Touch the Earth

Touch the Earth Here is a selection of statements and writings which illuminate the course of Indian history and the abiding values of Indian life living in harmony with nature

  • Title: Touch the Earth
  • Author: T.C. McLuhan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here is a selection of statements and writings which illuminate the course of Indian history and the abiding values of Indian life living in harmony with nature.

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      164 T.C. McLuhan
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    1. This beautiful book from 1971 tells the story of how the American Indians lost their land and their hunting rights under all the lying promises and deceitful actions of the white man. The story is told through the words of the Indians themselves, which are quite moving and profound.(The story is not meant to be comprehensive, and the stories are from various tribes and times.) There are also sepia-toned photos of Indians, villages, warriors, etc. that are quite spectacular. Reading how the India [...]

    2. This is a fabulous book. Mine was published in 1971. Someone gave it to my dad for Christmas that year. He has a little Chippewa and also some Huron from way back in his family tree. You would never know it because we're all blonde and blue-eyed. Still he has a love of nature like no one I've ever known and he passed that on to me. That's something that can't be bred out I guess. It stays in your spirit forever-- Indian spirit.

    3. Quote from this book: "Our land is more valuable than your money. It will last forever. It will not even perish by the flames of fire. As long as the sun shines and the water flows, this land will be here to give life"

    4. A people’s connection with the earth broken with disrespect, as they held onto their beliefs, we all lost a piece of history and a way of life. A reflection of nature through their eyes.

    5. This is another favorite of reading the haunting travesties of human "kind" against the American Native peoples. Their struggles to fight for their rights & land & love of their life are inspirational.

    6. z celej knižky cítiť akýsi smútok a horkosť. spravodlivý hnev. uvedomila som si, koľko málo o tom všetkom viem, teda samozrejme všetci vedia, že boli Indiáni utláčaní a vyhnaní do rezervácií, ale keď som čítala túto knihu uvedomila som si, že je táto moja vedomosť veľmi povrchná, že vlastne neviem nič. jediné, čo mi vadilo bola repetetívnosť výpovedí. ja viem, že je možné, že sa ich názory často zhodujú, ale to je už práca zostavovateľa publikácie, [...]

    7. I enjoyed the nature quotes especially and that some history of the speaker was included. What we did to the Indians was horrible. They had such passion for their lands, it was wrong to expect them to move.

    8. Interesting survey of photos, biographical sketches, historical summaries and lots of abundant and appropriate quotes covering much of Native American history in North America from the 1700's onward. The book presents a very sympathetic picture of these people's culture and behavior prior to the white man, not treating their internecine wars and less savory religious and cultural practices. The book doesn't pretend to be an exhaustive survey, just a sketchy taste of the complexity of these cultu [...]

    9. "Quand le dernier arbre serra abattu, la dernière rivière empoisonnée, le dernier poisson capturé, alors seulement vous vous apercevrez que l'argent ne se mange pas." Prophétie d'un Indien CreeLes prophéties Indiens Hopis:- Si l'on extrait des choses précieuses de la terre, on invitera le désastre.- A l'approche du Jour de la Purification, il y aura des toiles d'araignées tissées d'un bout à l'autre du ciel.- Une urne de cendres pourrait un jour tomber du ciel et pourrait faire flambe [...]

    10. As is true to my mission, I am trying to recall every book I have ever read. Saw this on the shelf in a church meeting room last night. I remember this being a gift one of my brothers gave to our father. My father had great empathy and sympathy for Native American cultures. He always said the treatment of these people was "shameful." I am so proud to remember him these many years later.

    11. If this was truly published first in 1992, then Claude & must have picked it up together. I was using it in classes soon afterwards, and appreciated the variety in the choices, which means in the speakers, who speak for themselves.

    12. This books, is what people should look back on when they feel as though, they are looking for answers, that they cannot find elsewhere.

    13. this is a beeeeeeaaaaaaauuuutiful book. mine is from 1971 and is a part of my "uncle fred collection". this is an amazing collection of quotes and photographs.

    14. Wonderful snapshots of perspectives from various Native American perspectives, tribes, and traditions.

    15. Excellant series of short thoughts and photographs by Native Americans on themselves and their place in this country, and the effects of historical events.A self-portrait of Indian existance.

    16. Stunning collection of writing and orations. Smacks hard at the folly of 'modernity'. Will likely read multiple times in the future.

    17. This book was beautiful. It was both enraging and inspiring and I can only hope that I hold to this feeling and allow it to guide me as I map my future.

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