Albert Einstein: The Miracle Mind

Albert Einstein The Miracle Mind Thanks to his monumental accomplishments Albert Einstein s name is synonymous with genius Featuring child friendly scientific explorations this biography follows Einstein from his childhood through

  • Title: Albert Einstein: The Miracle Mind
  • Author: Tabatha Yeatts
  • ISBN: 9781402732287
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thanks to his monumental accomplishments, Albert Einstein s name is synonymous with genius Featuring child friendly scientific explorations, this biography follows Einstein from his childhood, through his experience of the Holocaust and his pacifism, to the theoretical breakthroughs that won him the Noble Prize.

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    1. "Albert Einstein The Miracle Mind" is the brilliant biography written by author of The Holocaust Survivors and Forensics: Solving the Crime, Tabatha Yeatts. This biography focuses on Einstein's journey in becoming the world wide famous physicist he has now has become. Although Einstein is mostly famous for his brilliance and success, this biography mentions his family crisis and the obstacles he confronted on his way. For example, Albert's son, Hans Albert, blamed his parents divorce on his fath [...]

    2. The first pages that I read are kind of good and bad. The first reason why I liked the book is that the main character is so interesting. The main character is Einstein; he is very interesting because he has so many things going in his life. For example, he does not just stay in a class studying, doing science experiments, and figuring out math problems. He had a nice life; he plays violin, rides bikes, and many other activities that are awesome because in the same time he is so smart. The secon [...]

    3. « The Miracle Mind » written by Tabatha Yeatts is a novel that explains Albert Einstein life. Known for establishing the modern theory of relativity , Albert Einstein was , intelligent, motivated, influential physicist. He was born in a jewish family the 14th of March in Württemberg, Germany. The young teenager always wanted to go beyond his knowledge and was curious about his tutor’s saying about the nature of light. After being influenced by Max Talmud, his tutor, he went to Swiss Federal [...]

    4. I borrowed this from my best friend and never returned it. I have a bad habit of doing that with books. It's not so much that I didn't want to give this one back, but that I was afraid that if I gave it back, the story would leave me. It goes without saying that libraries aren't a reasonable option for me. I get buried in late fees. *sighs* Anyway, I read this and loved it. I really enjoyed learning about the intense genuis that changed the worlds with his theories and discoveries. I found it fa [...]

    5. Recommended for 7th grade and up.The introduction tells the reader why Einstein is important right off the bat, and the writing draws you in. Not recommended for elementary for two reasons: 1) There is a lot of text; and 2) The author does not shy away from truths about the circumstances of Einstein's first marriage. Unfortunately, a reader could get the impression that Albert was not always such a nice guy. I was surprised by this.Things I especially liked about this book: Coverage of his polit [...]

    6. I rarely stray from my usual mysteries and adventuresokay and the occasional kid's book (what can I say I love Seuss!). However, in an attempt to join a raffle at a library, I have to fill in a "bingo" sheet. One of the items was "read a biography/autobiography/memoir". I dreaded it! However, by choosing an easier, skinnier book from the kids section, and a scientist with some of the most unique hair and thinking ever, I actually got into it. Couldn't put it down. Ok, it's a 121 page book. But s [...]

    7. An extremely quick reading book that offers a few insights into the legend of physics. While this book has a lot of personal facts and details about Einstein's life, it contains nothing that can't be learned from the average discovery channel special. Though Einstein's personal life is full of interesting choices that seem to contradict his supposed caring and peaceful nature, his theories and discoveries are easily more thought provoking.All in all, this chronicling of Einsteins's life is accur [...]

    8. This book for Young Readers was perfect for me because I can barely understand Einstein's theories of space, time, gravitation, relativity, etc and needed a simplified explanation. Einstein was not only an amazing rarity, but was a genius, who also played the violin, and spoke out against racism of Jews and American Blacks, neither of which I knew. I, however, didn't care for his promiscuous behavior.

    9. This book made me love Einstein's awesome and unlimited mind and his fair social act , but I disliked that he had a hand in the idea of creation of nuclear bomb by the U.S. But through all I loved his science filled life. I understand most of his theories . He is truly the man of the century . I hope more fact and applications of his relativity theory will be found in the future :) .

    10. Interesting, concise bio of Einstein. He was definitely a brilliant scientist, but I never realized what a flake he was in his personal life. This was the perfect length of bio for me. Not too long and dry- but just enough to give me the major points of his life.

    11. Quick little read, but some great information if you want to know more about someone - I'm looking forward to reading the rest in the series.

    12. I loved this book I gave me so many facts. I would certainly recommend this book to any one. I loved how it was written it really got the point a cross. Loved the references to today's society.

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