Sex Money Kiss (Gene Simmons Family Jewels)

Sex Money Kiss Gene Simmons Family Jewels Gene Simmons returns with the long awaited expanded paperback version of his bestseller to explain his unique philosophy of life in this funny yet serious guide to getting out of every aspect of life

  • Title: Sex Money Kiss (Gene Simmons Family Jewels)
  • Author: Gene Simmons
  • ISBN: 9781597775021
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gene Simmons returns with the long awaited expanded paperback version of his bestseller to explain his unique philosophy of life in this funny, yet serious guide to getting out of every aspect of life What will you say right before they put you six feet under I wish I would have I wish I could have I wish I should have Or will you say I did it all ThanGene Simmons returns with the long awaited expanded paperback version of his bestseller to explain his unique philosophy of life in this funny, yet serious guide to getting out of every aspect of life What will you say right before they put you six feet under I wish I would have I wish I could have I wish I should have Or will you say I did it all Thank you and good night Illustrated in black and white throughout, and with a bound center insert of glossy color photos.

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    1 thought on “Sex Money Kiss (Gene Simmons Family Jewels)”

    1. I really like Gene Simmons, and I really liked his other book - KISS and Make up. However, I couldn't stand reading this book. Halfway through, I got sick of reading all of the women-bashing, etc, that I needed to stop reading. Waste of time.

    2. A sort of “how-to” book, written in the larger-than-life, laughably shamelessly self-aggrandizing Gene Simmons way familiar to anyone who’s seen him on TV. I suppose you’d call Gene a stark realist: his advice is to look out for yourself at all times, work hard, make lots of money, and never put yourself in a position where money will be forcibly taken from you. Thus, don’t get married if you’re a man (but do if you’re a woman, because alimony is your ticket to riches). Gene’s vi [...]

    3. If you're a fan of Gene Simmons or KISS, I suggest you not read this review. It will probably make you mad, so you have been warned.That said, I want to clarify why I wanted to read this book: I was in a rock band myself in the late 70s, so I am very interested in that world. I have read quite a few bios in that genre. KISS was not a band I liked or admired in any way, shape, or form - to me they were a very highly successful garage band. Even Gene admits most band members out there know nothing [...]

    4. *Back-dating reviews based on snips I find*I can only start this by reiterating certain jists of what I wrote about Gene Simmons’ previous book: it certainly continues the vein of provoking an entrepreneurial longing. I’m skint (sort of) and as I read his words detailing his monetary success, I - once again – started trying to conjour up ventures to make me some money.Sadly, as of yet I’m still stumped. My mind drifted from business to rage quite a lot. I realise Gene put a disclaimer on [...]

    5. This book was pointless and stupid. Gene Simmons obviously made did this book just to make a buck as it as it is presented as an autobiographical/advice/success book but has no teeth or substance. The sell-out, greedy d-bag he comes across as on TV is evidently him as this book is exactly the same. But I am the dumb-ass that bought it.

    6. hmmm. got this for a fun read, but it really is a good bench-mark setting book. who would think of gene simmons as a motivational teacher. but then he did teach kids before he was in kiss. maybe not a book for alll girls, but definatley all guys

    7. Checked this out as an audiobook from the library. Nothing like listening to Gene Simmons giving advice on life. Don't know if it was its intent but it was like listening to a comedy show.

    8. Meh. Listening was funny at parts and I did appreciate the overall message of hard work and consistency being essential but that was about it.

    9. Clever, full of confidence and somewhat bloated ego but love it! This guy sure knows what he's doing and talking about.

    10. 1) theme of this book: Money.2) two books from former KISS members worth reading:a) /book/show/13b) /book/show/943) a few words/thoughts for gene simmons written by THE greatest drummer in the world, Neil Peart (from Rush):"the theme i was grappling with was nothing less than the Meaning of Life, and i was pretty sure i had defined it: love and and respect, love and respect-i have been carrying those words around with me for two years, daring to consider that perhaps they convey the [...]

    11. The first 1/3 of this books seems like a lost gem of "self help" type books. Great motivation, etc. I actually took several pages of notes. part 2 is a rant on marriage. I just skipped this part. ( I love my wife.) Part 3 is a recap of how successful he is, but concludes with a comment revealing this book is not a "how to". Basically, he wants you to know, he shouldn't be rich, but he is because he worked so hard.I give part 1 - 5 starsPart 2 - square root of negative 1Part 3 - 3 stars if you ar [...]

    12. I picked up this book for a quick candy read after finishing several heavier works. I figured I'd get a laugh out of some outrageous backstage KISS stories.Instead, the book is actually a call to young people on how to position themselves for professional success. Simmons prefaces the book with the admission that he never went to business school, but is simply presenting what he has accomplished through hard work and thriftiness.Some people will be turned off by his mantra that money is everythi [...]

