It's All Greek to Me

It s All Greek to Me Why is ancient Greece important Because quite simply if we want to understand the modern Western world we need to look back to the Greeks Consider the way we think about ethics about the nature of

  • Title: It's All Greek to Me
  • Author: Charlotte Higgins
  • ISBN: 9781906021436
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Why is ancient Greece important Because, quite simply, if we want to understand the modern Western world, we need to look back to the Greeks Consider the way we think about ethics, about the nature of beauty and truth, about our place in the universe, about our mortality All this we have learned from the ancient Greeks They molded the basic disciplines and genres in whWhy is ancient Greece important Because, quite simply, if we want to understand the modern Western world, we need to look back to the Greeks Consider the way we think about ethics, about the nature of beauty and truth, about our place in the universe, about our mortality All this we have learned from the ancient Greeks They molded the basic disciplines and genres in which we still organize thought, from poetry to drama, from medicine to philosophy, from history to ethnography.Packed with useful facts, including a timeline, a mythology for dummies, a who s who, a guide to Homer s epics, and a handy map for those struggling to know their Lemnos from their Lesbos, It s All Greek to Me is an entertaining and insightful tour through the world of the ancient Greeks Why are some laws Draconian What is an Achilles heel Why were the Spartans spartan Charlotte Higgins provides these answers and , arming average readers with the knowledge they need to understand the Greeks and their tremendous contributions to our lives This book aims to unlock the richness of a fascinating culture and place it where it should be in the mainstream of life.

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    1. 63. It's All Greek to Me : From Homer to the Hippocratic Oath, How Ancient Greece Has Shaped Our World by Charlotte Higginspublished: 2008format: 220 page hardcoveracquired: library read: Oct 1, 13-16rating: 3½After a nice introduction, I found I didn't like it, and then I did, and then I finished and now I've kind of lost whatever affect it had, and that about sums it up. Higgins tries to give a brief tour through Ancient Greek literature from Homer to Aristotle. It's fast paced with snarky hu [...]

    2. This book was incredibly disappointing. I'd hoped to get an overview of ancient Greek thought, politics, philosophy, and art and then a linking between these facets of antiquity and the world today. For example, I'd hoped for the journey that political thought took from Athenian democracy to the modern systems of democracy practiced in the world. This book doesn't deliver that. Don't get me wrong: it *does* describe Athenian democracy (for example). And it does point out that an Athenian wouldn' [...]

    3. I really liked this "layman's guide" to many (if not most) things Greek. Charlotte Higgins walks the reader through the Iliad and the Odyssey; the ins and outs of Sparta; Greek architecture (which brought back memories of Mr. Tippery's World History class sophomore year - I had those column styles down pat!); mythology; and the philosophers. And that's just some of the information that is packed into this gem of a book. There's also a timeline, a map, and a Who's Who of Greeks (actual and mythol [...]

    4. For anyone anywhere who has an interest in Ancient Greece, this accessible, clear, fascinating, easily readable book is a must read.

    5. A reasonable glance at Ancient Greece, drawing on popular culture and delving into interesting historical - or fictional - characters from the time. I don't think the chapter-by-chapter summaries on Homer were necessary and might have been better suited as a companion guide to the great work. There seemed to be little flow from one topic to another - or real stand-out themes that defined each chapter; entirely understandable, as there is so much to fit in and Higgins does a masterful job in what [...]

    6. As someone who studied classics for many years and majored in it in college, I was excited about this. However, I found it to be poorly written in parts and far too focused on Homer [clearly the author's favorite classical subject] and it ends rather abruptly. However, it did reference a few lesser known characters which I found moderately interesting. Overall, if you've studied classics for over a year on any level, you can probably skip it. If you're interested in classics, this wouldn't be a [...]

    7. Nothing here that isn't familiar to anyone with even a smattering of Ancient Greek knowledgebut it's well organized & enthusiastically written. Entertaining & useful; the author's crush on Homer is evident throughout the book.

    8. Lots of interesting information. A couple of chapters were pretty dry but I enjoyed the book for the most part.

    9. Good summary of how Ancient Greece is still relevant and important, although not as good as a starting point for learning about the culture as it would have you think. Still worth picking up, though!

    10. With everything from Achilles’ heel to Pythagoras’ theorem; from Oedipus and his complex to Margaret Thatcher and Thucydides, this book aims to unlock the richness of the Greek world and show just how profoundly it has informed our own. – From reverse of book Since a young age, I’ve had an interest in the Ancient Greeks (specifically their myths and gods). Last year, I started taking Classical Civilisations, and it satisfied most of my Grecian knowledge… but when I saw this book in the [...]

