The Escape

The Escape The U S S VoyagerTM is in desperate trouble her systems damaged her warp engines failing Without immediate repairs the starship and her crew will be trapped forever between the stars Captain Kathryn

  • Title: The Escape
  • Author: Dean Wesley Smith Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • ISBN: 9780671520960
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The U.S.S VoyagerTM is in desperate trouble, her systems damaged, her warp engines failing Without immediate repairs the starship and her crew will be trapped forever between the stars Captain Kathryn Janeway must guide her ship to an ancient, deserted planet that could hold the key to their survival a planet that is hiding than one deadly secret.

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      179 Dean Wesley Smith Kristine Kathryn Rusch
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    1 thought on “The Escape”

    1. It was more of a 3.5 stars. This one was a bit confusing at first, but it came around. Voyager is in bad need of repairs and Neelix says he knows of a planet that holds abandoned parts, but it is haunted. They send a crew down to Alcawell and are transported in time. There is time travel as well as dimensional travel in this book. I loved seeing the characters interact together, and I was anxiously awaiting the resolution of the problems in the story.

    2. Wow, so this was a really good book. You can tell it was written before Voyager first aired as the Doctor is called "Doc Zimmerman" and the characters are all off by a bit. There's a lot of clunkiness. Neelix feels like an escort NPC in your average RPG. Always having to stop and take naps. I think that adds to the charm though. The story is fantastic, its about a species that developed time travel instead of space travel. Their entire civilization divided up the planet's history into segments c [...]

    3. The Escape is one of those filler episodes of Voyager that doesn't advance the main storyline and ends up as a middling overall episode. The story unravels slowly at first and then builds momentum in the second half, though it's too little too late to get invested in the story. We know nothing will actually happen to the main characters, so the threat of death is never real. And the story has more than one connection (time travel) to the early Voyager episode Time and Again.On the bright side, S [...]

    4. What a fun read! With this being the first novel it was probably written before the show aired just like the TNG novel Ghost Ship, but maybe they learned their lessons with Ghost Ship, because the Escape feels like an episode of Voyager.Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, get a great feel for the characters and even though the Doctor is called Doc Zimmerman, this books feels like season one Voyager. Actually it takes place some time after or around Time and Again, but no annoying kids. [...]

    5. A Voyager book about heavily-bureaucratic autocratic time travellersweee!! There were moments of humour but for the most part was a boring read. When all Neelix wants to do is nap do I.

    6. Really interesting concept for a culture. Sometimes a little cheesy, and as you get to the end it became a little predictable but still shocked me at the end.

    7. Great Fun Little Timey Wimey romp. It was obviously written while the show was in production, but don't let that detail stop you.

    8. The Escape is the first original novel starring the crew of the USS Voyager. This story takes place during the first season of the show, so Kes is still on board and Seven of Nine has not yet joined the crew. The characters are a little rough in this novel. Chacotay does some empath-like thing at the beginning of the story, like Deanna on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I don’t ever recall seeing that happen in the show, but it may have. Another interesting thing is that the Doctor has a name. [...]

    9. 3.5 stars. Temporal mechanics is not my best sci-fi subject, so I was a bit overwhelmed by the idea of back-timing and things that happened/unhappened. But, when I stopped trying to understand it and went with the flow I was fine. Probably the best moment for me was, while on my way to my statistics class, reading a conversation about the Mean Time Control,, with Neelix wanting B'Elanna to show the Alcawellians that she could also be "mean," and Harry saying "that's not what I mean, I mean . . . [...]

    10. I am a huge fan of the Voyager series and have been since its TV debut. After beginning this book I was quickly sucked into the authors imagination as he built a complex but exciting time travel storyline. Describing the intricate threads that spread over millions of years and the complexities of trying to enforce law over generations was an entertaining idea and the author executed it well. However as the book progressed the books action and intrigue started to fade. As the book concluded I was [...]