    13. Full of down-to-earth business advice. Gene is obviously a workaholic, but he doesn't apologize for that. In his mind, if he isn't working, then he is losing money. It is a little sad that he is so driven by making as much money as possible, but we all have to have something that motivates us.I docked the book a star because he tended to drone on and on about his feelings on marriage. It was simply, but well explained in several sections of the book. Even with that, he felt the need to include a [...]

    14. A more apt title for this book would be "The Rambling of a Rock Star." This book basically details Simmons' philosophy on all things money, love, marriage, and employment, with a just a taste of Kiss' history. Honestly, Simmons has unique opinions and business practices that fit his lifestyle, but not necessarily everyone else's. You can get the basic of Simmons' philosophy in the first disc. The only reason to continue listening is for the segments on Kiss history. That part was fascinating and [...]

    15. Everyone in their teen years should read this book and avoid some headaches, I think this book is more for professional / business success from Gene personal achievements than funny stories about KISS, I needed a book to make me forget from a current bad time I am having in my life, I can relate on the being a stranger in a Strange Land and trying to make it against the odds / stereotypes. In another context it talks about relationships and Gene later contradicted him self, I still would recomme [...]

    16. See people, even the Demon can change!Married now; something he says in this book would never happen and for over 26 years, he immediately corrected anyone who asked how his "wife" Shannon wasI'm glad he listened to his heart and overcame his own demons, irony?Visiting his father's grave during his 2010 reality show absolutely changed him so this book is now a great solemn tribute to his father and to his "new" wife Shannon and their great kids, Nick and Sophie!Great job and again, congratulatio [...]

    17. WOW Gene just can't get over himself on how much money he has and can make. I do like the fact he is up front with people and tells you what you are going to get. I don't like the fact he thinks everyone should be out for money. This was my first and will be my ONLY audio book. I have come to the conclusion I like to read books not listen. Sorry Gene spoiled it for me, I guess he should not have been my first.

    18. Gene and sex. Like PB&J, you can't deny they go together. Read this if you want a good giggle. A shameless self promoter of everything KISS, Gene should teach a university level marketing class. And, at least he's honest. Shannon Tweed has no one to blame but herself if she's dissatisfied (no pun intended) with their relationship. Every lady knows what she's getting,(at least personality-wise) with this character.

    19. Enjoyed the first book, this one just rehashed certain points of Kiss And Makeup, and just gave me a headache. The title says it all, though it was mostly about money money money rather than the other two subjects. Got tired of listening how money is everything in the world and everything revolves around it.

    20. Listened to the audiobook version which I found quite enjoyable - Gene is an excellent reader. I don't think this book will change your mind about Gene - if you hate him, you'll probably still hate him - but it does give you some insight into why he is the way he is. Recommended if you like Family Jewels or KISS. And if you don't, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU??

    21. In an age of consumerist greed, Michael Moore shedding light on the likes of the Government Goldman cronies, and cynical (though brilliant) works such as Conspiracy of an Economic Hitman, it is refreshing to see a perspective that can still work within the system and "stick it to the man" by becoming a better man

    22. Initially, I was intrigued by the author's writing style. Unfortunately, this turned around as quickly as my interest in his ideas on business and "making money". Not a book for those who disapprove of the overly confident cocky types.

    23. Had to read. Love his show on A&E. It kills my that growing up adults thought they were Satan worshippers. He is nothing but a old,horny rich guy. His thoughts regarding life in general are right on the mark.

    24. Hilarious read! Poor Gene is so out of touch with reality. I had to check the publication date to see if it was 1950 vs. the 21st century. He comes off as a pompous, sexist, misogynistic, miserly ass. His ideas and get-rich schemes are completely antiquated.

    25. I don't think much of Kiss' music but Gene Simmons is a very smart businessman. I give this book 3 stars because there is some very practical advice for how to succeed but parts of it strikes me as Machiavellian, which I'm not a fan of. This one is a mixed bag.

    26. Very entertaining. I have always loved Gene Simmons and Kiss. I actually had the opportunity to meet him and shake his hand at a book signing at UCLA during a book signing for this book. This book inspired me to pursue my own writing career.

    27. Not as good as the first book Gene wrote, but like eveything that Kiss has put out in the last ten years why didn't I think this would be any better I have an autograph copy of this book in hard-back form. If anyone interested in buying it, it could be yours.

    28. What you greed is what you get. Gene $immons acquired his wealth through hard work, money saving, and business-smart endeavours. With his wealth comes power, with power comes status. A true success story.

    29. What can i say its Gene! Actually bought the book to donate to a fund raising auction as it is a special limite autographed edition. Took a peek at the first pages and I was hooked. Needless to say, I kept the book.

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