Summer's Child & Summer of Roses

Summer s Child Summer of Roses An exclusive in Book Club Edition

  • Title: Summer's Child & Summer of Roses
  • Author: Luanne Rice
  • ISBN: 9780739455142
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An exclusive 2 in 1 Book Club Edition

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      417 Luanne Rice
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    1 thought on “Summer's Child & Summer of Roses”

    1. A good quick read where two books are combined in one edition. I learned about verbally and emotionally abused women in this book. LuAnn really describes the men who manipulate the women with realistic wording and action. Something I did not understand was the character development of the two little girls who seem very happy and alive since they left the abusive situation. And surpriserprise women heal women and tow of the abused women married the same abuser!

    2. I thought both of these books were good, especially the way they intertwined together, it almost made is seem as it was one book. I was glad everything worked out for Lily and Marisa in the end, the only part of the book that didn't make sense is how people would have believed Edward, that he was a wonderful husband, if more than one woman is afraid of him, and if a woman told people that her husband tried to kill her, then why wouldn't they believe her? Also, if Edward tried to kill Lily(Marisa [...]

    3. Book Description of Summer's Child (from )From Luanne Rice, the celebrated author of Beach Girls and many other New York Times bestsellers, comes this powerful novel of a mystery, a love affair, and a bond that cannot be broken set in a seaside town where miracles are madeOn the first day of summer, Mara Jameson went out to water her garden–and was never seen again. Years after her disappearance, no one could forget the expectant mother whose glowing smile had captured the heart of everyone wh [...]

    4. I have been in a major summertime rut. Even coming on depresses me because it seems like everyone is reading, and reading well, and I either have no time, or attention span, because I just can't get through a book! In a desperate attempt to get back in the game, I checked out an old favorite, Luanne Rice, to see if I could get the novel reading juices flowing again. Unfortunately, I picked up a two-for-one deal, and while the stories were connected, the whole effect was unsatisfying. I didn't w [...]

    5. This is a fictional story about a woman who was in an abusive marriage. She found the courage to leave when her husband kept "accidentally" bumping into her making her fall while 8 months pregnant. She knew the only way to leave was to disappear. She changed her name and left her friends and grandmother, who raised her. She was eventually thought to be dead. It was a good book. A relatively clean, easy readjust a little too mushy, mushy for me.

    6. The second book in this 2 book series was the better of the two books. I didn't really care for how the author wrote the first book. She would start to tell you what the big secret was and then she'd stop. She did this a few times and I got frustrated with it. I wish she had gone a little more into a few of the other details, but over all, it was okay.

    7. these books touched on a very important topicic violence in all its forms. A man nor a woman has to hit you to be abuse. enjoyed the plot twist and turns in these books. great read and infirnative

    8. Started off a little flat, but then moved along. I was glad to have the second book already attached in the back. Overall a great story of how a woman, or women, overcome the monster abusers in their lives and move on.

    9. This was 2 books in one, about the same charachters. The charachters were likeable. It was a story about women who escape from abusive relationships and how they move on. It had some interseting twists throughout.

    10. Baru baca yang summer's child aja sih. Lumayan menarik. Cerita yang mengajarkan cara survive dan mengajarkan keberanian untuk melepaskan diri.

    11. Patron Review:About two women, each with a child the same age, running from a sociopath husband. Written with such understanding and such love.

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