. They cleanse the palette after reading some more "worldly" books!

    21. I was obsessed with this book and the entire series as a child. I'd sit for hours perusing the wonderful illustrations after reading the story. Arthur and his fellow mice are so full of character, as is Samson the reformed church cat. Fantastic.

    22. i don't know which is better, the art or the story. the two books in this series i bought are the most enjoyable i've gotten from the berkeley library thrift store

    23. (Read with little sister as part of the "1,001 Children's Books To Read")This book was so cute and very funny with humor for older kids. I love happy endings.

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