A Tale of Two Vikings

A Tale of Two Vikings Two different cover designs highlight that this installment of Hill s humorous Viking series is two love stories in one book

  • Title: A Tale of Two Vikings
  • Author: Sandra Hill
  • ISBN: 9780843951585
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Two different cover designs highlight that this installment of Hill s humorous Viking series is two love stories in one book.

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    1 thought on “A Tale of Two Vikings”

    1. Oh Sandra Hill, a review in haiku:Your strange obsessionwith horny Vikings and maidsnever ceases to amaze.Two erstwhile heroesthink each other to be dead,Mourn by having sex.Important plot points:Hot nun with abusive dad,Childhood friend now hot,Awful poetry,Bondage, Teasing, Candle-Sex.Sandra Hill, you're nuts.

    2. This was a light, feel-good, medieval book that had the added bonus of a Christmas (yuletide) theme. Other than the very beginning when the author set the stage for the two twin brother's separate stories, it was a non-violent, feel-good romance. But, the single focus of this ENTIRE book was sex. How to seduce and how to get it. There was potential for other plots, but they never amounted to much. Also, the characters were very "Abbey Normal" for the time-periodThere was no transition between te [...]

    3. Alright you have two twin Vikings, Toste and Vagn, who get separated after a battle. Each brother believing the other died.So basically you get two romance stories for the price of one. To me it was like a one very long tease story involving strong, muscular, attractive vikings who don't mind a roll in the hay but balk at thoughts of a longer commitment.Toste gets rescued by nuns and find himself lusting after one Lady Esme who has yet taken her vows. After an attempt on her life and her reveali [...]

    4. Why did I check this book out of the library and take the time to read it? A moment of insanity surely. The book wasn't neccessarily baaaaad, it just wasn't really that good. I felt like I was reading a cartoonized romance novel, a parody of itself. Let's face it, the male characters in this book were little more than over-sexed buffoons. The women were shrewish, stupidly stubborn and in my opinion, totally selfish. At one point one of the female characters, Esme, takes Toste captive because she [...]

    5. Good book. Had a lot of comedy/sex-humor. It was also fun for a change to read from the male perspective, funny to read some of the stuff going through their minds. It would have been nice to have the Author's note in the beginning of the book, or at least the part where she gave pronounciations for Vagn and Toste's name. I didn't read the author's note until the end so I read the whole book pronouncing the names differently, which of course was fine with me because I actually liked my pronounci [...]

    6. This story is hilarious! The brothers are great and the heroine is not like all the others. She holds her own very well even though she's not the most beautiful woman around. The sex is white hot!

    7. 98 - 2012Historical romance kocak yang cocok untuk melepas stres, asalkan sebagai pembaca kita tidak terlalu peduli dengan plotnya yang sebagian besar berfokus pada bagaimana usaha para tokoh cowoknya agar bisa mendapatkan dan bercinta dengan cewek incaran masing-masing. Latar belakang diganti masa modern juga rasanya tidak akan mengubah cerita terlalu banyak. Zaman Vikingnya mungkin hanya untuk menegaskan kenapa cowok-cowok Viking jadi idola bagi cewek pada masa itu. Stereotipnya memang cowok V [...]

    8. A Tale of Two Vikings is exactly what the title claims, its a story of two twin brother Vikings. Toste and Vagn were born at the same time, twins, they have done everything in their lives together. When they go into battle together, they are both injured and separated having to assume the other is dead, despite the strong connection they have for each other. Toste is taken away by some Nuns, including a Lady Esme, the most beautiful and stunning nun he has ever seen, and has yet to say her compl [...]

    9. A note in my defense; I DID NOT know she writes soft porn!! I heard Sandra Hill was a great historical romance writer that was also humorous so I picked up this book at the used book store to give her a try. I quickly found that it is not a story (NO plot) but a "how-to" book on seducing women (one of them a nun), and ideas (played out) on kinky sex. That was literally the entire book - it started a few chapters in and continued until the last 5 pages ( I know, I skimmed through trying to piece [...]

    10. This is my first Sandra Hill book and won't be my last! I really enjoyed the humor and the sparks between the characters. Not only do you get a love store you get two!!! That's right this has twins in it and each has his own story of love. Mrs. Hill gives you great dialogue not only from the "Vikings" but their ladies as well. Thourghly enjoyed and will read more of the Vikings stories. Thanks for a great read!

    11. I have this thing for Viking bodice rippers. Yeah, I know, kind of silly. But the Viking thing is part of my heritage, sorta kinda, although the last time my family was in Sweden, they were loggers! LOL. I really enjoyed the first of Sandra Hill's viking books. They were clever and funny and sexy. But I haven't like the last few. They've seemed a lot less smart, and more Three Stooges than Viking to my way of thinking. This one was a little better, but I'm still not keeping it. :p

    12. Take of two VikingYes, quite a journey it was and a worthy one. I love this story, well written humor . . . Lord rotting-clock my favorite. Finding myself laughing out loud in the dead of night. Unable to place the tale of two Viking down thank god I started it on a weekend. The tears did come when the brothers rekindle. Sandra keep the humor in the storytelling and Bolthor's poems. His poems enrich the storyline.

    13. A light read. Sort of fun on the train but it won't stretch anyone. Sandra Hill has a way of expression that I find a bit condescending and she tried using a derivative of bloody and got it really wrong, that grates my ears as a native user of this much misused swear word.Still for a bit of light fluff, it was a decent read. I can't recommend it strongly though.

    14. These books get more fun to read with each one. The are totally off-beat and goofy and unbelievable but somehow manage to make me want more. I especially like that this one is actually set in the past rather than a viking coming into the present like the others. The one major problem I had with this one was the terrible poetry--it took away from the story and made the book end with a whimper.

    15. I think my favorite part of this book is that it made me laugh out loud. It's not the best book I've ever read, but I was very entertained. I liked it enough that I'll continue to seek out Sandra Hill's books.

    16. Fantastic book! It was so funny I did a couple of spit takes (candle-tupping practice, and dog style-swiving) because it was so funny and unexpected. I enjoyed the 2 in 1 story as well. I really liked the Twins before, but I just love them now!

    17. Everything I expected and hoped for and more. Love you Sandra Hill Viking Author Extraordinaire. XDD

    18. I love this book and the twins were so hilarious. When the book ended I wanted to read it all over again. Thus far I believe this was the best of Sandra Hill Viking series Love it

    19. very good book has parts that will make you laugh , and cry, a lot of funny parts. Enjoyed the book

    20. I liked the humorous tone the book had, the plot was kind of meandering, especially the last third, but overall it delivered a light fun romantic romp.

    21. I enjoyed this book a lot. Loved the brothers and Mrs. Hill's humor is fantastic! I laughed so hard throughout the book!

    22. Great fun all around. The brothers' relationship with each other and of course finding and winning their headstrong mates.

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