The Book of Knights

The Book of Knights Young Adelrune is a likable little boy oppressed by his strict stepparents who are in turn under the thumb of a narrow and harsh religious rule Finding privacy in his step parents attic before he has

  • Title: The Book of Knights
  • Author: Yves Meynard
  • ISBN: 9780312864828
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Young Adelrune is a likable little boy oppressed by his strict stepparents, who are in turn under the thumb of a narrow and harsh religious rule Finding privacy in his step parents attic before he has even learned to read, Adelrune discovers a dusty copy of The Book of Knights The pictures enchant him and obsess him to the point where he is motivated to learn to read, sYoung Adelrune is a likable little boy oppressed by his strict stepparents, who are in turn under the thumb of a narrow and harsh religious rule Finding privacy in his step parents attic before he has even learned to read, Adelrune discovers a dusty copy of The Book of Knights The pictures enchant him and obsess him to the point where he is motivated to learn to read, so that he can have access to the words of this secret treasure as well The years of his young childhood are made bearable by the ideas and images of the book, and he resolves to run away and become a knight a story that will enchant readers the way Adelrune himself was charmed and entertained.

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      113 Yves Meynard
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    1 thought on “The Book of Knights”

    1. A highly underrated book - and it's easy to see why. I initially started this book, but quickly put it down as an overly simplistic story written in the stilted language of a Victorian novel. Several friends recommended it, however, so I picked it up and gave it a second try.After making it through the first few chapters, the complexities of this book began to emerge. Written in both the tone and format of an old European fairy tale - haughty language, twisting story line, fantastic plot element [...]

    2. Review from 1998Yves Meynard's delightful fantasy, The Book Of Knights, is the story of a young boy whose only outlet from an abusive homelife is his discovery of an old copy of The Book Of Knights. Inspired by its tales of honour and adventure he runs away from home, resolving to become a knight.At first glance, this may appear to be just another in the familiar genre of quest fantasies, albeit much better written than most. The individual adventures are highly original, and oddly off-center to [...]

    3. This is a book written in 1998 that attempts a somewhat "classical tone" in it's story telling. I suppose it has a certain amount of."charm". Ultimately however I found it silly, a little annoying, and mostly boring.The only thing I came away with was, I wonder what kind of childhood the writer had. It seems it might have been sad, but I can't tell. Still, the book seemed a lot like a slightly bland pudding to me. Mostly palatable but not something I really enjoyed.

    4. Hmmm. Carl picked this book out cause he liked the cover. Obviously not a book for him, so I read it. It is a redone fairy tale, although I am not sure which one. Boy grows up in a very strict society where everything is goverened by "The Rule." He finds the Book of Knights in his attic and decided he must become a knight. So he goes off to train as a knight. The story is inventive, and a very interesting ending, but did not capture my interest very much.

    5. Although it's not without its flaws, overall The Book of Knights is a creative, likeable, and fun fantasy novel. The book sags in the middle, the prose is rarely inspired, and not every scene works - but much of the book is quite exciting and interesting. In particular, I enjoyed these parts:- the beginning, especially those scenes where Adelrune learns about the Book- his training with Reinard; surprisingly, this is a genuinely wise chapter- Adelrune's run-in with the witches in the forest- Ade [...]

    6. This review was originally posted on Hot Stuff for Cool People.This is a really simple book, stylistically, written in an uncomplicated way that’s reminiscent of fairytales or even children’s fantasy stories, although it’s neither of these things. This is definitely an adult book, and held a lot more emotional impact for me than almost any true fairytale I’ve ever read. Although the writing is straightforward, it’s neat and clean, and the short descriptions are so finely written that e [...]

    7. I came across this title years and years ago when I was perusing the shelves at a local Walden's. Ah, the good old days when e-readers were not ubiquitous, and Barnes and Noble wasn't the last bulwark against the extinction of the printed book. The cover is what caught my attention; I had never heard of Yves Meynard. Boy was I glad that I picked up The Book of Knights. It can be dangerous selecting fantasy and scifi authors at random without doing your homework, but in this case it paid off. The [...]

    8. This book was wonderfully whimsical and had an unpredictability that kept me reading and reading. Though it is more of a fairytale styled story that could even appear childish or silly at times it fits the tone from beginning to end. It did not try to be anything it wasn't and was a much needed telling of fantasy, both original and captivating. I would highly recommend this to anyone who just wants a good book to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    9. This charming book beautifully follows in the tradition of fairy tales and medieval romances. It's the story of Adelrune, a young boy being brought up by foster parents in a strict religious community. One day he discovers a mysterious book about knights in the attic of his home. He resolves to become a knight and runs away from home a few years later to seek training. The tale itself and its lessons are fairly straightforward, but the telling is thoroughly enchanting.

    10. Meynard is a really good stylist, and, though the book seems short, his ideas are very clear and very interesting. I would love to read more by him. I savoured every chapter, putting the book away again when I had finished one, to make it last longer. I especially like his take on the "imperfect knight".

    11. I cannot believe how good this book is, so rich and full of surprises and it is one of those books I love to know it is waiting at home for me on my night table. I try to read an hour a night no matter how late it is but I am a slow reader so even books under 300 pgs. take me awhile. I recommend it as a buffer between heavy drama fiction and poor writing hang-over.

    12. This is one of those rare magical stories that while slow to begin, you find yourself wishing would never end; that by the mere act of turning the last page, one would find that the story would somehow continue.As a writer of fantasy, The Book Of Knights by Yves Meynard has been a treasure beyond words; a mentor, a guide, a trustworthy friend.

    13. A lyrical and moving tale that by turns reminds me of McKillip and early de Lint, and then makes me think strongly of the Book of Lost Things.It is just the antidote to more muscled volumes of epic quests, where the main characters are following some preset quest formula. A gem of a book and recommended.

    14. I'm surprised I'd never heard of this book before. It was a fast read, something of a melange of Arthurian legend and the Odyssey.

    15. This is one of my favorite books ever. I love the subject matter, and the way it was written can be enjoyed by younger and older audiences alike. Read this! It's amazing.

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