The Ransom of Mercy Carter

The Ransom of Mercy Carter Deerfield Massachusetts is one of the most remote and therefore dangerous settlements in the English colonies In an Indian tribe attacks the town and Mercy Carter becomes separated from the r

  • Title: The Ransom of Mercy Carter
  • Author: Caroline B. Cooney
  • ISBN: 9780440227755
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deerfield, Massachusetts is one of the most remote, and therefore dangerous, settlements in the English colonies In 1704 an Indian tribe attacks the town, and Mercy Carter becomes separated from the rest of her family, some of whom do not survive Mercy and hundreds of other settlers are herded together and ordered by the Indians to start walking The grueling journey Deerfield, Massachusetts is one of the most remote, and therefore dangerous, settlements in the English colonies In 1704 an Indian tribe attacks the town, and Mercy Carter becomes separated from the rest of her family, some of whom do not survive Mercy and hundreds of other settlers are herded together and ordered by the Indians to start walking The grueling journey three hundred miles north to a Kahnawake Indian village in Canada takes than 40 days At first Mercy s only hope is that the English government in Boston will send ransom for her and the other white settlers But days turn into months and Mercy, who has become a Kahnawake daughter, thinks less and less of ransom, of Deerfield, and even of her English family She slowly discovers that the savages have traditions and family life that soon become her own, and Mercy begins to wonder If ransom comes, will she take it From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. It surprises me sometimes how very violent and graphic young adult stories can be. Books such as The Ransom of Mercy Carter is one of those novels that would have to be sanitized in order to escape an R rating if it were made into a movie. And to sanitize such a book would be to take away the point of it. As much as I might hesitate to recommend to a sensitive young child a book that describes scalpings in detail and the sound of a tomahawk hitting a skull, I also appreciate that Caroline Cooney [...]

    2. This was definitely an interesting read.Years ago I read the Dear America book that covered this topic (Standing in the Light), and so I already knew the general topic and direction the book was going in- namely, that the captive children would be assimilated into the tribe's culture and society and would not come home.I will say, though, that if you have read that book and are coming to this one- this book is a much more mature take on the subject of captive children being assimilated into Nati [...]

    3. Mercy is a child, just old enough to care for her four brothers and a sister. Then the Indians come, different tribes recruited by the French to wage war on the Puritan community of Deerfield, MA. The Indians' mission: to capture the children and march them clear to Canada. In the dead of winter.Mercy is determined to survive. First for her younger sister, Mara. And after Mara’s death, for the boy, Daniel. And then . . .Mercy must survive for herself. And strangely for the family that cares fo [...]

    4. I have learned to be cautious about books featuring Native Americans written by non-Natives, and I don't know enough to judge this one on that basis, however Caroline Cooney has written a fascinating story about a young "English" girl who is captured by Native Americans. Her struggle with her identity is heart-wrenching at times, and hard to put down. In an author's note at the end, Cooney gives the reader documentation about historical figures that are featured in the story, including many of t [...]

    5. I could have sworn my library had a hard copy of this, so idk why this is a little paperback. I would see this on the shelf growing up, and for some reason I never read it.The description sucked me in!!It's weird to have the date and place on the top of the pages.My whole review didn’t fit, (that hasn’t happened in a while!) where I wrote everything down, the good and the bad, so I’ll have to do a broad review here.I didn’t really like the alternating POV. I wasn’t expecting them & [...]

    6. Mercy Carter along with others from her town are kidnapped by the Indians and are taken from their New England home to Canada. There the captives are divided up some to the French and others go to the Indians. Mercy is sent to the Indians. She at frist tries to remain true to her family and Purtain ways. Mercy holds out for the hope of being ransom but, as months drag by and she gets use to the Indian ways she finds it harder and harder to resist the lure of their kindness to her and tempetion t [...]

    7. Jessica BroockerdHistorical FictionYoung Mercy Carter, along with many children from her town of Deerfield, MA, are taken in an Indian raid and forced to march the long trails into Canada. Mercy, along with a few others, are adopted by a tribe of Indians who live along a river fairly close to a French settlement, while others are given to French families or the convent. Mercy writes in her journal about the hardships in her new life, her eventual adaptation to her new life, and the feelings and [...]

    8. 5/5 stars. Another amazing Caroline B. Cooney book. I loved it. This novel may be marketed at a young audience but if Carey's strong adult themes; such as family, your place in the world, morality, making choices and friends. I would have finished this book much earlier but life got in the way. The character of Mercy Carter was very strong and independent. She had to struggle through many hardships, and over them. Also, this is based on a true story. There are two pages at the end of the books t [...]

    9. Mercy Carter is an 11 year old English settler who, along with her whole town, has been taken prisoner by Native Americans. Through her eyes we see how everyone is treated and what she is thinking about her abduction and how she slowly grows to accept and even care for her new Native Family after they adopt her. I enjoy reading books about or involving Native Americans although I usually prefer to read the ones set before the English and other European settlers came, this one was written finely [...]

    10. An interesting historical novel based upon a true story concerning the kidnapping of an entire village of mostly children with some women and a handful of men by an Indian tribe during the 1600's. Interesting piece of not-well-known history of the relations between the French and Indians in the early history of the U.S.