    11. This is the second book in the Voyager series after the pilot tie in Caretaker. The aliens are part of a society of humanoids who travel through time rather than space. B'elanna, Harry and Nelix visit a deserted planet with the intentions of salvaging parts from what looks to be an old space junkyard. It turns out that one of the ships is active and they are whisked away into the past. Captain Janeway and Company must face the impossible task of getting them back. Paris and Tuvok team up to try [...]

    12. (I've not got my notes on hand, so this will less detailed than usual.)This one was decent. It's the first original story in the Voyager novels, and a fine start, though not too ambitious. Voyager heads to a planet with lots of odd little vehicles on it to try to salvage parts for repairs, and get more than they bargained for when one of them activates and several crew members vanish.The story holds together well, and everything moves along toward then end at a decent pace. No really big surpris [...]

    13. This was a nice easy read. It didn't have any hidden turns or edge of the seat action, but if your looking for light reading this would be a good book.One of the major beefs I have with the book is that later on I would of rather had certain actions shown instead of just talked and explained about. With it just being told I felt I was missing out on half of the story.Everything else was pretty good though, interesting idea played in the book, the characters were written well and the flow of the [...]

    14. Zimmerman? Again? I know it was in the bible, but we were 12 episodes in by May. Also, there's something niggling at me about the paradoxical nature of the time travel even with the length of the increments, and why did the transport craft travel intraperiod anyway? It's described as functional, not broken. Finally Tuvok's diction is really, really bad for a Vulcan.Niggles aside, I enjoyed the story, but given the speed I read at it wasn't much longer than watching an actual episode for me.

    15. It's a story I haven't seen in the tv-series, yet it's a good story. I like reading the Star Trek books, because they give more insight in the charachters and it makes watching the dvd's more interesting. I especially like the changes in behaviour towards Tom Paris, and the better understanding of how he got into trouble before. I'll go on reading more Voyager!

    16. This novel starts out slower than a Gorn throwing a right cross, but if you stick with it, it's not a bad tale. This was the first Voyager novel with a non-t.v. episode storyline. (You know you're a Trekkie whenyou arrange all the Star Trek novels on your shelf in chronological order according to the Stardate of the story.)

    17. I enjoyed this book. I don't wish to give away any spoilers so I will just say that the plot of the "secret" is quite clever. My only criticism is that this story did not feel like a Star Trek Voyager story but more of an Original Series one that had been swapped out. It did not lessen my enjoyment though, even though I was mentally swapping Janeway for Kirk and so on.

    18. I wanted this to be as good as I remembered, but it wasn't. It was kind of rubbish. Gaping plot holes and a totally disinterested narrative just leave you hanging. The premise is there for a really good story with a lot of depth, but it is wasted here.

    19. I didn't particularly care for this. They kept calling the Doctor "Dr Zimmerman" and he has no name. I'm moving on to Voyager Book 3 Ragnarok because I am left unsatisfied and still need a Star Trek fix.

    20. A decent start to the book series, it really does feel like an episode from the first series. An old planet full of spaceships, somehow makes 3 crewmen disappear and Voyager has to find them. Decent characterisation, and a good idea for an alien society. A good read.

    21. this was a fun read that flowed just like an episode. definitely nothing ground breaking on the literary side of things, but then again. that's not why someone reads Star Trek novels. This was a great read for a trip and it had time travel, that's good enough for me.

    22. Terrible. Feels like the author had never seen the show before ("Doctor Zimmerman"?! No.) and just threw together a random sci-fi novel. Dialog inconsistent with characters, poorly developed storyline, and dragged out narrative. Skip it.

    23. I wanted to give this book 5 stars, but the grammar nazi in me just wouldn't allow it. That being said, the story idea of this book is phenomenal. I was transfixed. Loved seeing my favorite Star Trek characters do something a little different.

    24. I love all the Star Trek TV series but have only read a handful of the books. This one was okay. An original story based on the Voyager characters. I enjoyed it but it didn't grip me.

    25. Not a bad novel, and one that was fun to read after reading this i know why captains hate time travel so much.

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