    11. It's important to approach this book for what it is - and for that, I'll quote the author who describes it as "a bluffer's guide, a primer that will give you a helping hand around Greek democracy of the Persian Wars or the Parthenona book of enthusiasms and pleasuresif the mighty roll call of Greek writersn seem daunting or inaccessible, I hope to help you to unlock some of their richness and discover (them) afresh."I will readily admit that my exposure to Greek history and the classics was lack [...]

    12. Serves as a purposeful guide/map to Ancient Greek history and mythology, blending them together startlingly coherently. Rather than opting for a chronological approach, settling on chapters by themes of interest (e.g. love, war, foreigners) was something I found refreshing and focused. Expect the Iliad and Odyssey quoted throughout; one is initiated into this volume by an apology (Gk. apologia) of the Homeric epics. Main themes were very expansive and comprehensive: wars and women, love and deat [...]

    13. A friend of mine is seizing the opportunity of studying abroad and visits a school in London next year. One of her classes will be Classics and this is one of her holiday reads. And I am me, so I read it, too.This book, easy to read and almost coloquially written, gives a good over view of the subject as I percieved it. It tackles Greek philosophy, politics, history and literature.I have to say, already having some knowledge about Ancient Greece by reading multiple greek plays and poems as well [...]

    14. this book was great in being a primer for ancient Greek culture. the book focuses heavily on the great figures of the time from Homer to Plato. It was fascinating to learn about the stories in the illiad and the influence of such works on modern society. Unfortunately in my opinion the book falls short in providing a strong link from the works to the effect on modern day society. Obviously some of the links were great such as the Vietnam War and the rise of Athenian democracy. Others such as the [...]

    15. I first ran across this book a few years ago in, appropriately, the book store of the British Museum. While I didn’t buy it then I did pick it up a few years later in Philadelphia when Borders was going out of business. This is a highly readable introduction to the influence of ancient Greek culture on our own world. It is, as the author intends, a “bluffer’s guide” to all things Greek. There is just enough here to whet your appetite for a more serious and prolonged encounter with Homer, [...]

    16. I read this after an intense 6 month Greek language course and exam and wished I had read it as prelude to the course. Despite the throw-away-title, it really is inspirational. The examination of Homer is short but enough to make you head for the text, which I did recently after a gap of some 40 years. Even better than the first time. The introduction to the the writers, historians and culture is essential reading. Knowledgeable yet entertaining.

    17. A wonderful little book on the value of the Greek classics, marred only by occasional errors (mostly in language, for example, saying that "gnothi seauton" was glossed as "tecum nosce" in Latin for "The Matrix" - actually "temet nosce," of course). But don't let this stop you from buying the book - it truly is a little gem!

    18. This was a very basic overview of Ancient Greece. A bit repetitive at times, it's almost like the chapters were written independently of one another and then compiled into a book. It reads more like a thank-you letter to Ancient Greece than a scholarly work, though there is enough scholarship to keep your interested. It's a good first book to launch you into a deeper study of the subject matter.

    19. A breezy overview of Ancient Greek history/culture with a slight British and feminist bias. Overall, a good introduction to the topic, though those with some classics and mythologies under their belts will likely find little new here. I found the author's tendency to revisit some subjects many times to be tedious at points.

    20. Light overview of Greek history and culture,covering Homer,Greek tragedies, history and historians, politics, philosophy (a little), science,the role of women(limited) and slaves, war, etc. Suitable introduction or review for a traveler.

    21. Nice and easy read. I'm definitely going to read parts of it again. As the author writes, It is "a love letter to the act of thinking about ancient Grece". This book might just have inspired me enough to start to read Homer

    22. A basic intro study of all that is Greek. It really does have it all including the Greek alphabet as an addendum. I always loved reading Homer in high school and thrilled with everyone else at the movie 300, so it was nice to bring it all together and see how this time in history has affected us.

    23. Very good at describing Ancient Greece for someone who may not understand or know anything about the history and how it effects us today. I also love the Greek alphabet in the references section of the book.

    24. This book was one I had to read for school. I didn't enjoy reading it at all, it was similar to a text book.

    25. All sorts of fascinating trivia that will probably do me no good unless I were on Jeopardy, but I enjoy learning all the same.

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