    11. This is an excellent historical fiction novel based on a real event. The characters are very well done--I have read other books by Caroline Cooney and she really tells a good tale. It would be appropriate for any reader--boy or girl--from age 11 up.

    12. Every time I read this, something new pops out at me. This time it was Mercy: What a gutsy, courageous character she is, and her huge capacity for forgiveness and survival. I felt how conflicted she was, and the pain her choices caused her. So good.

    13. OK -- at best. I don't like when the author repeats the person's name over and over, on every single page; in this case, Mercy. I consider that no better than a filler. True story or not, it's elementary and borderline boring.

    14. Like I said, have to read this for school -_-. It was pretty boring until the end, which was pretty interesting I guess. Hopefully will be able to read more soon

    15. A vivid account of 1704 raid on the village of Deerfield that ended with over a hundred men, women, and children being taken captive, The Ransom of Mercy Carter provides a fascinating window on what it might have been like to be torn away from your home, witness the murder of friends, neighbors, and loved ones, and enter a totally new life. One of the things I enjoyed most about this book was that it showcased so many different reactions to this event: the oblivious acceptance of many of the you [...]

    16. Written for teens/young adults, this book explores the very confused feelings and difficult decisions of a girl captured by the Native Americans and French in 1704. Mercy is only 11 at the time of her capture, but she comes from a Puritan family and thinks deeply about how God views her situation and her changing feelings about the people who have taken her in as their own.

    17. I found this book to be interesting, Mercy Carter is my ancestor. My paternal bloodline is from John Carter, who became Jean Chartier and is mentioned in the book.

    18. I thought it was very interesting and very heartbreaking at times. It was worth the couple hours spent reading it.

    19. I enjoy historical fiction about kids who were taken from the frontier and esentially adopted into Native American tribes. This story was impressive because not only did the French and Indians take a large number of captives, they marched them 300 miles through the wilderness into Canada. I think this book would be good for both middle and upper grade readers who are interested in history and/or Native Americans.

    20. Loved!I loved this historical book. I felt engulfed in the writing and story from the beginning and it kept my attention until the end! I recommend this book to everyone!

    21. Somehow I never read this while I was in school. I remember owning a copy and even hearing of other people reading and enjoying it, but it was just one of those books that I never got around to picking up. I am sad I never read it when I was younger. I feel like the experience may have had more of an impact on someone just learning about that era. Now that I am old I have read a ton of literature and studied that era for years. The book ended up being a great story. And what adds to the story is [...]

    22. Read this for book club and I can't wait for the discussion! There are so many interesting elements in this 'based on real life story' - so fascinating!What would I do if I lived in the 1700's, in a new country (that wasn't fully established) and was kidnapped by Native Americans after watching them break into my home, burn my town and kill so many; including part of my family? To never see your parents or siblings again? And when the opportunity came to leave the people you've grown to love - w [...]

    23. Genre: Historical Fiction Rating: **** Based on actual events, this fascinating story takes the reader from Deerfield, Massachusetts to a Kahnawake Indian village in Canada. It is not a difficult read (Reading Level 5.2, Lexile 730), but it is rich in content.Summary: It is 1704 in Deerfield, Massachusetts, which is one of the most remote English settlements. An Indian tribe, along with French soldiers, attack Deerfield. Many of the Puritan settlers are killed, while others are taken hostage. Me [...]

    24. Eleven-year-old Mercy Carter lives with her family in Deerfield, Massachusetts, the most remote settlement in the English colonies in 1704. Although life in Deerfield is both difficult and dangerous, with countless chores for even the youngest child and the constant threat of Indian attacks, Mercy takes comfort in her family and her faith. But even her prayers are not enough to save many settlers from brutal deaths at the hands of the Indians, and they aren't enough to save Mercy, who is among t [...]

    25. The Ransom of Mercy Carter was well-written and a thoroughly enjoyable read. There was only two issues I had with it. First, there were so many characters introduced so quickly that it was though to keep track of some of them, especially the captives from Deerfield. My second issue was that it read a lot like any other book of a similar story line. I've read several middle grade books about Native tribes taking English settlers captive and they are all a lot alike.

    26. The book is set in 1704 Massachusetts in an English Colony. One day, an Indian Tribe attacks the town. Some people are captured by the Indians, one of those people was Mercy Carter. Mercy thinks that the English government will pay to have them rescued soon enough. Soon doesn't come fast enough, days turn into months and Mercy and other white colonists are still living with the Native Americans. By that time, Mercy realizes these people aren't as savage as they are made out to be. She then start [...]

    27. I love how these characters come to live when you read this. Even though this book may look boring on the outside, but never judge a book by its cover! It's extremely a beautiful and touching book, which bring tears to my eyes. The exciting book will bring you heart warming experience and you read how tough live can be, and how people can overcome it with love and compassion for others. Additionally, this book also talks about how your family can die in one day, how your world can change in a sp [...]

    28. ***This historical fiction novel makes the reader think about assimilation and family. Set in 1704 and based on true events this novel begins with the kidnapping of many of the residents of Deerfield, Massachusetts by a group of Native Americans who were aided by the French. Among those taken and not killed is Mercy Carter, an eleven year old girl. The story follows Mercy as she hike with her captors to Canada. Along the way Mercy is left to deal with her thoughts. Will she be ransomed? Will she [...]

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